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  1. BiggieSmalls

    "Extending a Hand" - OOC Topic

    Sorry if I'm a little out of practice. Been a while since I've written up stuff like this!
  2. BiggieSmalls

    Extending a Hand

    @Grubbistch As their carriage made its way to the origin of this new organization, Blairville seemed to come to life. In fact, strangely, the closer they got to the High Towers' guild-tower, the more people seemed to pop up. Cockroaches and bugs, gathering in massive swarms outside of it, some armed with their wands and staves, bad attitudes abundant and plainly obvious, as the mages turned their heads towards the arriving carriage. One particularly tall, slim, willowy mage, with greasy, slicked black hair snarled at it, and his wand hand twitched, the small rod in his grasp nearly directed at the carriage, before he turned his head once more aside, avoiding the confrontation that his incessantly tapping foot so desperately needed to calm down. When the woman disembarked from her carriage, alongside her old companion, the mages who'd gathered around the front of the High Towers gave a cursory glance towards her, shifting it quickly to her companion. Just as she felt ill-at-ease when faced with the prospect of this new environment, they too felt their tempers wax as they were made to see a stranger, one none of them recognized in the slightest, make its way towards a mage guild. But had it been exclusively for her wealth, none of these pampered mages might have found a reason to pick a fight. No, it was her status as an outsider, a potential governmental threat-made-manifest, that led these concerned young man, in their paranoid and untrusting states, riddled with anxiety, to stare her down, all with weapon in hand. Hushed whispers hovered in the air around her as Cassandra slipped forth, heading towards the large front doors. Concerns, information, double-checking to ensure that Cassandra wasn't, at least, a known spy or agent of the government. Grips on wands went slack the longer the crowd reaffirmed that, at the very least, she wasn't a government official, having come from farther away than the mere government buildings, judging by the wear and tear on the wheels of her carriage alone. Unchecked conspiracies were traded amongst the mages, whose steel grips returned to a normal hold after narely a few seconds. "Gods-damned vultures, get out of the courtyard!" Had the other mages, men and women of paranoid repute, been a swarm, then the spider had finally caught onto them. The mages found themselves looking straight towards the front doors, the rumbling of wood grinding against the ground accompanying their opening. On its other side, a tall, thin young man, with a fiery mane of scarlet hair, wild and unkempt, pushed on the massive doors, opening them for the strangers. "I warned you lot he's not here, and I ain't telling you where he's gone! Find the bastard on your own!" Seething frustration spilled out of him, his sour words punctuated by an exhausted tone. His own wand was in hand, and, with a shoulder braced against the wall, the redheaded mage swirled his wrist one, and then flicked it forwards. And for a few instances, it seemed like nothing had happened. The mages nearby the door turned to face him, a look of uncertainty and suspicion draped across their features. Before the spider's web caught all of them. In the form of a herd of birds launching themselves from inside of the guildhall, battering at the mages and forcing them out of place, driving them from the courtyard of High Towers with but a flick of the redheaded man's wrist. Cassandra, at least, was spared from this, as the mages spilled out of the courtyard, escaping into the city streets, with curses making their newfound attitudes right proper and clear. But the longer she was within the courtyard, the longer she could make out the shapes more properly. They weren't birds. They were tiny, folded paper cranes. Little things, more prickling and papercut-worrisome than bruising, and clearly a non-threat, as many of them were left crumpled upon being slapped by a mere hand. The courtyard of High Towers cleared, the redheaded man stumbled forwards, bags under his eyes, as he evaluated the newcomers. An old man dressed in finery, and a woman dressed in clothes that made finery look cheap. Seriously, gemstones in her hair? By the nine hells, was this fashion? "Aleksandre Flim. Vellumancer. Or, in more simple terms, paper mage. The guildmasters are busy, so, pardon, but I don't think you're here for them. But you're dressed pretty enough to go to a mayoral ball an' be the star of the show." There was something off about the man's wording. The young man, perhaps of his early twenties, didn't sound like he was from Blairville. No, in fact, the kid sounded like he'd been raised in a barn, the country drawl in his tones making him sound like stating the obvious was a sarcasm, moreso than simply speaking cautiously. "So I'm gonna guess you're here for the bankin' services Karilius Oelin runs?" His wand tapped against his shoulder as he folded both arms across his chest, staring at the woman with a curious look. He was no good at it though. Social manipulation was more fine and nuanced than this. The fact that his eyes flicked to the side every couple of seconds, and that his tanned cheeks flushed red being this close to a woman dressed in more finery than a man of his standing saw in a year gave away that, without a doubt, it was Cassandra who held the upper hand in manipulations social, if not in terms of raw magical power... Of which, Aleksandre still had little. @azuranth @Aleksei Karilius couldn't help but feel content. His simple design had done a one-eighty in his mind, and he remained comfortably certain that it would draw attention. All hands reaching towards the sun together, in the hopes of breaking off a piece of its comforts and kindnesses, of the warmth that bathed the plants with light, for themselves. His palm covered up the sun as he laid another flyer up against the wall of a new shop, next to the spellbook shop, ensuring that the wand shop too would have a flyer for the new project. Soft, exhausted eyes fixated on his poster, while his fingers tapped along the side of his flyer, ensuring that his fingertips ran over the short edge of the small, remaining stack. His thumb flicked over how few were left, probably somewhere around twenty. Which meant that, for now, he was close to being done with his advertising, and could move on to his job, before returning home for his evening studies. Being in a marketing district, he could easily put up the rest of the flyers on public county boards in the city, ensuring that it spread through the city like wildfire, news shared by each person seeking out the modern day gossip, something that wasn't terroristic activity, or government overextension, to talk about. His smile redoubled at the thought that, through however subtle a manipulation, he might be able to lessen the fear and violence inside of the many isolated communities within Blairville. But, instead of immediately turning and charging off, with renewed vigor, as he expected to, the young man nearly barreled himself into someone else, a stranger slightly askew of him. Karilius quickly tucked his body inwards, and his legs pushed off of the ground, his back colliding with the wall of the alleyway, and hitting it with an echoing "thud", as his shoulderblades dug into the stonework. "Oh, ah, hello there..." The man tilted his head. A little boy? Well, if this was a little boy, it would make Karilius a small man, so he couldn't say that. A girl? No, no, the jawline was all wrong. "Little one." He tried to settle on something ambiguous, uncertain as he was. His cane touched along the wall, and a sharp exhale hissed out from between the young man's teeth, as he slumped over. "You should talk more, little one. I might've hit you otherwise, and then at least one of us would be hurt." Eyes scanned over the frame, with a single simple up and down. The cloak was likely a keepsake. Something left by a family