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    Astrum Deus

    Will finish Return To Hub
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    The 7 Worm Scourges

    There are 7 types of large worms inhabiting the world of Valucre. They all originated from the Aquatic Scourge, but got used to the new environments. These worms are very adaptive, and can change forms depending on their needs. The Desert Scourge The Desert Scourge is a dehydrated version of the Aquatic Scourge. It roams the desert after an ancient sea dried up, creating the desert. The worm dried up with the sea, making it's scales as tough and sharp as rock. These scales can be used as protective armor, to shield attacks, and desert heat. The Aquatic Scourge The Aquatic Scourge is the original species of the scourges. It swims through the vast oceans, taking down any boats, or low flying airships that dare go near the near the sea. These thin, cloth like scales, can be used as clothing, and respirators. The Scourge of The Sky/The Storm Weaver This scourge can use it's metallic scales to repel itself off the ground to fly, and generate power through magnetic friction. It can take down 5 airships in a 3 seconds at the same time. These scales can be used to make hovering items, vehicles, and powering items, like hover boots, androids, and batteries. The Volcanic Scourge The Frozen Scourge The Scourge of The Earth Scourge of The Universe The Scourge of The Universe is the strongest of the 7 worms. It can fly, and has full elemental power. It's metallic plating, NOT SCALES, can conduct energy. This can be used to attract lightning, and can be used as an attack. Will be updated Return to Hub
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    The Spirit of Purity

    The Spirit of Purity is a spirit, born from the core of the Crystal of Alterion. It roams the world, looking for a host, so it can make the world pure, in his own vision. The spirit decides that humans are too un-pure to exist in this world, So he tries to kill them all over time. He can not physically interact with the world, which is why he needs a host to "purify" the world. He has been through countless of hosts, the most famous one being the Winter King. To tell if someone is a host, they have glowing green eyes. His current host is a demon, only because he can't find someone who is most fit for being the next host. Due to demons being extremely un-pure, the demon still had it's own free will. This demon was special though, as it was a Demon of Purity, which "purifies" the world with evil. This was the only reason why he was chosen as a host, as The Spirit of Purity originally thought he was good. This spirit only wants to help the world, in his own flawed image. Though his methods do seem extreme, he does live up to his name. Return to Hub
  4. "So, can you explain to me all the spirits, demons, and heroes again?" "Again? Really? I've explained This to you, for like, 1,000 times" "Yup. Explain it again please" "Ugh. OK, but this will be the last time I will repeat myself" The Spirit of Purity The Spirit of Chaos Providence & The Underground The Frozen Construct Eirben The Harpy King & The Harpylands The 7 Worm Scourges The Abyss, R'lyeh, And The Leviathan Astrum Deus Elizabeth "OK. Got it?" "I think so, but... Can you explain this all again?" "(Mental Breakdown)"
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    05/08/XXXX The Tavern was more peaceful than any other place in the world of Valucre, or at least what I've seen. Its almost seemed pure, too pure. It's like a spirit is haunting it. Perhaps this is why wanderers end up here. It's a safe haven for those who are lost. I saw i little girl with glowing green eyes one time. Now that i think about it, I've seen that girl multiple times now, and this place has a lot of green in it. It may be just a coincidence, though. quite odd... 05/14/XXXX I have no idea how to leave this place. it seems everyone else leaves this place just fine, or do they? I don't know. Is this place real? Am I going mad? Whatever. I'll find a way out of here... Eventually... That girl with green eyes. She stared at me today. I may be on to something. 07/16/XXXX HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE! THAT GIRL IS ON TO ME! I FOUND A TRAPDOOR AT THE BACK OF THE TAVERN. I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE (The journal ends there) "Huh. That's odd. Am I in danger? Interesting" Elizabeth said. "He had it coming". Elizabeth was shocked that someone was in the basement of the tavern with him. She grabbed her knife, and pointed it at the intruder. "Who are you. How did you get here? Did you follow me?" "Oh, me? Eh, I'm just you're everyday "Demon of Purity". "