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  1. The Shy Fennec

    The Seven Blades of Conviction

    "I see..." So the only intel Miss Wen here has is that this witch-girl was still in Morgana? It's gonna be a long day tomorrow if we have to go out on some giant goose chase... Wait, did that girl just say my name?...Okay, seriously, what kinda connections do these people have? I come from an entirely different universe and already I've found two people who know me by name? I did say my name when I came in, but this 'Little Sans' wasn't here yet. So... Whatever connections these guys have, I freaking want. Wait, crap! She just said everyone else's names too! And I wasn't paying attention!... Ugh... Brain, can you stop thinking now?... Thankfully, the announcing of lodging for the night, as well as food, did brink Kikiru back to reality, and away from the hundreds of thoughts on her mind. She couldn't deny that she was a little hungry. And that tiger did look kinda hungry too. Though the consistent color changing of the girl next to it threw her off more. What did this girl actually look like? What if she was actually some sorta pop star of this planet keeping hidden? Whatever. She just hoped they had Ramen on this planet. Ooh, or better, Ichiraku Ramen! Her... mind was clearly not very focused. She just needed to remember later about asking Little Sans about their connections. She waved over the food, and hoped there would be something good. Oh, now she wanted something sweet and sugary...
  2. The Shy Fennec

    The Seven Blades of Conviction

    Wow... Wasn't this one odd group... A pink-haired girl, a guy in freaky armor, a kingsman, this tiny girl in pink with wicked looking daggers, a gigantic tiger, a tall girl who clearly didn't like the freaky armor guy, and herself, snow princess. This spoke volumes about who they were contacting, didn't it?... Kikiru listened intently, . So this is what Kuma was telling her about?... Couldn't a world go without someone trying to take over everything, or break it... or something?... She insured she was the first one to respond. "So, what all else do you know, that you're willing to tell us of course, and what can we get out of this?" Kiki wanted all the knowledge she could get out of the current situation. Anything on this enchantress would help. The last thing she needed was to be reverse summoned to this world, and get killed by some crazy lady with seven swords of deadly sin. Something told Kiki that even though she didn't consider herself crazy sinful, these swords wouldn't care. Ugh, suddenly this trip seemed more dangerous than before, and more so of a hassle... Well, what would it hurt? Who knew, maybe she could take a sword back with her or something. She had received extensive sword training up to this point, but she had yet to choose a sword for herself. Another question that came to mind, was what the others brought here to this table thought of the circumstance. Would they just go along with this as well? Or would there be... complications?...
  3. The Shy Fennec

    Chapter 2 - More Important is the Journey

    "I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to worry you... However, sadly, though not to rush our meeting, but I'm her for something else. Specifically, someone else. Do you think you could help me please? He's devastatingly injured, and I can only do so much. I can lead you to him and myself." Kiki the clone spoke in genuine concern for the man, not thinking about how odd the last part of her sentence might sound to another person, as she still wasn't used to this new world after all. Besides, she was more concerned about the man at the moment, and though Kiki herself did not know him, that didn't mean he didn't have a family, or other friends. So she needed as much help as she could get. Or at least another set of ideas... She just hoped that this would be enough, and that she would follow... ***** Kiki herself waited nearby the resting man, his sword in her hands. It was pretty, and well-made from what she could tell. But she hadn't the slightest clue in the end, considering her actual knowledge of blades as it was. The clone she had helping her was already dismissed. Now it was just time to hope that her one remaining clone would be successful, as she worried over how quickly her ship-bound clone lasted.
  4. The Shy Fennec

