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  1. azuranth

    Evil Lurks in the Bloodstone Marsh

    As Alcys was about to hand Sir Tolgrith the results of months of preparation and research, they suddenly found the papers whisked out of their hands. The perpetrator of the crime, the very woman who had saved these papers from being spirited away by an untimely gale, was flipping through them with an intrigued expression. "H-Hey!" Alcys shouted, attempting to retrieve them from the woman's hands, only to fumble around helplessly as she floated away to peruse the notes at her leisure. The young necromancer was about to search for a corner to sulk in silence, when the woman handed them to Sir Tolgrith of her own volition after a few moments. Well then. Unable to phrase a proper comeback, Alcys was instead left to follow the group as they delved into the marsh. Their fingers clenched in anticipation... what dark secrets did the marsh hold? What had murdered Sir Tolgrith's advance squad? Unfortunately, the investigation would have to wait after the hours of drudgery navigating the marshlands. There was nothing but the ugly duality of brown and green for miles.... Unable to find any inspiration in nature, Alcys was left to ponder on their companions instead. That demon... what was his name? A'rrazaah? Alcys disliked him as soon as they laid their eyes on him. Whatever his purpose was, the young necromancer felt bad tiding about it, and resolved to delve deeper into the man's agenda. As for the elves... they had split away from the main group and go ahead, for whatever reason. Those elves, along with their odd companions, gave off the impression of being government officials, but for what government Alcys was uncertain. Still, Alcys had no choice but to conceal their secret; there was no telling which of these newfound companions was an agent in disguise, waiting to whisk them off to the Terrenus Military. The youth's train of thought was interrupted as the aeromancer once again announced her presence in flamboyant fashion. “Hey, good work with all that research. But what are you going to do when we encounter actual monsters? Not just scare them with that creepy eye of yours I hope?” Krona said in a sardonic fashion, floating right next to Alcys and startling them out of their reverie. While unsure of the meaning of some of the words, Alcys was able to deduce enough to understand the message, and to take displeasure at having their eye be called "creepy." "I can manage somehow," Alcys muttered, uncertainty showing blatantly on their face. They had just assumed that this mission would attract enough combat types to abolish the need for them to fight. Just then, a figure raced past with incredible speed, blowing the necromancer's cloak aside and easily overtaking the rest of the group. When the dust had settled, Alcys brushed their billowing cloak out of their eyes to find Teddy, the newest addition to the group, sprinting dead ahead in the distance with a look of extreme displeasure. She's going to attract a lot of attention...! they realized. It would be disastrous to draw the ire of the marsh's monsters when the group had not yet set up fortifications. Making up their mind, Alcys swept their cloak into the air, creating a large shadow. As they stepped into it, space would warp powerfully, and Alcys would suddenly find themself teleported behind Teddy as they materialized in her shadow and laid a hand on her shoulder. "Don't make so much noise!" the necromancer hissed, trying to stop the girl in her tracks.
  2. azuranth

