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  1. Circe had a massive headache. As the light was birthed on the world, a companion of Lilith's had walked into the Lion's Mane, disrupting her thoughts. It had started there. A sharp pain and ringing sound invaded her brain as a flash of information started to flood her memories. Circe had thought that it was just her intuition warning her of the strength this newcomer wielded, but the pain still remained even now. Another companion of the witch had arrived a short while later, and soon the three were conversing at the table. Circe's intuition had sounded off again to warn her of the potential strength of this newcomer, but it was nothing like the pain she felt when the male had entered. Even now she was still trying to process and accommodate these new memories and process the information flooding her mind. No easy task under the best of circumstances, but her head was also pounding. She felt as though her very soul was ripping in two. Flashing light overtook her vision. [She blinked to adjust her vision. She felt as if she were in murky water, her movements slow and dull. It was as though if she blinked she would be unable to open her eyes again. A dull blue stone floated just beyond her grasp. As she fought to maintain her focus, a throbbing pain surrounded her as a combatant would flank their opponent. It increased with each passing second, until she could maintain her vision no longer. With great difficulty she fought against the drooping of her eyes, but the inevitable close was upon her. Her vision went dark and she saw no more.] Circe blinked repeatedly as the light came back into focus. The headache had lessened every so slightly, but lingered behind her like the pale shadow of death wrapping its clutches around an aged and ailing mortal. She couldn't make sense of the new memories in her head. As a clairvoyant, Circe was familiar with the sensation of watching time pass as an observer rather than a participant. While that feeling was similar to this experience, the contradictory feeling of simultaneous agency and lack thereof greatly confused her. She looked over at the witch and her companions, to see if they had experienced anything of the sort. It appeared as though they hadn't. As she glanced over Lilith, the latter turned and met Circe's gaze. Circe understood it to be a beckon and moved to heed the command. She attempted to push the pain aside, but it would not cooperate with her any more now than it had been during the hours past. It seems the witch is preparing to give instructions. I suppose I must faithfully hear her out. May this unbearable pain finally cease once I have... So did the Eternal One and her companions come together. Unknown to Circe, her feelings of antagonism towards Lilith had already begun to shed away. While a part of this was certainly due to the machinations of the necromancer, there was another force at play that would force these four into conflict with another. Lo' were the pieces positioned, did the curtain fall, and did the drums of war begin to beat faintly.
  2. Parrish - The Lion's Mane Tch... what a detestable woman. Circe leaned against a support beam in a corner of the abandoned inn, sulking as she eyed Lilith from behind. She thought to herself, frustrated by her sound defeat at the hands of the powerful necromancer. Just wait, you wretched witch. One day you'll have your back turned, your guard let down. When that day comes, I'll strike you down. After ransacking Circe's lair, Lilith had practically bound and dragged her to this dilapidated inn. Here they had remained for hours, perhaps days, she hadn't bothered keeping track. Every passing moment in the company of the necromancer felt like an eternity, so what use was there in counting? It was obvious that the woman was waiting for something, biding her time somehow. Despite her personal distaste for Lilith, Circe had no choice but to respect her intellect - she was not the type to act rashly, but neither did she seem the type to idle. Decisively she had come, to the old church where Circe had laid nest, and decisively she had left, upon realizing that she had faulty intelligence. Circe thought back to the oath Lilith had made her swear. In exchange for being useful to her, Circe would keep her life. If she performed her duties to the upmost degree, perhaps further rewards could be obtained. Circe struggled against her pride, but had ultimately made the right decision. Life was all that mattered in that moment; the dead care not for riches, power or freedom. Circe reaffirmed her vow in her heart. I'll follow you for now, witch. I'll be your faithful dog and I'll play that role perfectly. Your power will reinforce my own. Make no mistake, though, once I obtain my freedom from you, I will make you suffer for every single moment you've used me. I'll pay this grudge back ten-fold, no, one hundred-fold! Though Circe was unaware, a hint of black light flashed in her otherwise red eyes as this thought was completed. She continued to sulk in silence, as her eyes bore into Lilith's back.
