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  1. Owner: The Lich Queen Description: The Library Zone has fallen into utter and complete disrepair. Following the imprisonment of the Lich Queen, the thousands of ravenous ghouls in the Zone have descended into madness. Once the reliable construction workers and burden bearers of the settlement, they have begun to feed on anything and everything - including each other - to satisfy their insatiable appetite. Most of the buildings have crumbled back into the ground. The entrance to the zone is sealed by a powerful enchanted lock, requiring a key to be opened. Necropolis: The floating necropolis that was under construction has fallen back to the ground and appears to be in a state of disrepair. Greenhouses: The greenhouses were an attempt by the Lich Queen to reintroduce synthetic food to the diets of her people. The traditional cabbage and corn had to undergo severe mutations to be able to grow in lightless conditions and provide the nutrients that Undead fed off of to survive. When all hell broke loose in the library zone, the greenhouse walls were torn down by hungry ghouls but in their rampage, chemicals were spilt onto the ground, chemicals that weren’t meant to make contact with any form of living matter. Currently, the greenhouse has several external holes in its walls. There are several large vines about 30cm in diameter snaking out of the greenhouse across the ground in every direction. Inside, large objects can sometimes be seen moving around, but nobody knows what they are.
  2. Valucre is an inverted sphere with the sun at the very centre of it. The “outside” of the sphere is an infinite layer of rock and minerals. That’s why no one has been to the centre of the planet yet.
  3. @danzilla3 and I had an interesting conversation a few hours ago. From my knowledge, the valucre map is a two dimensional drawing with no indication that the planet is even a planet at all. If no satellites have been launched, how could Valucre know of its own shape? Is it round? It is a donut? It could be a massive six sided cube for all we know until we get a satellite out there. But just like in real life, people's opinions are shaped by what they believe in until facts can be properly established. That leaves us with the biggest mystery of the century. Is Valucre Flat?!
  4. OOC Note: This character is not representative of the original Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. His character is conceptually the same in that he is thirsty for knowledge, fame and power, and in that he possesses a genius level intellect. However, he does not have a demon called Mephistopheles serving as his personal butler. Just imagine what he might have been if he were born in Valucre, and what means he would have put his brilliant mind to to acquire the fame and knowledge he’s always wanted. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Essentials Name: Johan Faustus Age: 38 Race: Terran Titles: None Birthplace: Blairville Description Johan Faustus is a lawyer of adequate credibility. He has successfully defended 16 cases in his lifetime but has never rose to prominence due to the dullness of his career. He had taken the safe route, one that would guarantee him a steady income for the rest of his life. But alas, how could a mundane life satisfy the ambition of Faustus? He was a genius, and he knew that he was. His time on this planet was limited, and he had spent it preparing for his death. Until one day, a brilliant idea struck him. Sailors sang songs of people who had braved fierce beasts to acquire immortality from some holy spring or by the grace of their patron gods. But Faustus believed in no such nonsense. He was an atheist. He wouldn’t allow some figurative being to take control of his life. No, Faustus would defy the conventions of what people would consider to be the notion of “life”. He would defy death altogether. Faustus had an idea so brilliant that he wondered why no one had ever undertaken this venture before. He would upload himself onto an eternally living system, the very network which connected all electronic communication devices across Valucre. Some day, his body would rot, but his keen mind was one worth preserving. Although he would die, his spirit would live on forever. This is the tale of the genius Johan Faustus, and his quest for eternal existence.
  5. Following the imprisonment of the Lich Queen, the frost wyrm Athari was bound to lose control as her presence in half his mind helped to suppress the insanity that developed due to undeath. But in the last moments of her freedom, Reyna had foreseen this. With her final breath, she willed the dragon’s consciousness into permanent separation from its body. The resulting reaction transformed Athari’s consciousness into a spirit, one that would wander the land invisible to all. His physical body collapsed from a lack of bindings as the magic that animated his corpse returned to the ground where they had come from. His humanoid elven form found itself waking in the ethereal plane. He looked around in a dazed state, confused as to what caused the sudden displacement of his spirit.
