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  1. No problem. Real life has a habit of spoiling the fun! And you're basically DMing this RP, so I appreciate all the effort you're putting in :).
  2. Eth Unidus is looking for a RP. See the water cooler. Shall I invite him to join our little band of wanderers?
  3. Sam dropped her belongings in her room, looking over at the other bunk. Ham-im was courteous and polite, but that did nothing to dampen the trepidation she was feeling. This cabin could easily be your tomb, that little voice said. As Ham-im led her to the quarter deck to attend the meeting, said to him, “Captain Wallace… what kind of a captain is he?” Once back on deck she looked over at the catapults and other weaponry, wondering how well her magic would stand up to such weapons. "Is this standard weaponry around these parts?" she said to Ham-im. "The ships of my homeland... they've gunpowder cannons. Do you know what I mean?"
  4. He's VERY funny 😄 . And this video is very apt for The Witcher 3, which I'm playing right now. You can kill seven guys in one hit and the last one's still keen to fight. Just run away!
  5. As the tunnel filled up with dust Torie’s heart filled with fear. She found herself holding her breath, as much to avoid breathing in the dust as a response to rising anxiety. Her claws were out, but Gozen hadn’t complained. As the rumbling subsided she with drew them, mumbling apologies. Carefully she slid out of Gozen’s grip, creeping back along the tunnel to look at the bridge. She’d seen it collapse, but wanted to make sure. “I don’t know about you, but I definitely can’t jump that,” she said. The span was at least ten yards across. She turned to the others but found she couldn’t see them. “Should we keep going?” she called out to the wall of dust. “Or wait for Dauner here?” Before anyone could answer there was a roar of flame from deeper down the tunnel. The dusty air lit up bright orange, illuminated by fire. Torie crouched low on her belly (or as low as her belly would allow), ears pinned to her neck.
  6. @ReachForStars it's your turn now 🙂 I'd prefer to use the same thread. If it's just the three of us it's simpler that way.
  7. @Dabi I hadn't planned on your character finding a dragon through that door. It's ok with me though, but I'll leave the DMing of this new character up to you 🙂
  8. And a lot of running to the toilet!
  9. Sam arrived at the Iron Justice with two saddlebags over her right shoulder and a dagger at her belt, just in time to hear Wallace’s query. Just looking at the ship sent a shiver up her spine. Several descriptions sprang to mind. Ugly. Wolfish. Way too many pointy bits. But she supposed that was the point. Nobody would be intimidated fighting an elegant elven pleasure yacht. “Those are lots of weapons. You should have called her Iron Maiden,” she said grimly, hoisting the saddlebags uncomfortably. Not too late to back out, said that little voice inside her. But it was. Too late by far. She turned to Wallace and said, “I’ll need my own cabin. Assuming I’m the only lady on board.” From the way the crew were looking at her she assumed she was correct. “Would you mind?” She said to Wiz, holding the saddlebags out to him by the strap between them.
  10. It's fine. I'll just have Sam turn up at the ship 🙂
  11. “More a mouse than a mayfly. And at two or three centuries, perhaps a finch,” Igni rumbled, smiling contentedly. At the mention of a victory feast her blue eyes widened with anticipation. “Very well. Your people may stay. I’ll even assist in the defence against these undead. Before the day is out, we will write up a contract.” So when Arthur turned to leave Igni followed him out, a great, lumbering mountain of fur, flesh and wings, squeezing awkwardly out of the wide doors of the building despite the fact she must have been fatter going in, if that were even possible. It was as if a god had decided to take the best of a bear and a dragon and wrap it in the colours of a red panda, then add a bat’s nose and ears to boot. An explosion of thick whiskers completed the picture. Igni basked in the gasps of her new people, as if she were their queen out for a stroll. Her big ears picked up the gasps, the muffled screams, and a satisfied, toothy grin spread across her face as a mother herded her wide-eyed children away. “I don’t eat children, but your little ones do look deliciously cute,” she said, having lowered her head to Arthur’s ear. But her sing-songy rumble was still loud enough for all around to hear. “They look a little skinny though. We should fatten them up considerably.” She followed him out of the city walls too, plonking herself down with a huff of relief as he addressed his men. “Only half a thousand? Phah, I saw more than that coming in,” she said at last, making a study of her oversized claws. “You would think more of your kind would be willing to risk life and limb to defend their own home.”
  12. Torie looked at the doeskin like a cat does an unsavoury treat. “No thanks. I’ve got plenty.” Afterwards she added, “Though, if there’s space for my head beneath your tent, it’d be nice to keep the snow off my nose. Depending on Ainsworth’s response, she positioned herself so her posterior was near the fire but her sensitive nose was well protected from falling snowflakes. Or just stayed by the fire. Come morning Torie woke herself with her own snoring. She’d only woken up once overnight to relieve herself and felt mightily refreshed. Withdrawing slowly from Ainsworth’s tent, she shook the thick layer of snow off her back. The countryside had turned into a winter wonderland. Knee-deep drifts covered the ground and the boughs of trees, still bearing autumn leaves, sagged under the weight of freshly fallen snow. Even the campfire had vanished, as well as Kreigstad, whose spot was naught but a shallow depression in the snow. Tracks left the camp heading south, away from Vdara city. She supposed he had decided not to go with them. It was both a relief and a disappointment. Torie sniffed about for a moment, then pulled the remaining half-frozen deer carcass out of the snow, which she proceeded munching down with enthusiasm. Her tail flicked in the snow behind her and she looked around with pale green eyes, wondering which tree was Dew.
  13. @supernal Is Wiz is offering himself as a chaperone for Sam? If so I'll have him come with her to pick up her belongings in my next post (it wasn't clear to me whether you were coming with Sam or going straight to the ship, sorry!).
  14. We might be able to open it up later, but I say we proceed with the three of us. I'm more of a small party person anyway 🙂
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