  3. Taronta Outskirts - East Circe patiently stalked towards Taronta as the last rays of the dying light faded out from existence. Perhaps residents had observed the darkened skies over the neighboring Keto earlier in the evening and found them ominous, as the town guard had stationed patrols across the circumference of the town. Circe had been monitoring them for a few hours, waiting to see how they would respond to the actions of her commander. She had to prove herself useful, she had been granted extraordinary power because of Her, and she never wanted to return to her previous life. Circe closed in on the eastern gate to the town and removed the cloak was wearing, allowing it to drop behind her as she continued. Guards stationed outside were alerted to her presence and drew their weapons. "Halt! Identify yourself, traveler!" Eyes glued to Circe's armor, they were understandably on edge at her unsettling appearance. Circe smiled at them, the light from torches turning her lips blood red. "Your weapons serve no purpose, sirs. I come with news from the town over." "Keto? You bring news from there? Then pray tell, what were those clouds from earlier? Why have we no word from travelling merchants? And... I said halt!" The guards inquired rapidly, clearly eager for information to set them at ease. However, they were not pacified by her earlier words and instead began to assume defensive stances upon seeing her refuse their order to stay herself. Circe paused within ten paces of the guards, before exclaiming ecstatically, "Keto has fallen. We march on Nu Martyr and we will burn every town, village and hamlet in our wake. Rejoice! For even in death, you have the honor becoming part of Her strength." With her words, one guard blew a horn to alert the town to her hostile presence. The others circled around her, torches high in hand with swords extended to face her. "I don't reckon your armor is for show, but you must be delusional if you believe you can take our city alone!" shouted one of the guards, to cries of agreement from the men beside him. Circe's enchanting smile widened and morphed into a corrupted grin before pronouncing, "Your fire blinds you to the truth, fools. Who said I was alone?" Hissing and shrieking filled the skies on all sides of the town, as alarm bells rang out fervently. Out of the brush came pouring hundreds of spiders and spider-like abominations, swarming towards the now panic-stricken guards. Screams filled the air. Taronta - Center Circe sat comfortably atop a pile of corpses wrapped in her webbing. Her children were hard at work around her, converting the now silent town into a truly wretched palace for her to command from. The process had taken a few hours and the moon was now high in the sky, but she had finally completed her preparations. Circe stood up straight on her makeshift throne and shrieked in a hideous pitch. Out from the various windows and doors came pouring spiders in the thousands, accompanied by the various mutated offspring she was now capable of producing. Like a shining black wave they tore out through the western entrance of the town, flooding the nearby fields as they made their way south by southwest. She would remain here, consuming her prey and producing more offspring, while commanding them to scour and pillage the other nearby settlements. She would sow chaos and fear, and grow stronger ever still. All in service of her new master. The moon rose with the curtains of Her black invasion, and the land would know the terror of Her might.
  4. Venus silently stepped into the tavern while maintaining a cool glare toward Creg. He backed up to give her space as Joey rushed down the stairs, nearly tripping. Creg turned to face his brother, lamenting the poor timing of his clumsiness. Joey paced towards his brother, and they both knelt in front of Venus. It was well known within the order that to any slight shown towards a Risen Servant, dire consequences would surely follow. Please tell me she isn't pissed at us... Creg thought to himself, sparing a cursory glance upwards in anticipation of their impending demise. However, the Risen Servant spared them no mind as she stepped aside. A moment's relief for the two brothers was cut short as they watched Venus kneel towards the still-open tavern door. Creg's mind went blank as he realized the significance of the action. He heard footsteps as a figure entered through the door frame, but he dared neither make a sound nor look up. Both he and his brother busied themselves studying the mundane wood patterns on the floorboard with bated breath, as they awaited a command.