    Chapter 2 - More Important is the Journey

    He's handing me his sword? And now he's asleep?! Crap... This won't get us anywhere... Kikiru didn't have many options at her disposal, considering the circumstances. She needed to get some help, as she couldn't do it alone. "Fine. Looks like you twisted my leg buddy." She pressed her hands together in a single hand sign, and spoke aloud, "Snow clone jutsu!" Three exact clones of herself appeared before her, each in the same stance. Each in turn dropped their hands, and looked to the original Kiki, whom directed two to go look for help. They each took off running in opposite directions. One towards the wrecked ship, the other away from it. The final clone she directed to help her, and they began to prepare for a wait. They started by creating a large igloo around the man, to keep in the heat. Next, the clone began to cut and gather wood to start a fire inside the igloo, while Kiki herself pulled out her wire and multiple explosive tags, and laid traps around the nearby area to prevent unwanted intruders from sneaking up too easily. Afterwards, they each more properly laid the man down. Good rest would be his best bet at survival right now as they waited. So while Kiki lifted him up, and shifted him to the ground, her clone used their bag as a pillow. Finally, they each gathered wood and brought it to the center of the igloo. And while her clone started up the fire, Kiki sharpened the man's sword. Now she just needed to wait for her clones to come back. Suddenly, knowledge about the wreckage came flooding to Kikiru... @The Blex ---------- The first clone continued running outward from the wreckage, in hopes of finding another few people who'd made it away by this point, but she just wasn't sure where to look. No one was to be seen so far, it was just more and more trees further out. She wasn't getting anywhere like this... She needed higher ground. The clone pushed chakra to her feet and ran up nearest tree, reaching the top and looking around. Though to her despair it was just more trees from what she could tell. She looked around her, thinking, where people could go for safety, when it donned on her. The mountainside. If the ship crashed there, and there were injured, then the injured likely could not scale downwards very easily... So Kiki the clone began her ascent towards and upwards on the mountain, looking for anything people could hide in. Just as she just was about to end her search, her eyes caught glimpse of a cave. Her fluttered mildly, and she traversed the mountain, and stopped just outside the cave. She hoped whoever was inside was friendly. "Hello?..." @Cheezeegriff @Jotnotes ---------- Kikiru's final clone made her way towards and around the wreckage, staying hidden as best she could amidst the metal, blood, and snow. Little life besides the pirates at this point was nearby. She wasn't going to find anyone here, not anymore. It was time to leave. "Night little one, join your friends." A loud sound rang out, and Kiki the clone fell to the ground, and dissolved into a pile of snow...
  5. The Shy Fennec

    Seven Blades OOC

    The posting order, whould we just keep to a specific posting order? Or is it a free formed thing?
  6. The Shy Fennec

    The Seven Blades of Conviction

    Golden Key... All the way in Orisia of Genesaris... What a pain... Oh well. "I suppose this is it. It's some castle, I'll say that. I just hope it's actually the right place." Kuma, her primary polar bear summon, wasn't exactly very precise on the details. Apparently, the Disciples of the Golden Key had called for her, and even knew how to do it. She wasn't even apart of this realm, or this plane of time. Supposedly, a younger version of herself was somewhere here on Valucre, but that wasn't why she was here, not yet. No, she was here to stop this freaky magic lady, and prevent her from not only gaining enough power to possibly destroy this world, but also others. Sure, she didn't know if that was her plan, but too much power in the wrong hands was dangerous either way. The doors in front of her only just closed behind someone, a lady if she was correct. So this meant at least one person was there already. Now it was her turn. Who else was summoned here? Was anyone else brought from another reality for this? Only one way to find out. She let the men push open the doors, and found a grand meeting room before her, with two women currently seated. The first, whom she saw walk in just recently, was seated on the side. The other was at the head, and clearly was in charge at the moment. So out of respect, Kikiru gave a nod to her. "I am Kikiru, Mizukage of my land. I wish to request the seat to your side if you wouldn't mind. I will give you all the respect you deserve in your postition, however, I will admit it's weird not being in it myself. I hope you won't mind?" She let her question call out, motioning to the chair to the lady's left. She stood by the doorway, her Mizukage hat not worn, waiting for the answer. If yes, she'd take the seat, and thank the lady. If not, she'd sit across from the other girl in the room, and wait patiently. Now it was just time to wait.
  7. The Shy Fennec

    Kikiru Shyanchii (Mizukage)

