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  1. I don't think I need to detail walking to the event and posts in the hunt seem irrelevant now. I'll post next once the dance has started.
  2. Lots of loud bangs in short succession. Torie wasn’t used to guns. The sounds hurt her tiger ears and she flinched as if shot, whipping about, looking to the source of the sound as the source of danger. Usher stood there with a determined look on his face, smoke rising from his pistol. Torie followed his gaze to Dia running back to them, something large and spider-like following close behind. Again Torie’s head whipped around, checking back on this Severick. If there was any time for a monster in human form to strike at them, it was now.
  3. Thanks :). I've posted now, and I should be able to post more often from now on. Family/health/work dramas!
  4. Though the man in the hat may not have recognized Priscilla, Torie realized it would have been hard not to recognize the enormous tiger in the back of the open wagon. Still, she did her best to hunker down. Perhaps in the twilight they’d mistake her for a hay pile. “Good idea,” Torie said. “I don’t mind, really,” Torie said when Kian tried to climb aboard. To Kian she said, “Our people’s tents to the north aren’t very big anyway. We’re used to cramped conditions.” She smiled at him. What she didn’t say was that she’d particularly not mind cramped conditions with him. “She offered me a job,” Torie said in reply. “We went to the mines, ran into some… err… mostly friendly kobolds along the way, and got into a scrap with Salamanders. Lost a friend, too.” She looked up at the road ahead, as if wishing the lost friend would round the next corner. “Pris doesn’t leave you behind in a fight. You learn what people are really like, deep in a cave full of monsters.” Just then, Dia’s self-control erupted. She stopped the wagon and delivered her ultimatum, and plenty of threats as well. Torie stood up, stepping forward onto the drivers’ seat beside Priscilla protectively. Her claws dug into the wood, and behind her generous rump her tail lashed back and forth. “Both Pris and I have explained parts of this before: We’re going to get the deed to a mine. It might be with the family. It might be in the dead man’s grave. The location is a secret because we don’t trust you... yet. Why would we? And don't feign offense. You obviously don't trust us. "We’re not trying to fuck you over, but if you’re so concerned about that you can leave right now. Nobody’s keeping you here.” With that she raised her paw to slap the nearest horse on the rump. Dia could dive out of the way to avoid being trampled. But then she paused and lowered her paw. Looking to Priscilla, she said, “Perhaps she’d be less frightened if we told her about our rivals?”
  5. I'm good to leave it here too, I think. Thanks all. It's a pleasure 🙂 @Purple Eagle: Looking forward to seeing what happens with Igni and Chidi in the future!
  6. Sorry my reply took so long. It's up now. I'm having a lot of fun with this one despite my posts being frequently late!
  7. “I’m not going to eat their footprints, or their odour,” Igni said. She had eaten enough though, and all the attention had put her off eating more. So when Mia announced they were being watched she looked up to see the rider from earlier. He was watching her eat, a black tongue sliding over his pointed teeth. “Ugh,” she said, gazing back in horror. Then Mia addressed him, and Ernest, stepping too close to defend himself well, should this stranger attack. With haste Torie waddled towards the rider and Ernest, her belly and flanks protruding even more than usual under the weight of several sheep's worth of meat and bouncing about uncomfortably. She skidded to a halt slightly ahead of the houseguard , putting her head between him and the toothy rider. “Hello! I’m Torie,” she said to the rider, grinning brightly, all her teeth on display. “You were looking hungry before, watching me eat the meat, and you’ve a strange set of teeth for a humanoid. What are you, exactly? Would you like some food?” Her statement had three purposes: one was to draw Ernest's attention to potential danger. The second was to disarm the stranger's hostile intent with kindness (and, unintentionally, to intimidate him with the sight of an enormous, roly-poly tiger). The third was to sate her own curiosity.
  8. Igni shrugged when Malia asked for help with the nets. Instead she scanned the forest, looking for tracks. The kind a small pig-like creature would make. But the forest was overgrown with weedy undergrowth. And such a small creature would hardly make an impact on the brush anyway. “Your highness, what does the allops eat? I could find us some bait.” Just then the small winged creature step closer. As she waited for Malia and overly tall, overly armed, overly scarred male to finish with the trap, she said to the clumsy little thing: “Don’t be offended by my ignorance, but your wings, your ears, that tail. What are you?”
  9. “At least two drinks,” Igni said, correcting Kimiko gently. “But beer will do.” She hailed for a waiter and ordered a meal, though rather than beer, ordered a wine to go with her noodles. “Coming with your eager recommendation, how can I be anything but excited?” Igni said dryly. If her boyfriend slept around so much it didn’t make him more desirable to her. Still, she found being with him… pleasant. She would see what other attributes he had before making a decision on whether to pursue things further. Her meal came, and Igni set about eating, but then paused and looked at Emilio, Kimiko and Trey. "Is nobody else eating tonight?"