    Evil Lurks in the Bloodstone Marsh

    What a bad-luck day, Alcys thought dejectedly as they scrambled across the ground, desperately trying to gather the scattered papers before the contents of those pages were deciphered by passerby. The youth groaned as their papers were suddenly blown about by an unexpected wind... then stopped in surprise as the papers suddenly formed a neat little stack and settled into their arms, as if compelled to do so. Glancing upward at the source of the supernatural flare of power, Alcys found a buxom woman clad in... lightweight protections, perched on the rafters so as to just be in sight. An aeromancer? No... Alcys thought, glancing at the row of wickedly sharp crystalline daggers adorning her belt. She was smiling, and the necromancer smiled back uneasily, nodding briefly and hoping that would communicate their thanks. "Hey, sorry about that. You okay?" These words jolted Alcys back to the present as their attention snapped back to the concerned man in front of them. Blushing a lighter shade of red, the necromancer attempted to apologize for their rashness, but the stream of words that ensued could barely be understood. "Kvari–uh, I mean... I do not mean to disturb, er, your goodliness–no, wait..." As they searched for the right word, the realization had come to Alcys that they had forgotten the most important word. "Um... Sorry. And, it's okay..." Alcys made to smooth out the part of the individual's shirt that had gotten tussled due to their collision, before realizing that would probably be seen as extremely untoward, and stepping back sheepishly. "Guess you're here for the same reason I am," William said as he chuckled amiably. Alcys was impressed. How was he able to deduce that much based on the brief moment that the papers were on the floor? Perhaps it was a unique capability of monks, or perhaps sorcerers? It was impossible to tell exactly what school a mage practiced from sight alone, but Alcys was immediately jealous. I'd definitely take super-reading over this stupid soul magnet I'm stuck with, they thought as a new presence registered itself in their senses. The new arrival was Gyrad Tolgrith, the trailblazing knight himself, and he spoke in a cheery tone that did little to mask his weariness. Alcys winced slightly at hearing the dejected baritone, looking to find the paucity of adventurers that composed the forward team. Just the aeromancer woman settled in the rafters, watching from above; Alcys themself, carrying little but a stack of parchments; William, the monastic-seeming young man they had bumped into; A man clad in plate armor who had emerged from a side-alley, startling Alcys with his intimidating-looking axe; the noble known as Iselda Nudarim, whose entire retinue shone with amazing magical power; and finally, an unknown individual whose profoundly... demonic... presence set Alcys' hairs on end. These adventurers all appeared highly capable and prepared for the ordeal ahead... Alcys was starting to understand that this was no place for them. No! they thought, stepping forward spontaneously before they could restrain their frayed nerves. I still have something to offer! "Er... Tolgrith...n-no, Sir Tolgrith, I think this will be useful!" Alcys blurted out, crossing the distance with a few sudden, excited bounds and shoving the stack of papers in the knight's direction. The sheets contained detailed notes on all manner of necromantic beasts, painstakingly written in reasonably legible print with the help of a Genesarian dictionary. "There's something in the Marsh, so, er, this might be useful," the youth repeated, shyness reverting their voice to an ashamed mumble.
  3. azuranth