member, or someone special, someone who meant something to them. The eye was strange, but what wasn't strange in Blairville? What seemed to draw the young man's attention the most, however, wasn't any of these strange things surrounding the mysterious figure. It was their bare feet. "Ah, I see." No. No he did not. The young man still reached around the bottom of his robe, grasping at the well-crafted fabrics, and tensing up. His guild would be furious with him if he damaged his robe. A few millisecond flicks of his mind later, and Karilius figured out a solution to this puzzle. His fingers nimbly undid the buckles of his shoes, and with a flick of his cane, as well as an arcane word, he polished them, both leather boots completely cleaned of any dirt, grime, or sweat. The process was easy enough to repeat, with his socks as well, the man now as barefoot as Alcys themself. And, without missing a beat, the man handed off his shoes and socks to the shorter figure. "If you run around like that all day, you're going to get blisters, and that wouldn't be good at all. Here, take mine. They won't fit perfect, but they'll provide a little bit of support, okay?" There was a tender quiet between the two of them. His voice sounded less like a stranger, more like a friend, as if he were trying to share some kind of simple treasure between the two of them. Yellowed eyes pulled tight, and his lips curled into a calm, lethargic smile, as he offered the stranger the shoes off of his feet(cleaned via magic, otherwise it would be unsanitary!). Like it was the most natural thing in the world. "Don't worry, you don't need to pay me back. I can afford to let go of a pair of shoes or two, with how my life's going. What kind of a person would I be if I turned my back on someone in need?" Karilius stood himself up, and straightening himself completely, as his own feet hit the cool stonework, the uneven surface of it digging into his soles as he started off, stopping only once he reached the end of the alleyway. The pale man turned back, making eye contact with the one peculiar eye of the stranger, flashing his teeth in a bigger smile. "If you ever need help, make sure to come to Prometheus Banking and Security, alright? We're happy to help." Now, he could continue putting up his flyers! Just twenty-something of the things left, before he could return to work, happily putting himself on the line to help others, and make a profit to fund his ventures. His cane hit the ground with a clack, one now unaccompanied by the steps of his boots, as he strolled on down, lethargically putting up flyers, one after another, on little notice boards for the many different communities within Blairville, ensuring that each one got a little note on the Initiative, before moving on to the next one. Strolling through the streets, lethargically enjoying the climate of the city, the hustle, the bustle, the constant movement of people throughout the streets, the footsteps of the crowds giving the city a life, a heartbeat, all its own. Easy enough to follow. Easy enough to remain content with his simple speed. However, his usually peaceful demeanor found itself broken, the life force of the city blunted in his perceptions, within moments. Moments in which a tall man, obviously not of the mage class, from his garb, had shoved a one-armed girl aside, knocking her into the stonework of a building, with his shoulder. Realistically, Karilius would have found no fault in just the action. The woman hadn't been looking where she was going, stumbling without pace or awareness, and the man had been on the right side of the walkway, as he thudded into her. It was a simple, quiet maneuver, the likes of which most wouldn't bother to glance again at. But then, man and posse both snickered, hyenas indulging in the misfortune of a clearly harmed individual. Whether it was due to the awkwardness of the situation, a joke one of them had made, or something else entirely, Karilius didn't care. The issue wasn't that it happened, the issue was the response to it. The lazy speed with which he'd been strolling throughout Blairville, thoughtlessly putting up posters, was replaced, instead a blur of motion as he sprung off of his feet, towards the men, the navy-blue-robed young man closing the distance in a matter of instants. As those sickly yellowed eyes glared up at the man, Karilius ensured he had the man's attention, tapping his shoulder with his cane, and waiting for the man to turn around. The posse, including a man, a woman clutching at his arm, and a skinny twig of a man, all turned, while the larger, portly figure found himself looking at a young man. Booze wafted off of his breath like noxious fumes, and his own blue eyes found Karilius' yellows. The two men stared at each other for but a moment, before the mage opened his lips, his words escaping from him with measured precision, like crossbow shots. "I don't care if you want to be inconsiderate in your own homes. Or in bars. That's not my business." The man's posse turned to each other, confused, some snickering, others questioning if Karilius was 'for real'. But the man himself stared down Karilius, watching the young mage with a snarling irritation, while grinding his teeth. "But in the streets of Blairville, you are a representative of all of us. And you should not be an inconsiderate one. Even a passing 'sorry' or 'are you okay' is enough to prove you at least acknowledged and felt sorry for what you did." "Oh? Sorry, wiz-kid. She was on the wrong side of the walkway. Shouldn't the dumb cripple be the one to apologize to me?" Booze-stained breath leeched off of his words, the portly man's indignation at being called out by this nobody, this useless brat, plainly visible, as he leaned in close, hand balled into a fist. "You both should have. In an ideal world." There was an impartiality that seemed to take both man and posse aback. Silence, for a moment. Then bursting laughter, followed by a palm to Karilius' chest, the impact knocking the mage backwards, stumbling a few steps, as his toes curled to gain traction. "Fuck-ever, kid. Get the fuck outta the way, don't have time for rambling dipwads." The man's shoulder collided with Karilius', knocking the young man aside, as he turned over his shoulder, glaring. He brimmed with disbelieving indignation at this attitude, at this liquored-up lush, who took the name of Blairville so simply, who strolled around in the city streets as if it were his own home. Karilius clicked his tongue, a static noise of frustration, before turning and launching himself down the alleyway, flat-footed steps echoing with loud slaps along the walls, as he lurched to chase down the scarred girl. It took him all of a minute to catch up, the speed of the conversation and his feet both bringing him to the green-eyed girl. "Excuse me! Miss!" He wasn't as well-humored as he'd have liked. Too serious for that. Too passionate to let jokes escape from his lips in a time of hurt, or suffering. He had little he could offer someone so harmed, so brutalized by life's coarse machinations. Bowing his head, Karilius did what only he could do. "I apologize. For their attitudes. It was wrong of them to laugh at you, to treat you like that. On behalf of Blairville, I want to implore that you not think us all such ill-meaning folk." His head remained bowed, as his voice echoed off of the stonework. His eyes drifted to the cold gray cobblestone, but his vision was past that, trying to siphon what little of the mood he could manage between the two of them. His fingers, curled into fists, buried nails into skin, shoveling past a layer of skin in order to draw red ink from the wells of his mortal vessel. Slowly, cautiously, the young man raised his head, hoping that she hadn't merely left him behind. He had no right to chase her down. But he at least wanted her to know that not all people were like that man, more liquor than blood. "If there's anything I can do to make up for his transgressions, please, don't hesitate to ask. It would be immoral of me to allow you to be wronged, and not offer aid in some way."
  3. BiggieSmalls

