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    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    So @Moon Owl is trying out for (a?) band, which he says will limit his posting rate. Considering he is the only member who has yet to post, the thread will go under another delay for the time being. Is everyone okay with this?
  2. Archeos

    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    @Moon Owl Everything good on your end? You're up in the IC thread, so let me know if you need more time or anything. In the meantime, I'll keep responding to keep the thread going.
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    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    Should be @Moon Owl or @Aleksei.
  4. As much or as little as you'd like. It would be a small side thread, where Asrael asks you exactly what it is, if you're up for it. If you don't want to, then IC Asrael just never goes to you to ask about it.
  5. Asrael listened as both Aveline and Abigail spoke their turn, before replying, "I've spoken with Emperor Titus about this issue, and he has authorized Ms. Karradeen to determine the form reparations will take, prior to negotiations. As long as Ms. Karradeen understands that she may not obtain every item House Karradeen desires in the end, and she doesn't compromise the negotiations with absurd requests, she is free to set the ceiling. Whether mineral rights becomes a part of reparations, or is a separate clause, should be discussed between the two of you. Having said that, I see no problem with simply proposing the measure, and I am in support of developing Ursa Madeum and local industry." Asrael paused briefly, before continuing, "Information regarding military logistics is something the emperor is interested in as well, and is one of the main objectives of the mission. You have my full support in this respect." As he finished speaking, Asrael he made a mental note to research and possibly discuss with Aveline exactly what petroleum was, and what it could be used for. [I've only been gone for a few years, why do I feel like I've missed crucial developments within the empire? Is this "petroleum" related to the mechanical carriage Ms. Singlance arrived in? Ah... I might be getting a little too old...] Asrael thought to himself.
  6. Archeos

    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    Alright, second post is up. Feel free to look it over, if you have any confusion you should bring it up IC, but you are also welcome to ask here!
  7. Random Location, Southern Sea Asrael stood at the desk in the captain's quarters, mulling over the instructions he had received from Emperor Titus. He looked around the room at the delegation, before saying, "I have here the instructions Emperor Titus has given us. I'm sure you have all received some degree of instruction prior to this, but it was compartmentalized for security reasons. I will now provide the full context to you." "First and foremost, some ground rules. The purpose of this trip is primarily diplomatic in nature, and thus conflict should be avoided at all costs. For all intents and purposes, we are traveling to hostile territory, and the law of the empire doesn't extend there. The Tethysian government is unlikely to directly take action against us, but unless we can guarantee our escape, we should avoid exacerbating any provocation. Now, to the contents of the negotiation. We are seeking three things from our negotiation with the Tethysian government. First, reparations for the damage they've caused with a guarantee of no further aggression. Second, we are tasked with obtaining detailed information on their war preparations and goal, and any further logistical information we can procure. Third, we are seeking a partnership with the city to promote trade and migration between our nations. It may be an independent city-state, but it has a population that exceeds Ursa Madeum at present. We are tasked with accomplishing these three missions in whatever manner we deem fit, so long as we reflect the dignity of the empire. In addition, his imperial highness understands that as members of the nobility, many of you have your own objectives and agendas for participating in this mission. He has allowed for a reasonable number of additional clauses that we can add to our list of demands. We are to use this time to iron out the details for our negotiation, discuss and cement the additional clauses, and get to know each other sufficiently. Once we enter Tethys, negotiations will have already begun. They will be keeping eyes on us constantly, so we cannot discuss private details or act inappropriately, for any of these things will give them an advantage at the negotiation table. Finally, if I may add my own restriction regarding personal agendas from each of you. Regardless of your individual purposes, we are here to accomplish a task for the sake of the empire. Nothing comes before this, be it personal squabbles, secondary clauses, or anything else. I'm sure I don't need to remind you that you represent more than just yourselves, and the implications that come along with that responsibility." Asrael paused to allow his speech to settle in. He stood back to allow for them to move closer to the table and observe the exact instructions as Titus had written them, in case they doubted his paraphrasing. Asrael knew they needed to trust him, not respect him, for this mission to be successful. After a few moments had passed, he said to them, "I open the floor to all of you. Ask questions, discuss your personal goals, advocate for a secondary clause, whichever. I encourage you all to be forthright with your information, as regardless of the opinions your houses may have of each other internally, externally we must present a united front." Asrael then awaited their responses.
  8. Archeos

    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    Yeah, wait just a bit. I'm writing one more post here that will lead the discussion. Asrael will explain the mission to the party, and then we can negotiate additional clauses and ask clarifying questions, etc.
  9. Archeos

    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    Okay, my post is up. I've got one more to set up the stuff we'll be doing on the ocean, then anybody can pop in.
  10. Asrael didn't wait for long before the members of the delegation started arriving. First was Abigail Karradeen, the sponsor of their mission. She inquired into his treatment under the watch of the captain, to which Asrael assured her that the captain had performed his task to the letter thus far. He considered suggesting that she board the ship to shelter from the wind, but held back in the end, seeing her resolutely standing beside them to wait on the rest of the group. Second to appear was Austere Mythal, a tall elven man with a disposition not dissimilar from Asrael's own. Asrael looked forward to interacting with the representative from House Mythal on this journey. Third to appear was Aveline Singlance, revealing herself from the belly of a foreign machine, which was making quite the ruckus. Asrael hoped it wouldn't awaken any light sleepers. Fourth and last to arrive was Arnau Dermont, the primary heir of a recently reinstated minor noble house. Arnau greeted the members of the delegation that hadn't already boarded, taking care to greet Asrael quite formally. Asrael nodded to the man before responding, "I appreciate your candidness, friend. I assure you, should I require your help, I will not refrain from requesting it." He gestured for Arnau to join the others, and the man from House Dermont excused himself. Turning to Abigail and the captain, Asrael said, "Well, we've all arrived. Shall we set off?" The captain grunted and tossed away his cigarette, then boarded the ship. Asrael followed after one last glance at the sleeping city. Under the cover of dark and cloud, a nondescript ship embarked from Corinth.
  11. Archeos