    Extending a Hand

    As Alcys quietly observed the snowy-haired man's quiet labors, the sunlight above darkened slightly, painting the world around in watercolor shades of gold and black. The man's hands worked at the poster, smoothing it out against the rough wall of the vellum shop before gazing upon the sun-shaped symbol with a profound satisfaction. There was a deep love in his eyes, love of his handiwork and the purpose he championed, but Alcys could also sense within those ochre eyes a love for the people that the symbol shined upon. Alcys let their hands rest in ease at their sides--they had mistaken the scar on the young man's face to indicate a background of violence, but this was clearly misconstrued. His work done, the man turned away from the wall to take inventory and gather his belongings, running his thumb through the remaining flyers with practiced efficiency, then hoisted himself up and hustled toward Alcys' direction with the renewed vigor of one drawing closer to his goal. Having been preoccupied with the object of their curiosity, Alcys could only yelp and flinch away, but luckily the stranger detected their quiet presence at the last moment and swerved to the side with uncommon prudence. The two stared at each other for a moment, Alcys flushing a lighter shade of red as they peered through their fingers, and Karilius as he leaned against the wall as if in bewilderment. Alcys was mortified. They had heard somewhere that gazing overlong at another was a violation of social norms... how would this stranger react? The white-haired young man's voice cut through the silence. His voice was mellow, kindly, and there was something about it that warmed Alcys and lowered their guard. "Oh, ah, hello there... little one," he breathed out, and Alcys suppressed the urge to frown. Little one? It was difficult to distinguish euphemism from slur in this new language, but as Alcys glanced once more at Karilius' face, they could estimate that the golden-eyed youth was their superior by a few years. "You should talk more, little one. I might've hit you otherwise, and then at least one of us would be hurt." "S-sorry," the young necromancer mumbled, eyes downcast in embarrassment. If the golden-eyed man was aware of their staring, he did not indicate that he was, or at least of his displeasure. Glancing back, they registered the man's clothing. His garb was slightly ruffled and soaked with the sweat of a hard day's work, but it was doubtlessly indicative of a member of the mage class of Blairville society, of which Alcys had seen many upon the streets. They were easily distinguishable by their souls, but perhaps more easily by their demeanor. Mages knew to hold their gaze level and straight, unlike those of the 'unenlightened,' whose arms and backs were strained by the weight of their tools or belongings. But this one carried himself differently; his hands moved with the intent to form calluses, and the simple nature of his garb suggested a humble upbringing, if not a humble desire. His next action was one Alcys would possibly never forget in their lifetime. Karilius, having noticed the youth's bare feet, began stripping himself of his footwear and socks. A whispered word of power in a vaguely familiar language wiped the boots of their accumulated grime, leaving them pristine and polished. "If you run around like that all day, you're going to get blisters, and that wouldn't be good at all. Here, take mine. They won't fit perfect, but they'll provide a little bit of support, okay?" The man, without hesitation or rigidity, offered forth his boots to the stunned youth. Alcys, astounded and left defenseless by Karilius' smile, could only accept the footwear into their arms, paying little heed to the words that followed. Reeling, they glanced down at his gift, eyes wide with disbelief, as well as confusion at the term 'blisters.' Although it was hard to ascertain from Alcys' dark pigmentation, their feet were wholly unblemished due to the shadows underneath that acted as padding. By the time they had come to, the man had already disappeared around the corner, walking away at an unhastened pace. "Wait!" Alcys cried, sprinting around the corner. Common wisdom told that fateful meetings did not exist, but the young necromancer was starting to believe otherwise. "Hey! White hair! Come... come back here..." Alcys shouted into the street, but received little in return but the perturbed stares from passerby. Sighing in resignation, they returned to the corner shop, peering at the stranger's flyer. Prometheus Banking and Security... Alcys filed the name away in their head, then dropped the shoes and socks onto their shadow. Space warped slightly on the ground where the footwear fell, and then they were suddenly sucked into the darkness and out of sight with a sound like a distant gale. The necromancer turned back to the street, walking briskly and searching for a trail of golden flyers. A while passed, during which Alcys grew slightly bored of their fruitless search. The mage certainly moved fast with his work... Perhaps they were going in circles? Before Alcys could double back and retrace their steps down the street, they felt a painful tugging in their chest, signifying a strong presence nearby. It was unmistakable... the compulsion originated from someone who was now trudging down an alleyway to the right, the click of their boots creating a purposeful staccato. Alcys moved closer to investigate, and found a blond-haired woman trudging forward with an expression of resolution... and clear signs of fatigue. It took Alcys a moment to realize that her arm had been amputated; their attention was transfixed by the horrific scars upon her soul, which festered with phantom pain like a disease. It was almost like parts of her essence had been ripped away... Before they could restrain themself, Alcys whispered a word, and the lingering souls around them surged forth in a slow, invisible wave. The souls would seek the woman's wounds, whereby they would settle into them like leeches and sap away the pain and exhaustion. "Are you all right?" they asked hesitantly, willing to support Cordelia if she required assistance. Their concerns seemed to be mostly misplaced, however, as her focused expression indicated a level of willpower that allowed her to bear these scars, willpower Alcys wished they possessed. Just then, Karilius turned the corner, obviously seeking Cordelia. Alcys waited for him to catch his breath, then approached hesitantly, unsure of how to respectfully return the heartfelt gift he had given. They settled on the direct approach, materializing the boots in their hands, then pushing them towards the mage. "Sorry," Alcys mumbled, cursing the lack of eloquence in their apology. "I, um, don't need these. But you are, uh, very nice, and, you are good worker..." Alcys grimaced, their ears growing warm as they stumbled over the words. Gods below, this was embarrassing! But it seemed Karilius had greater need of his footwear than them, judging by the blistered skin on his feet. It must have been difficult, walking around without shoes on the rough city ground... Directing some of the souls downward with a soft syllable, Alcys eased him of his pain as well.
  4. Your post in extending a hand was a very fun read

