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    A Moonlit Flight

    Screaming into his mind, the wail of the blizzard put Tor in a trance for millennia. The stone of the mountain flowing within him, frozen in time past his own bloodline, a man wakes buried in snow. The shocking cold threw him into a panic, and he took off into the blurry white. Unbeknownst to this man, his soul belonged to a reaper of the underworld, and the memories of his eternity torturing innocent souls rest inside the heart of the dragon he once attempted to slay. Pushing forward he finds himself upon the mouth of a small cave, hearing many thuds yuh yuh. Moving toward the thuds he begins to hear voices, probably some people tryna get it on before they die at the hands of whatever's thudding. Toren takes a long toke of his cursed pipe, Goreng, quietly listening in upon the conversation until nightfall. Kinda creepy, he thinks of himself. While hearing every, single, word of the conversation, Tor didn't comprehend much, because he was pretty dumb. He had to know why they were going on though, and decided to come upon them. To his shock, there was a man in a suit seducing a rather intense lizard, and Tor felt his hand habitually reach for his axe. Feeling the power in his mighty beard, he began to approach them, when he heard the word Asmodeus. Instant fury wracked his head, and he glared deeply into the man's soul, the moment the man noticed him.
  2. Toren Zhai

    Evil Lurks in the Bloodstone Marsh

    Head still fuzzy from the night before, Toren rose from the filthy cot, worn leather coat and boots still on. Unknowingly exposed, he lulled along to the balcony and stood out taking in the city. Unfortunately, he still couldn't see five feet in front of him. After a wash he got his plates on, along with his axe, Mythrae. Ducked along a short alley near the keep, he burnt his pipe and waited for the full group to form.
  3. Toren Zhai

    New dude

    What's good I'm that dude, yeah? I've spent years in DnD, writing my own lore and fantasy novels, private, but I'm completely new to the online rp forum, outside of WoW rp servers. Etiquette tips, yo?