  6. He was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Reece travelled for three days. His horse hadn’t rested once and neither had he. The information he carried was too sensitive to leak to anyone and all forms of long distance communication were hackable. He had to make the journey in person. And as he rode unto the outskirts of Hyperion city, he expected a feeling of familiarity and warmth that accompanied every one of his visits there. He could not have been more wrong. A sense of dread filled him as what appeared to be brightly lit buildings from afar turned out to be structures engulfed in flames. A thunderstorm brewed overhead, and he knew at once that something had gone terribly wrong. As he rode into the city, all he could hear was the screams of the people around every corner. Something had been unleashed upon them, or rather, they had been unleashed upon themselves. In the confusion, a tiny shard of glass fell from the heavens and embedded itself within his forearm. Immediate, he was overcome by a wave of nausea that caused him to lose grip of the reigns. The horse bucked as pieces of glass pierced its hide, throwing Reece onto the cold cement floor. The Lich Queen’s acolyte blinked several timed, pushing himself off the ground. He crouched, his senses overwhelmed by a sudden lust for violence. It was at this moment that some of the crazed civilians began to notice him. One screamed like a ghoul from a horror movie, and another began to make its way towards him hungrily. Reece recognised it as a humanoid, but by the way it walked and looked at him, it could barely be considered to be a human. He frantically tried to get up, but whatever sickness had been transmitted through the glass shards was beginning to take control of his limbs. His legs stopped responding to his instruction and began to twitch uncontrollably. He cursed as the man came closer, quickly pulling out a small audio recording device from his pocket. He had intended to leave an audio message for the Queen Regent, but it appeared that it would have to be put to different use. //Recording-Log-100236// “Hello? *loud panting* Mister Knight, I don’t have much time. *distinct screaming sound further away from the device* Holy fuck! If I survive this, I want an explanation *loud thud and sounds of a struggle* Blairville Tower- Only your blood can open the door- *loud cracking sound followed by choking noises* //Recording-Log-End// As the changed approached Reece, he managed to record a message with the little time that he had. The sickness was overcoming his senses and he felt a deep hunger for blood. As the infected man charged at him, he rolled several feet away, causing the man to trip over him and crash face first into the adjacent wall, the innards of his skull splattering across the cracked cement. Seeing this, several of the changed turned their attention onto Reece. As he backed up against the wall, there was a loud cracking noise and the ceiling began to crack. He was only able to give out one last resolute sigh before the ceiling came down on him, crushing the poor boy under several tonnes of broken concrete. A rock conveniently fell between the cracks, landing on the green button of the audio device that triggered the completion of the recording.
  7. A summary of events occurring between the Reverie Ball in Ursa Madeum and the present day: Reyna The world is cruel to those who are different. This was no less the case for the Duchess of House Senaria. Suspicions of her dual identity as the Lich Queen of Blairville were becoming more and more believable as she became more daring and ambitious in her push to create a safehaven for her race. By the order of a group of Gaian Priests, a ritual was performed to “cleanse” her of all evil and “bless” her with all that was holy. The effects of the spell created a rift between Reyna’s true nature, and the Lich side of her that reveled in its power. She had been warned before by Jinsoku of how undeath could gradually drive someone to madness, but the ritual performed by the Gaian Priests seemed to serve as a catalyst for that effect. With two voices in her head, she withdrew into the Library Zone of the Tower of Blairville, the only place where she could find absolute solitude. There, she meditated for weeks, trying to expel the unholy presence from her mind, but the Lich’s lust for power and death overcame the peaceful intentions that she had possessed from the beginning. One day, her meditation was abruptly interrupted, and she found herself transformed into her Lich form without consciously deciding to turn into it. When she attempted to revert back, she had a great deal of difficulty in doing so but eventually succeeded. Breathless and afraid, she searched the Library’s infinite knowledge for a solution to a problem. Days passed but Reyna kept searching relentlessly. And as she did, she dove deeper into a pit of insanity. Nearing the point of no return, she discovered a ritual that allowed mortals to separate the consciousness of celestial beings from their bodies in order to suppress them. Hastily, she prepared the materials necessary for the spell and wasted no time in casting it. As she was on the final line of the incantation, she paused. She knew that if she were to utter those last few words, it would mean relinquishing her power until someone eventually ventured into the Library Zone to free her. Whether or not that person would do it to save her or to exploit her power, she couldn’t know. Breathing a cold breath unto her fingertips, the skin crumbled away, revealing a set of skeletal fingers. She knew that if she stalled any longer, she might’ve never read those last few words out. But she did. There was momentary humming in the air of the Library Zone. Then, a massive singularity of energy began to radiate from Reyna’s torso, burning away the remnants of her human form. The lich’s tortured form struck the ground heavily, and a small green gem fell between the bones of her rib cage. Consequences In an abrupt turn of events, the Lich Queen of Blairville has locked herself into an eternal slumber in a location known to few. The undead under her control have gone ravenous and began destroying the undead settlement within. The few sentient ones managed to escape before all hell broke loose. The semi-sentient ones followed the mindless into madness. The Library Zone in Blairville has transformed into a dungeon like setting, roaming with Ghouls and Abominations in finite number. All guards to the corpse and phylactery of the Lich Queen.
  8. Ever since January this year, I’ve been locked into a continuous cycle of work in a field that I have great passion in.

    Unfortunately, I tore my medial collateral ligament 3 days ago. Silly me! Now I’m stuck in a bed and I’m not able to do anything that would put relative stress on my right leg for 3 weeks.

    It occurred to me today that I had left a lot behind when I took my leave from Valucre, so I thought why not pop back and have a look at who is still around? ?

