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    Pathogen: Z

    20/12/20 Alex had been studying abroad in Illinois for just over a year. She knew the roads well enough to find her way around, but the culture was plenty fresh and unfamiliar. She never thought that she’d find herself running for her life down a deserted street in the middle of the night. The order to remain indoors came as a surprise to everyone. Dinner was canceled, nighttime revision was canceled. Everything was canceled. The students were immediately sent to their dormitories. Everyone was equally confused as to what was going on. After an hour of remaining indoors, the first signs that something was very wrong began to pop up all across social media. People all over the country were claiming to have seen people being attacked by these crazy decomposing humanoids. At first, it didn’t seem real. People were still texting each other across rooms as if nothing was going on, discussing the next day’s homework and whatnot. But everyone went quiet when the school gate clattered to the ground with a loud crash. Nobody knew what was going on. A few brave souls peeked out from their windows and texted across to the other rooms that there were people entering the school compound. Moments later, a teacher came down the hallway, banging frantically on doors and telling students to pack what they needed and get ready to leave. When the teacher had arrived at Alex’s door, there was a loud crash at the end of the hallway. Moments later, screams were heard at that very same end, the screams of frightened adults. They were bloodcurdling screams, and as the teacher stared in utter terror at whatever he had seen at the end of the corridor, Alex shut the door in his face, bolting it as she stepped away in shock. Turning around, she marched past her bed, tearing the curtains open to see what was outside. From her second-floor window, she saw a mob at the entrance of the dormitory building, desperately pushing to get in. It struck Alex that there was an abnormal forcefulness in their movements. There was something extremely wrong about them. As the mob made its way into the building, she heard more screams in the hallway, but this time they were accompanied by another more terrifying sound. Screeches. Screeches coming from an unknown source, the sounds of a dying man being stabbed in the gut by a knife. But these screeches, they became louder and louder, gradually snuffing out the screams. Alex had her phone with her. She didn’t have any means of self-defense if whatever was in the hallway attempted to break into her room. She needed to leave. It took her less than a second to conclude that walking out the front door would put her in the path of the screaming mob. It was apparent that the only way out was by the window. Pushing it open quietly, she peaked her head out, noting that none of the other windows had been opened. Suddenly, there was a splatter of blood as something thumped against the window to her left, smudging a bright red patch against the curtains on the inside of the room. Without hesitance, she began to climb. Using the window frame as a support, she climbed through the open window and sat precariously with her bum on the window ledge. There was a knock on her door. A single hard knock. She dropped out of the room without hesitance, coming to a rough landing as she bent her knees to cushion the impact. Quietly, she made her way to the front gate, noticing that it had been literally ripped from its hinges. Turning around, she realized that the mob had broken the doors off and had forced their way in. Suddenly, she saw movement in the corner of her eye. The familiar silhouette of her science teacher gave her some comfort. “Mr Howard! Do you know what’s going on? Everyone is talking about zombies and there was screaming in the hallway and...” she stopped abruptly as Mr Howard came closer to her. She noticed an unsettling gait in his step as if his mind was somehow disconnected from his body. She took several steps back as he stepped into the moonlight. She gasped in horror as his ashen grey skin came into view. His glasses were broken, and there was a gaping wound on his calf. Her shock locked her in place for a few seconds before she took off like a rabbit. The only sounds behind her were the confused grunts of Mr Howard before he suddenly let out a soul-rending screech and broke into a sprint. The sound of his shoes slapping against the ground set her heart into a panic. She was no longer thinking straight. Primal instincts were all that kept her going. A chase of a most unholy predator against a mostly defenseless prey. @danzilla3
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    Pathogen: Z

    Setting: Earth (In a separate Timeline to our own) [Placeholder] Kindly include dates in all posts so that the timeline doesn't get messed up. [Placeholder]
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    Curse Of The Ursa

