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  1. Ok. So it's only the men who get conscripted? I think some countries conscript girls too! I'm not sure what I'd be useful for though, lol. Maybe mending uniforms.
  2. A very good post considering you did it from a phone! How long were you conscripted for? And how long does the reservist training go for? Also does everyone have to do it? Can you get a medical certificate if you have medical reasons why you wouldn't be able to?
  3. Thanks :). If someone drops out I'd love to take up their slack! In my experience this often happens. Real life is such a party pooper.
  4. Boy, this one was taken up quickly! But if there's still space for one more (or if something else comes up) I'd be happy to join. Possibly with Torie (see below) or maybe a new character.
  5. Sorry it took me so long to post, guys! I managed to get myself involved in the school musical this year and it's sucking up all my time and brain power :S
  6. Torie couldn’t take it anymore. “There’s a hole down there,” she shouted. Realising how stupid that sounded, she took a deep breath before adding any more. “Look, have you ever used any of the Crossroad portals, to travel from Mageside to Shrine City or so? This hole looks like that, but it doesn’t lead to here.” Again, she clarified. “It doesn’t lead to a place with all the laws of here. Wherever it leads, the natural laws on the other side are different. “So even though I can maybe see about two dozen or so salamanders in the caves below us, I’ve also seen a few pass through this hole. Which means more could come out of this hole. Don’t ask me how many but I don’t know. These aren’t normal salamanders. They’ve got skills, and they’re building stuff. “So we’re going to need to be careful, and really, really clever.” Torie tossed the piece of mithril ore into the air over Aaric’s head. As she was watching it, Torie (gently) snatched the box of explosives from the young man’s hands. “We’re going to need these. These are fire salamanders, and fire salamanders hate water. Luckily for us the original miners dug the mine into an underground cave. Lots of water down there if we know where to blast, and I do.” Torie looked down at the explosives in her hands, then passed them back to Aaric. “Actually, you take these. “We’re also going to need some light source. It’s pitch black down there in parts. And we’re going to need our kobold friends. In fact, if we could get them to make a diversion for us and lead some salamanders out, that would be for the best.” “Oh gods I’m hungry,” she added. Before she could say anymore, there was the sound of gravelly footfalls on the path behind them, and quietly approached the five kobolds, dawn light glistening off their scales. Torie jumped up as fast as her bulk would allow. “Oh good. You’re here! What took you so long? Were you seen? Any problems?” Shank shook his head. “None, no problems,” he said. The others looked at each other nervously, but didn’t contradict their leader. “Good. Alright, here’s the plan: you kobolds run into the cave and lure out as many salamanders as you can. They’ll chase you, because salamanders think kobolds are stupid and are just there to steal stuff. Sometimes kobolds are stupid but my kobolds are particularly clever.” She said this towards Aaric, though upon hearing it the kobolds all puffed out their chests – all but Shank. “Once they’re outside we’ll ambush them here, together. That way there’ll be less inside to deal with. Then we go in. I’ll show you where to plant the explosives and we can rupture the aquifer and flood the cave. It won’t fill up though, because caves are natural paths for water, but it should make the salamanders easier to kill. Then we walk with the water and kill off the salamanders where we find them.” As she spoke, she had been drawing in the dust with her claw, a maze of passages and tunnels. “The slamanders are here. If, for some reason I can’t show you the way to the weakest wall in the aquifer, follow this path, take two lefts then a right. Plant them where you can see the walls are wet, or near enough.” She looked up at her little circle of companions. “Any questions? Suggestions?”
  7. Nah. Her anger is hot and over fast!
  8. Torie sighed with relief. “I thought you’d left me for a bit. Maybe next time, you… someone should stay with me…” she said, then got off her belly and started waddling towards the door where she had seen Aaric. Torie turned about to face Priscilla, not taking much interest in the box. “There’s definitely salamanders down there. Lots of them too, which would be good, if it wouldn’t make them all so hard to beat. And there’s something else…” Torie huffed in frustration, ears and tail flicking. She made a study of her companions' feet as she waited for another chance to speak.
  9. I'm happy to set it up. It won't be hugely complicated, but I have an idea of what the salamanders might be doing down there. That said if anyone has any bright ideas along the way feel free to throw them in! I much prefer unpredictability than everyone doing what I dictate. Also, once this quest is over and we're heading back to town, should we advertise for one or two more players? I think that would be fun ?
  10. "Plus, if we flood the mines, that means we won't get to eat them," Torie said, and gave Aaric a sympathetic smile. "It was a good idea though." Once Priscilla had agreed to her looking ahead with magic, Torie settled down onto the bare earth, taking up the posture of a sphinx – a hugely fat, cat-faced sphinx. She spread her forepaws out on the ground and closed her eyes, ears twitching among the many folds of her neck. Her whiskers trembled and occasionally she winced, but that was the only indication she was doing anything else but sleeping. “Definitely salamanders,” she said, to anyone who was listening. “At least half a dozen… no more than a dozen… oh wait…” Torie’s tail flicked, sending up a little plume of dust. “What are they doing…” With that she opened her eyes, looking about herself with wide eyes. “Priscilla. Aaric?” she said. “Where’d you go?”
  11. Torie had been half dozing for most of the trip, so when Priscilla announced, this is the place, she yawned, stretched (as much as the carriage would allow), then exited via the now larger doorway. Then stretched again. The horses startled at the sight of her, one skipping to the side a little, and Torie licked her chops. “Don’t worry, horse! I’ll only eat you if it’s an emergency,” she said, then shared a smile with Aaric. Stepping to his side, she then appraised the mine entrance. “So, this is it, eh? Restaurante de Salamander.” She grinned at the other two, eyes flashing in the light of the lanterns. Then she closed her eyes and sniffed the air. “Definitely something living in there. Could be salamanders. I could touch the earth and find out, if you like?” She looked over to Priscilla.
  12. With regard to the twins: It was nice knowing you, @Vetanoob ?
  13. Hey guys. Sorry for the double post. But it's clear we're either all busy or all a little bored - things have slown down considerably! Just wondering if I can do anything to help us get more motivated? If you want I can set the scene for the mines, @jotnotes. Alternatively we could just skip to our trip back to town, having said goodbye to the kobolds and having been victorious. Then look for another job and try not to get so sidetracked, lol. I want to get back to helping Priscilla's business get off the ground ? . Thoughts?
  14. Sorry my post is so short and rather useless. I'm just not really sure doing anything else would be in character, lol. Looking forward to getting to the mines though!
  15. "I'm fine with whatever," Torie said, barely awake, then shuffled as she tried to get comfortable against the good wall of the coach. She was slouching now, and took up more space inside than she had before, leaving very little room for anyone else. "But let's hurry. There's some salamanders up there who would make a good breakfast. And I, for one, am starving."
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