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  1. How long do you want to wait, @Ketania, before we skip? It's already been 10 days.
  2. Sorry my post is short. It turns out it is hard to work with your last post :). But I'm happy for you to elaborate in your next post, rather than rewrite the other.
  3. Torie’s ears swivelled left and right. Was the water getting louder, or Priscilla’s voice getting quieter? “What can you see?” she said, sniffing around the walls, pushing on natural knobs and cracks for signs of a secret passage. Nothing. The salamanders on the other side of the portal were shouting, but she could only just hear them above the roar of the steam. Water poured through the portal, into the land of fire. It was up to her elbows now, which meant it was almost three feet deep. “I can’t see how to get to you,” she said, “But keep talking, loudly. She looked up, at the cavern’s roof, but couldn’t see past the slab of grey-red stone.
  4. Told you so 😉 So glad you're getting some relief! Infant care centres! I don't think they have things like that here. My older siblings all have kids and they're always complaining, lol. And I only need to babysit my nieces and nephews for a few hours to see why! Still, thank you for keeping the human race going. Someone's got to! So what's the deal with infant care? How long do they have them at a time? How many days a week? Do they keep them overnight? Does it cost you money or is it government subsidised? I might have to move to Singapore when I eventually have kids 🙂 . It sounds and looks like a modern-day Atlantis! How is your wife enjoying parenthood? Is she one of those lucky ones who actually enjoys every minute of it? We're surviving without you. You managed to blow up the dynamite but we don't know if Aaric survived or not! We both just got bowled over by a torrent of water and washed into deeper parts of the cave. But it doesn't matter when you jump back in. We can just claim you were lost in the flood, and if you happen to pop up again alive and (mostly) unscathed then feel free to join us for the next step in the adventure. Incidentally, how is it you only need to put one thing into a baby but five horrible things come out (wee, poo, vomit, snot and noise)?
  5. Thanks guys. I've done this before and it hasn't been a problem, so I'll leave it in for now 🙂
  6. Sam's eyes widened incredulously. "You're right. I don't want to come with you. But I might put up with you for the money. As for magic-" she flicked her hand up behind the dragon lady's right ear and withdrew a small, elegant and - apparently - glass dagger. "I can pull magical objects out of stupid people."
  7. Torie’s ears swivelled. She thought she could hear a woman’s voice, but among the roaring of the water coming down the stairs and the hiss of the panicking salamanders beyond the portal gate, it was hard to tell. Water lapped higher and higher. The flow had slowed a little but certainly hadn’t stopped. It occurred to her she might drown here. But then the water reached the edge of the portal and slipped over, into the world of fire. Then there was a different kind of hissing. Steam blocked out most of her view as the water entering the portal gate hit the magical fire beyond and vaporised. She could see the salamanders shrinking back in horror, but only their silhouettes now. “Ha! Serves you right, ugly snakes! Water beats fire every time,” she roared, slapping the water beneath her with an enormous paw. More and more water poured over the portal threshold into the realm of fire, but then her ears twitched again. That was definitely Priscilla. “I’m here,” she shouted, as loud as she could – which was very loud indeed. “Pris?... I can’t see a way to get to you right now. Are you alright?”
  8. I'm all for avoiding spoilers, so feel free to keep them somewhere private. That said, I can always choose not to read them :). Edit: I made a small post out of order just to respond to direct questions. Does anybody mind? If so I can delete it no problem. I just couldn't resist having some fun with Ketania 😄
  9. Sam had been watching the dragon-lady with the pretty wings and horns for some time, and was just about to approach her herself when the young man with prematurely grey hair beat her to the punch: Damn it. She stood suddenly, sending her chair skidding backwards over the floorboards, straightened her weathered blue waistcoat and marched towards the pair. "Oy love. Come sit right 'ere, tell me where you're from." A lecherous old man with droopy moustache grabbed her hand and yanked, though Sam yanked back. "You can't afford me," she said, storming away as raucous laughter arose behind her. Stupid thing to say, she thought. What was she saying, that she was an expensive prostitute? She was neither expensive nor a prostitute. Why didn’t other women here get so much attention? Oh, that’s right. They had horns, or wings, or glowing red eyes, or cloven feet. Sam must look like an easy target. Plus she had a particular set of curves that seemed to bring out the worst in men - especially old, drunk fools – and never any interest from men who were any less than ten years her senior. She cleared her throat upon approaching the two and tried not to sound quite as squeaky as she usually did. “I was thinking of going after that wyvern too. I was just waiting for some other people to show interest. Think the three of us could team up? I can do a bit of magic, mostly to protect myself, mind you, but maybe you’ll find it useful.” She stood there for some time as the greying young man and dragon lady sized her up, probably seeing what she saw every time she looked in a mirror: A short, fat and frumpy small town girl in clothing too fancy for her own good. “Well?” she said a little too quickly, putting her hands on her hips and frowning.