    Eventually, Nyra arrived at the tower after a rather uneventful journey. The sun was but a tiny spec of light in the distance, barely clinging on to the skyline as it was swallowed up by the horizon. All around her, the interior of the first zone matched the description that the waitress had provided her. Rows after rows of seemingly endless furniture, all fit into an area much too small to contain what she saw before her. And then, there were sounds. If Nyra had a superhuman sense of hearing, she might’ve heard the grinding of steel in the distance, and the soft footsteps of an individual in another direction. If however, she did not hear these sounds, it was likely because they were muffled by the footsteps and mumbles of a group of men – about half a dozen of them – sifting through the furniture for something.
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    Getting Ley'd

    Oh jeez... I'll have Reyna appear briefly just for the friction...
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    Child of the Forest

    “Yes. She travelled for days without sleep in order to reach Hyperion this soon,” he replied. Realising that the girl was just frightened, he allowed his look to subside. ”Please come with me. I will get you some proper clothing and answer any questions you have.”
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    Child of the Forest

    "I'm Reece. I'm supposed to take care of you in Lady Reyna's absence- Must you speak in my head?" he squinted his eyes in annoyance.
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    Child of the Forest

    “Hey, hey!” Reece raised his hands in a sign of peace. “Calm down. You’re safe now.” The wood nymph was obviously frightened by her new surroundings. Following his intuition, he backed off, allowing A’aria to take in the sights and smells of her new location.
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    Abilities Spellcasting Reyna casts spells through five different techniques: - Power Words Simple sorcerer spells that require minimal effort to cast. E.g. Aquarius, granting temporary control over a body of water. - Rituals Complex spells that take a long duration of time to cast. These spells generally have large effects and require material sacrifice. - Drawing directly from her Mana Pool Unconventional spells with no power words assigned to them. Sorcerers may draw directly from their mana pool to "invent" new spells. The amount of mana drawn from the caster varies with the effects of the spell. - Extensively draining her Mana Pool Casting a spell that would require a ritual, but without the use of material sacrifice. This can result in overexertion and possible death of the caster if their mana pools are stressed beyond depletion. - Drawing power from her phylactery As a Lich, Reyna has an affinity for cryomantic spells. She casts these spells effortlessly and with minimal drain to her mana pool. She also has a connection with necromancy. Spells of that nature take less effort than other casters for Reyna to cast, but they will still require some concentration due to their unstable and complex nature. Light and Dark Magic Magic related to darkness and light. May include religious rituals. - Shadow Travel Transforms the user, their clothing, and any items they are holding entirely into a blob of shadow. The user's mana pool is continuously drained while in shadow form. While in this form, a sudden beam of light aimed directly at the shadow will cause the user to return to material form in a dazed state. In this form, the user ignores friction and does not suffer from fatigue. The user may not cast spells or physically harm anyone in this form. However, inflicting physical blows on the shadow has shown to have some effect on the user. Elemental Magic related to the elements of nature. - Fireball An extremely simple spell cast by drawing minimally from the user's mana pool. The amount drawn from it is proportional to the size of the fireball created. - Aquakinesis Cast using the power word "Aquarius", grants temporary control over a body of water. The amount of mana drawn from the user's mana pool is proportionate to the size of the body of water. Telekinetic Magic related to the use of forces. - Barrier A shining blue barrier is projected in whatever direction the user wishes. The blue shine is due to the spell's interaction with a constant flow from the user's mana pool. Maintaining the barrier requires a continuous supply of mana. This spell may be cast alongside the power word "Dispel" to eliminate any lesser spells or summons between the barrier and the caster. Striking the shield with a physical or magical attack causes a massive drain on its caster's mana. However, its durability is essentially infinite, as long as the caster has mana to spare. Necromancy Magic related to death. - Raise Dead A dead creature is returned to life. - Skeleton Raising a skeleton takes little to no effort. However, such a minion is temporary and mindlessly obeys the caster's will. After five minutes, the spell wears off, and the skeleton returns to being dead. The caster may drain their mana pools to keep the skeleton alive for more than five minutes. - Ghoul Raising a ghoul requires a ritual. Thankfully, the ritual can be performed on multiple corpses at