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  1. FYI, when fighting the creatures, unless your characters are immune to psychic effects you can't look at them properly. See my post for how Torie reacted.
  2. Torie glanced over her shoulder at the warrior who’d addressed her, then back at the creatures milling about in the dark, to see one lunch forth with a chitinous arm. She stumbled backwards, towards the others, then noticed a pair of yellow eyes beside her and almost attacked, but pulled up when she recognised the smell of the tiefling she’d met above ground. The attackers swarmed around them, dark eyes glinting, dark carapaces winking here and there with reflected light from above. Naturally, the five would-be rescuers formed a circle, back-to-back. “Anyone know what these things are?” she said, squinting. Her tiger eyes could see well in the dark, but even for her, the light filtering through the rubble above was too feeble to illuminate her senses. That, and there seemed to be some… other affect, a warping of her own mind. Then she realised no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t look at the creatures directly. With a glance at the others she realised they were having a similar problem – shaking their heads, eyes rolling about in their skulls. It was only her nose that saved her when she heard one come closer. She swiped at it with her paw, and it backed away with a hiss, and despite the fact she’d struck hard and fast the creature’s hide hadn’t dented, as far as she could tell. Another came forward, and another, and soon it was all she could do to fend them off. The creatures were swarming. She got a sense they were bug-like, but big and bulky, and no matter what she still couldn’t look at them properly, save for a glance at some flailing, chitinous limbs.
  3. @ReachForStarsAwkward but cool. I'm looking forward to getting to know Dew!
  4. Igni thought carefully. “You can stay in here. If you can make yourself useful.” She walked over to the nearby couch, sitting on it regally, heavily. “What can you do, little nameless one? Can you be of service to me?”
  5. Yes, sorry 😛 . It actually wasn't your turn when I last said it was. My mistake. But we may as well stick to this order 🙂
  6. "Oh, I don't have scales," Igni said. "I'm not that kind of dragon." She nodded her head at the offer of another drink, then watched with interest the interaction between the girl and the bartender, that infatuation, not all that different from the longing on the devil's face. She scoffed. "You're both ridiculous, you know," she said, just before the devil wandered off. "I do wonder if you know yourself as well as you know others," Igni observed, but then his little distraction reappeared, and Igni lost his attention. To the girl he left waiting she turned and considered silently for a moment. A flash of jealousy crossed her mind but she suppressed it. Why would she be jealous of the attentions of an ordinary human? Well, mostly ordinary. "Hello. I am Igni," she said to the girl. "Have you been to many parties like this?" @Lacernella Rubra
  7. Let's establish a proper posting order, for those currently participating. Based on previous proceedings and as I just posted, we'll go @Dabi, then @MaskedHero, then me again. @Metty, jump in whenever you're comfortable :).
  8. It was a while before Torie caught up with the three adventurers, just in time to see them all disappear over the edge. The guard was still nearby, and he looked at her. “Don’t worry; I’m not going down there,” Torie said. Torie considered the tiefling carefully before speaking. “You get down in the hole. Start pulling people out. I’ll hold the rope.” With that she snatched the rope out of the tiefling’s hand, approached the edge of the sinkhole and, rope in her teeth, braced herself for the weight of people climbing out. She didn’t quite stand close enough to see down, though knew when someone was coming up when the rope became taught and tugged at her teeth. Her first customer was a young man who, upon cresting the lip of the sinkhole, looked at Torie as if she might eat him. He soon snapped out of it. “They’ve tied an injured woman to the bottom of the rope. Pull it backwards! Torie backed up, waddling slowly as the boy manned the rope at the edge and pulled out a dame in fancy-looking clothes, covered in dust and blood. He helped over to the gathering crowd, who took her under arm and led her away to safety. Torie sighed. That made two! Two people she’d helped to save. It felt good. Carefully she waddled to the edge of the sinkhole again, tossing her head so the rope dangled down. But then the ground shifted. Torie backed up a bit, balancing so she could stand on the tilting surface, but the ground kept tilting and tilting. Before it fell she turned, intending to leap to more stable ground, but the rope was taught and yanked her backwards. Then the ground fell away, and Torie was falling. For an eternal second she was suspended mid air, staring into the pit of rubble and dusty people, before slamming head first into stonework and rubble and dust. The air was knocked out of her lungs. When she gasped for some more, the air she got was full of dust. “Help,” she said, feebly. “Help!” There was pain in her shoulder, her neck, her teeth. Blood weeped out of the corner of her mouth and mixed with dust. Blinking, she found herself under the rubble in a dark place, the sound of activity above muffled. With difficulty she stood up, looking around. It didn’t look like how she imagined. She was standing on rubble, the rest blocked off above by a fallen tower that still held together, except for a hole she had punched through stonework beside it. But the space around her was dark and expansive. And there were things moving in that darkness. She could hear them crawling around, buzzing, clicking. Torie took on a defensive posture, watching and waiting, but they ignored her at first. Instead they buzzed upwards on large wings, exiting through the hole she had made. But there were plenty more. These ones eyed Torie dangerously. Torie roared low in her throat, ready for combat.
  9. Sounds like you have roleplayers block 😉 . How can I help?
  10. She can be both! 😉 Aww. Bored and overwhelmed with what?
  11. That's the plan! Also, @Dabi, it's your turn in the IC thread 🙂
  12. The signature is the links that appear below each of my posts. There's one for Torie. I don't think they always display if you're using mobile so here's a link:
  13. Let me know if you're no longer interested, lol.
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