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  2. Venus Sprite

    "Quest" for knowledge and experience

    Torie is a young shape-shifting druid from a tribe of druids that hail from the cold north of Terrenus. Her people value many things, such as strength and kindness, but none so much as knowledge or wisdom. They believe the only way to gain wisdom is through experience, hence their young adults are encouraged to travel and learn. Doing so increases their status within the tribe. Seeking to increase her status, Torie has been travelling the world for the last couple of years. She's after knowledge but she's easily distracted by the luxuries she's found in the more southern civilisations. She loves attention, making new friends, wine and above all, food. She wants new experiences but also the comfort of a nice warm bed and someone to brush out her fur. Boys are particularly distracting - being in the form of a big tiger (ok, a VERY big tiger), she doesn't get much attention from them, but she'll do her best to encourage a handsome young barkeep to apply a brush to those hard-to-reach places. … like her back, I mean! Torie might be a bit mischievous but she's not kinky. Essentially I would like a RP where Torie has someone to learn from, interact with, clash with. You could be someone with a skill that Torie wishes to master (like cooking! Or weaving, or gardening or farming. Anything she can do with her large but nimble paws, or with magic, particularly if it's useful to her tribe), or you could be someone who encourages her to get up to mischief and distracts her from her True Path (whatever that is. It's all learning, right?). You might be someone mean, who wants to exploit Torie's ability to control animals, or her ability to change shape. You might even want to take advantage of her exceptional strength. Whoever you are, I'd like to meet you and discuss ways our character can interact. Let me know if you're interested, and please check out Torie's page in my signature for more information. Hope to RP with you soon!
  3. Venus Sprite

    Reconnecting With the People

    Torie had seen many towns on her travels, and a few cities besides. This one didn't seem so terrible. Neglected perhaps - some roof shingles were missing from the main buildings. The farmsteads were overgrown and weeds grew between the cobblestones, but at least weeds were growing. Better than having the opposite problem, where nothing grew at all. And the few people about seemed bedraggled but otherwise healthy, likely because the sick ones were kept inside the temple. All at once Torie began to have doubts, as to what she was even doing here. She slowed down a little, falling behind the group. "I'm not much of a healer. Not of people," she said, to both Sarah and Lady Illyana. "Will... will you really have much use for me here?" Then a thought occurred to her, and her ears perked up. "Vermin... you said? I might be able to help with that. I'm a druid. I can talk to animals... sort-of. Not really with words or anything, but I can direct animals to do things... could that help?"
  4. Venus Sprite

    Reconnecting With the People

    "I have family, yes. Mother and father, and five siblings. I'm on my Journey, to gain experience to increase my status in the tribe." She cocked her head. "Is your family in danger?" Torie doubted that Lady Illyana had heard her, though, for the captain (she presumed) had informed them they had made it over the river. The ground lurched and so did Torie's substantial stomach as the craft settled onto solid ground, and she walked out a step behind Illyana towards a large crowd of people. "Do you know each other?" Torie said to the elder woman and to Illyana both. It would explain a lot, such as why a lady was going out of her way to help a tiny village. In Torie's mind it didn't degrade the nobility of the act. Helping a friend was just as important as helping strangers.
  5. Venus Sprite

    Cold Mountains, Snowballs and Frosty Monsters

    I'd love to throw Torie at this as the fish-out-of-water type, if you guys would have her along (I mean she is a Siberian tiger but she's probably going to complain about having to walk up and down mountains a LOT).
  6. Venus Sprite

    Wandering Wares

    Happy to distract! Not sure exactly how to bring the pair together, but I would love more to do with Torie (see my signature). Being a druid, she may just want to learn a bit more about potions and attach herself to Enid. A lot of Torie's bad habits sound like they would really tick off Enid too, so that might create a bit of drama.
  7. Venus Sprite

    Virgin Land

    Torie narrowed her eyes suspiciously at that sales-pitch of an opening line. Was the curvy lady a tour guide, or something? She'd had enough of those on Weland. In fact that was the only place she'd ever heard of them, doing their best to get gold from her and promising the best tour money could buy (and, sad to say, Torie had handed over a lot of glitter before learning the tours weren't worth the air she spent haggling over prices). But her eyes livened up when the lady - Lorial - introduced herself, and said she liked cats to boot. Well, kittens, but let's not be picky.
  8. Venus Sprite

