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    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    No worries, we have plenty of time. I assume there would be an escort ship or two on the way back, yeah. I think I was assuming that it would meet up with another fleet on the return, or something. You can determine what happens with it after we disembark, and I'll roll with it. Once we are at the rendezvous location we will travel by Mersi for the rest of the trip, even on the way back, so it doesn't need to hang around waiting for us. If you're all good with the timeline stuff, feel free to make that post whenever 😃
  2. Archeos

    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    That's one week both IC and IRL. I don't really think it will take that long for part one, but we'll see. As for the other two parts, I'll extend the IRL timeline if it seems like we need it. I'll update the post to make that more clear. Perhaps two weeks irl would be better? Let me know your thoughts. As for the ship, we are taking an inconspicuous merchant ship for a couple reasons. First, we are setting off at the dark of night under clouds, and we'll be out of UM waters by daybreak. That means it is unlikely that UM pirates will be involved with this thread. Second, I do intend to lure some of the Tethysian raiders during the travel, and a lone warship would not be something they'd attack or even approach. Finally, because we will be disembarking at an undisclosed location, we won't be managing the ship on it's return. I'd imagine both of those ships are easier to fight if there isn't a commander like yourself on board, correct?
  3. Gold Harbor, Corinth Asrael stood on the pier, stroking a bird and looking out over the dark water. It had only been three days since he met with Titus, but his nephew had already sent a messenger to give him instructions on how to proceed. Asrael sighed resignedly, for the umpteenth time. He had been looking forward to a relaxing week, perhaps two, to recover from his recent voyage. Though Titus had seen to it to disrupt those plans regardless, Asrael hadn't been lax the entire time. He had contacted the young informant, Catarina, and purchased a messenger bird from her. He had also taken the opportunity to inquire about Arthur. He had heard nothing from the baker, regarding his offer. Asrael had stopped by the shop multiple times, but it hadn't opened again since that day. Asrael only hoped that Arthur would come to a decision by the time they returned from this journey. A voice sounded from behind Asrael, saying, "Your Highness, please come aboard. I'm sure the other lords and ladies will find their way here plenty well." Asrael smiled, releasing the messenger bird into the sky as a brisk wind blew by. He watched it fly away until it faded into the night sky. Only then did Asrael turn to face the owner of the voice, the captain of the ship being lent to them by House Karradeen. Asrael returned the sentiment, saying to the captain, "I could say the same to you, friend. If I come down with something, I can simply sleep it off. However, I'd hate to lose our capable captain before the journey has even begun. It's a chilly night, after all." "Aye," responded the captain, "I'll take my chances, too. If you don't mind me saying though, sir, I can't advise leaving in the dark of night like this. Group of nobles on a lone ship, few guards, and we'll be sailing through pirate territory. It doesn't bode well. At least in the sunlight, we can see them coming and have a slim chance of fleeing." Asrael nodded and replied, "What you say is reasonable, and not entirely wrong. However, I've heard the oceans aren't as safe anymore even in the daylight. If we risk attacks day or night, I'd rather use the cover of night and cloud to give us a head start. What say you?" The captain grunted, acknowledging Asrael's point. He scratched his head, but declined to say anything further, and walked a short distance away to smoke. Asrael returned to his original position, overlooking the water. He pulled out a list of names he had copied down. Karradeen is a given, he thought to himself, Singlance, Mythal, and... Dermont? What an interesting group of characters. Asrael tucked the paper back into his pocket, before turning once more and walking over to the captain. The two men stood conversing, occasionally drowned out by gusts of wind, as they waited for the remainder to arrive.
  4. Part One: @Tyler as Abigail Karradeen, representing House Karradeen @notmuch_23 as Aveline Debbie Singlance, representing House Singlance @Archeos as Asrael Demetrius, representing the Taen Empire @Moon Owl as Arnau Dermont, representing House Dermont @Aleksei as Austere Mythal, representing House Mythal Hello everyone! I'll go in and edit this OOC with more information as needed, for now, I've just included the basics. You can find a description of how the threads will operate at the beginning of each of them, and I'll carry over staples into this thread for ease of access. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, go ahead and post them here and I will attempt to respond in a timely manner. I'll be making the first post in the thread, and afterwards, you all are welcome to begin. Thanks!
  5. Introduction Welcome to part one of this three-part narrative. Each part will have its own thread, signaling a new chapter in the narrative. I will begin each with an overview post where I go into detail about the rules for that specific chapter, briefly summarize the events from the previous threads and include other information that will improve the experience of authors and readers alike. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask them in the OOC thread, here. Rules Posting: Part one of this narrative will conclude in one week, IRL, from the start of the thread. There is no strict post rate, so long as it remains within reason. Turn Order: I won't be strict with the turn order during part one of this narrative. Each participant will make an initial post writing their character into the setting, and once everyone has made these posts, we will begin. Once our characters are out at sea, there is no turn order. Everyone is free to post as they wish, so long as the conversation is related to the narrative. If you wish to have one-on-one or personal conversations with someone, feel free to create another thread. Simply include [Conflict Emerging: Side] before the title of the thread, and you're good to go. Pacifist Policy: As members of the royal delegation, the participants must remain united in position, officially. Unofficially, it is reasonable that the members of the delegation will have additional and varying goals for this negotiation, and so debate and discussion are encouraged. However, this must be limited to words - no physical altercations or instances of violence will be tolerated. Debate Boundaries: As I mentioned, debate and discussion are supported, and this is the primary purpose of part one. However, two things must be kept in mind. First, the primary focus of the negotiations will be to seek reparations from Tethys and to secure peace between the city and Taen. No additional clauses will be allowed if they would compromise or contradict this primary purpose. Second, determining what clauses should be brought to the negotiation table will be determined by a simple majority among the five delegation members. For any item to be added to the agenda, it must have the support of three members at the minimum. Setting, Lore, and Terminology The first thread will open in Gold Harbor, Corinth. Asrael, on the orders of Emperor Titus, will meet with the other delegation members there. Once everyone has arrived, they will embark as passengers on a merchant vessel provided by House Karradeen. In the interest of avoiding a misunderstanding, the delegation will have no guards to protect them within Tethys. However, House Karradeen has provided a small regiment of guards for the journey. The delegation will travel east towards Last Chance, stopping at an undisclosed location to rendezvous with one of Asrael's contacts from Tethys, who will then transport them the rest of the way by Mersi. The first thread will conclude upon the arrival of the delegation at Tethys. Mersi: "For those who need to get somewhere especially quickly (or just want to travel in style without getting wet), there is also the mersi taxi service. For a small fee, these quaint contraptions will take you across town, or for a larger sum, all the way to Nott. Some families own their own mersis, but most prefer to rely on the prompt and reliable service of the taxis." - Tethys City Council
  6. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    @ourlachesism Sounds good to me! I'll let you know with things are about to wrap up with my other thread, which will give me more time to focus on this one.
  7. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    @ourlachesism Thank you! If you still wanted to do that, you could. I did mention, I believe, the possibility for someone to split off and still record the chronicle. If you were comfortable with it not being wholly your thread, you could have Liir join up with Asrael for a while before heading off on his own journey, continuing to record and post in the chronicle thread? Or Liir can start his own and still meet up with Asrael, with both of them writing about the interaction separately. Who knows, lots of stuff could be done here.
  8. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    @supernal Awesome, thanks! @ourlachesism I only choose to stay away from a singular, intimate perspective because I'm hoping lots of folks will contribute their character POVs to the actual chronicle as well as the journey. I'd be glad to have you join! I'll follow-up with everyone to see where they are when it comes time for me to start this up.
  9. Archeos

