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  1. Jae should have arrived as a giant snapping turtle 😄
  2. Well, there goes Torie's chance to stand out chromatically 😛
  3. Torie had arrived by carriage, was greeted at the door by a polite but startled servant who ushered her inside shortly after determining her sapience. The tiger-shaped druid waddled into the hall merrily, or as merrily as she could surrounded by such grey and dreary scene. Still, this home was cheerful enough, she decided, given the circumstances anyway. Just before she had left town, Torie had used her magic to draw a little strength from the earth, the effect being to enhance her own colours against the grey miasma that bleached and dulled everything. It had a comical effect; not only was there an incredibly large, incredibly rotund tiger waddling through the mansion but she stood out like a fresh orange flower in a field of volcanic ash. Still, she enjoyed the attention. So gasps from servants and guards didn’t make her too uncomfortable. Inside she found an unnaturally beautiful woman. Well-armed, dressed for travel but dressed with style. Torie swallowed pangs of jealousy and smothered them in a warm, albeit toothy smile. “Hello! You must be an adventurer, here about the notice?” she said, sitting down with a whump a comfortable difference from the lady. Torie’s voice was deep and rumbly, and she spoke slowly to be more easily understood. “I have to say this: you are beautiful! Are you enchanted, or just incredibly blessed by nature?” “I am Torie, by the way. A druid. Human, usually. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  4. Hey! I posted in the wrong spot, sorry! But your character is lovely 🙂
  5. Hey, where can I read more about Patia and this curse it has? I tried checking the lore page but couldn't find anything. Please help 🙂
  6. Sounds good, @Leviathan! @supernal, If the pamphlet is a request for adventurers to solve the murders, would you mind telling me what it might say?
  7. Lol. You said goodbye for me in your post! Anyway, Igni would have offered to show your her dragon form but, considering Chidi would have ignored her offer and left, I thought it best just to leave the goodbyes as you mentioned them.
  8. “I thought his tastes were just… particular,” Igni said to Daichi, motioning a circle with her hands as if to indicate her large figure. Then she noticed he was blind. “Oh, another with no sight? I think Chidi mentioned you. My pleasure, to meet another traveller.” She placed her hand on her chest and inclined her head respectfully, but then realised, this traveller wouldn’t have been able to see the gesture. “Are you just here to take Chidi from me, or do you have another quest?” She looked over her shoulders to check on the others, and found the injured one was watching them. To him she smiled again. To Daichi she said, “She that one, over there? She also has no sight.” Then she scoffed. “Listen to me. Asking a blind man to see? Apologies, traveller.”
  9. The dragon folded its wings and sat down on its rump. Torie’s heart went out to it – it was trembling! The little dragon sniffed Ash’s hand curiously, little nostrils flaring, and as Dauner approached it flopped down on its belly in submission. “It’s alright, little thing,” Torie said in her softest voice possible, but she stood back and watched, not wanting to overwhelm the small creature. “Can you understand me?” The dragon looked at her, tilting its head, but said nothing. “It’s very sick. We need to get it out of here,” Torie said. “Or… maybe Vartham can treat him… her… it. See if you can make it follow us,” she said. Torie turned around, examining the natural cave’s rough surface and watery floor. The ceiling disappeared into darkness above. “Err… which way did we come in?” Before them the cave branched into two passages. The left one was wide and sloped down, the other was narrow, coming down from above. A stream of water flowed out of it, bubbling over a surface of flowstone.
  10. If you wouldn't mind I would love to join with Torie, please 🙂
  11. @Pygmalion love your latest post, but Igni's in her human form right now. See her human description in my signature 🙂
  12. So far this year I have lost 50kg 🙂 

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    2. Dabi


      Way to go girl

    3. princeben07


      MY Problem is that no matter IF I eat a FULL meal, few hours LATER, my stomach is EMPTY and growling; Who the hell am I FEEDING? TAPE WORMS???? =( I'm as thin as they come, lol.


      Congrats on your goal though; Keep up the GOOD work Sprite-G!!!



    4. Ganu_Candali


      Good job buddy loosing weight and staying in shape is all about determination and hard work and consistency!

      Im also back at my normalish weight range too and I work out frequently/etc.

      Glad to hear that you lost weight though keep up the good work.  

  13. “A pleasure to meet you,” Igni said in a deep, musical voice, placing her hand on her chest and inclining her head, as if in a seated bow. “Nicoletta.” She rolled the name around in her mouth as if unfamiliar with it. “So many syllables, it could almost be a dragon name. Does it have meaning?” “Plenty, I know, but the details?” Igni shrugged. “I haven’t seen much. I am here on business. But I did make effort to see di Viento. Quite a marvel. It’s a forest where they grow ships! Very beautiful. Also there is Silver Screen. Very entertaining. Technology and talent. It’s amazing what can be done, to combine the two. “How about you?” she said, folding up the menu and placing it before her, so as not to be rude. “What brings you to here, Chesterfield? What have you seen so far?” Just then the ruffians behind her stood up, leaving a mess on the table behind for the management to clean up. Igni turned her head none-too-subtly, though the crew were already heading out the door. At the far side of their booth she spied a crumpled piece of paper... perhaps a notice? It looked like it had some notes scrawled in the margin too. “Excuse me to be rude, but would you mind fetching their notes for me?” she said, pointing behind her. True that Igni was much closer – almost within arm’s reach, in fact – but she was also much more firmly rooted to the spot with gravity. “They were speaking of murders earlier, and I must admit, I am dangerously curious.” She grinned mischievously. She also took note of the young, darkly dressed man staring at her, but only for a moment. She thought nothing of it. Everyone stared, at least for a moment. He looked away before she could smile back at him.
  14. My preference is brevity but I don't want to rock the boat!
  15. @supernal are we following brevity rules?
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