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  1. Torie narrowed her eyes, though her smile remained. "Well, there's only one way to find out. Try me. I'll tell you if you're being too private."
  2. Torie beamed a bright smile down at the rogue as he sat next to her, seemingly pleased with his decision. She tried to give him enough space so that he wasn’t squashed, but not so much space she was no longer in contact with him. “Errr… eheh,” Torie said nervously. “Yes, I could show you. Maybe I will one day. If you promise to not… you know. Objectify me.” She waved a giant paw nonchalantly, then grinned lopsidedly, raising the whiskers on one half of her face. “Why do you ask anyway?”
  3. "Aw, I really liked the idea of staying tonight," she said, but then looked at her kobold companions. "But... you are a wise counsellor. Kobolds, do as my human servant directs you," she said. The kobolds all snapped to attention. Or at least let their eyes roll lazily to the small human female. Torie herself wandered over to the side of the coach, gingerly putting pressure on the first step. The coach groaned in response, the lengths of makeshift rope and strips of bark flexing like tendons, but Torie persisted, tongue gripped between her teeth nervously. Eventually, the various repairs flexed to their full extent, and Torie breathed a sigh of relief. She placed her other paw beside the first and stepped into the coach. Until the doorframe caught her middle. Torie stopped walking, instead wiggling this way and that to work her roly-poly body through the doorframe, but only a few inches passed her shoulders the wood splintered, and the doorframe split off the wall. “Gunn tunth,” she said, swearing in her native tongue, and heaved herself into the carriage. Inside two cushioned benches of blue faced each other, but otherwise, the rest of the space was taken up entirely by the giant tigress. Torie twisted her head to look back at her companions, only to find them all staring slack-jawed at her as if she was climbing out the rear end of a hippo. She blushed beneath her fur. Then she looked up. The kobolds hadn’t bothered repairing the hole in the roof! Reorganising her paws, Torie reared up on her hind legs, reaching head and paws out the hole in the top of the coach. “Ah, that’s better!” she said cheerfully from a good three feet above the top of the coach. She added seriously, “Good work, my servants. Now, gather our belongings. Don't forget the cauldron. We'll need it to cook the salamanders. Kobolds, take the driver’s bench. Humans, in here with me.” There wasn’t much more space, for when rearing up, Torie’s striped belly had a tendency to sag downwards and outwards, leaving little room for a human to sit beside her. Still, if they didn’t mind squashing in between her and the damaged coach wall there would be just enough space. Probably.
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  5. “Yay, horses,” Torie said, not in the least bit interested. By the time Aaric got back she had laid down by the fire and was currently being groomed by three of the five kobolds. They had taken off her harness and removed the brushes and combs, and were using them to brush out her thick fur. One of them simply used his claws and, to Torie’s surprise, it felt even better than her combs. “You guys are the best,” she said, purring deep in her throat (tigers naturally couldn’t purr, but Torie wasn’t exactly all tiger). “Fur is SO annoying. I can’t wait to have scales again. And wings. Oh, how I miss wings…” “We would love to polish your scales and wax your wings,” the kobold with claws said. Wax my wings? Do dragons get their wings waxed? That was new. But polishing her scales sounded nice. “Kissit, bring me more meat, will you?” she said, and the kobold went over to the cauldron and stripped off some breast. “This time, don’t put it in the dirt. Hold it for me. I’m a fast eater.” Kissit did, just over Torie’s nose, and she leaned up and grabbed it with her teeth, swallowing it in two gulps. “Mmm. Very good. It’s been so long since I’ve had servants such as you. So, so long.” She gave Priscilla a knowing look, and smiled, but then turned back to the kobolds around her. “What a shame we hadn’t met earlier!”
  6. "I can still see you!" Torie said, teasing. "Also don't forget the tack!" She turned to Priscilla. "That was actually pretty clever, wasn't it? I wish I could disappear like that. Although I bet having no tummy makes it a whole lot easier!" Torie took another bite out of her bird leg.
  7. “Thank you, Shank. You are proving to be a most valuable servant,” Torie said, doing her best to sound dramatic and self-important. She’d never actually heard a dragon speak. Only roar in the distance. But this was how she imagined they sounded. Her tigress’ voice was impressive enough as it is. As she quickly tore into her meal, it took Torie a few moments that the kobolds were all watching her. Five pairs of hungry eyes glistened with reflected fire. She cleared her throat. “Eat, all of you. Fill yourselves for the battle ahead.” When it was clear a squabble was about to start, she said, “Wait! Smallest first. They need to catch up with the rest of you.” They looked at each other, puzzled, then quibbled in their own tongue. Eventually Shank had them all lining up in a row, kicking those that slouched, to find that Kissit was the smallest among them. The small blue kobold crept towards the spit and tore off a strip of meat before retreating some distance from the fire to eat it. Upon hearing Priscilla’s plan, Torie settled her paws on the ground and felt for life. There was plenty nearby, but perhaps not what they wanted. “There’s trolls in those woods,” Torie said to Aaric. “If you go down there at night I don’t think they’ll be happy to see you. Why don’t you head back to town and buy a horse or two? We’re not that far away, and it’ll take you less than half the time to ride it back.” She looked down, then fished around in the leather satchel secured around her neck, sitting among the fuzzy folds of her many second chins. From this she produced two silver coins. “This will cover it, no?”