  5. azuranth

    Extending a Hand

    A small smile waxed on Alcys' lips as they strolled through the marketplace, marveling at the panoply of colors and smells and sights that greeted their senses. People of many backgrounds and genders, wearing silks and raiments of a thousand different colors, formed the threads of a dense tapestry that Alcys seldom saw in other cities. Running their hand along a merchant's wagon, Alcys inspected its foreign craftsmanship and the exotic purple fruit inside its coffers with all the wonder and curiosity of a child quarter their age. The irregular staccato of an elderly man clearing his throat quickly roused them from their stupor, however. Alcys looked up and saw that the merchant operating the stall wore a deep scowl as he stared indignantly at the wandering youth. "You gonna pay, or what?" the old man croaked as he drummed his fingers upon the wooden counter, impatient. "I got other customers, and you're clogging up the queue..." Blushing, Alcys quickly stepped aside, letting two women covered in colorful shawls pass by. When they still felt the elderly merchant's stare upon them, the cloaked youth glanced up hesitantly. They immediately found something deeper than irritation in his eyes... The old man was not staring at Alcys' inhuman irises, or their dusky red skin tone, but rather the various inscriptions and sigils woven into their cloak. Many of the sigils were inscribed in a language that predated the founding of this city by eons, but something about them still elicited a glimmer of recognition... and suspicion... in the man's eyes. Excusing themself, Alcys pulled the cloak closer to themself and made a getaway into the crowd before the merchant could throw any epithets. As they maneuvered through the throng of bazaar-goers, a shimmer caught Alcys' eye. Will o' wisps were common creatures and familiars through any city teeming with the magically adept, and thus the youth paid it no mind. But as a pulse of... cold echoed through their being, they understood exactly what it was. A small mote of pale light, no bigger than the head of a nail, blinked into existence near Alcys and began to follow them earnestly, bobbing and weaving through the crowd just to grab the necromancer's attention. Alcys groaned and continued to walk, their feet dragging miserably. It was impossible for any mortal to escape the call of the dead, so of course a deceased soul would be drawn inexorably to one so acquainted with the Far Terminus. However, it was uncommon to find a soul quite like this one in the city, for ones that burned this bright only belonged to children... and those with particularly strong emotions. Intrigued, Alcys let the soul draw near, then captured it within their palms. They caressed it as they would a fragile blossom, and let the memories flow forth. Indeed, they were greeted with the jubilant laughter of a young girl, the joy and safety as she clasped her mother's hand, and then– Alcys gasped as a shock passed through their whole body, jolting them and causing the soul to flicker. A sudden, unnatural death... by lightning? The youth frowned, rubbing their fingers and touching the child's soul again. Death did not lie to Her emissaries; indeed, the girl had died due to trauma caused by a sudden electric shock. But how? Alcys gazed up at the buildings in the market district, holding up an arm as the cruel light of the sun blinded them momentarily. In a place such as this, death by lightning would be a near impossibility. Alcys felt a small metaphysical pull, no more than a slight compulsion as the soul floated away. Trying their best to smile, Alcys decided to follow; oftentimes, honoring a young soul's innocent request for company was the easiest method of relieving it from the sorrow of the waking world. But it seemed that this soul had different plans in mind as it led the young necromancer into a nearby alley, where the shingles of the overhead roofs softened the harsh, biting light of day into a mellow shade. Here, Alcys detected two more souls tingling on the periphery of their sense, and invited them closer. Odd... they seemed to be the child's parents, glowing softly with the grief of their loss. "At least you're together now..." Alcys whispered painfully as the three souls basked in each other's presence. However, a small flash of the parents' memories caused the youth's eyes to widen in horror. Their cause of death had been the same: a sudden blast of lightning. Moreover, the souls seemed to be painting an image, acting almost as puzzle pieces for its formation. As they began to connect the dots in their mind, Alcys detected a trail of wandering souls leading through the alleyway to... somewhere. Unfamiliar with the city's topograpy and seized by a rapt curiosity, Alcys began to follow the trail, disregarding every instinct to ignore the voices of the dead. But as each soul was pulled into the youth's necromantic influence, those voices grew in volume... The trail ended at a junction where the winding alleyway branched into other alleys, all bordered by shingled, slanted buildings. As the last soul was sucked into the choir that now surrounded Alcys, an image of startling clarity washed through their vision, blinding them and causing them to stagger against a nearby wall. Alcys covered their ears, but realized their mistake too late as the souls began to scream. Their foot was submerged in a puddle of liquid. Alcys stepped away from the wall and out of the puddle, but as they glanced at their foot, there was no question what the dark liquid was, even though the entire world was... gray? A scream, guttural and painful in intensity before it was suddenly silenced, wormed its way into Alcys' senses, as did the smell of burning flesh. Running through the alley, Alcys avoided more of the spills only to charge straight into a fleeing group of Blairville citizens. The bodies of the civilians passed right through Alcys without even noticing their presence, but one man paused in his steps to turn and raise what appeared to be a flintlock rifle at something beyond. No sooner had the firearm's report cut through the air than a forking lance of deadly energy had seared the man's already-dead body. The fulminating bolt sliced through the air, spearing straight through three of the civilians and leaving only their ashen remains drifting through the wind. It continued harmlessly through Alcys and pierced the people behind them, silencing their cries as quickly as they came. Too afraid to turn and register the deaths, the youth was left cowering in the aftermath. A pair of footsteps, slow and heavy like the beat of dying heart, drew closer and closer, and when they stopped, Alcys slowly lifted their head. A man with no eyes stared down at them. His fingers began to crackle with energy once more. As they woke, Alcys blinked the haze out of their eyes, wincing as a dull pain throbbed through their head. Their throat burned from screaming, and the raw, acrid taste of bile saturated their tongue. Wiping the moisture away from roughened cheeks, Alcys examined their surroundings anew. They were now at the end of a different alleyway, but this one also opened into the market district. I must have tried to run away, Alcys thought, shaking their head to clear the daze. At that moment, another soul fixed itself within their vision. This one, however, was still connected to a living host, but it shone with a different light, one not connected to the solace or regret or death. Instead, it shone with power, an abnormal influence that seemed to warp and bend the world around it in highly unusual ways, similar to but wholly unlike Alcys' own necromantic aura. Interest piqued, they decided to investigate... and emerged from the side of a book-binding shop, where a young man with white hair and a scar was posting a flyer with a vibrant logo. If Karilius turned his head slightly, he would see a slightly shorter, barefoot humanoid wearing a dark cloak laden with arcane inscriptions. The figure's peculiar left eye, uncovered by their long black hair, stared at the mage inquisitively, wondering as to what purpose he had in placing these posters. Alcys' head was tilted in clear interest, but their fingers were also worrying at the sides of their cloak in suspicion.
  6. azuranth