    "Extending a Hand" - OOC Topic

    @azuranth @Grubbistch @Aleksei @KittyvonCupcake @Zashiii Yo! Since I'm gonna be getting to post two tomorrow sometime around morning(like, 13 hours until I start? Maybe a little bit more?), I figured now was a good time to message everybody who was interested in joining up in the RP, to let them know that the OOC is gonna be out here, if you wanna talk on anything or work something out with each other, along with myself.
  4. BiggieSmalls

    The Prometheus Initiative

    For those of you who are interested in joining, I'm just throwing this in here since I see that there are people following the thread. This is the beginning of the Prometheus Initiative, as well as the first recruitment Thread. If you're interested in joining, just throw a post in here, and we can set stuff up!
  5. BiggieSmalls

    The Prometheus Initiative

    @Akiris It's a nice mission statement because it's the general purview of the Initiative itself. In some ways, we have to accept that there's a difference between magic crimes and nonmagical crimes. The government might have crafted a very simple statement regarding the extremity of magical crimes, but in the same way that I believe that the Safeguard act wasn't specific enough, I believe that "magical crimes" is too broad a term to use for something like this. For example, a theft using a magic hand and a theft using your bare hands should have the same punishments, but hijacking people's minds to accomplish a crime, for example, Should have a more expensive toll to it. Because that's something you can't do just with regular, mundane abilities. Magical crimes, in many senses, can and should be more expensive, provided that magic can accomplish things that no other crimes can, and we need to be reasonable and treat it as such. We're seeing solutions that are too extreme on either side. There needs to be an active opportunity to actually find a common ground between these two "you cannot regulate any of our magics" and "all magics must be regulated on threat of death". Neither of these are feasible solutions to the problem of magic being inherently more dangerous or more creatively applied for what it is capable of doing, criminally. As a biology major, I fully understand what you mean regarding the expensiveness of magical research and development. Which is why as the first act of the Initiative, I created a method of financial security that in a war-torn, dangerous city like Blairville, with its isolated subcultures and its activity as basically its set of subcities within a larger megacity, would allow such a business to thrive. As stated in the Promethean Banking and Security page, things like keeping family keepsakes secure, offering security consultations on how to best protect your goods and services without needing to turn to the bank, offering to build up secure defenses for important locales(including for non-guild-affiliated individuals and groups), speculative investing, and actual banking, these funds will go towards not only the growth of the banking operation itself, but also towards the development of the Initiative as an organization. Its beginning steps are economically rooted, to provide for the funding and materials necessary, and as we build up, we'll be happy to adopt the aid of other groups in order to have foundations to work off of. Creating things from scratch would be infeasible, which is why we're happy to co-opt existing magical abilities and spells and repurpose them to create magical items that can be used and sold to improve the quality of life and increase economic growth, while minimizing research costs. For example, the usage of mages who wield cold magics to freeze objects pushed instead towards the maintenance of refrigeration systems to allow better transfer of perishable materials, like meats and other such foods. Handing off their magic would gut many guilds financially, and we don't expect individuals to simply do that. We'd be happy to allow guilds to participate in the initiative. We're not trying to monopolize the market, as much as we're trying to change the way magic is looked at and researched. I imagine many of those older, more powerful guilds would be happy studying and learning about the arcane secrets of the universe, of the planes of reality that we cannot see, and the greater aspects of reality that need to be adjusted. But I imagine that they probably wouldn't care much if an organization studied some random method of cleaning debris from condemned buildings more easily and safely. I don't think that the guilds seeking the great powers arcane would get upset if we invented a magical means of preventing food from perishing and utilized not only that, but crafted a way for that "icebox" to be transferred long distances without losing its cold. Our goal is to succeed in fixing the problems of the everyman, or, in more obvious terms, improving the quality of life of all of the NPCs within Terrenus by changing magical item production from something ancient and secret to another means of problem solving. I hope that this addresses some of your concerns regarding the initiative. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to discuss the general idea of how the Initiative plans on functioning.
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    Extending a Hand