    Birth Name: Kikiru Shyanchii Preferred Name: Kikiru (or) Mizukage Nickname/Alias: Shy (or) 10th Gender: Female Age: 21 Sexuality: Straight -- Race: Human Height: 4'7" Weight: 97 lbs Body Type: Slim, skinny Skin: White, fairly pale. Hair: Black, straight, running down to the center of her back. Normally in a ponytail. Identifying Marks: A freckle just to the left of her nose, though only noticeable in a direct, bright light. Apparel: If she's not wearing her Mizukage outfit and hat, it's black insulated pants and a white/grey parka covering the normal Shinobi uniform. Arsenal/Weaponry: Many kunai, explosive tags, caltrops, flash bombs. A summoning contract with polar bears. A single bo staff, enchanted in a cold wind, bound to return at will, as well as a goal for... something else. Additional Equipment: A comm unit, wire, advanced first aid kit, spyglass, chalk, ink, parchment, and a large notebook. She wears two sets of limb armor beneath her attire, one for her shins, and one for her forearms. Skills: High amount of training with her bo staff, extensive training in swordsmanship, a single kunai as self defense, and her snow based jutsu. Works best in a group of two. Incompetencies: A terrible lie detector, and little use with genjutsu. Brief Personality: Kind, light-hearted, a bit naive, and optimistic. Is willing to befriend almost anyone/anything. Religion: None Likes: The cold, snow, ice, games, heights, the company of others, sugary foods. Dislikes: The heat, Summer, rain, boredom, bullies/related, vegetables. Phobias: Losing her village. Mental Ailments: ADHD. Backstory: Born in the land of water, and trained in the hidden mist village. Grew up and trained relentlessly to become the 10th Mizukage. Through Kuma, her primary animal summon, has told her of a few events of his world, telling of two rather... interesting pieces of knowledge. One pertaining to a younger version of herself, and the other pertaining to a seperate seven legendary swords. Intrigued, she has him reverse summon her to his world, on Valucre, where she begins her journey.
  8. The Shy Fennec

    Stuck in a New Land

    Kiki listened and watched patiently. So, this tiger was Rellie the shapeshifter? And she was a person, none the less? This tiger just got even more interesting to Kiki than before. Her proud face made her cuter too, Kiki thought. "That's so cool! I only know one person who could use transformation jutsu back home." She had been here an hour, and already there were two seemingly pretty cool ninja out here?! Where in the world was she? The last question from the tiger pulled out Kiki's first serious concern though. Because 1, she was indeed very lost, and 2, she didn't even have something to backtrack through to find her way back like what others always told you to do if you got lost. But how were you to do that, if there was no where to walk back to?... "Yeah, I'm pretty lost... To be fully honest, I don't know how I got here, let alone where here is. So if either you or maybe those other two people could help me out, that'd be really nice." Kiki smiled as happily she could. It was a genuine smile, but that didn't mean she wasn't starting to remember her initial concern of her situation. She was out in the middle of nowhere. Sure, this 'middle of nowhere' had snow, (and sand, but whatever as far as she was concerned) but she didn't exactly recall being in the snow a little while ago. So again, she spoke. "Where... are we?"
  9. The Shy Fennec

    Chapter 2 - More Important is the Journey

    "I'm happy I could actually help. Once I got to you, though I wanted to try, I was worried that I was too late. Let's hope I'm not." Kiki observed him as he acted, and sighed in a rather saddened tone as a response to his question. Had anyone ever asked about Shinobi or ninja earlier, her heart would have soared sky high. However, she now understood that not only was she not native to this world, or even this realm of existence. She belonged on an entirely different plane of reality, raising herself to become the 8th or 9th Mizukage, or at least, that had been her goal... But now? She was under the understanding that the previous Shinobi of this world were not her people, unfortunately, though they were similar from what she could tell. If only her friends could see her right now, and vice versa, they'd tell her to just relax and take it seriously... Wow, were they missed. Akiru... Shanju... Kiki finally pulled her thoughts together. "I sadly could not tell you if they were... Simply put, I don't belong here. I am a ninja from the village hidden in the Mist, of the Land of Water, training to be the next Mizukage. However, right now, I'm here, and we have more important matters to attend to, like getting you to safety, and/or finding out who else made it out of this alive. Here, take my staff. Use it as a walking stick." She ensured that she sounded calmer than she was, though she hated that she couldn't really do more. She could try to carry him, but at her age, it'd be more of a drag. It was just her hope that nothing stupid would come of their predicament, and that they'd find others. All she had to do was wait, and walk. There was plenty of snow around, and she could use it. Sure, she didn't need it, but it definitely made her ninjutsu faster. Who knew what was out here? Those of no concern to her, would have fled the scene, but those that could provide that threat? They were the ones that stayed... @The Blex
  10. The Shy Fennec