once, raising an entire army of them. Ghouls are only husks of their former selves, equipped with a set of flesh-rending teeth and sharp claws. They are mindless but loyal to anyone who is able to impose their will of them. - Abomination An abomination is sewed together using the corpses of ten men. The strength of the abomination is equal to the combined strength of the ten men. Stitching them together and continuously casting spells on it to reanimate the bodies as a single entity can take weeks of commitment. However, once reanimated, abominations are fiercely loyal to their creators and are a force to be reckoned with in battle. - Aberration An aberration is a reanimated creature bearing its intelligence prior to when it was killed. Creating an aberration is dangerous as most people who are brought lose a part of themselves when they die. Many who try to bring back a hero end up creating a monster. The only reliable way to bring someone back fully is if they died unhappily, with a strong desire for vengeance. Reyna also has other necromantic spells that do not fall under the 'raise dead' category. - Flesh Magic The user may create flesh, skin, and human organs out of undead flesh. The organs are highly functional but also very harmful to the life forces of living creatures. - Death Coil A simple necromantic ability. Reyna requires no effort to cast this. A ball of green energy pulled directly from lingering death forms in her palm. The coil may be hurled to inflict a burning pain on its victims. The coil itself burns into the flesh, while the corrupted energy feeds off its victim's life force. A corrosion effect occurs, causing the victim to decompose. Death Force Magic related to beings who draw power from death. - Enhanced Spell Potency Undead spellcasters give up their life forces for greater strength and ease of casting in cryomantic and necromantic spells. - Larger Mana Pool Undead spellcasters may draw mana directly from the death force, allowing them to have ridiculous amounts of mana in reserve. However, drawing frequently or overdrawing from this pool may lead to insanity. - Lich Form In Lich form, Reyna loses her ability to cast other spells. However, she gains a whole new arsenal of powerful cryomantic magic. - Super Strength With mana running through her veins instead of blood, Reyna is able to deadlift upwards of 2000 pounds. - Intimidate As a creature of death, Reyna is able to impose her will on lesser undead. This also applies to living creatures with very weak wills. It will cause them to be paralyzed by fear. In her presence, most living beings will sense that something isn't quite right. - Ice Lance Reyna may produce a sharp icicle of various sizes. It can be one as small as a dagger or one as large as a traffic cone. These icicles may form swinging blades on her wrists, or be used as projectiles propelled by the rapid contraction and expansion of air. - Ice Barrier Reyna may produce a barrier of ice to shield herself from physical and magical attacks. The barrier's strength varies based on its interaction with the elements used in the attack. - Frost Nova Reyna may trigger a blizzard, freezing moisture in the air to unleash a hailstorm of sharp icicles onto her enemies. - Sub Zero At her core, Reyna's body temperature is below negative 273 degree Celsius. This is the temperature at which matter cannot exist, and in fact, it doesn't. This blistering cold is forcibly suppressed by her, but when unleashed, it can instantly drop the temperature of anything and everything nearby. - Frostbolt Instead of an icicle, a ball of ice is formed with the temperature on the inside higher than the temperature on the outside. The resulting faster contraction of the outer layer causes the ball to explode into a flurry of piercing shards. - Cone of Cold Reyna breathes out a concentrated cold breath. The angle of her lips causes the breath to take the shape of a cone, freezing anything directly in front of her. - Frost Beam Reyna may emit a beam of concentrated cold from her palms. This beam takes the form of energy and destroys matter by reducing it below the temperature that matter can exist at. Psionic Abilities having to do with Psions. - Mind sharing Reyna is able to enter the mind of another via lip contact. On weak individuals, she is able to completely dominate their mind by imposing her presence on them. - Charm Reyna is able to make herself appear more desirable through simple bewitching spells. -Ethereal Chains The caster may create chains of yellow energy from nothing. This ability drains the user's mana. The chains possess the strength of real chains but may be summoned and dispelled in an instant.
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    Curse Of The Ursa

    "Oh certainly!” The Waitress proceeded to write down a list of steps to get to the Tower. After Nyra had finished eating her steak, the afternoon sun had only just begun to set. As she set out on her path to find this enigmatic tower, she would come across an inn. Inside, a grown man was arguing with a young boy who didn’t look older than 20. By then, she had only reached the halfway point of her journey to the tower. The sun was halfway down the horizon. She had to make a call.
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    Chapter 2: Kamikaze (LoD)