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    @supernal A kindly voice, warm and soothing like a sea breeze, stirred Alcys from the fetal position they had assumed in the secluded corner. It was a voice that drove away the blinding light and the uneasy gazes of the surrounding tavern, ushering in a comforting darkness as the barkeep's shadow loomed over Alcys' sitting posture. "Here you are. That should help some. Say... are you all right? " the employee, whose name Alcys gleaned from the name tag pinned to his uniform like a medal of honor, inquired as he proffered a cup of steaming liquid. Feeling ashamed, the youth hoisted themself up to a standing position, brushing off their cloak lightly with the back of their hand. Alcys gave their benefactor a questioning glance before shyly grasping the warm cup and lifting it to their lips. The first sip was not at all what Alcys had first expected. From the small bits of what seemed to be flower petals floating within the beverage's depths, Alcys had assumed that it was some form of fruit juice or nectar, but the first cautious taste alerted them to the fact that it did not hold any form of sweetening. Alcys frowned slighty, hoping that their puzzlement did not offend Gryn's sense of hospitality. Regardless, they forced the concoction down and immediately took another small sip. Something was happening as Alcys continued to sample the steaming-hot liquid. Although it should not have been possible, other flavors were starting to enter their stream of consciousness, slowly building a current that opened a hidden floodgate of emotion. A pang of nostalgia stuck them like the high note on a violin, and Alcys could sense the feeling ringing within well after the walls of the real world closed back around them. It took a moment for Alcys to notice the moisture slowly seeping down their cheek. Within moments, the youth was a sobbing mess, attempting to cover the sides of their face with the cloak's hood as their shoulders quietly shook. After a few mortifying seconds, Alcys calmed themself, wiped their cheeks off with a corner of the cloak and fumbled with the strings of their wallet. It wouldn't do to accept a favor without repayment. Alcys' spirits fell as the wallet felt empty.... but at last, their fingers alighted upon a single silver piece. It glimmered in the air like the key to a treasure trove as they handed it to the empathetic barkeep. "Th-thank you much," Alcys mumbled in a language that they had yet to master as they beamed gratefully. "Will remember this... always."
  7. azuranth