    "You have got to be kidding me." The voice that spoke was shocked, in a mixture of frustration and disbelief, as it addressed its fellow speaker. A golden-eyed young man leaned over a balcony, the High Towers' Mage Guild presiding over a particularly small segment of one of many entertainment sectors within Blairville. The golden-eyed man's snowy hair seemed out of place in the building heat, as if it should have long melted from his head. But no. It remained slicked comfortably back, pressed down against the top of the young man's head. Pale, folded hands rested on the warm metal railing of the balcony, each one wringing the other in slow, deliberate motions. Finally, the pale young man flashed his redheaded companion a smile. A knowing one. The kind of gentle, inviting smile that seemed to be plastered on his face whenever he finished his learnings at the tower. "No. No no no." The redhead shook his head vigorously, irritation spreading across his freckled features. "No way. The headmasters ignored your little business, since you've maintained your studies, but this? This is downright insane, Kar!" Slightly tanned hands reached out and grabbed at the snowy-haired young man, squeezing his shoulders and shaking the poor kid back and forth, toussling his entire body as if it were made of paper. An awkward laugh resounded from the white-haired man, whose smile never faded despite his rough treatment. Though he did grunt in frustration when his head began lolling back and forth with each shake. "Alek, c'mon! It's a good idea!" The snowy-haired young man, Kar, grasped at his redheaded companion's wrists, prying them from his shoulders. That ginger-sweet smile that spread across his features seemed altogether too kind. Unbelievably so. As if there were some kind of mischievous energy beneath it, blossoming like a flower inside of him. Alek could feel it. His already pale hands were white-knuckled with worry and nerves, and energy that made each slim finger like a snake, coiled around him. "I can do it." That smooth, tenor voice. It sounded as if he were speaking to family, not to a mere friend. "I can make this change happen." His fingers loosened around Alek's wrists, freeing the now-reddened skin for the redhead's grasp to fall at his sides. The slightly taller Alek cautiously eyed his friend up and down. He went to speak, only for Kar to cut him off. "And if I don't, I can't just wait for someone else to. It's not right to the people struggling while they wait for me." There was a somber timbre to his voice now. Something old and quiet, hushed like waves lapping across a wreckage. In that moment, it was as if Kar could see every act of suffering, and vocalized the miseries it wrought about within the tangling blood vessels around his heart, the crushing grasp of his sorrows and uncertainties made clear as day. The quiet, hushed moment seemed to extend between the two of them. Alek had no words for Kar. Kar couldn't bring himself yet again to speak. Both young men were aware of the strains. Of the suffering of the people below. The terroristic actions against a controlling government resulting in casualties that were yet to be bound to either side. Uncertain folks barely clinging to life as both government agents and spell-wielding vigilantes took those futures into their hands, unprompted. Until now, Karilius had been content to watch, hoping things would work out. A child in an uncaring world, naively believing that things would change while he remained concerned with his own comforts. But now... Now he couldn't do that any longer. It had taken weeks. Perhaps a much shorter time than most would have thought, to come up with this plan. Aleksandre seemed shocked at the mere idea that Karilius had come up with this massive-scoped plan, and a means of accomplishing it, in a matter of weeks. But Kar had the motivation of violence behind him. Violence against the innocents who had done nothing wrong. Against people who had been doing naught but their jobs. "You sure?" The redhead spoke in a calm, quiet whisper, shattering the glass box of thought that isolated them from the outside world. The white-haired mage nodded, slowly, to assure his friend. This was the beginning of it all. The beginning of change. "Fine. But you get to face the Guild Council on this one. I'm not touching it." Kar gave a loud, hopeful laugh, his green-eyed friend watching him with a less-than-amused look, as the white-haired young man turned towards the balcony opening. "Well. Here goes nothing, then." Karilius, took his robe from the chair next to him, hefting it up, and flourishing it, an arcane, ghastly hand appearing to help him slide the robe around his figure. Navy blues and golden trim complimented his snowy skin, and his golden eyes seemed content to wander towards his feet, black shoes clattering against the floor as he approached the guildmasters' hall. Better late than never. Less than a week later, that same white-haired mage was putting up flyers, sticking adhesive flyers to walls, having paid his redheaded friend comfortably to craft them. A large white sun, with an outstretched hand reaching towards it. The papers themselves were labeled "The Prometheus Initiative" on top. Below the sun and hand was a simple line. "Foundation for the Accessibility of Magic and Economization of Spell Abilities seeks Mages to Join in Business and Social Pursuits. If Interested in Assisting in the Initiative, Come to the Promethean Banking and Security Building, on 12th and Sigilcrest." Despite his skinny frame and lack of muscle, the young man seemed to have been working hard as he jumped through the ethnically diverse districts, finally making his way to a larger market district, as he stuck the adhesive paper to another wall. His permit folded up and placed within a medallion around his neck, able to be popped open and revealed at the slightest provocation. Of which he'd had twelve today alone. Karilius didn't mind. He'd found a few mages here and there who were interested in the ideas he'd had to offer. Who listened to him over their own guildmasters. People who were giving him a legitimate chance. People who asked questions, who would listen to his concerns when he let them spill forth. Sure, juggling this advertisement of the foundation itself with his day job at his banking and security firm and his studies(his uncle's requirement for the guild's cooperation with his "selfish" goal) left him with little more than four or five hours of sleep everyday. But it was worth it to enact the change Blairville needed. He hoped. He looked up at the sun, to that outstretched hand reaching towards it. The bags under his eyes made his tender gaze towards his self-designed banner seem that much more tempered and uncertain, as he reached out, placing his fingertips along the sun, and flattening it up against the wall. Maybe the design was a little bit off. The hand should've been holding a piece of the sun, to offer it to the people. But it was too late for that. He was, fortunately, knocked out of his brooding as a passing cart nudged into his back, and flattened him up against the wall, his chest flattened up against the wall as he was squashed. He couldn't help but grunt in discomfort from it, as his robe hooked onto a wheel spoke. Noting it before any damage occurred, Karilius flicked his wrist, and an arcane hand formed, lifting his robe from the wheel spoke before it pulled him off in whatever direction. A few of the common folk, merchants and passersby, gave him a strange look. As if expecting more. Expecting him to zap the wheel spoke. Indeed, with the scar running down the side of his face, his snowy white hair, and his golden, sickly eyes and dark robe, he seemed more the part of a villainous mage than a simple one. His slicked back hair only added to that feel, too! But instead of allowing himself to run amock with magic, he instead turned back, placing another flyer up against the wall, pinning it in place, and smiling, the travelers, merchants, and customers all ignoring him upon realizing he was just letting the cart that'd hit him leave. His smile spread open again, thin lips parting to reveal pearly teeth, as he stuck another flyer up against the wall, this time of a small spellbook-vellum shop. No. This symbol would be fine. It was of all of the people, reaching for the sun together, trying to touch the future that they truly, deeply hoped for. It would more than make due. It was perfect for him.
  7. BiggieSmalls

    Church On The Hill [Currently: Feast Event!]