    Beginning of the Voyage

    I'm proud of each of those titles, but you missed one. A master of persuading erroneously.
  10. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    @ChaosLord I'm not sure when they'll meet, I plan to create a route after doing some digging around and then go from there. Asrael will start from Taen, and probably work his way west to the Weland region first. From there, I think I'll have him hop a boat back east towards Last Chance, and then go counter-clockwise around Terrenus. For now, though, this is all tentative. I plan to start this almost as soon as my other thread I'm running resolves, so hopefully in two weeks or less. It depends on the frequency of posts on there. I know technically I can run them both at the same time without them taking place concurrently, but given the nature of this thread, I'd like to be able to focus primarily on it when I do start it. As for interactions with your character, that will be interesting to write. Asrael hasn't interacted with someone from another world before, so he will probably want to talk a bunch about the world Noah came from. He would gladly trade information in that respect. I will either bump this thread or make a new one when I do decide to start this, I'll ask @supernal or @Ataraxy exactly how I should go about that. Alternatively, I may just refer back to this thread and PM those who expressed interest to see if they are still up for it. Life can change a lot in a month, so that may end up happening anyway.
  11. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    @ChaosLord Sure thing, everyone is welcome! Noah's company, or that of any other character, would be gladly received by Asrael. @Vintage Hey, the more the merrier! I'm glad to see so many people willing to participate, it will be a lot more fun that way. Go for two dozen times if you'd like!
  12. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    @-Lilium- Sounds great, if we wind up in similar areas feel free to pop in. @AngryCacti No problem, glad to have you contributing! @Tyler Oh, I just looked at a map I had of Terrenus, I just realized what they were. I couldn't remember off of the top of my head yesterday, but I will definitely be visiting both Weland and Casper. Thank you for the link though 😅. I was replying to these right before I started volunteering yesterday, so I should've had the map out to begin with, just didn't cross my mind.
  13. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    Yeah, sure thing! I'm hoping for a few more participants to volunteer before I get it properly started. In addition, I'm about to start a thread involving Ursa Madeum and Tethys, which will technically take place prior to when this adventure would start. So depending on how involved that thread becomes, this thread may not get fully underway for at least two weeks. Also, to be clear, regardless of what role you choose you aren't committing to a thread the same way you would to others. The nature of the thread I'm interested in creating here is one that supports a drop-in/drop-out style of interaction. You can come in halfway through the thread, contribute one post/chronicle entry, and go on your way. In the real world, friends are made and separate all the time. You might run into an old acquaintance after years of separation. It stands to reason that similar events would happen in Valucre, and I'm simply interested in writing from a perspective that highlights that nature. This is less an intensive roleplay session and more a literary experiment and opportunity to explore a different side of Val.
  14. Archeos

    Members of a Noble House

    I'm more than willing to help out! I'll have to create a new character, so let me know if there's still room for me so I can get to work designing. I need to figure out where Casper is for Asrael, so maybe I'll go way overboard again and make an entirely new narrative arc that has Asrael and this new character interact? Fun times!
  15. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    @AngryCacti Great to hear, you're welcome to join me! Would you like to be a "co-author", or just join the travels? I'm planning on writing the first post to give an idea of the format I'll be using for the chronicle. It may be easier to have the chronicle entries go into one thread and the record of our travels in another, just to avoid confusion regarding the chronological order of entries and what knowledge is possessed at the time of each entry. You are more than welcome to offer input on the best way to format this since I've never attempted it before. I extend the same to everyone else reading this, the more input I have the better I can refine the process. @Zashiii Asrael would be glad to make Lady Ravenbush's acquaintance, provided the opportunity.