    For the first time in months, the Djinn Kru’Gorah left the door unlocked. It wasn’t a figurative door, nor was it a literal one either. Rather, it was an unknown system in his phylactery, something that allowed him to trap his prisoners within. Except that the one who escaped wasn’t a prisoner. Yes, she was one of those who survived the siege of Tormo many months ago, but she was by no means there against her own will. In secret, the Djinn tried to make a daughter of the girl. Months of his influence led to a terrifying insanity, a hunger for suffering that Kru’Gorah had for some reason kept from escaping into the world. Perhaps he felt that she wasn’t ready. Perhaps he simply wanted to spend more time with her. But when he had left to join the Legion’s conquest with brazen enthusiasm, she tailed him without hesitance. The last person who had seen Natasha was Midian Ochre, from when she was still a child. For unknown reasons, her body had developed to the physical condition of a young adult after mere months. Zipping across the glacier at a ridiculous speed, she finally caught up to her adoptive father. @Djinn&Juice There was a black aura that radiated from her, an unholy presence that she had developed after prolonged contact with Kru’Gorah. Her teeth were stained blood red, the crimson liquid of her unknown victims sliding out of the corners of her lips. Her gloved palms were soaked with blood. She raised one of them, still trembling as it shook uncontrollably. “Father... You didn’t tell me that the world was this beautiful...” she grinned hungrily at her blood-soaked palm. “I thirst for more of it. How many more may I plunge my teeth into?” She began to cackle as the bodies piled up around them. A maddening lust filled her eyes. She wanted nothing but to bathe in the flesh of her father’s foes. [Persistent Advantage: Haste]
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    Child of the Forest

    Reece set the watering can and the book down. He had been expecting something like this to happen, but he hadn’t yet figured out what he was supposed to do when it did. “Hi,” he raised his arms in a non-threatening gesture. @Knighto
  12. Sleepy Seal

    Curse Of The Ursa

    "Ha!” the waitress chuckled. “Just some fairytale made up by the Gaian churches. There’s a big tower in Blairville with a whole bunch of furniture in it. That’s what the first floor looks like, just endless rows of random furniture. They say that if you get lost in there, you might not be able to find your way back out! But that’s where they say that this ‘Lich Queen’ is hiding. Silly, right?”
  13. Sleepy Seal

    Child of the Forest

    Reyna rested her hand on Grant’s shoulder, “Perhaps another time, my love.” She leaned in close and pecked him on the lips. “But I have urgent business to attend to. I’ll see to it that your thirst is satisfied when better days come around.” After giving him a tight hug, she left for Blairville. Every day, Reece would return to the garden with a watering can and a book to read. He watered the plants in the garden hourly and read his book during his downtime. It was a welcome break from his exhilarating and dangerous lifestyle. From that day on, he no longer needed to make appeals and requests just to get through the security. The enforcers who guarded the hallways knew who he was. The squire of the Duchess Senaria. His grandparents would be proud. Aside from all of that, he continued his daily routine, eating, sleeping, and taking care of the plant. This process continued until one day, something changed when he entered the garden in the morning. @Knighto
  14. Sleepy Seal

    Child of the Forest

    “Yes, well in the case that she is feeding of the energies around her, it wouldn’t be the best of ideas for me to be around her,” she shrugged. “I was thinking that maybe you could assign someone to babysit her.” “I’ll take care of her,” a voice came abruptly from the main hallway that led to the garden. Like an angel, Reece Winters turned around the corner in his white garb, bathed in the moonlight from tip to toe. Reyna’s eyebrows furrowed in shock. “What are you doing here?! How did you-” “Don’t worry, Lady Reyna. He suspects nothing!” he reassured her. The Duchess’ squire turned to acknowledge Grant’s presence. “We meet again, Master Knight.” “I will take care of the girl. It is not that I question Master Knight’s ability to commit, but he is no longer a Duke, Lady Reyna. He is sovereign of the Hyperion Empire. There’s no one that you can trust more with the girl’s safety than me.” @danzilla3
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    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    Dan and I will both be joining the ball.