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    New to Valucre

    Alright, I hope I will. Thank you for the response! Thanks! And it does mostly depend on the partner. If they're realistic about things it makes the whole thing a better experience but if they constantly evade, block, and deflect... It depends, like you said, but I have a feeling that at least among the people who do that kind of combat. Thank you for the help! If I have any other questions I can't find the answer to, I'll probably ask.
  2. Someone.

    New to Valucre

    Yes, linking that would probably be very helpful, please do. Also, I'm not sure if this is answered in the FAQ or if it's under collaborative, basically where the fight isn't structured in the slightest and everything goes as long as it isn't contradictory to the character's form, or predetermined limits. Characters should be using everything to their advantage, and you need to factor things in as well, like not trying to charge a spear wielder head on while wearing normal, unenchanted clothing. Also, with the magic, are types that aren't mentioned allowed? Things like invisibility or anything else that screws with perception?.
  3. Someone.

    New to Valucre

    As the title implies, I am new to this website. I've been looking for a place to roleplay since some of the places I've been in have gone stagnant, and someone I knew found this website and recommended it for a few others. I've been roleplaying for two, going on three years now and look forward to interacting with this community. Also, I'm still not really familiar with a lot of terminology, what kind of combat is the "collaboration" method?