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About Me

I love Jesus because he died for my sins.

I'm a sinner, and a terrible Christian.

I'm selfish and mentally unwell.

I'm really, really fat because I eat too much (see line above).

I like playing fat characters because when they're accepted I feel accepted.

I like chocolate, amongst other things.


Active Roleplays:

Party at Emilio's as Igni (human form)

Royal Wedding as Igni (human form)

I Have to be Seen to be Believed as Igni (dragon form)

Warm Hearts (relaxing RP) as Torie

Starting Anew as Igni (dragon form, currently)

A Rumble Beneath Vdara as Torie



Inactive Roleplays:

Glorious Murder as Lakoti

A Star is Born as Igni (human form)

Flight of Fancy as Igni (human form)

A Time to Build as Igni (dragon form, currently)

River Raiders as Sam

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