  5. Archeos

    Circe Yaan

    [BASICS] First name: Circe Surname: Yaan Nicknames: N/A Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Race: Anthropomorphic Spider Profession: Mercenary Affiliation: Cult of Power Hometown: Unknown Gender: Female Age: 401 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Sultry Eyes: Many Complexion: Fair Height: 9' Build: Humanoid Arachnid Hair: Everywhere Scars: None Mark: Lunar Crescent [MENTAL] Likes: Procreating, Eating Children Dislikes: Holy Magic, The Watchers, Humans Fears: Lilith Adores: Lilith [GEAR] Unknown [WEAPONS] Unknown [SKILLS] (P) Web Coating - Circe's webbing is coated with a natural fire retardant, making it highly resistant to that which spiders fear the most. It does not alter the physical composition or tensile strength of the webbing, however. (P) Aranea Sensibus - Circe has limited powers of clairvoyance that activates if she would suffer lethal harm within thirty seconds. However, she cannot see beyond those thirty seconds and can only use this function once per hibernation period. This exception does not apply if Circe is within a zone her consciousness recognizes as her nest or one belonging to her children. In addition, Circe can detect movement and actions anywhere that her webbing touches if an action were to interact with or in some manner disturb them. This serves to make it extremely difficult to ambush her, nigh impossible. It is recommended to either develop a counter to this ability, or be prepared to overwhelm her such that she cannot make effective use of this ability, prior to an encounter. (A) Aranea Kannibalisere - Circe can consume her own*, or prey she has hunted, to mend wounds and restore her condition. The stronger the foe and the more she consumes, the faster and more potent the recovery. She cannot use this ability while actively participating in combat, so she must use autonomous magic or find some other way to prevent being disturbed during the process. Should she be interrupted after prep one, she will convert the energy that would've gone towards healing to instead provide a temporary boost to her physical strength, speed and dexterity. Should she be interrupted after prep two, she will convert the energy that would've gone towards healing to instead provide a temporary boost to her magical might, processing ability, magical dexterity, and can shorten a spell by one prep, once. Once the third prep has completed, Circe will begin to restore herself in accordance with the quantity and quality of the consumed. This ability requires three preps regardless of the quantity or quality of the consumed. S - Highest Quality Prey; a foe of superior strength or ability to Circe herself. 100.00% (Complete) Restoration. A - High Quality Prey; a foe of equal strength or ability to Circe herself. 33.33% (Major Wounds) Restoration. Requires 3 to be consumed at once to reach S rank restoration. B - Average Quality Prey; a foe of lesser strength or ability to Circe herself. 3.66% (Minor Wounds) Restoration. Requires 9 to be consumed at once to reach A rank restoration. C - Poor Quality Prey; a foe of negligible strength or ability to Circe herself. 0.135% (Pride) Restoration. Requires 27 to be consumed at once to reach B rank restoration. *Circe's known offspring range from C to A rank sequentially, and thus provide the same benefits as those ranks and have the same requirements. **Certain offspring allegedly have the same, or at least a similar ability to Circe. It is, in fact, scaled relative to the strength of each offspring. So, a B tier offspring would receive 100% restoration from consuming an A tier foe, three B tier foes or kin, or nine C tier foes or kin. No hatchlings have been observed engaging in this behavior, so it is safe to assume that only the newly identified offspring share this trait. (A) Broodmother - Circe is capable of hatching offspring as an offensive ability. All of her offspring have share her trait of being highly resistant to fire, but otherwise the most they share in common is visual similarities, with one possible exception. It was thought for a long time that she could only spawn one type of spider, known as a "hatchling". However, following a particularly nasty encounter with her that left a party almost entirely eradicated, two additional types of offspring were reported. While they were able to roughly gauge the conditions for each type of offspring, it is unknown exactly how many types there are in total. i. Hatchling: One Prep Hatchlings are small, miniature spiders that are visually similar to Circe. These are the offspring most commonly identified in sightings and encounters. As such, far more information about them is available. In a zone recognized as her nest, she can spawn upwards of 100 hatchlings to fortify her defenses. Outside of these zones, she spawns an average of ten. Each of these hatchlings are about as strong as the common man, and so they aren't too difficult to handle when sufficiently prepared. Don't let your guard down, though. If you find yourself caught unawares and defenseless, they have the numbers to tear through you until not even bones are left. ii. Broodling: Two Preps Broodlings are ungodly abominations that strike terror into the very souls of those who observe them. A horrid amalgamation of spider and human fetus, discolored and forever shrieking in an excruciating pitch. Has only been reported once, so