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    Shoot! Sorry! ^.^" I've been busy, I'll start writing it now!
  11. The Shy Fennec

    Stuck in a New Land

    "Of course I bear no ill will!!!" She yelled from within her snowball. 'Of course I'm not hostile.' She thought to herself. Trying to pick a fight with a buncha wackos was the last thing on her chore list since she ended up here. 'Oh no. What if I was brought here to be a bad guy?... Like some sorta arch nemesis?...' Directly after her thought process finished, she heard what sounded like the tiger in it's attempted speech, thankfully bringing her, once again, back to the issue at hand. Ote, Ite, Eze? Maybe it was muffled because of her snowball?... Before thinking much further, Kiki decided instead of coming out, why not bring the tiger in? With this thought, she performed more hand signals, and expanded her snowball outwards, and around the tiger. Shortly after there was a shoddy, but workable, igloo, with an entrance facing directly towards the desert. It was probably 3 times her height, not really for any reason, but it was. It was magnificent, not to toot her own horn, but with how fast she did this one, it was pretty amazing, she couldn't stop her own smile. Kiki finally looked to the tiger, and to her surprise, the... words?... that were nearby. In her head, she saw, 'Dont hunt me I am drud. Dont fyt ples', but saying it aloud gave it different meaning. She looked to the tiger. "Don't fret! I don't know what a drud is, but I know the flying guy is cool. And I think I heard the crossbow guy say something, but he was too far away, and I was already in my snow casing. So... Anywho!!! Nice to meet you! I'm Kiki, the snow ninja! And you?"
  12. The Shy Fennec

    Chapter 2 - More Important is the Journey

    Kiki wanted to stare at the man, in awe. Not only did he awaken after a minor coating of her pain creme, but his attempt to remove himself from his skewer, though ineffective, didn't force a scream. Not to mention, him having his own herbs was convenient. But his request brought her mind to focus back to the problem at hand, which was unskewering him. "Okay, warning. One, this is gonna be cold. Two, prepare for pain. And three, prepare for me to cover up that wound." She gave him a short time to ensure he could grasp everything she said, before performing multiple hand signs. Shortly after, the snow from beneath them began to shift and gather, creating a table around the spike, beneath the man. It rose, until it reached the man, and carefully, slowly, pulled him from the spike. The moment he was fully off the spike, she pulled out her spare shirt and placed it against the wound in an attempt to staunch any further bleeding. "Two more questions. One, can you walk? Two, you have any gauss to stuff that wound? Cuz if not, you're about to feel really cold inside." @The Blex
  13. The Shy Fennec

    Stuck in a New Land

    "Ooh! A guy with a crossbow and a tiger? I call the tiger!" She stuck her tongue out at the air guy, as if she'd won some huge contest. "Aww, she's so adorable! As much as I'm insulted that you question it, maybe you're a chunin then?..." She said, her voice drawing out in the last sentence, as she was now focused on something else. Kiki had to try her hardest to not run towards the tiger, as she was told that running towards animals could scare them, though this only prevented so much as to make her, instead, half-jog in the tiger's direction out of excitement. She also had to make sure this new guy wouldn't try to stop her, so she was prepared already for a substitution. As for the tiger, when she got closer, she could see it wriggling it's paw through the air, and she called out. "Hiiii! What are you doing out here?" This was asked as calmly as she could manage, though it wasn't super effective, as again she was all too excited, and you could hear it in her voice. Wait... was the tiger hurt? Was she waving her paw in pain, asking for help? What if that guy with the crossbow did it?! She performed three hand signs, and stuck herself in a snowball, waiting. She had to see what this final person would do. If he attacked, then she'd protect the tiger, she swore it.
  14. The Shy Fennec

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    Coolio! I appreciate the notes for us. I'll be sure myself to keep it in mind.