    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    Hey everyone, just letting you all know that the thread is still ongoing, and I'm writing my response right now. Should have it up before 12:00 PM my time, or within the hour. As expected, I'm scrapping the time limits for posting entirely, since I don't want to be a hypocrite, so take your time and don't worry about rushing to post. I won't be the most active still until I find work again, but I have a few interviews coming up, so fingers crossed! Thank you for your patience!
  12. Archeos

    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    No worries, we have plenty of time. I assume there would be an escort ship or two on the way back, yeah. I think I was assuming that it would meet up with another fleet on the return, or something. You can determine what happens with it after we disembark, and I'll roll with it. Once we are at the rendezvous location we will travel by Mersi for the rest of the trip, even on the way back, so it doesn't need to hang around waiting for us. If you're all good with the timeline stuff, feel free to make that post whenever 😃
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    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    That's one week both IC and IRL. I don't really think it will take that long for part one, but we'll see. As for the other two parts, I'll extend the IRL timeline if it seems like we need it. I'll update the post to make that more clear. Perhaps two weeks irl would be better? Let me know your thoughts. As for the ship, we are taking an inconspicuous merchant ship for a couple reasons. First, we are setting off at the dark of night under clouds, and we'll be out of UM waters by daybreak. That means it is unlikely that UM pirates will be involved with this thread. Second, I do intend to lure some of the Tethysian raiders during the travel, and a lone warship would not be something they'd attack or even approach. Finally, because we will be disembarking at an undisclosed location, we won't be managing the ship on it's return. I'd imagine both of those ships are easier to fight if there isn't a commander like yourself on board, correct?
  14. Gold Harbor, Corinth Asrael stood on the pier, stroking a bird and looking out over the dark water. It had only been three days since he met with Titus, but his nephew had already sent a messenger to give him instructions on how to proceed. Asrael sighed resignedly, for the umpteenth time. He had been looking forward to a relaxing week, perhaps two, to recover from his recent voyage. Though Titus had seen to it to disrupt those plans regardless, Asrael hadn't been lax the entire time. He had contacted the young informant, Catarina, and purchased a messenger bird from her. He had also taken the opportunity to inquire about Arthur. He had heard nothing from the baker, regarding his offer. Asrael had stopped by the shop multiple times, but it hadn't opened again since that day. Asrael only hoped that Arthur would come to a decision by the time they returned from this journey. A voice sounded from behind Asrael, saying, "Your Highness, please come aboard. I'm sure the other lords and ladies will find their way here plenty well." Asrael smiled, releasing the messenger bird into the sky as a brisk wind blew by. He watched it fly away until it faded into the night sky. Only then did Asrael turn to face the owner of the voice, the captain of the ship being lent to them by House Karradeen. Asrael returned the sentiment, saying to the captain, "I could say the same to you, friend. If I come down with something, I can simply sleep it off. However, I'd hate to lose our capable captain before the journey has even begun. It's a chilly night, after all." "Aye," responded the captain, "I'll take my chances, too. If you don't mind me saying though, sir, I can't advise leaving in the dark of night like this. Group of nobles on a lone ship, few guards, and we'll be sailing through pirate territory. It doesn't bode well. At least in the sunlight, we can see them coming and have a slim chance of fleeing." Asrael nodded and replied, "What you say is reasonable, and not entirely wrong. However, I've heard the oceans aren't as safe anymore even in the daylight. If we risk attacks day or night, I'd rather use the cover of night and cloud to give us a head start. What say you?" The captain grunted, acknowledging Asrael's point. He scratched his head, but declined to say anything further, and walked a short distance away to smoke. Asrael returned to his original position, overlooking the water. He pulled out a list of names he had copied down. Karradeen is a given, he thought to himself, Singlance, Mythal, and... Dermont? What an interesting group of characters. Asrael tucked the paper back into his pocket, before turning once more and walking over to the captain. The two men stood conversing, occasionally drowned out by gusts of wind, as they waited for the remainder to arrive.
  15. Part One: @Tyler as Abigail Karradeen, representing House Karradeen @notmuch_23 as Aveline Debbie Singlance, representing House Singlance @Archeos as Asrael Demetrius, representing the Taen Empire @Moon Owl as Arnau Dermont, representing House Dermont @Aleksei as Austere Mythal, representing House Mythal Hello everyone! I'll go in and edit this OOC with more information as needed, for now, I've just included the basics. You can find a description of how the threads will operate at the beginning of each of them, and I'll carry over staples into this thread for ease of access. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, go ahead and post them here and I will attempt to respond in a timely manner. I'll be making the first post in the thread, and afterwards, you all are welcome to begin. Thanks!