    Loren Gunnarsen

    <system reboot in 5> <4> <3> <2> <1> <system reboot successful> ... <user verification required> Loren Gunnarsen_ ID Number: 0452039&_ <user verified: Gunnarsen, Loren - Timekeeper Legion, 52nd Division> activate visuals_ query: location_ <Terrenus, Valucre> query: time_ <5:30 AM, 5/16> <18,596 WT> ..... manual-override: /del automatedMovement module_ <confirm? y/n> y_ <automatedMovement module deleted, manual movement enabled> status: suit_ <loading... done> <TORS Manned Time-Stream Exploration Device, system ver. 2.15.1> <Automatic Repair System: Online> <TORS Magitech Fusion Core: Online, Efficiency: 100%> <TORS Chronomancy Processing Unit: Online> <TORS Time-Travel Capacitor: Non-Operational / ERROR: Missing Return Seed; err_code: 0000045195742> ........... <inactive for 10 min. Continue? y/n> y_ status: armaments_ <loading... done> <Gauss Greatlance .50 cal modified, Status: Operational> <Reverb Glaive, Status: Operational> gps-loc: Ashville_ <setting course for Ashville, Terrenus> <ETA: 3 days> <confirm? y/n> y_
  8. azuranth

    Evil Lurks in the Bloodstone Marsh

    Holding the edges of their cloak's hood down so as to cover their face, Alcys walked at a brisk pace toward the caravan of wagons in the distance. The last few days of travel had been a lesson in suffering, the drudgery of navigating through the pass created by Sir Tolgrith not at all assisted by the hastened pace of shadow-jumping. Alcys exhaled in a quiet sigh, reflecting on the past as they raised tired eyes toward the brightening sky. A roll of flyers, loosely bound together with hempen string, jostled half-heartedly in the youth's arms. The Bloodstone Marsh... Alcys shivered as the half of them that regretted the decision sowed discord with the half of them that pressed on in self-determination and despondence. The name itself was a blatant warning of the dangers inherent in such an undertaking, but the powerful, invisible necromantic presence Alcys felt within the Marsh made their nerves stand on end. Was it the profusion of dead that the Marsh had claimed... or was it something else? The hushed, apathetic dispositions of the merchants that Alcys passed as they stepped into the encampment answered little and opened even more questions, and the sneer of disgust that Alcys received from a passing soldier didn't help much either. Fishing a worn, stained flyer out of the rolled sheaf of papers, Alcys read, then re-read the small, ornate text that lined it. The Boar's Head tavern was not a terribly large establishment, but its humble exterior belied the mellow warmth of the hearth and the reinvigorating hum of the fiddles inside. Before they entered, Alcys procured their wallet, spirits dropping as they heard the paltry jingle of a paucity of copper coins. Would this be enough to afford even the most meager food and water? The moment of hesitance, however, offered Alcys some insight into the tavern's patrons. Two of them shone with a powerful magical aura, the likes of which were only seen in masters of the magical craft... and high-ranking military officials. Two others seemed to lack the souls that were present in all living beings, instead vibrating with the traces of some animating spell. Another soul, glowing with a kind of power wholly unlike the others, was walking towards the entrance, directly towards... them? Alcys made the moment to step back too late as the the tavern door opened, and the adventurer making his egress bumped right into them. The sheaf of papers went everywhere across the floor, the hempen rope binding them having come unwound. "S... Sorry!" Alcys cried out, feeling their cheeks grow hot as they dropped to the floor, trying desperately to gather the sheets back into their arms. "I not... mean to hurt you..." As they struggled to phrase a response in a language they had little fluency in, Alcys glanced back up at the adventurer. He was olive-skinned and wore city-going clothes, but the beads that hung around his neck and the leather bracer spoke of a more mystical background. The man stood almost a head above Alcys' height, but his face indicated an age similar to their own. Alcys swallowed, hoping they had not made a serious offense.
  9. azuranth

