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  1. Venus Sprite

    OOC for Evil Lurks in Bloodstone Marsh

    It's not a big deal really, but here's what I saw Perhaps you mean desperate people? The phrase is generally spelled "wreak havoc," but we knew what you meant:).
  2. Venus Sprite

    OOC for Evil Lurks in Bloodstone Marsh

    A couple of spelling mistakes but the character comes across well. I'd say you've done well!
  3. Venus Sprite

    My Characters and RP Ideas

    It' fine:). That works for me! Do you want to RP just you and me or should we form a group with some others?
  4. Venus Sprite

    My Characters and RP Ideas

    Could do but I'm not sure I could do that for long. I prefer collaborative roleplay than competitive ones. But if you want to start with the bounty and develop a friendship I'm up for that! Krona would also only be interested in dating boys if you want romance.
  5. Venus Sprite

    My Characters and RP Ideas

    I would love to RP with you:). I have two characters I could use. One is Krona, who has telekinetic powers and a sour/sarcastic/pessimistic disposition. The other is a playful druid/shapeshifter named Rellie who refuses to turn back into her human form (because reasons) and would only do that around people she absolutely trusts. No character sheet for her though!
  6. Venus Sprite

    OOC for Evil Lurks in Bloodstone Marsh

    I hope I didn't inadvertently kill this RP with my latest post :(😓
  7. Venus Sprite

    Tales of Another Crime (part 1 of 2)

    "Probe minds? I can't probe minds," Krona said, following Entropy outside the car. "The best I can do is move some stuff... around..." At first Krona thought they'd arrived to some sort of function. When she found out there was a red carpet rolled out at the precinct she drained of nearly all colour. This can't be for me, can it? she thought. Then Octavia walked out of the precinct. All sense of glamour drained away in an instant, and Krona felt fat and frumpy again. She pulled her cloak around herself. Octavia made his apology and his excuses, and Krona was silent for it. She heard what he was saying, but at the same time all she could hear was what he said earlier: Fat. Porky. Bovine. Pig. Anger fumed inside her. Inside the car, when they were alone, all he could do was demean and belittle her. But now that there were a bunch of cameras pointed at them he was suddenly a gentleman? She waited for him to finish then added: "How about you just keep your distance and I won't break your face?" Then she swept past him, ignoring the flash of cameras and his offered uniform, following Entrophy by floating a few inches above the red carpet.
  8. Venus Sprite

    Evil Lurks in the Darkest Corners

    Maybe if he had at least one redeeming quality I would but I think it would be painful to write as it stands. Just wanted you to know I appreciate your morbid creation here!
  9. Venus Sprite

    Stuck in a New Land

    Rellie took no chances, standing behind the young snowballing wizard for safety. With one extended claw she wrote in the sand, Dont hunt me I am drud. Her language wasn't that great. Usually it didn't have to be, as druids lived off the land. To her people it was far better to be well versed in the lay of the land and the migration of caribou than the words of southerners. Nevertheless she knew a bit. Turning her head to get William's attention, she nodded down to her writing and wrote a bit more. Dont fyt ples. Then she repeated verbally, "on... fighte... peas," which sounded terrible and not at all like it was meant to be, but hopefully between the writing and the bad tiger-mouthed talking she could get the message across.
  10. Venus Sprite

    Evil Lurks in the Darkest Corners

    I thought about joining but then I read about him... whoa. He really is a dick XD
  11. Venus Sprite

    The land of the free? - disrupting slavery [closed]

    Ok, let me know. That would be great, thank you!
  12. Venus Sprite

    The land of the free? - disrupting slavery [closed]

    Are you guys still open? I would love to join with Krona if you are:).
  13. Venus Sprite

    Evil Lurks in the Bloodstone Marsh

    Once again Krona had overestimated how long it would take her to reach Bloodstone Marsh. She'd spent the last few weeks flying there on the power of her own abilities, scaring locals and staying with a few caravans who agreed to take her further while she slept. But being able to fly - albeit at only the speed of a pigeon - meant Krona could avoid all the curves in the road and simply fix her eyes on her destination and move. Hence a journey of months was reduced to only several days. Now she perched high in the rafters of the Boar's Bones' tavern, an incongruous sight, if only anyone bothered to look up. She lay sideways on a horizontal beam she had cleaned of dust earlier, one arm draped over the side, little fingers dangling down. Her black cloak draped down the other side and fluttered in the breeze made whenever the door was opened. Her voluptuously curvy body was wrapped in a flattering but practical attire, with high brown boots, black, tight leggings and a long-sleeved loose white tunic - the effect being to balance the curve of her generous hips and not draw too much attention to her chest. But she wasn't all softness. Along her belt dangled a row of diamond shaped daggers, oddly without a handle, that glittered with the red glow of the lanternlight below. Being bored for a few days meant that she had probably enjoyed a little too much of the inn's more refined wines, though not so much she didn't notice the collision between the boy - was it a boy? - and a newcomer. Fliers flew from the boy-thing's fingers across the floor of the tavern as he apologised in broken speech. Krona watched the face of the man in beads to make sure he wasn't going to be hostile, then wiggled her fingers - and the fliers around the boy-not-boy stirred, then she floated them back into his waiting hands. She still didn't reveal herself just yet, waiting to see what would happen with a mischievous smile on her plump lips.
  14. Venus Sprite

    Tales of Another Crime (part 1 of 2)

    Hookay, Krona thought. She could do this. Although as wild as a rabid rabbit at least Entropy hadn't directly insulted her yet. "So, fill me in. Who are the list of kidnapees? What did they do for work? Where were they kidnapped from? Give me everything you have and let's start putting it together." She adjusted herself in her seat, eager to get to work. Also, she was at least a little curious to see what a custom police cloak looked like.
  15. Venus Sprite

    A big welcome to Valucre's new members!

    Thanks for having us!!