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    Huh, alright thanks for the answer. I suppose i'm just so used to rping things with some form of smut that I don't see much reason for it to not be allowed. But I'll certainly respect the rules and move it somewhere off site if necessary.
  2. Sivanot

    New to the site

    Well, I don't write stories or make quizzes so i'm fine either way on that front ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Alright, thanks for clearing up that bit of confusion I had. May I ask why sexual content (in an rp) wouldnt be allowed in the PM? If you don't mind me asking, of course. Just curious about that. Alright, I think i'll enjoy using Valucre then. Probably gonna have a slow start on that though, gonna take time to adjust. I've already been reading through the new member guide, but thanks for telling me anyway so I'm sure i'm reading the right thing lmao.
  3. Sivanot

    New to the site

    Hi, just found this site when a friend on Quotev talked about finding it. Not new to Roleplaying by a long shot, been doing it for maybe 4-5 years (i have a bad memory so no idea exactly when i started lmao) Coming from a site called Quotev (that i already mentioned-), which is where i started RPing and haven't truly done it on another site until now. The admins are basically non-existent, only thing they do is ban accounts really. Except for removing most of the Group functionality and basically ripping apart the RP community there, seemingly because most of the users use them for Roleplaying instead of the site's main focus of writing stories and making quizzes. Along with the rumors flying around about RP specific accounts being banned. I hope I'll be able to adjust well to this new site if the Quotev Admins completely implode the groups feature, though i'll probably use this site some regardless. Seems easy enough to use, I do use a site that seems to use a similar format as this, so should be fine for me to use. I believe I read over the rules and everything, but I'm not quite sure on a few things. Is swearing and any form of smut Roleplay allowed? And if not, is it allowed in a Private Chat with another user? (Assuming this site has some form of private chat, that is. Which i'd be surprised if it didn't.)