  8. Aww that sucks!! Sorry to hear that, Jotnotes. But yeah it happens to me too, though sometimes valucre remembers what I've typed if I click in the text box where you write new comments 🙂
  9. Torie glanced over at the young man and offered him a beaming smile, all whiskers and teeth. "Thanks! And I do," she said. "But don't expect me to do that again in a hurry. It hurt!" “They are fragile little things, all being said,” Torie said, her voice a little distant. She then waddled her way over to the one with the injured hand. “You,” she said, pointing with one curved white claw. Of course all the kobolds stopped to look, though the fear was most present in the injured one. “Come. Kneel before your master.” The injured kobold – a green one – walked over to Torie on shaky legs. It kneeled down and cast its gaze at the ground, still cradling its injured hand against its stomach. “What’s your name?” Torie asked. “K’st,” it said at the ground. Torie cocked her head. “Look at me when you speak to me,” she said. The kobold obliged, but only so far as Torie’s feet. “Now, what is your name?” “Kissit,” it said again. Kissit? Like, Kiss-it? Maybe Trashkill wasn’t half so bad, Torie thought. She looked to her human companions with amusement, then cleared her throat. “Kissit. You were very brave, to attack a creature so much larger than yourself. Show me your hand.” Kissit reached out, and Torie winced in sympathy. The hand was badly mangled, swollen, and weeping puncture wounds between the bones in the hand glistened redly in the daylight. “Shank!” she barked, and the blue kobold came and kneeled before her. “Yes, oh Mighty Trashkill?” he said. “Find something to tend to your wounded. Bind Kissit’s hand. You should take care of your siblings.” “Siblings?” he said, raising his head, orange eyes gleaming with curiosity. “All my servants are brothers and sisters. After your loyalty to me, you must be loyal to each other. You, the leader, must look after those beneath you. Do you understand?” “Yes, Mighty Trashkill,” he said, then fell prone. “Good. Go, find something to bind Kissit’s hand,” she said. As Shank scuttled off, she said to Kissit, “From now on you will be called Kissit the Brave. Once we have finished our mission, we will find you healing.” “Thank you, mighty Trashkill,” Kissit said, kneeling lower, a puzzled expression on her green muzzle. “Go then,” Torie said, and as Kissit ran off, Torie announced in a loud voice, “We are going to kill some salamanders, and punish them for their tricky ways. To do this you must behave yourselves, and harm no-one unless I expressly tell you to do so. Do you understand?” The kobolds all looked at each other. The brown one asked, “What is, ‘expressly’?” "It means 'fast,'" said another. Torie grinned with the corner of her mouth, raising her whiskers on one side. “It means, don’t hurt anyone, don’t attack anyone unless I say, ‘attack them!’ Remember we are trying to blend in with humans. I am a hidden dragon… for the moment. But when I reveal myself ALL OF HUMAN KIND WILL COWER BEFORE ME!!! Those of you who remain obedient will share in my glory. Those who do not will feel my wrath. Do you understand?” “Yes, mighty Trashkill,” they said in unison, falling prostrate where they were. “Good. Now, repair the cart, for we will ride into battle. And bring the birds that have died, for I, Trashkill, am hungry!” The kobolds leapt back into action, and Torie turned to her companions, a glint of merriment in her green eyes.
  10. Torie sighed with relief, leaning into Priscilla’s scratches too hard, unbalancing the little lady. “Sorry,” she rasped, then did her best to relax. The scratching and stroking was working. The pain was still there, but she had something else to focus on, though that wounded animal part of her brain just wanted to lash out at anything that touched her. Slowly though, she reached for the magic above and below, meeting them in the middle as she did before. Only this time, she channelled the energy into healing rather than creation. “It was a stupid thing to do,” she said eventually, once the pain died down. “Probably should have just killed them. But… I’m glad I didn’t have to.” She pushed herself into a sitting position – an awkward task around her large stomach, and grinned at Priscilla wryly. “Thanks. That was actually really good, especially for someone with such little hands. Any time you want, feel free to do that again. And if you have an itchy spot, just let me know and I’ll return the favour.” She gave Priscilla a playful nudge with her head, then stood on all fours with a sigh. In the distance she could see the kobolds repairing the cart, the one whose hand she mangled doing his (or her?) best to assist with one arm. Torie grimaced with guilt. “So it looks like I need to pretend to be the boss for a while. But you’re still in charge. If I get too bossy, let me know? And feel free to make suggestions for the mighty Trashkill to consider.” She winked.