    [COTH: Outskirts] Albereich's steely-blue eyes focused, flicking from the footprint itself to the area around it. Drinking in the wet environment as if it were a painting worth the time and energy to appreciate. The creature itself was quite dry, save for the footsteps, and as his boots dug into the softened dirt, he could feel a brisk chill gathering around his toes. No splashes or splatters of water had gathered outside of the footprints, so it was clearly something with a strange, innately magical nature. Something that passively either gave off the elements of cold or water. More likely cold, judging by the cool dirt beneath his heel. Tired? Al inwardly groaned. No splatters of blood or dragged feet. No sign of injury. If anything, it was more like a massive man had lubricated his tongue a few drinks too many, and in his haste, had forgotten how quickly liquor passed through a man's belly. A few steps were off-kilter, but the lethargic, simple pace, the space between each step, gave no true energy. Of course not. What panicked energy would a giant have to face? The gourmet woodsman's tongue clicked inside of his mouth at the thought of the creature, massive and lumbering, making its way into the woods. His grip on the hilts of his shortswords loosened, and he no longer took steps to measure the indents. No, he seemed to glide behind the trees, the dark browns of his clothing, and the lack of shiny armor letting him blend in with the tree trunks as he slipped behind them, half-bowed to prevent from having to dislodge any flora from its precarious position. Using them as shields from the giant. Myth might have stated giants ripped these up from the ground, but the woodsman knew better. Even just yanking the stump up was too much for a normal man. The giant would need a strength over twice its size equivalent to tear a tree up bare-handedly. At least, that was the gamble. And upon arrival, he was grateful to think that the creature probably couldn't tear a massive tree, roots and all, from the ground. On the flip side of this realization, he would have had to deal with something else entirely. A sword that could bisect cattle as easily as Al could dice tomato. Undoubtedly a giant, and undoubtedly drunk, the creature had strolled into the woodlands to take a piss. Welp. He'd imagined it would be in a weakened state when it had arrived, and what was weaker than a man who was busy pissing? Albereich's gaze turned away. You just didn't stare at a man doing his business. It was right plain wrong to do. The woodsman's hands quickly came to rest at his hips, and the woodland warrior had to process the information. It didn't take long to parse through the hints he had. Nobody was screaming about "giants here to eat our children!", so it was clearly something that was allowed within or nearby the village. It'd come from there, after all. So it was clearly either a welcome guest or a terrorizing despot. Both things he had no right as a mere woodsman to intervene with. City life was too complex that way. The thing was drunk during a festival, so it was likely participating. That ruled out the despot. Despots, according to myth and legend, never partied. People would spike their drinks with poison too often, and that would make this a poor despot indeed, getting drunk on the night of a festival. A sigh left Albereich's lips, and the woodsman simply waited, even with the staggering giant sending ripples of motion through the flora and fauna with its backstep. The simple man's balance was unperturbed, causing him to take a single half-step, instead of bothering to worry about his balance. The creature wouldn't fall on him if it fell backwards. Still... Not a good plan to reveal himself to the giant. Well. It'd been a while since he used that. Albereich, this simple, unassuming woodsman, closed both of his eyes. Maybe he should have eaten instead of come out and find this mysterious existence? No. This was important. Frost giants in the area meant that they likely had a leader somewhere nearby, and if it wasn't a threat now, it needed to be parleyed with to stay that way. Imagine the tether... See it in your mind's eye. The woodsman took in a long, deep breath, before letting his left eye open. His head half-turned towards the creature, watching it and, of course, seeing that long, green tether of flame. Something that none besides himself would notice. It connected with the back of the giant's head, unnoticed, as if on the plane ethereal instead of the material world. His single open eye had turned that same sickly, acidic green, as he watched the creature finish shaking its dick. He could probably follow the creature back home now, even if it ran. It's lethargic, drunken pace would be no match for his top speed. The woodsman didn't know, of course, that a flame danced within his acidic eye. Flickers of licking flames barely visible within his uniquely-colored gaze. The food could still wait. Not for very long, mind, but still. @Vansin
  8. BiggieSmalls

    The Prometheus Initiative

    @Akiris The intention of the Prometheus Initiative regarding the Safeguard is that, while it is a potential waste of government resources, that the idea behind it isn't inherently wrong or evil and can contribute to society. Though I won't be able to work this into canon for a while, the Initiative's goal is to, instead of forcing all mages to devote themselves to the Safeguard's goal, to instead make registering for the Safeguard a voluntary action, to produce banners that will specify that individuals are certified to do certain jobs. The future Karilius Oelin sees is one where a mage who isn't considered dangerous to the public(the common folk, the everydayman), doesn't need to sign up, but where signing up does have benefits to that individual. A good example of this would be whether or not a locksmith who used magic in order to enforce his locks and make them stronger could sign up for the Safeguard, and get tax cuts on his business, if he so desired. Antagonizing individuals who don't wish to sign up has, clearly, done nothing valuable to the community, instead splintering it and splitting it. And while Karilius himself would welcome being listed in the Safeguard documents with open arms, the Initiative's stance on it is that the Safeguard as it is does not function to improve the community, and will take its backlash into consideration before working with the governments of Terrenus in order to create a more reasonable alternative. TL;DR: We understand that it upsets mages and with their extremely potent reaction to its attempts to integrate, we believe that the legislature and functionality of this law should be revised and looked into, to instead function as a benefit for those who wish to work with the government on maintaining censuses on magical powers, rather than a forced attempt to control these individuals and force them to comply outright through violence.
  9. BiggieSmalls

    The Prometheus Initiative

    @Fierach Don't be ridiculous, my friend. I might be starting up businesses that utilize this, but the end goal isn't to take all of the means of production away from the people, but to instead make magic more commonly available for everybody to take advantage of. And everyone has the potential to be this "homo-superior"s, everyone can do magic, it's not some fancypants, schmancy thing that only a few people have access to. So why not make EVERYBODY homo-superiors? Besiiides... A magic-fueled economy is better for EVERYBODY. Let's make us a magic-fueled economy so that we can give everybody supertools that will unavoidably be abused in ways they weren't intended for use in. Like a sonic vibrating rubble cleaner being used as a weapon, or a water purifier being hijacked by terrorists. Let's see where these new magical inventions can go!
  10. BiggieSmalls

