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  1. @ticklefarte I do believe it's your turn 🙂
  2. Chidi was charming. He invited Igni to sit with him and, though Igni didn’t trust it, she gingerly lowered her considerably large posterior towards a wooden chair. It creaked beneath her but didn’t collapse, and Igni breathed a sigh of relief. Her smile returned to her face. “I can make fire,” she said, “But once it is made, I cannot control it. But Igni is a common name for dragons. Common, and considered suitable for the refined. My fire came later, but my name was some inspiration, I think. “But you? Where are you from, to have eyes like that?” She leaned closer again, inspecting them. “Do you see like us, with normal eyes? Can you see more, or do you see less?” The party was getting busier and busier, but Igni didn’t allow herself to be distracted, past a cursory glance at newcomers. There were two dusty and bloodied travellers, an eccentric old fellow the a backpack larger than him and his dour-looking companion. But then the drifter arrived and offered his hand. Igni took it, briefly, as he spoke to Chidi. Her eyes wandered and settled on the two dusty/bloodied travellers… did they look familiar? Those pink eyes certainly did. She offered them a hesitant wave, just in case, in order to gauge their reaction to her. As the drifter was addressing their host, she said, “You’re not the only one with strange eyes here. Look at those.” She pointed (at least a little subtly) at the short one with torn clothes and a tiger’s tail. Then she cocked her head. “They do not look so well, do they? All that blood and dust… shall we offer aid?”
  3. I'm happy to work something out 🙂 . Let's see what comes up in conversation.
  4. Igni turned to Olympia and grinned with delight. If she loved anything, it was someone who could reciprocate her humour. “True, though with enough flavour, chewy food can be an effective way of limiting ingestion.” “You look terrific, by the way,” she added, gazing at Olympia’s transformation. “Do you ever have troubles with unwanted male attention? If so, we should speak and exchange strategies.” Nathan also looked glorious, and down on the battlefield she could see a pair of burning swords slicing and cutting through the undead as if they were nothing but flaking pastry. It was exciting to watch, actually. Like watching a war between two colonies of ants. Especially if one colony was your servant. “If I must,” Igni said in response, though there was a streak of facetiousness to her words. She shuffled her wings and forelegs, though did not take off. Instead she opened her mouth, blue eyes locked onto the siege equipment, adjusted the angle of her throat. With a tremendous roar came a searing hot jet of fire. Blue fire, curling and wrapping around a jet of burning fluid which arched over the battlefield to rain down towards the siege equipment. Her first volley missed, landing among the undead operators at the base of one trebuchet, but then she aimed again and struck her target. Blue fire, hot as hell, fell like rain onto the trebuchet and surrounding undead. Soon it was a towering inferno, blue flames mingling with orange as the wood caught ablaze. “There, I even didn’t need to fly,” she said boastfully, then opened her maw wide and directed another stream at the next engine. Unfortunately those further along the line were reloading quickly. A catapult’s crew had made the necessary adjustments and launched a stone the size of a cauldron towards the wall. Igni watched as it arched high over the battlefield and realised her error: in her desire to impress her new subjects she hadn’t destroyed the siege equipment fast enough. With a surge of magic and a scrape of claw against stone, Igni launched herself skywards, towards the arching stone. She caught it in her stomach just before it struck the battlements and the men standing atop them. Breath exploded from her lungs and she saw spots, wheeling her wings about to keep from crashing into the wall herself. “Fool!” she bellowed as she flailed, scratching at the castle wall for purchase, though it wasn’t clear if she was shouting at herself or the enemy. Another rush of magic and Igni found her wings, beating them furiously to gain height, magic making her fur poof out and crackle with arcs of blue energy. Then there was another wooden thwunk, and Igni spied another boulder arcing towards the city walls…
  5. That's a good question! Igni's a dragon first but has two bodies, and stores one in a pocket plane in any given time, but how she got to have two bodies I haven't really thought about. Are they born with two bodies? Did they make the human body? How do they make a human body!?!? Actually, maybe there's a few professional body makers in dragon society that can specifically make bodies requested by other dragons. Hmm... so maybe Igni could introduce you to someone (Igni's already pretty powerful as it is so making new bodies might just tip her over into OP (or more OP!)).
  6. We'll miss you, but all good :). Seriously a slow RP is the kind of one you want to keep when busy though, lol.
  7. All things going well, within the next 5 hours or so of this post 🙂
  8. Several things happened in such a short space of time that Igni still felt a little stunned as she was beckoned back outdoors – not that she’d gotten much further than the doorway the first time. She looked dubiously down at the chairs spotted here and there, and then with amusement at the man fishing fruit out of a barrel. Well, that was nice. So despite his earlier exclamation of wyrm shit, this Emilio was perhaps quite caring, if a little easy to startle. As Emilio was busy with the drifter, she leaned closer to Chidi and said, “Why did he call you Wyrm Shit when you first arrived? I can’t imagine wyrm shit smelling very nice, but you don’t smell too bad at all! Much better than this fellow." She waved a hand at the dripping drifter. It occured to her then that it probably wasn’t proper to walk around sniffing people. Instead she cocked her head and changed the subject. “Please explain your eyes? They are not normal for humans, yes?”
