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  1. Torie turned her nose up at the pot. Even if it was full it would barely constitute a mouthful. "We'll need something bigger than that. Especially if we're going to cook a whole family of salamanders. But the herbs are good! I'll go get us a cauldron, and I'll look for some snow-peek too. Pity it won't be peeking out of any snow! That's what it does in my homeland, you see. That's how it got its name." Torie didn't need a second invitation, but turned about - nearly knocking over a passing elf in the process - and headed for the stalls. First she looked for snow-peek, but sadly, with all the herbs on display she couldn't find anything that remotely resembled the small black leaves that grew in the tundra of her homeland. She did find some other leaves which were longer and smelled almost the same, so bought those instead. Hopefully they'd do just as well in the stew. Next she headed to a forge right by the markets with a large amount of pots, pans and cooking utensils on display. She picked out a cast iron cauldron that was small enough to travel with and large enough to feed herself and her friends all at once. It occurred to her that it was probably large enough to fit both Priscilla and Aaric at the same time, if they got sick of walking. The smith wrapped a towel around its metal handle and Torie bit down on it, carrying it beneath her chin. She arrived at the gates moments afterwards wearing an excited grin. "I foumd a calbron!" she mumbled around the handle in her jaws.
  2. Fishy... black market... illegal. Ah! There was a term she understood. To Aaric she said, "I don't mind illegal, so long as it's not wrong. You know. In some societies slavery is fine but it's still wrong. So is killing babies. Did you know in southern Terrenus there's a tribe that throws their babies off cliffs? That's so wrong. But tribal law permits it!" She stopped then, but Aaric's face seemed unusually serious. "So... no dirty laundry then...?" Perhaps it was the bad sort of illegal. Torie hadn't kept track of which one Priscilla had grabbed, and raised her nose to check it as she passed it to Aaric. "Ohhhhh. Salamanders!" She licked her chops and smiled toothily. "Good idea! We should buy some whale fat before we leave. And a cauldron. That way we can cook on the spot, as soon as we catch them. Oh, and I need some thyme and some coriander too! And I wonder if they have snow-peek?" She squinted, scanning the different stalls to spy some that might have the right ingredients.
  3. Torie had been holding her breath for this moment, for a glimmer of hope or a hint that maybe something would be possible. "So we get you tools and materials and a workshop by doing odd jobs, and you'll teach me?" she said. "Or at least try to teach me. I'm not expecting a miracle. But please, at least see what I can do!" Torie grimaced, biting her bottom lip with long white teeth. So she wasn't going to get an answer to this straight away. She had to be careful - appear too eager, or desperate, and it was sure to scare the little lady off. "Alright. Well," she said, glancing around, and spied her still-steaming washbasin full of offal sitting next to her pillows and belongings. "I'm going to finish my meal... my other meal." With that she pushed herself away from the table and buried her nose in the food. Torie yawned and stretched, feeling a little worse for having bolted down her meal so quickly. She was wearing her harness and followed the others at a pace that was best described as leisurely, and worse described as glacial. Even Priscilla's excitement and energy wasn't enough to impart much speed onto the tigress, and the little lady soon pulled a short ways ahead. Torie didn't mind. She had her smell, and could catch her if needed. To make matters worse the marketplace was full of distractions that delighted the senses, particularly her nose. Foods of all sorts pulled her attention this way and that, to the point she stopped every few paces to sniff. People always gave her plenty of space. Even on all fours she was as tall as an average human woman, several feet long and a few feet wide to boot. She leaned over to delicately sniff some skewers sizzling in a pot, only for the owner to turn and raise his hands as if to shoo her away. He changed his mind at the last minute. She gave him a smile, tossed him a coin from the pouch under her neck, then pointed to a braised turkey he had all folded up at the front of his shop. She ate it in one bite, without even waiting for him to pick it up. "Now, where did they get to?" she said out loud, scanning the crowd for her companions. With a mouth full of herbs her nose was harder to use, and she couldn't see very far through the crowd. So with a grunt she raised herself up on her hind legs. Someone screamed, and there was the sound of crashing pottery as a middle-aged lady startled at the rearing tigress, now almost twelve feet tall. Torie ignored her. Ah, there they were, crowding around with other adventuring sorts, looking at the notice board. Carefully, so as not to squash anyone, she lowered herself back to all fours and continued waddling on her way, the stripes on her flabby flanks doing a merry dance as her rear legs did an awkward waddle and her enormous belly. "Excuse me. EXCUSE ME," she said when they got to the crowd, and the adventurers parted like an honor guard for her. Torie's natural speech was deep and loud, and unless she was careful it was easily interpreted as a roar. Several hands went to weapons but when they saw her, their faces ranged from further shock to laughter. But nobody drew their weapons. She studied the board, quickly realising it was a list of jobs. That was it? That's how one got into the adventuring life? It seemed too easy. Torie could read several languages, but none so well as her own. She came up beside Priscilla and read along with her for a few moments. "Ooh, this one!" Torie said, pointing to a leaflet with a paw so big, it was unclear which leaflet she was actually pointing to. "Salamanders are delicious, especially in a pot with herbs and whale blubber. I can show you some cooking from my homeland!" She turned, grinning broadly at her two companions. "And they have a whole family! That'll save me money on food as well. A win-win for everyone! Hah... if I knew people were going to pay me to catch my own dinner I would have become an adventurer years ago!" She studied the board a little longer. "Or maybe we should do this one at first," she said, pointing at the notice that mentioned laundry duty. "We don't even need to leave the city for that, and for washing someone's clothes it pays a lot!" She turned to Aaric. "Why would anyone pay that much for laundry duty? Oh, maybe it's an giant dragon with incontinence issues... yeck." She poked out her tongue.