    The Prometheus Initiative

    The Prometheus Initiative "The Future of Magic is in Social Progress" -The Prometheus Initiative's Motto- The world is a strange, interesting place. Terrenus especially has undergone strange changes, and continues to undergo worrying social and political events, ranging from the Civil War going on in the cities, to the Guild Wars going on in Blairville(brought about thanks to the Safeguard Riots), to the elimination of the security of the common folks' jobs in Hell's Gate, to the conflicts between humanoids and undead in Tia, the civilization within Terrenus is undergoing massive political revolution and change, and thanks to the escalation of conflicts, magic continues to be a source of death and destruction, used as much as a weapon as an axe or sword. Fireballs sear individuals within the streets, organizations with magical clout wield mages like soldiers, and assist in the destabilization of governments, leading to an outcome of war and suffering, where magical knowledge will become commonplace as a weapon, a tool, meant to inflict one person's will onto others, and take control of them through brute force. On top of that, despite the widespread nature of magic, it remains a relatively insignificant part of the lives of the common folk, who rely on their old tools and old ways in order to ensure that things get done, albeit in a way that is rife with inefficiencies. Despite the everyman's access to magical prowess, the mages who would teach them how to apply it to the tools of their trade remain in lofty towers, restrained by their studies, religions, and searches for arcane secrets. This only widens the gap between mages and the common folk, resulting in magic being relatively unused, treated as a strange anomaly amongst individuals, with social progress between these different power groups coming to a screeching, grinding halt, as the search for magical power and secrets of the universe, knowledge that will help individuals understand and secure their own place in the universe, but offer nothing else of substance to the common folk, becomes the norm. However, one mage has decided to try and change that, by starting up a movement he refers to as the Prometheus Initiative. The Prometheus Initiative's goal is to demystify the arcane arts amongst the people, teaching individuals how to wield magics to better their situations, by introducing specific, economically-assisting arcane arts to the common folk. Amongst the P.I.'s goals are the demystification of magic through exposure at all levels of society, the adjustment of the current economic system to allow a new middle-class skilled laborer, introduced in the form of the Mage-wright(a working-class mage), the training of all magical-prowess-having individuals in order to harness their abilities, to use magic to increase the general quality of life of all people at all levels of social class, and the change of magical research from unknowable secrets and warmaking to developing magical tools to improve quality of life and occupational opportunity for the mage-wright class. Hey everybody! Biggie Smalls here! I'm putting this up because I'm curious about whether or not individuals in the community would be interested in joining the Prometheus Initiative, something that I've started through Promethean Banking and Security, an organization built around the idea of mages applying their abilities in order to create businesses that could thrive in ways traditional businesses would not be able to, through the usage of magic. Stuff like magical glyphs and trap runes being used by business mages who would, upon payment, provide arcane runes, locks, and security in the form of charming and enchanting areas to make them more difficult to invade or take over. As I'm sure you can tell, the general goal of the Prometheus Initiative is to improve the quality of life of people with magic. So, if you're interested in joining an organization to apply magic in creative ways to solve the problems of the everyman, and restructure the economy of the world through magical prowess and smart business decisions, feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a message in this thread! If you have any questions about the initiative, feel free to leave them here too, I'd be happy to respond to any questions you guys have!
  11. BiggieSmalls

    Promethean Banking and Security

    Promethean Banking and Security Brief Concept Promethean Banking and Security is the first business created by self-proclaimed Mage-Wright Karilius Oelin, and the beginning of his, hopefully, chain of magic innovation organizations. His first magical business is centered around the idea of protection in a turbulent time, both fiscally and physically. It treats the arcane arts of protection not as a means of personal protection or of hiding ancient secrets, but instead as a means to protect the livelihood, materials, and well-being of the everyman, using money gained out of this in order to invest in the peoples' ability to improve their quality of life, through moneylending for pursuits such as education and housing. Idea (abstract) Promethean Banking and Security is a banking firm that offers a number of exclusive services to its clientele. The organization functions as a security-measures implementation firm, a store-box holding facility, a security consultation firm, a moneylending service, and an investment firm. Each of these is used in order to make money or improve the quality of life of their clients, as well as empower the organization itself. Idea (specific) Promethean Banking and Security is a large bank building with a number of storage vaults beneath the property that are used in order to keep customers' materials safe. The bank itself bares the Promethean brand mark, a large gold-white sun, above its doors, with a hand outstretched towards the sun as if to grasp it. The building itself is pure white, kept that way by its owner who comes in early to clean off any stray marks. The building itself is located within Blairville, on the corners of 12th and Sigilcrest, the two streets meeting to show off a large building with glass doors and a beautiful gold-white sun mark, with an outstretched hand. It is located nearby two arcanist's study shops, and is only about two blocks from a large residential district, where most of its customers live. It's difficult to find if you don't know the city's layout, but if you head to Jedediah's Butchery: So Good It's Magic!, then you've gone three blocks too far West. This building was the passion project and love of Karilius Oelin, created for him to begin his Prometheus Initiative, which involves the innovation and change of magic from a source of immense wonder into something more simple, for the common folk to be able to apply to their every day lives, as well as using this change of magic as something mystical and unknowable into something far more accessable in order to make it so that a skilled mage-worker class can take root in Terrenus, replacing outdated methods of creation and improving the quality of life of all people by making all things more readily available. This building is a bank and security firm, and offers the following: 1. Moneylending Services. Providing loans and letters of credit to individuals for them to be able to obtain things that they might not be able to actually afford(see: housing, schooling, etc.), in exchange for payments with interest back. 2. Item Safekeeping Services. Safety deposit boxes located in the bank itself that are used as charge in order to keep individuals' important things safe, such as family heirlooms, cash, materials that can't be taken on a journey, etc. 3. Security Consultation. Basically, offering solutions to issues involving how to keep a location or object safe without putting it in the bank's safety deposit boxes. How to keep a guildhall's coffers safe, what kinds of mundane locks work the best, what kind of spells will protect a location or set alarms, etc. 4. Speculation and Investment Services. Offering for wealthier clients to be able to have the bank invest coin on their behalf in order to make a great deal of money that the bank takes a small cut of, in exchange for helping the wealthy clients becoming more rich. 5. Security. Offering to use their magical spells and abilities in order to keep locales safe using their own magics instead of just consultations in order to help people figure stuff out, the bank will spare no expense in order to ensure that these things are safe through the use of refreshable magical locks, glyphs that contain spells, alarm spells, damaging trap runes, and other such innovative techniques. Personnel Ownership: Karilius Oelin. This young mage innovator is the owner and founder of Promethean Banking & Security. His jobs are many, ranging from maintenance of the building's magics and charms, to securing locales outside of the building, to arranging business meetings with individuals who might make his initiative more realized. Generally, he is a well-meaning young man, with a mixture of idealism and realism tangled together, struggling amongst one another. Workers(Interactable) Magdie Llowelyn, Receptionist - Maintain comfortable relations with newcomers and people coming in, as well as arranging meetings and helping Karilius manage his time. Mages(Working Force) - Responsible for the bank's security, as well as securing other locales, consultations, and other odd jobs depending on their spells. Daril Worthbright, Investor - Help individuals decide what new fangled thing, technology, or business is worth investment in through studies of current events and economic trends. Lenders - Make deals and contracts that allow individuals to obtain large amounts of money as loans. Bankers - Deal with materials that go into the storeboxes, as well as taking in deposits and handling withdrawals for customers of the bank. Hotspots The locations within the Promethean Banking and Security Main Building that characters would be able to go to would be: -Security Consultation Rooms -Head of Operations' Room(Karilius' Office) -Receptionist's Desk -Banking/Moneylending Team's Desk -Magical Storebox Hall -Speculation and Investment Services Rooms Opportunities The following are opportunities for quests that players could undergo:(S = Simple, C = Complex) -(S) Invest Money in different fields for returned cash -(S) Obtain money in order to change character's stations in life -(C) Join with Karilius' business ventures, in order to help change the foundation of Terrenus' social attitudes towards magic. -(C) Heist from Promethean Banking & Security -(S) Use the available storeboxes in order to keep their valuables safe.
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    Karilius Oelin