  9. The burning of dead bodies made Igni feel even worse; the one thing she could have helped with and she’d missed it because she was stuffing her face. Ah well. Gingerly she stepped through the camp; an enormous shape lit by the funeral fires, shaggy and red and black. Perhaps a little frightening in this light, though she tried to smile encouragingly at those who met her eye. The red firelight made them look purple. “Miserable business, this has been,” she said, sidling up to someone skinning another wolf, likely being led intuitively by her stomach. “You little ones put your lives in danger and then wail when death comes. Why? Do you expect you can live through anything?” She realised she didn’t even know who she was talking to and looked down to find Rysorian. The angry little dancer. “Does she look happy to be found to you?” she added, staring over at the queen, all covered in blood. She smelled great, just like all death did to Igni’s leaf-shaped nose. Ironic. “Perhaps she wanted to stay lost.”
  10. Shall do. Hopefully in the next day or two! Soooo much IRL stuff to do!
  11. Excellent advice for roleplays! For real life, don't react 🙂 . Unless you LIKE real life drama. I was very thankful for @Veloci-Rapture's character and the banter between he and Igni. That made that RP lots of fun. The main thing I didn't like was the way Igni's attack was downplayed. I know we didn't want Igni winning the entire battle with one strike but it would have been nice if your post focussed on the effects Igni's attack had on the few soldiers who hadn't managed to defend themselves from dragon fire. As @The Alexandrian says, we need to feel like we're contributing 🙂 .
  12. I like the sound of that. Would you mind taking the lead with it? My muse has been sporadic lately, sadly.
  13. Torie looked over appreciatively at Shelly, then down the tunnel. She expected to find an enormous fire-breathing monster, but what was there was roughly the size of a large dog, only longer. Its little wings were far too small to carry its body into the air, and it possessed eyes far too big for its petite little skull. Bright orange eyes in a face of green. “Aw, a baby!” Torie said, but no sooner had she spoken but the infantile dragon turned and ran. “Hey, wait!” She took off on a waddle of serious intensity, following the dragon down the hallway. It twisted this way and that, branched a few times and entered a natural cavern, half filled with water. This area was still choking in dust but she could see the little dragon ahead, splashing through the shallows. “Slow down. We’re here to help!” she said.
  14. A tree house! Igni was intrigued. It looked so quaint and happy sitting all by itself she just had to inspect it closer. So wheeling on her enormous wings she landed just out of sight, as subtly as possible, then transformed herself to her human form. She wandered over, dressed in green and blue saree. Despite her unnatural girth she did not waddle but drifted along like a leaf in the breeze. At the door was an elderly man – human, she supposed – who, at first appearance looked gruff but upon closer inspection perhaps had a welcoming twinkle in his eyes. It was hard to tell. Humans mostly looked the same to Igni and their expressions were often hard to fathom Although this one’s luxuriously long grey beard made him unusually distinct. “You’ve all the makings of a party except the guests,” Igni said as she approached, then bowed gently. “I am Igni, a traveller here on business. Are there many houses like yours in these parts?”
  15. @Dabi I'm unsure of what to do in this RP now that @vielle isn't active to roleplay the bride and groom when we meet them. What do you think we should do?
  16. “Then have them remove the wounded from battle. Have them reload crossbows, or drop stones from the walls. They shouldn’t all be huddled in a building doing nothing. Haven’t you heroes ever seen a siege before? It’s not just the soldiers who take part.” Igni scoffed. “Little human, there is no undead army that can capture me, and I’ll show you why.” Igni leaned back, and there was that electricity in the air again that made everyone’s hair stand on end. Then the space around Igni seemed to fold. Light shifted and swirled as if the very air became glass, and despite the dragon’s bulk – her rotund stomach, enormous chubby limbs and heavy tail – she disappeared. The grass on which she had sat perked up, released from her weight. The soldiers looked to one another in confusion. Then the electricity returned and space folded in the exact same spot, and Igni reappeared. “If I thought they might capture me, that’s what I would do. I would disappear. Only a fool would try to capture a dragon such as me. "Still," she said, in a lighter tone, "Let us see this plan of yours." Despite being self-centred and lazy, Igni couldn’t watch the humans prepare alone for three days straight. She helped where she was inclined with the stonework, balancing backwards on her enormous wings to lift the larger stones into position. It was a comical sight, this enormously portly dragon raising on her haunches to lift and lower, and provided much of a distraction for the humans. “With a dragon on our side, who can fail?” she overheard one man say. “Even if she is as fat as a walrus.” They would chatter about her, wonder what living with her would be like. “Will she make herself useful?” “She’ll eat our larders clean!” “Are we to be this dragon’s slaves, when this is over?” They never spoke to her directly but her big ears picked up everything. When she learned the pits were being filled with holy water, Igni asked Gale and Isolde for more. Once there she appeared to drink, barrel after barrel, seeming to down more than her own weight (which was substantial) in holy water. Though she didn’t seem to get any bigger. Those with a keen eye would notice the water was passing through her lips, but entering something other than her body. Finally, after a day and night of drinking barrel after barrel, she said, “Now, I can rain fire and holy water.” Igni had been eating a good portion of the fish and game the hunters had caught, and this time her middle was expanding. Like a bear fattening for hibernation, even though it had only been three days she was noticeably bigger around the belly than when the human expedition had found her. Not just the belly but her neck too, and her six stocky limbs. And especially her long tail, the rolls of chubby dragon fluff deepening the more she ate. Again the people talked, and again she ignored them. She was halfway through a captured and slaughtered aurochs caught from the plains when the whiff of undead hit her. “Eaugh, repulsive,” she said, loud enough for all around to hear. “Enough to put me off food. And it takes a lot to do that.” She said the last to a youngling who had been assigned to serve her, and he smiled in response. A self-depreciating dragon was an unexpected and welcome levity. Magic raised Igni’s hairs as she stood, and raised the hairs of everyone around as she spread her wings and launched skywards, landing upon the town’s sturdy outermost walls. Still, dust and chunks of mortar crumbled away from the stonework where she settled. She turned to Nathan, who was, to her wide-eyed surprise, glowing. “Hello, pretty finch! Give the word when you want me to strike. I’ll show you the other reason armies of mice cannot hope to capture a dragon.” She winked with one big blue eye, wings overhead, her tail hanging over the battlements behind her and swishing back and forth like a pendulum. “If only we could eat the undead. Sadly, not even I can stomach flesh that rotten.”
  17. Igni’s mouth had been wide open, ready to pour forth fire. But the fight was too entangled. In order to burn a dozen wolves she would burn gods know how many of their people. Then her sensitive ears ringed at the sound of a booming voice and Igni turned, trying to find its source, to face this new threat. But all she saw was Skacharm standing there with Mads and Meridas. The wolves had heard the sound too, and fled. She watched then as Skacharm approached another little person. Gosh, it was hard to tell these little things apart. Was this someone new? “Is this who we’re looking for?” she said, mostly to herself, and then lowered herself down. Those on her back clambered down her soft haunches as the warriors sheathed their weapons. Soon a wailing started, a crying of those that realised their loved ones were dead. It was an awful sound, and raised her hackles. Others submerged tarps and tents into buckets of water and started slapping out the flames licking along the leaf litter, and Igni shuffled with embarrassment. She knew she’d stirred the flames. At least, as far as she could see, it hadn’t hurt anyone. “Wolves,” she said, using her wing claw to scratch at her neck. “An epic quest to find a missing princess. Could have been trolls, or giants, or wraiths to stop us. Instead it was wolves.” There was a dead one beside her, and Igni then realised the smell of fresh blood. Reaching over with an oversized paw, she sliced it down the belly and tugged away its skin with her teeth, then swallowed the rest whole. It made her feel a little better, so she went to find another.
  18. Sorry it's been so long. I can post tonight 🙂
  19. No problem. Real life has a habit of spoiling the fun! And you're basically DMing this RP, so I appreciate all the effort you're putting in :).
  20. Eth Unidus is looking for a RP. See the water cooler. Shall I invite him to join our little band of wanderers?
  21. Sam dropped her belongings in her room, looking over at the other bunk. Ham-im was courteous and polite, but that did nothing to dampen the trepidation she was feeling. This cabin could easily be your tomb, that little voice said. As Ham-im led her to the quarter deck to attend the meeting, said to him, “Captain Wallace… what kind of a captain is he?” Once back on deck she looked over at the catapults and other weaponry, wondering how well her magic would stand up to such weapons. "Is this standard weaponry around these parts?" she said to Ham-im. "The ships of my homeland... they've gunpowder cannons. Do you know what I mean?"
  22. He's VERY funny 😄 . And this video is very apt for The Witcher 3, which I'm playing right now. You can kill seven guys in one hit and the last one's still keen to fight. Just run away!
  23. As the tunnel filled up with dust Torie’s heart filled with fear. She found herself holding her breath, as much to avoid breathing in the dust as a response to rising anxiety. Her claws were out, but Gozen hadn’t complained. As the rumbling subsided she with drew them, mumbling apologies. Carefully she slid out of Gozen’s grip, creeping back along the tunnel to look at the bridge. She’d seen it collapse, but wanted to make sure. “I don’t know about you, but I definitely can’t jump that,” she said. The span was at least ten yards across. She turned to the others but found she couldn’t see them. “Should we keep going?” she called out to the wall of dust. “Or wait for Dauner here?” Before anyone could answer there was a roar of flame from deeper down the tunnel. The dusty air lit up bright orange, illuminated by fire. Torie crouched low on her belly (or as low as her belly would allow), ears pinned to her neck.
  24. @ReachForStars it's your turn now 🙂 I'd prefer to use the same thread. If it's just the three of us it's simpler that way.
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