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  1. Tarren Bach Name: Tarren Bach Title: Kriegdonner (thunder warrior) Nickname: Tare-bear (only his dead husband called him that) Age: 34 Gender: Male Sexuality: Homosexual Race: Orelf. It’s the spawn of an orc and an elf and they live in small tribes Appearance: He is tall, strong, and has the worst case of resting bitch face the world has ever seen. He definitely looks how he acts; unapproachable, cold, and harsh. His dark tan skin is littered with different tribal tattoos he earned in his home tribe, and looks at them as a symbol of pride and honor. He has several signature traits of Orelves, such as the short tusks of and orc and the long ears of an elf. Overall, he’s not the most attractive man. Class: He is a warrior for hire, just trying to make a living. Allignment: True neutral Strengths: He is much stronger than the average man due to both his orc blood and his intense physical fitness regimen he has committed to. Not to mention his years of training to become a warrior. He is resourceful, being able to make something out of even the most useless garbage. He also is fiercely loyal to those who somehow manage to befriend him. Weaknesses: He is impulsive and headstrong, never backing down or giving up even when it’s stupid to continue fighting. This leads to him being reckless in battle, which could explain why he has so many scars. Although he may be relatively good on the battlefield, when in just normal conversations he will flounder and freak out about even the littlest mistakes or misunderstandings. He is painfully awkward when trying to socialize. Fears: He fears love, getting attached to someone only for them to die just as his husband did. This is why he’s sworn never to fall for anyone ever again, which is why he never makes any real connections with people. (At least he tries not to) Powers: He can control the electricity in the air and uses it to charge his spear, making his attacks hurt all the more. Other skills: He’s surprisingly good at making little trinkets and charms to hang on his spear. Fun facts •Use to be married to man named William until William tragically died in a fire that decimated his tribe, spurring him to strike out on his own to escape the bad memories •He secretly loves cuddles and gets really angry when he sees couples hugging because he’s jealous, even if he doesn’t want to be •He has a sweet tooth but never gets to eat what he wants due to his strict diet •Secretly has a fluffy sweater William knitted for him
  2. You all are so kind and patient, thanks for the warm welcome! I really feel like I’m gonna like this site!
  3. And what about creating characters? Is there any specific topic where people post their character’s bios and such? Or does this site not have a set system for that sort of stuff?
  4. Hi, I’m new here. I’m not entirely sure how to jump into this since the rp site I’m use to had a lot of hoops to jump through before you could get started and I’m a little overwhelmed by how laid back this all is. Also, this is the place for people who are new to the site, yes?
  5. *jaws theme plays* hello friendo, I’m here too now 0w0
  6. Trust me, I read just about every piece of info on this site, I’m just always a little (a lot) timid about joining in. Although I do hope to bring along some of my friends from quotev so that’ll be fun. They are all such awesome roleplayers. So anyways, thanks for the warm welcome and I hope to rp soon! ^^
  7. Hello! I guess I just figured I should introduce myself. So um, hi I’m Nilla. Also if I don’t reply to any role play topics any time soon just know it’s cause I get unreasonably nervous when joining new communities like this so just bear with me, I’ll come around eventually. ^^ (I don’t even know if I’m doing this right lol)
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