    "We live in an age where magic is readily available to even the most downtrodden of folk, and still the archwizards high in their towers proclaim that they must uncover its secrets. I shall not be among them. Instead, I seek a world not where the secrets of wizardry are found, but instead a world where all its powers shall be harnessed for the good of the common folk." -Karilius Oelin, Founder and President of Promethean Banking and Security | Name: Karilius Oelin | Alias: N/A | Sobriquet: N/A | Title: President and Chief Operator of the Promethean Banking and Security | Actual Age: 25 | Apparent Age: 23 | Date of Birth: 4/18 | Race: Human | Gender: Male | Height: 5'8" | Weight: 132lbs | Dominant Side: Right-handed | Physique: Skinny and Slim | Eyes: Burgeoning Gold | Hair color: Snowy White | Hair style: Slicked-back | Skin Tincture: Pale White | Domicile: Blairville | Region: Terrenus | Affiliations: Promethean Banking and Security; High Towers Blairville Magic Guild | Occupations: Banker; Chief Operating Officer of the Promethean Banking and Security; Chief Executive Officer of Promethean Banking and Security; Chief Security Specialist of Promethean Banking and Security; Lead Investor of Promethean Banking and Security | Nature: Quiet, Passionate, Methodical, and Nonviolent. | Alignment: Lawful Good | Deity: N/A | Soft Spot: The Working Class | Likes: Cats(though they seem to have issues with him); the smiles of children; bringing relief and comfort to others | Dislikes: Short-sighted attitudes; The abuse of the lower-class; Ignorance; Impracticality; Coffee without Sugars; Mage Superiority Attire -- | Upper Body: A long, deep navy robe that he often wears, with a golden collar and sleeve cuffs. The sash around the middle of it hides the fact that underneath, he wears a lovely white shirt that he works hard to keep clean. | Lower Body: A pair of navy blue pants, soft and silken, with a black belt and golden buckle. | Footgear: Black dress shoes Gear -- | Staff/Cane: Arcane Focus Length: 36 inches Material: Polished Blackwood, with a silver handle and grip | Spellbook: As a well-experienced mage, Karilius has picked up a large number of tricks over the years, fifteen spells of varying abilities and types at his command, beckoned into being by his very will. However, thanks to this, he has undergone a very particular trade off, in that the vast majority of his spells take extended periods of time to cast, ranging from ten minutes to an hour of casting before the effects come into reality. On top of that, his abilities are, for the most part, incredibly specific, and despite their appearances, only affect reality in very particular ways. In this case, some of his abilities, which might have otherwise been able to affect the environment around him to advantage or disadvantage, instead do not, limited in scope only to their specific uses. Each of his abilities will have a cast-time included next to it in parentheses. Repair(1 Minute) - This spell allows Karilius to repair a break or tear in an object that he can touch with his staff. As long as the break or is no longer than one foot in any dimension and is nonmagical, when this spell resolves, the object is mended and there is no trace of the previous damage. Arthur's Grasp(Immediate) - This spell allows Karilius to create a visible, floating ghost hand. The hand can do a variety of things, such as manipulate objects, open and close doors, stow or retrieve items, or pour out the contents of vials, and is among his most versatile spells, however, it cannot affect living creatures, activate items imbued with arcane properties, or carry more than ten pounds of materials. Mage's Trick(Immediate) - This spell allows Karilius to create a particular effect, each effect doing different, harmless, things, including and limited to: creating an intantaneous, harmless sensory effect(such as visible sparks or the audible flapping of wings); instantly snuffing or lighting a small fire(this fire cannot catch on objects worn by creatures, and will not spread); Instantly clean or soil an object no larger than 1 cubic foot; chill, warm, or flavor up to 1 cubic foot of nonliving material for a single hour; create a small mark, color, or illusory symbol on a surface that lasts for a single hour; creating an illusory image that fits in the palm of his hand that lasts for only ten seconds. Illusion(Immediate) - This spell allows Karilius to create an illusory sound or object within 30ft of him that lasts for up to 1 minute. If creating an image, it can be no larger than a 5ft cube. Alarm(11 Minutes) - After selecting a door, window, or area within 30ft of him, Karilius can select either himself or another individual present upon the spell's casting to know when any living creature opens the door or window, or touches or enters the warded area. When using this ability, Karilius can choose a number of creatures who will not trigger this alarm. The alarm itself lasts for 8 hours. Invisible Servant(11 Minutes) - This spell creates an invisible, shapeless, mindless force that can accomplish mundane tasks, such as fetch objects, clean, mend objects, fold clothes, light fires, serve food, pour wine, or other such mundane tasks. It is ineffective at combat, and the distortions it causes in the world are visible as it moves about. Any damage done to the force will cause it to immediately disperse. If not attacked or damaged, the force lasts for a single hour. It also dissipates if it moves more than 60ft from Karilius. Familiar(71 Minutes) - This spell is one of the only three spells Karilius knows that do not disperse over time. This spell summons a single hawk that acts independently, but always obeys his commands, mental or verbal. While within 100ft of Karilius, the familiar and Karilius can speak to each other through telepathy. He can also utilize its senses, in order to spy through the creature, though he is blinded and deafened to his own senses upon doing so. Finally, this creature can be banished from him, to be summoned again later. However, this creature is neither immortal nor invincible, and dies just as easily as a regular hawk would. Karilius is not notified immediately of the creature's death through magic, and is only made aware of it under the specific instance that he attempts to banish and resummon it, in which case it will not show. He may also make a logical deduction upon seeing the creature's corpse. Magical Detection(11 Minutes) - Karilius opens his senses to the aether with this spell, and for ten minutes, he can detect the presence of any magical abilities or spells, as long as he is not separated from the source by 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of common lead or dirt. Grease(Instantaneous) - Karilius uses this spell to create a temporary grease sheet, 10ft long by 10ft wide, on a surface he can see. The area becomes slick and slippery, difficult to slip through, though it is very noticeable upon summoning. This sheet lasts for only 1 minute. Embiggen/Desmallify(Instantaneous) - This spell weaves aether to either make something large, or make something smaller. It cannot be used on an unwilling target, and cannot be applied to something either worn or carried, along with plant life. When enlarged, the creature is empowered physically. When reduced in size, the creature is much weaker, but can get into areas where it otherwise might not be able. These effects last for up to one minute. Phase Lock(11 Minutes) - This spell alters the position of the clicks within a lock instantaneously, forever, creating a perpetual motion machine within the insides of a lock. This makes it immensely hard to pickpocket, or open, and results in a nearly impenetrable lock by normal means. However, he can also select any creature present when he is casting this spell who can also open the lock, in order to ensure that they can open the lock normally. He can also create a password that deactivates the lock mechanism temporarily, for a single minute. Nondetection(11 Minutes) - This spell allows the wielder to hide a single object, creature, or space from magical sensors for up to 8 hours. They cannot be perceived by magical sensors, scrying, divining, or through any other means. However, if the target of this spell is a creature, it must be willing. Hypnotic Pattern(Instantaneous) - This spell allows the user to create a twisting pattern of colors within a 30ft cube that distracts the mentally incapable, causing them to become motionless and quiet, silently incapacitated for up to a single minute. The effects of this spell are dispelled if the creature is moved or harmed. Glyph(60 Minutes) - Karilius uses this spell the most often, as it is his last "eternal" spell. This spell requires a large amount of preptime and very particular materials beyond his cane, but when it is used, it can create one of two things. The first is an elemental rune that could explode upon contact or movement, or under the effects of a simple trigger, such as "if someone opens a door nearby this rune". However, he can also set triggers of his own for the runes, as specific as he deems necessary. The same trigger qualifications apply to his second rune, a spell rune, which can contain a single magical spell that either he or someone else can cast, within a very specific power limitation. | Backstory Karilius Oelin is a very accomplished young man from Blairville, a mage with very little known about him prior to his years within the institutions arcane. However, what little is known about him is revealed in his childhood, where he lived as a farm boy until the age of ten, where his parents sent him to Blairville with his uncle, a low-ranking mage within the High Towers Mages' Guild. Karilius quickly surpassed his uncle, but always kept a young farm boy's opinions about the world, treating all people as interconnected, and believing that magic existed solely for the benefit of the people, to raise people of all walks of life as high up as it could manage, and establish a comfortable quality of living for all people. This went against High Towers' idea of magic, treating it as an isolated, beautiful existence, for the enlightment, rather than the betterment, of mankind. Quickly becoming disillusioned with the guild, Karilius instead studied noncombative and non-secret-obtaining magics, in the hopes of beginning an immense plan, the likes of which would, if he were able, shatter the foundations of Terrenus itself, for the betterment of all. To that end, when Karilius turned twenty, after ten years of study, he created the business he titled Promethean Banking and Security, which had five facets to it. 1. Moneylending Services. Providing loans and letters of credit to individuals for them to be able to obtain things that they might not be able to actually afford(such as private housing and arcane schooling), in exchange for payments with interest back. 2. Item Safekeeping Services. Safety deposit boxes located in the bank itself that are used as charge in order to keep individuals' important things safe, such as family heirlooms, cash, materials that can't be taken on a journey, etc. 3. Security Consultation. Basically, offering solutions to issues involving how to keep a location or object safe without putting it in the bank's safety deposit boxes. How to keep a guildhall's coffers safe, what kinds of mundane locks work the best, what kind of spells will protect a location or set alarms, etc. 4. Speculation and Investment Services. Offering for wealthier clients to be able to have the bank invest coin on their behalf in order to make a great deal of money that the bank takes a small cut of, in exchange for helping the wealthy clients becoming more rich. 5. Security. Offering to use their magical spells and abilities in order to keep locales safe using their own magics instead of just consultations in order to help people figure stuff out, the bank will spare no expense in order to ensure that these things are safe through the use of refreshable magical locks, glyphs that contain spells, alarm spells, damaging trap runes, and other such innovative techniques. With his business taking off, Karilius seeks to improve the quality of life of all people as an innovator, to raise up the folks all throughout Terrenus, in the hopes of showing that magic's true purpose is for all, not merely for the old wizards within the towers.
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    Church On The Hill [Currently: Feast Event!]

