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  1. Igni stepped into the ballroom fashionably late, looking around with a mixture of delight and bewilderment. Creatures were everywhere. Two-footed, mostly, but all brimming with magic. Pointy ears, glowing eyes, and enough skin showing to make a dragon blush. Seeing people always dressed made them look downright odd without clothes. The staff were doing their best to get the fae creatures into coats, but there were so many of them, and so disinclined to wear the items of clothing offered that their efforts were largely in vain. One poor fool approached Igni and offered her a dark coat. “My lady, please, the dress code…” he faded off when he saw the coat would never fit her anyway. She gave him a sympathetic look, but strode past towards the table of food. Carpet was there, allops in one hand and a nearly empty plate in another, looking about like a child looking for a way to cause mischief. “Congratulations on your catch!” Igni said, accepting a drink from a passing waiter in a clear, slender glass. She took a sip and frowned at it, then nodded in satisfaction. “Are you going to name your little friend there? You seem the kind sort. Of all the creatures to be caught by here, if I were an allop I think I would prefer you.” She smiled warmly. @ThatWeirdBlobThing
  2. It took a while for Igni to recognise the little man perched upon her neck, and for a moment all she did was sit and look at him. The battle raged around them, unnoticed by the befuddled dragon. “What are you doing on me?” she said, blue eyes emptied of rage. All that was left was bewilderment. Nathan said something she didn’t understand, then pointed around at the undead that surrounded them. Fear made Igni’s hair stand on end, but this time her response was mediated with a soundness of mind. She spread her wings and launched into the air just as the circle of undead closed, then blew blue fire down upon them. Bones popped. Flesh crackled and dry throats roared with fury. She cocked her head again, some of her usual humor having returned to her eyes. “That’s a satisfying sound, isn’t it?” she rumbled, then opened her maw again to spread her fire far and wide.
  3. Torie had tried to grab Severick as he lunged, just in case he was going for Dia. But she missed. The servant of the sorcerer queen was just too fast. So she watched in horror as he sped to Dia but, to her utter relief, approached the creature instead. Only then did Torie remember to breathe – not an easy task with all that food in her belly. She waddled over to the dead monster and frowned down at it. “Ugh. Gross.” *** Torie followed the panther as it tracked through the woods. Despite Torie’s size and obvious discomfort from being so full, she could still move at a decent pace. Even with her stomach empty (which was rare) Torie’s enormous undercarriage was very close to scraping against the ground. She avoided the biggest sticks and brambles to avoid giving herself scratches. She found herself walking beside Severick again, looking up at him cautiously. “Sorry you didn’t get to eat,” she said. “Maybe later we can track a doe together, if you’d like. I’ve seen tracks about. And… sorry for not trusting you,” she said. She looked up at him, for he was taller than her tiger form, though found his expression hard to read. “So, transformation, eh? I wish I could transform a bit more freely. I can go back to my human form at any time but… it’s mostly useless. Transforming into anything else requires a magical ritual performed by my people. I’m on my growth journey, if that means anything to you…” She drifted off, realizing that she was speaking too much, but then realized the panther. Much smaller and leaner than she, but still a cat. Or at least a cat in form. And Torie couldn’t help herself: “Where did Momo come from? Did you just make her, just before? Or was she with you somehow?”
  4. Torie followed the rest, bright and cheerful despite the journey. After the incident with Dia she had settled down to sleep and the rocking of the carriage soon had her snoring. When they finally arrived she was ready to start the “day.” “Oh, do you smell that? I wonder what they’re cooking,” she said as they passed underneath a window. Unable to help herself, Torie pushed herself up on her rear legs and looked inside. Sure enough a pot was boiling on a wood-fired stove just inside, and a very startled looking woman gawped back at her. She looked like she was about to scream. Torie grinned, then puled her paws off the window frame and followed the others. So we’re going to an inn, right? That’s good. I wonder if they’ll have music, or drink. Are we all going to rent one room each or will we be sharing?” She glanced over at Kian enthusiastically. They soon had a tail. A small group of children followed at a distance, games forgotten at the appearance of the large tiger. Likewise adults looked on curiously at the group, Kian and Dia, too. For Torie’s part she grinned back, until she felt something tug on her tail. “Hey!” she said, spinning about, only to find a scamp about four feet tall running into a nearby alley. Other children laughed. “That was brazen,” she said to the others. “Catching a tiger by its tail… isn’t there a story about that? Or a song, or something? I don’t think it ends well for the catcher!” She glanced over her shoulder again, just to be sure, and sure enough saw another would-be tail-tugger disappearing into the crowd. “This will get old quickly,” she said.
  5. Sorry it took me so long to post, guys! I've been busy, but found writing my post (and reading yours) lots of fun 🙂 . I hope to continue more regularly now.