accuracy of information may vary. Appeared to hatch in a group of five. Like the mother who birthed them, they have cannibalistic tendencies and can consume both prey and kin to restore themselves and repair wounds. They also seem to use some sort of psychic attack that targets the soul of the being facing them, resulting in paralysis or even death. Even more, they are all venomous and have a variety of effects based on which type of broodling they are. The full extent has yet to be catalogued, but it is said that the eye color corresponds to which type of venom they carry. Red eyes correlate with an enraging venom that fills the victim with bloodlust and seems to exert some sort of light hypnosis, forcing the victim to attack anything in a nearby radius, duration unknown. Potentially Fatal. Yellow eyes correlate with a potent paralytic agent that can even stop bodily functions, even unto killing or mentally disabling the victim, duration unknown. Potentially Fatal. Black and white eyes correlate with a venom that can only be described as dark, ancient magic. It seems to slowly creep through the body of the victim, tearing them apart at a molecular level. Within a minute the victim will become nothing but dust. Fatal. Addition colors were reported, but the effects are unknown. iii. Huskmother: Three Preps Detailed information isn't scarce on this creature, it is nonexistent. Allegedly, Circe is said to have been wounded during the fight and promptly retreated to shed a husk of herself. It had remained in the corner while she had engaged the party once more. At some point during the conflict, however, it had reanimated and attacked from the rear of the party. Combat potential couldn't be analyzed, as the party was already exhausted from the prolonged battle. It would eat or trample any kin that fell in its way, but it is unknown if it was benefiting from this in the same way Circe does. No further information was recovered. [FAMILY] The Eternal Ones [THREADS] Dread It, Run From It, Destiny Arrives All the Same A Master of Space and Self
  6. I would like to join the attacking side with a character for this event. Name of Boris Yaan.
  7. Creg started walking towards the door, and another patron fell in line with his steps, their third-in-command. Name of Svag Pinträ, he had been with the company for a number of years and was in good standing with most members, Creg included. None of the band used his name due to the unfortunate naming sense of his parents and a string of unfortunate losses resulting from associated incidents. Most simply referred to him as 'Third'. Third kept his voice low, addressing Creg in manner that would prevent eavesdropping, saying, "This is a serious matter, aye boss? You normally don't take tha' pawns among us unless you are preparing for casualties." Creg nodded slightly, confirming Third's words. "Take some of ya closest men and women and 'ide for a few weeks. Matter of fact, don't return unless I personally come ta get ya'. I got a bad feelin' in ma gut. Ya got it?" Third didn't respond with words, and simply turned back towards the tables he had been lurking near earlier. He whispered to a few men and women, and they all got up and retreated out of the back of the establishment. Creg returned his attention to his right, seeing Joey making his way over. He pushed open the front door, and went out onto the deck to wait for their client, Joey right behind him.
  8. Creg smirked, before answering, "Soon. We are escorting a client of, er, very 'igh importance. So yous' all better be on ya best behavior, otherwise not even I can save ya from tha' cruel clutches of fate. Aye?" The nine in front of him kept grinning as though they had not a care in the world. "Aye, boss, whatever ya say!" answered the nine in unison. Creg's smirk didn't so much as waver at their response, but he was mentally calculating the losses they would suffer when the nine idiots in front of him were inevitably killed. He nodded, saying, "Alright, aye, yous' all are a passionate lot for sure. Yous' all are the best of the best that we 'ave at the minute, so yous'll 'ave to do. Go get ya affairs in order, and be ready ta go at my word." He turned away from the group, looking for his younger brother. Spotting him across the room, he made eye contact and nodded to signal his intent to regroup. Joey nodded back, and returned to his conversation to wrap it up.
  9. Joey read over the shoulders of his elder brother, taking no notice of the latter's expression. Soon a smile spread across his face, and an eager glint reflected in his eyes. "Aye brother, a mission with Her? This is our opportunity! If we can prove ourselves ta Her, she'll reward us with riches we've only imagined! Perhaps even minor relics!" The youngest Erikson brother was lost in his fantasy, distracted by the thought of rewards. Creg rolled his eyes at the antics of his brother, knowing that he was pretending to be unaware of the danger for Creg's sake. Creg's wariness had kept them both alive and successful, but there were times were he would go overboard. Joey dropped the facade after seeing his brother relax, before saying, "I'll tell the boys that we will soon be off on a private mission, so they'll have to look out for each other for a while. They know the drill by now." As Joey walked away, Creg returned his focus to the missive.
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