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  9. The unfortunate loss of her steed meant that Varda would either have to travel on foot or ride with someone else. She initially had plans to walk it, but soon had trouble keeping up with the horses. In the end, she had no choice but to share a frail mixed-breed mare with Snipe. The cold was blistering. She was wrapped up in more than five layers of fur clothing and still couldn’t feel her face or hands. The horse shivered as it plodded forward through the snow. She could feel it weakening with each passing second. The poor creature wouldn’t survive more than a day under such severe weather conditions. “Drink this!” Varda turned her head in the direction of the voice. She hadn’t been paying much attention to her surroundings. The cold made her dizzy and disoriented. Her hands made contact with what felt like a jar of sorts. Lifting it to her lips, she took a long gulp. The liquid burned as it slid down her throat. It tasted like horse shit, but she had stomached worse things. At once, warmth returned to her body. The cold was gone, and suddenly the eternal darkness that plagued the blind woman was now an infinite expanse of curious noises. As pieces of snow pelted the hills, trees, and individuals, she could make out the shapes of every object around her in detail. While the others might’ve been completely blinded in the darkness, Varda was thriving. She couldn’t see, but she knew by the sounds of the snow where everything was. And now that she was able to ignore the cold, the unnoticed beauty of the landscape was revealed to her. She felt so motivated by the sudden warmth that she pulled a bowl out of her bag and poured a little bit of the concoction into it. “Excuse me,” she whispered to Marcel as she abruptly dismounted from the horse. Walking in front of it, she lifted the bowl to its lips and poured its contents down its throat. @Artificer
  10. Reyna gestured for Koryu to enter the house with an inviting wave of her hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Koryu. Now, we couldn’t just go about allowing the Datsuzoku’s man to live in a slum, could we?” The door opened to let out a rush of warm air. The fireplace looked like it had been burning for a few hours, a welcome change to the chilly air outside. “As for the land, the terms are as described in the offer. You’ll have a property of your choice in Senaria lands. We will accommodate to specific requests within reason.” She would proceed to give Koryu a thorough tour of the inner cabin before ensuring that he was comfortably settled. “The Prince will attend to you shortly,” she mentioned before taking her leave. @danzilla3 @Twitterpated
  11. Oh my god, I love HypeCat!

  12. “Religion has nothing to do with what you have suggested,” Reyna exhaled in feigned bashfulness. “You could feed the people, heal at no cost, and give hope without promoting Gaianism.” There was actually a word for such activity: charity. There was a very large space between charity and religion, but even then, they sometimes managed to be mistaken for each other. “Hope should come from leaders. Who are we if our people only believe in a better future because of a belief that higher powers exist?” She directed a thoughtful glance at the younger girl. They looked of about the same age, but the Duchess Senaria had lived more than four times her apparent age. She had seen more, lived more, and spoken much more than this girl who couldn’t have been older than twenty-five. Being of greater age did have its benefits, and she would press her developed wit and rhetoric to its fullest. She paid no bother to the plight of Oscar Uldwar. Petty grievances weren’t in her interests to get involved in. @Grubbistch
  13. The shuffling of footsteps and shouting of men went on through the night. With a quick snap of her knee, Varda sent a rock flying into the trunk of a tree with her foot. The satisfying thump of it embedding itself in the bark did little to relieve her frustration. After her horse had been killed by an unknown assailant mere hours ago, it meant several things for the mercenary. Since the assailant was unidentified, she was unable to press charges against anyone. Demanding compensation from the stablemaster wouldn’t get her very far either. The man was poor enough as it was, and he had been good-hearted enough to seek her out in the middle of the night to inform her. The only way to make up for her monetary loss would be to obtain the coveted pelt of an alpha direwolf. After all, that was her sole purpose of journeying here. Except now there could be no failure. There was no longer room for error and she would do what was necessary to prevent any future mishap, even if it came to putting down an uncooperative member of the group. There were no hard feelings involved. It was just business. The door swung open with alarming speed. Varda marched into the inn with hastened steps, her arms swinging by her sides impatiently. She cursed under her breath, only ceasing when she came within earshot of the group. Those who sat facing the door would’ve seen her coming. The rest would've heard her forceful footsteps and foul language. “Oh? That’s perfect. We should get out of this shithole of a town right now,” she folded her arms, the corners of her lips curving into a scowl.
  14. Waiting on @Twitterpated
  15. Faith. Funnily enough, Reyna was once a believer in Gaia. She prayed and went to church, did all the usual shit that Gaians do. She once respected the religion, until she realized that it was all a mouthful of horsecrap. There was no eternal peace after death. She had been there. It felt empty... Purposeless yet present. Death was simply an endless void of blank consciousness. And worst of all, the religion condemned her. If there was such a thing as unconditional love, there would be something known as unconditional hate, and it was this hate that Reyna had tasted from Gaians all over the world. “Faith doesn’t feed empty stomachs,” she mentioned in a measured voice. “I am sure that of all things, Ursa Madeum would benefit more from repairing the tangible damage rather than the intangible damage. Wouldn’t you agree?” For indeed, the Duchess saw no point in allowing Gaianism a presence in Ursa Madaem. There was a line in the scriptures that condemned her existence and what she advocated. A clash of interests, per se. @Grubbistch @danzilla3 @Ataraxy
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