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    I would love to join as Torie if possible. See the link in my signature🙂
  9. Venus Sprite

    The Land Thread OOC

    Thanks for changing your post a little to include me, @Hurttoto. I really appreciate it! Makes me feel like I'm in a RP with people who care. FYI see my signature for a description of Torie including an image. She's less of a "tiger lady" than she is a tiger that can speak 🙂
  10. Venus Sprite

    The Land Thread OOC

    I posted! Hope it's ok :). Torie doesn't have any plans being more of a wanderer, but she relishes the chance to meet new people and travel with them.
  11. Venus Sprite

    Virgin Land

    “Eat, eat, eat, eat,” cried the crowd of mostly-tipsy tavern patrons, as Torie did her best to finish the bowl of offal that had been placed in front of her. Well, not really a bowl. More of a metal washbasin big enough to fit a grown man. It had been full but was now nearly empty, save for the last few chunks of meat sitting at the bottom. Mind you, they were still big enough to feed a family of humans for a week. Torie swallowed what was in her mouth without chewing – every day they served her more and this became more difficult, but it was worth it for the attention and the money patrons would throw her way. She dipped her head into the bucket and picked up another morsel of food, and the crowd began to cheer again as she lifted her head and swallowed, painfully. A horned man with a pot belly and more stubble on his chin than his balding head was still walking around the crowd collecting money. See? Being a giant tiger with an appetite to match helped people earn a living! They were placing bets on her and Torie got a substantial cut each time she ‘won’. And a free meal, as many times a day as she could manage. When it came to the last piece of meat she was feeling more full than she could bear, but the crowd, picking up on her difficulty was in a state of feverish excitement. She chewed this last piece slowly, even though she didn’t need to, and swallowed with an expression more pained than was due. When she finally finished the crowd burst into rapturous applause, like they were watching a prince in a jousting contest rather than a hugely fat tiger eating the butcher’s leftovers. Money exchanged hands and patrons went back to the bar, or headed for the door, and the horned, balding man placed a pouch bursting with coins at Torie’s feet. She nodded her head in thanks, then lay her cheek against the pillows on which she was reclining. The barmaid, Ela, came over to check on her and topped up her washbasin with a bottle of gin. Torie waited a few minutes to digest then lapped it up gently. The grog took away the discomfort of overeating and cast everything in a hazy glow, which she determined to enjoy. That was until she found someone new, two new someones if her tiger eyes were to believed. No, one, now that she focused. A young lady, human-looking, a bit short with light skin. The village didn’t get many new people and she was getting a lot of stares, just like Torie had when she arrived a week ago. Her heart went out to the newcomer and so she raised her head, rolling over on her stomach that was one part food, one part muscle and three parts the blubbery rewards of winning previous eating contests and other such gluttony, then heaved herself to her feet and approached the newcomer with a drunken keenness. Thankfully most of the patrons were still sober enough to get out of the way, though a few sitting at tables caught a sideswipe from the rolling flesh on her bulging flanks. Torie used the new person’s table as a buffer to help her stop – whoops! That was embarrassing – and decided the best way to continue was if she hadn’t slammed into her table at all. “Hello! Welcome to Kinumo! This is your first time here, isn’t it? I’m Torie, a traveler and… hmm… entertainer,” she said, as if she’d just made up the occupation on the spot. Noticing she was swaying on her feet and looming over the seated human lady a bit, she sat down on her haunches, or would have if her enormous belly hadn’t landed first. “So what brings you here? It looks like important business. I can see it on your face. Anything a druid like me can help with? Did I mention I’m also a druid?” She gave the raven-haired lady her biggest and toothiest tiger grin.
  12. Venus Sprite

    This Land is Your Land....

    This is a Civilisation reference, right? 😉
  13. Happy New year Sprite!!!!


  14. Venus Sprite

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Hey guys. I'm going away for a week so now's not the best time for me. Happy to skip round 2 if that's ok :).