  11. Torie's mind was a maze of pain. It was hard to see anything through the blur of tears in her eyes, or even hear anything outside of the shouting in her own head, that inner monologue of desperation that screamed help me! to anyone and anything. Though eventually she pried her green eyes open to see the blurry outline of Priscilla standing beside her. “Not okay,” Torie said in a bubbly voice, tears leaving trails in her fur over her plump and striped cheeks. “I have a weird request… Scratch me behind the ears? I need to relax… then can channel magic… to heal… ugh!” She stifled a roar, biting down on her forearm to distract herself from the pain. Long, pointed teeth bit through the fur and into her flesh. The magic was there, just out of reach, as if she was too busy nursing her injuries to grab at it. “If I could just relax,” she rasped. “My ears. Scratch me, please? Hard.” She turned her head to make it easier, then waited, shaking slightly.
  12. Oh no. Torie had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but Shank wouldn’t be convinced easily it seemed. With an inward sigh she spread her legs, grounding herself to the earth, and closed her eyes, focussing on the wind blowing about her whiskers and ears. From the outside it looked as if she might be meditating. On the inside, transformation happened. The energy she channelled moved up through the earth and down from the sky, meeting in the middle – her – and forming something new. She acted quickly, too quickly! And the residual heat burned her mouth and throat. But at last she opened her eyes. “It’ss not my real name,” Torie said, low and dangerous, and as she did, was that a wisp of smoke escaping from her mouth? “It’s a nickname, and one I like. Because I burn trassh. Trassh like you.” Torie opened her mouth, and around the wisps of smoke (or steam) and the smell of cooking flesh rolled a long, thin, forked tongue. The kobolds were on their knees again in an instant. “Don’t burn us,” Shank said, who had outdone the others by falling flat on his face. “Mighty Trashkill! Have mercy, mighty dragon. Please, we will serve you!” Torie tried to fix an expression of supreme confidence, for just a moment longer. “You will sserve me. This is Priscilla, and Aaric. My loyal servantss. Do as they bid you, and no harm will come to you.” Shank looked up at the two humans, seemingly appalled, but one of his subordinates spoke up for him. “We will serve you in all ways, mighty Trashkill!” Torie turned, walking past her friends, a pained expression on her face. She wanted to tell the kobolds not to call her that, and tell her friends she was in pain, but her mouth and throat were burning. Leaping into a jog, she ducked down behind a large bush by the roadside and gripped her throat in agony, the tongue she had made so quickly spilling out of her mouth like a snake.
  13. Torie growled low, a rumble that could be more felt than heard, and eyed the injured kobold menacingly. She made no move towards it though. At Priscilla’s insistence that she was a dragon, however, Torie looked over at the small human lady in surprise. But it didn’t take long for the idea to catch on, as if that glint in Priscilla’s eye was contagious. “Dragons are proud,” she said loudly, voice booming as she stepped forward. To answer the leader’s question she said, “I am in disguise, so I may speak with humans. Sometimes it is time to terrify. Sometimes it is time to listen quietly. When a dragon wants to listen to humans it takes on human shape. But not me. Humans are disgusting.” She spat on the ground at Aaric’s feet. “Small, weak. So I appear this way. A noble beast. A beast of power. Humans will listen and respect, but this way I can still go into human buildings. And human cities. And nobody tries to hunt me. Nobody…” her malevolent pacing had brought her face-to-face to the kobold leader. “… until you.” Despite only coming up to Torie’s shoulder, Shank nevertheless showed his bravery (or stupidity) with a sneer. “Dragon who hates humans spend company with humans. You dragon? You prove it,” he said. “Show us you not just beast. Spread your wings. Blow fire. Or-” “You dare test me!?” Torie bellowed, almost as loud as her roar, and all kobolds except the leader flinched backwards. “You dare ask me, Trashkill the Blight, to change form just to appease your curiosity? Who are you to ask such a thing?” She stepped forward, looming over the little scaly fiend, well aware that she had allowed the kobold to come dangerously close with that little knife of his, but hoping it wouldn’t be able to penetrate very far through her fur and hide if it decided to attack. Also aware that the name Trashkill sounded a lot better in her head than out of her mouth. Blood still dripped down her chin, however, and her green tiger eyes were round with apparent fury.
  14. Ohhh no, it isn't is it? Sorry, lol. Do you want me to change anything, @Vetanoob?
  15. Just a short one from me today as I wanted to leave the Kobold's next move to you, @Jotnotes
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