  10. Torie tensed for a moment – she had been found out! – though was relieved when Kian continued. “I can sleep anywhere,” Torie said. “Though, I am getting hungry. Somewhere with lots of food would be nice. I can see well in the dark, if you want me to guide you?” She said the latter to Priscilla, who had taken the role of driving the wagon. “But I could always buy a beast in the village.” “I don’t mind getting dirty,” Torie said, a little too eagerly. “A hand with cleaning afterwards would be nice. But if none of you want to brush the dirt out of my fur I’m sure I could pay someone to do it.” Torie looked at Priscilla with a mix of anger, embarrassment and amusement. The kind of look that said I will slap you, but without the implication that being slapped by Torie’s giant paws would likely break a few ribs. “Wait. Why are we going to look for supplies in a grave… ohhhhh.” She said, green eyes wide and mouth slack with realisation. “You’re going to… rob… graves. Because you’re a grave robber. I misunderstood that at first. I thought you meant grave like serious. As in: gravely serious. That you were a serious robber. You know: you did it as your main income, not as a… thing on the side.” Torie shook her head, looking away from Kian, feeling stupid, wondering why she even explained all that. She also had mixed feeling about robbing graves, but she looked back at Kian appraisingly. “Well, I have my reservations, but I’ll come. I’ve got to make sure you treat the dead with respect after all. While-you-rob-them. But I can’t really dig with my paws. It’ll make my claws blunt.” She held up one paw and flexed the claws out. Each was as long as a human digit, and looked very clean and sharp, despite the fur around them being a little dusty. “Useless for fighting when they’re blunt. But I can help out in other ways, maybe, and might be able to shovel dirt back in with my back feet.” "I suppose it depends on the graveyard. If there's plenty of grass and trees, it could be nice. Somewhere to look at the stars..."
  11. "Being a dragon is convenient. No need for boats or horse or clothes. But I do admire your little hands and all you can do with them." She made a sweeping gesture around the city, the buildings, boardwalk and parks. "But also, I say this as a dragon: There is no fun in having less when you can have more." She grinned up at him. “I have never in this body,” Igni said. “Perhaps, with a drink or two, I will be brave enough to try. Though I have no training nor practice. I hope your ears do not easily bleed.” With that they pushed into the noodle shop, following Kimiko as she asked for a table. Igni looked him up and down, then to Emilio, and shrugged. “I don’t mind. I am Igni. This is Emilio and Kimiko,” she said, pointing out the others to the young man. “Are you new to Chesterfield too?”
  12. The large lady’s sour expression lasted only a little longer as Queen Malia addressed her. “Thank you. Caution me on what precautions to take for greater success. This body is based on human, so try not to shoot me.” She gave Malia a wink. Igni gave Skacharm a little wave, the whites of her eyes showing with excitement against her dark face, with the prospect of the queen calling her ‘friend.’ “An interesting device,” she said, examining the blow gun. She took aim at a nearby stone further towards the woods (away from any crowds of people), and fired. The dart lodged in the dirt beside it. “Hmm. But less accurate than ideal.” She gave Dauner a sideways glance then went to retrieve her dart, turning around with said dart in hand, just to watch a winged creature fall face first into the ground at Malia's feet. "How is that possible, with wings?" she said, eyes twinkling with amusement. @Dabi @Mickey Flash @ThatWeirdBlobThing
  13. Seeing Dauner fawn over Queen Malia brought uneasy feelings. She’d felt them before, just not quite this… intensely. Disgust. Embarrassment. Betrayal. Fury. Igni stepped away, looking into the woods to compose herself. Such stupid thoughts, especially over someone she barely knew. Someone barely more than human. With that she swivelled back. “You’re a king now?"
  14. “Aw, thanks! Generally people react better to the giant tiger shape than to the giant naked mole rat form I had to take once.” Then she grinned. “I’m only jesting. I’d never appear naked in public!” “Oh? And did she look… human? Does this mean you don’t constrain yourself to romantic distractions of the same species? And how did you deal with the whole thirsting-for-blood thing?” “And I’ll try anything once,” Torie said, leaning over the side of the creaking carriage to take the piece of meat from Dia’s hand. She chewed it thoughtfully, listening to the conversation as it continued.
  15. Igni’s blue eyes widened. “I shall not, for you are a queen, and must be honoured as such.” “I will partake, though I have never hunted anything before. Not on these two legs. If you have any advice for me, I will listen.” She raised the tube and darts, shrugging large shoulders. “If you do not mind taking a complete novice along, I would like to accompany you on this hunt. You are the first person I have ever rescued who did not look pleased about it. I want to know why.” She grinned at her own choice of words, for in reality, Queen Malia was the first person she had ever rescued. But then her blue eyes hardened, and she stepped as close as her enormous body would allow and whispered, “Had this Skacharm used me? Did he hunt you down when you did not wish to be discovered, and then make me guilty of doing the same? Is he a gaoler that paints himself as your saviour? If so, say the word and I may lose you again, if you wish, and ensure he never finds you. Royalty has its trappings, but freedom.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them again they were wide with delight. "To be free is to be alive." Just then she noticed a familiar smell on the air, and a familiar sound when someone spoke. It took a while for her to place it, but then she remembered: the wedding banquet, and that young man who had accompanied her. But she didn't break her conversation with the queen just yet. It was unlikely Dauner would miss her anyway. Still, she felt her skin goosebump at the excitement of meeting him again. @Mickey Flash @Dabi
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