  10. Name: Samantha Foxworth Preferred name: Sam Gender: Female Species/Race: Human Age: 19 Height: 155cm Physical Description: Sam has large green eyes, full lips, an upturned nose, light bronze skin and rosy cheeks. She’s short but very curvy, and has a distractingly large bust. Her clothing is practical first but flattering a close second, with high necklines and tight sleeves, and dresses or skirts that reach just below the knee. She prefers darker colours to hide the dirt from travel. A keen eye would be able to tell from her dress that her family is wealthy. Perhaps nobility. Powers Description: Sam is a conjurer. She can create phantom shapes that appear to be made out of clear glass, but which are much stronger than glass and which she can move about as she wishes, so long as she remains in contact with them. So she could conjure a sword and shield, or any other weapon, though not weapons that rely on flexibility like bows or crossbows. She can also conjure shields, or stairs to navigate difficult terrain, or a platform on which she can stand to carry her various locations. Personality: Sam is headstrong, opinionated, gregarious and quick-witted. What she lacks in height she tries to make up for in personality. She tends to lack a filter and say things how they are, much to the detriment of her ability to socialise, though she’s aware this is a trait that wins her no favours. Her mouth tends to talk before her brain can stop it. History: Sam is a self-taught mage, who discovered she had powers when she was a child. Being born in a small town on the northern shores of Lake Vipuris, the only daughter among eight brothers, and a middle child, she was not permitted to leave to study. She only recently escaped from her merchant father’s plans to marry her to the town’s wealthy (and much more elderly) butcher, and her mother’s overprotectiveness. Sam wishes to prove herself to be a worthwhile mage, but is struggling to find a school that can understand, let alone teach her her brand of conjuring magic. In the interim she has decided to test her abilities on the road.
  11. I am, sorry. I should be able to write a character in the next 24 hours or so. Edit: Here she is 🙂 Samantha Foxworth Edit 2: I made my first post in the thread! Let me know if you have any constructive criticism.
  12. I'm definitely interested. We should invite 1 or 2 more people on board for the next thread, too 🙂
  13. Is this still open? I would be interested in participating 🙂
  14. Sorry yet again for taking so long to reply. No real excuse this time except a change in routine due to school holidays and general malaise. But I REALLY enjoyed making this latest post. I hope I wasn't too presumptuous, @Jotnotes regarding the success of Aaric's task. Let me know what you think. I'm happy to change things if need be!
  15. Torie gritted her teeth and growled at the salamanders swarming out of the cave, climbing over the lip of the slope. The kobolds had given up the edge; now they had lost the high ground. “Yeah,” Torie said, a little disappointed but recognising the wisdom of retreat. “Maybe we should retreat, for now, though it pains me to-“ There was a boom, so loud it made her skull rattle, and a blast of air hit them so fast it nearly bowled her over. The poor kobolds fared worse. One of them was thrown bodily down the slope, out of sight. Rocks clattered down from the roof’s ceiling. There was a screaming in her head like an injured seal pup, so high and so loud she didn’t hear the rushing water until it was flowing about her feet. Then her wrists, then her elbows and knees. She tried to turn, to check on Priscilla, but the flow of muddy water pushed into her flank and she was bowled over sideways, down over the slope from which the kobolds had come. Tumbling, tumbling, unable to gain purchase on the rocks which knocked into her ribs and joints. She scrambled at them but they just tore her claws, causing more pain, until she decided it was better just to let the water carry her where it will. Go with the flow. Roll with it. She was doing both. When she finally stopped tumbling she was in a large room, more of a cellar than a cave, the stone walls being carved and shaped to create a more inviting space. There were lights overhead – lanterns, still swinging with the shock of the explosion. Water was still gushing around her but no longer deep enough to carry her along. It still pushed at wooden tables and lapped at the base of book cases, or pushed wooden chests aside. Glassware fell and clinked and crackled, and salamanders hissed. Dominating the room was a man-sized loop of sharp, mithril steel, intertwined like thorny vines, sliding through one another as if alive. Inside the loop was a scene of hell: a land of fire and smoke, stretching into the distance over burning ruins and into towering volcanoes. “The portal,” she said, to nobody in particular. Aching all over, Torie nevertheless forced herself to her feet, water still lapping about her low-slung stomach. It felt strange. Beside her a salamander writhed and slithered towards the tables, steam rising off its scales and erupting out of where the water had hit its open wounds. “Oh no you don’t,” Torie said, grabbing it by the tail as she had the others and pulling it back towards herself before biting down into the back of its neck. Delicious. She turned and looked this way and that, but there were no signs of the others. Perhaps they had been washed into another cavern. Behind her, the water still gushed through a narrow arch, perhaps over a flight of stairs. With so much water it was hard to tell. On the other side of the cellar-cave it gurgled and groaned as it swirled down a hole in the floor. Perhaps another passage, leading deeper. “Priscilla? Aaric?” she said, her voice ringing deep and true even over the rush of the water, which didn’t look to be letting up soon. Behind her one of the book cases fell over with a wet splosh, scattering scrolls and documents into the torrent, soon to be swallowed by the gaping hole into which the water swirled. “Shank? Kissit? Come on, everyone. This is no fun on my own.” She tried to keep the tone of nervousness out of her voice. Torie heard more hissing, and looked up at the portal. It was hard to make out through the rippling heat, but she thought she could see many pairs of eyes looking back at her. The ring of twisting, turning metal that sustained the portal floated above the ground, so no water had flowed through yet, but the salamanders on the other side didn’t look happy. Then she had an idea. Torie bound over the water like a bear after fish, towards the fallen book shelf, and pushed it on its back over the opening on the floor. Too big to pass through, it was sucked down onto the hole, blocking off the water’s escape channel. Slowly the room began to fill, towards the lip of the portal. “It looks a little dry in there,” Torie said to the waiting salamanders, and gave them a toothy grin.
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