  4. Sorry I didn't interact with Aaric much this turn, Vetanoob! I didn't want to break the flow by splitting Torie's attention too much. We'll talk more later 😄
  5. Torie didn't justify that with a response, but gave him a side-long glance that said that's a terrible idea! in less than half as many words. When he started prattling on about skills, however, Torie's grin returned, and she gave Priscilla a knowing look. Torie was about to say, but I can learn to write, too! when Priscilla's demeanour changed again. She thought she'd done something to offend the little lady, and flinched back violently when she produced the knife, a wave of blubber rolling under her luxurious fur from her neck to her hindquarters. But Priscilla attacked the table first. "Hey!" Tevin said from behind the bar. Torie watched, shock turning to fascination as she carved the rune onto the table. Torie's eyes were wide and her mouth slack in awe. Her tongue started to roll out, but she slurped it back up before it hit the table. "That would be... incredible," she said. "I would be the most... revered person in all of the Torata tribe! Please," she reached around the knife and grabbed Priscilla's delicate little hand, engulfing it in her warm paws half way to the lady's elbow. "You have to teach me!"
  6. It occurred to Torie that perhaps the term bounty had more than one meaning. Her tribal language was quite distinct from those of other peoples, but she was a quick learner, blessedly. She nodded in acknowledgement of Aaric's words, the jowls and fur on her cheeks quivering. "Well. I'm glad some of us know what they're doing at least." She gave the skinny man a conceding smile, green eyes warming with cautious friendliness. "So long as you're not pinching anyone anymore, I'll be happy to follow your lead." Torie smiled broadly at the chance to talk about herself. "I'm actually from Terrenus, from the Badlands, just south of the Shawnee glacier," she said. "Do you know it? All my tribe are shape-shifters. We spend most of our time as animals. It helps us live off the land. But change back to human form to rear young. Before we're considered adults we go on a journey to gather knowledge for our tribe. Then we come back more worldly, and bring knowledge home with us. I've been travelling a couple of years now, and can barely bring myself to start heading back! It's so fun out here. The world is so big and there's so many people... so many kinds of people." There was a flash in her green eyes, and she looked over to the minotaur, as if he were a prime example. "I used to think our little tribe was the centre of the world. Then I found a map. Ha! Joke was on me I suppose." She shrugged. Turning back to Priscilla, Torie said, "If you've got a trade that requires specific skills, I would love to learn it. That's the highest prize, to bring back a new trade. The elders will accept knowledge and history too but if you can bring back something with usefulness then even better!" She stopped talking then, but held Priscilla's gaze, as if begging for a response in the affirmative.
  7. I found the above post a bit confusing, in a contradictory sort of way, lol. So I posted something short for character flavour. Not sure what to do next!
  8. The arrival of more food was enough to draw Torie's attention. Even though the portion was small - much smaller than the metal wash tub half full of meat and offal that sat beside her bed of pillows - it was better prepared and much more flavoursome than the off-cuts she ate to save money. She bent down and, with her prickly cat-tongue, licked up the plate's contents in one go, savouring it in her mouth. Priscilla had said this moments ago, and Torie pondered it as she chewed. It might be considered lazy, not to want to work for your money. But then Priscilla was still willing to work, just in more dangerous and in a more lucrative occupation. She made a study of the little lady as she chewed: small, timid-looking, and with a veneer of bravado. But bravery was only ever present alongside fear. Otherwise it was madness. "I'm done," she said, when her mouth and plate were empty, a good thirty seconds since the meal had arrived. She raised a paw and started scratching patterns on the tabletop with her claw. "So... how does one get ready for a bounty around here? At home we wouldn't eat all morning, so we could eat as much as possible when the meal was ready."
  9. Ah. Sorry, I didn't realise I was waiting for myself! I've posted now. Not too happy with it, but I've been staring at it for the past half an hour so I don't think it's going to get any better, lol. Let us continue!
  10. "What other sort are there?" Torie said, but sat back on her haunches, outrage subsiding to annoyance. She listened to Priscilla's recollection of her last journey, then said: "Well, I hope you don't feel the need to lie to us. To me anyway. Please don't, actually. I hate dishonesty. I'll aim to be fair in everything but if someone's tricking me..." She opened her mouth, reconsidered her words for a moment and said, "It's not what companions do." "So, now that we've agreed to help you, why do you need help?" she cocked her head, hint of a smile returning. "If you're a merchant, then why don't you do merchant-y stuff to make money? You know, buy stuff, sell stuff, buy stuff..." She frowned thoughtfully, eyes rolling up and to the right. "You know, I think I just figured out why you can't make money as a merchant without any money. But still, surely there's some services you could offer that doesn't involve sharp things?" She glanced at the crossbow on Priscilla's back. "Like... counting money for other merchants. I hear there are people who do that. Or going and working for a richer merchant. And what sort of merchant are you, anyway?"
  11. Whose turn is it? I'm keen to keep going!
  12. Torie's massive paw came down on Aaric's arm like a slab of meat on a chopping board. She gave him a look, eyes wide with horror and mouth ajar with disgust. "Are you sick? Don't ever touch her like that. Ever." She held his gaze, horror melting to a tigress' ferocity.
  13. So... does anyone mind me doing little posts if I see something Torie would react to? Because Torie would DEFINITELY do something about Aaric's latest little manoeuvre 😉
  14. So sorry to hear that, @Token. Is everyone ok? @Vetanoob In order of preference I like: Escort gone wrong Security detail/resource gathering Band of bandits/bounty hunting But I'll be happy with anything 🙂
  15. Aww shucks, thanks! 😄
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