  6. The wagon creaked dangerously as Torie jumped down, blocking Dia’s path. “You can’t kill them,” she said sternly, though her stern gaze melted quickly, her wide tiger eyes pleading. “Please. We’re not murderers. I can’t let you go put holes in them just because they want what we want. It’s not right.” She paused for a moment. “Plus, we don’t know who they belong to. Being competitors is one thing, but killing them might upset powerful people. Also, if anyone sees you you’d have to kill them too. It’s not worth it.” Torie glanced sideways at Priscilla, looking for support.
  7. I don't think I need to detail walking to the event and posts in the hunt seem irrelevant now. I'll post next once the dance has started.
  8. Lots of loud bangs in short succession. Torie wasn’t used to guns. The sounds hurt her tiger ears and she flinched as if shot, whipping about, looking to the source of the sound as the source of danger. Usher stood there with a determined look on his face, smoke rising from his pistol. Torie followed his gaze to Dia running back to them, something large and spider-like following close behind. Again Torie’s head whipped around, checking back on this Severick. If there was any time for a monster in human form to strike at them, it was now.
  9. Thanks :). I've posted now, and I should be able to post more often from now on. Family/health/work dramas!
  10. Though the man in the hat may not have recognized Priscilla, Torie realized it would have been hard not to recognize the enormous tiger in the back of the open wagon. Still, she did her best to hunker down. Perhaps in the twilight they’d mistake her for a hay pile. “Good idea,” Torie said. “I don’t mind, really,” Torie said when Kian tried to climb aboard. To Kian she said, “Our people’s tents to the north aren’t very big anyway. We’re used to cramped conditions.” She smiled at him. What she didn’t say was that she’d particularly not mind cramped conditions with him. “She offered me a job,” Torie said in reply. “We went to the mines, ran into some… err… mostly friendly kobolds along the way, and got into a scrap with Salamanders. Lost a friend, too.” She looked up at the road ahead, as if wishing the lost friend would round the next corner. “Pris doesn’t leave you behind in a fight. You learn what people are really like, deep in a cave full of monsters.” Just then, Dia’s self-control erupted. She stopped the wagon and delivered her ultimatum, and plenty of threats as well. Torie stood up, stepping forward onto the drivers’ seat beside Priscilla protectively. Her claws dug into the wood, and behind her generous rump her tail lashed back and forth. “Both Pris and I have explained parts of this before: We’re going to get the deed to a mine. It might be with the family. It might be in the dead man’s grave. The location is a secret because we don’t trust you... yet. Why would we? And don't feign offense. You obviously don't trust us. "We’re not trying to fuck you over, but if you’re so concerned about that you can leave right now. Nobody’s keeping you here.” With that she raised her paw to slap the nearest horse on the rump. Dia could dive out of the way to avoid being trampled. But then she paused and lowered her paw. Looking to Priscilla, she said, “Perhaps she’d be less frightened if we told her about our rivals?”
  11. I'm good to leave it here too, I think. Thanks all. It's a pleasure 🙂 @Purple Eagle: Looking forward to seeing what happens with Igni and Chidi in the future!
  12. Sorry my reply took so long. It's up now. I'm having a lot of fun with this one despite my posts being frequently late!
  13. “I’m not going to eat their footprints, or their odour,” Igni said. She had eaten enough though, and all the attention had put her off eating more. So when Mia announced they were being watched she looked up to see the rider from earlier. He was watching her eat, a black tongue sliding over his pointed teeth. “Ugh,” she said, gazing back in horror. Then Mia addressed him, and Ernest, stepping too close to defend himself well, should this stranger attack. With haste Torie waddled towards the rider and Ernest, her belly and flanks protruding even more than usual under the weight of several sheep's worth of meat and bouncing about uncomfortably. She skidded to a halt slightly ahead of the houseguard , putting her head between him and the toothy rider. “Hello! I’m Torie,” she said to the rider, grinning brightly, all her teeth on display. “You were looking hungry before, watching me eat the meat, and you’ve a strange set of teeth for a humanoid. What are you, exactly? Would you like some food?” Her statement had three purposes: one was to draw Ernest's attention to potential danger. The second was to disarm the stranger's hostile intent with kindness (and, unintentionally, to intimidate him with the sight of an enormous, roly-poly tiger). The third was to sate her own curiosity.
  14. Igni shrugged when Malia asked for help with the nets. Instead she scanned the forest, looking for tracks. The kind a small pig-like creature would make. But the forest was overgrown with weedy undergrowth. And such a small creature would hardly make an impact on the brush anyway. “Your highness, what does the allops eat? I could find us some bait.” Just then the small winged creature step closer. As she waited for Malia and overly tall, overly armed, overly scarred male to finish with the trap, she said to the clumsy little thing: “Don’t be offended by my ignorance, but your wings, your ears, that tail. What are you?”
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