    Conquest of Bloodstone Marsh

    if this thread is still open, I'd love to participate :)
  10. azuranth

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    In the midst of the roar of hearty voices and the clatter of coins upon worn wood, the door to the tavern creaks open, and a cloak-covered individual stumbles in, coughing the chill and the frost out of their feeble body. It is unlikely that anyone would have noticed, given the general humdrum of the atmosphere. The traveler pauses, leaning against the wall to take one raspy breath after another, slowly, to ease out the pain of what they had just seen on the way here. Burned-down buildings... carrion crows searching for carcasses in a dying land, like maggots festering in a wound... Alcys knows not what tragedy befell these scenes of horror, but they know that the souls that once resided in the buried dead still cry out in unnatural pain... the same souls that follow them around, like invisible moths drawn to a burning flame. The tavern is large, much larger than Alcys had imagined when they had found the decrepit old structure that housed this dimensional wonder. Alcys closes their eyes, blocks out the ambient sounds of the tavern around them, and can hear people chatting quietly in the lofty rafters above. The tavern is homely as well; Alcys can already feel the warmth of the place seeping into their bones, and instinctively wraps the cloak tighter around their shoulders. This warmth does not feel natural. They would much prefer the cold, because the cold of death is a constant reminder that no warmth lasts forever. The stranger retreats into a dark corner where the light from the hearth does not find purchase. Looking about the room, at the mirthful faces made ruddy by the taste of mead, at the joyful laughter that threatens to drive away the hoarfrost and the rime oustide, they are suddenly terrified. Terrified of initiating social contact with the tavern-goers, terrified of approaching the counter and discovering there's too little in their purse to afford food or drink, terrified of the future. And so they curl up in the corner of the tavern, waiting, wishing for someone to tell them that this was all just a macabre dream.
  11. azuranth


    WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Name: Alcys (placeholder name, roughly translated from the tattoo on their forearm, which is written in Ancient Terric) Gender: Cannot be determined, appears androgynous Race: Unknown, no information of the subject's race has been recorded in the Terrenus Information Archives (Note: The subject's race seems to be entirely foreign to Valucre... However, evidence from the subject's tattoo and their abilities would suggest them to date from an era thousands of years in Valucre's past. -Maj. A******* A******) Current Whereabouts: Unknown INFORMATION DOSSIER (AS OF 5/3/28) Age: Appears to be in late teens in human age Size: 5'5" Weight: Unknown Appearance: Humanoid, very skinny; black shoulder-length hair, dark red skin, unusual eyes depicted above Physical Strength: Below average; seems to have difficulty lifting Item X-35 Agility: Above average; practiced in parkour; escaped from Phi Retrieval Squad by jumping onto a moving train (see Incident X-35 for details) Speed: Extremely high; measured by a high speed camera to move in excess of 130 mph when exiting a shadow-jump; escaped Phi Retrieval Squad on foot Languages: Conversational in Terric, fluent in Ancient Terric and possibly others Combat Behavior: Non-combative/Defensive Threat Level: Low High (edited 5/3/28) Supernatural Abilities: -Magic: Possesses an instinctual ability to utilize various schools of magic. However, at the time of this writing, they seem unable to cast formulaic spells. Necromancy: Subject emits a strong necromantic aura. Upon closer analysis by a necromancy field expert, this aura seems to be emitted by hundreds of wayward souls that are drawn to the subject like moths to a flame. Subject is capable of utilizing the souls to animate shadows to several effects, such as manifesting them into the physical world in various shapes such as tools, weapons, and abstract objects. The souls also provide the subject an ability to resist crippling from physical injuries (see Incident D-35). Translocation: Subject is able to shunt objects into a pocket demiplane by dropping them into a shadow. Subject is also capable of close-range teleportation by "shadow-jumping," or translocating from a shadow in physical contact to another in line of sight. -Enhanced Senses: Possesses perfect night vision, and is capable of long-range hearing, both ambient and focused. Equipment: an enchanted Obsidian Dagger -appearance: a jagged blade of obsidian wrapped with worn cloth -confers resistance to mind-affecting illusions and charms -allows the channeling of souls into inanimate objects it stabs (see Incident X-35) a blessed Cloak -appearance: a dark hooded cloak, decorated with a number of sigils in various ancient languages -grants an unusual amount of physical protection; subject was able to partially withstand a .50 caliber bullet from long range -regenerates itself when damaged INCIDENT X-35 <4/26/28> <4:38 AM> Subject is first sighted by security cameras breaking into Storage Facility located in Hell's Gate through use of a ventilation pipe located on the facility's roof. <4:40 AM> Subject is seen near the cell holding Item X-35, a large, ancient bronze phylactery. Subject seems to converse with an invisible entity or entities for approximately 2 minutes in Ancient Terric before retrieving an obsidian dagger from their cloak and stabbing it into the console that controls the cell's automated locking system. No alarms are triggered. <4:42 AM> The lock to Cell X-35 is disengaged. Subject retrieves the dagger, then enters the cell. Subject then proceeds to lift Item X-35 with great difficulty, then drop it into their shadow, whereby it is swallowed entirely and disappears from sight. <4:43 AM> Phi Retrieval Squad is alerted to the breach by the Security Administrator. Phi Retrieval Squad proceeds to location. <4:44 AM> Subject escapes through the same ventilation pipe onto the roof, but is awaited by Phi Retrieval Squad, who opens fire. Subject is able to evade the gunfire by utilizing the shadows created by the surrounding architecture. <4:46 AM> Phi Retrieval Squad pursues subject off the roof of Storage Facility. Despite the crew's advanced Impact Compensation Systems, the subject is able to outpace them on foot through use of shadow-jumping. <4:48 AM> Lieutenant Warrens is equipped with a high-powered rifle and deployed to the factory's roof. Phi Retrieval Squad pursues the subject near a railroad. <4:50 AM> A train carrying trade goods from Hell's Gate to Ashville passes along. Subject manages to catch hold of the train, attempting to open the door to Car 22 before failing and vaulting onto the roof. <4:51 AM> Phi Retrieval Squad is unable to pursue the subject any further due to the train's speed and the surrounding terrain. Lieutenant Warrens is ordered to fire. <4:52 AM> Lieutenant Warren's shot hits the subject in the lower leg. Subject's cloak absorbs most of the force from the shot, but the impact leaves them crippled and unable to walk. However, the subject begins to channel shadows around the area of the wound and continues walking along the roof of the train. <4:53 AM> Lieutenant Warrens fires again. The shot is anticipated by the subject, who vaults over the edge of the train and materializes a greatsword of shadow, which they then use to carve through the train door and enter the train. <4:54 AM> Due to the difficulties in pursuing the train, Phi Retrieval Squad is called off. Authorities in Ashville are alerted. (Note: Operatives are required to equip Levitation Systems in future incidents. --Lt. Col. T***** C******) I did not authorize the edits to this document. I've tried to dispute the order with the higher-ups, but no one is willing to reason on this. Alcys is a purportedly ancient being with knowledge of a dead language, and possibly of a dark era of history. It is imperative that we bring them in alive at all costs. -Maj. A******* A******
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