    [COTH: Outskirts] "What'd I say? Just a couple'a weeks travel, and y'all would be here safe'n sound!" The voice proclaimed with an arrogant boisterousness that rung out, like a wave. Which, of course, hit each of the pilgrims on their way to the Church on the Hill's safe haven as a wave would hit a beachgoer: mercilessly and violent, toying with them as if they were but a bug to squash under each cresting crash. The monk was the first one to collapse, hitting the ground and letting his face meet wet dirt, splashing brown all across his tunic and face his shaved-bald head gleaming as the sweat-slickened surface reflected the lights of the festival. The unlucky country folk joined in, their knees hitting the dirt, and their praises of their beloved emerald flame plucked from their raspy, roughly-hewn throats, the soft muscle ripped apart by the sheer volume of panicked screaming they'd had to do to arrive. Even the pack animals seemed to drink in their owners' reliefs, dropping down and laying about in the mud at the edge of the forest they had mercifully managed to make it out of. Children hugged each other, torn-up vocal cords making the attempt to scream in delight. Parents wanted to cry, but could no longer physically bring themselves to, for sheer volume of sweat that clung to their clothes. Injuries riddled all who'd walked the path to the Church on the Hill, cuts, bruises, and bites all bandaged and treated, even if the pinpricks of pain lingered on their limbs. This picturesque suffering seemed to suffuse throughout the entire group, a shared, miserable experience for all who'd dared tread the unmarked paths of the woodland. All except one. A single man, with his hands in his pockets, seemed to lack any of the soreness, frustration, or irritation of the rest. The man who'd lead the group into the clearing seemed entirely unbothered by the trek. No, better than unbothered. He seemed invigorated by it. With a bow and quiver slung over his back, the drawstring of the bow tucked up against the iron of his breastplate, the man seemed to be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a woodsman of some manner. Even with a matte of sweaty hair clinging to his face, strands of his almost-black locks drawn out of place through work and exertion, there was a brilliant, sparkling light in his grayish-blue gaze. In how it flicked back and forth, from the group of stragglers he'd managed to help through the forests, to the upbeat attitudes and joyful cries of the distant parties. A festival, hmn? The man brought a hand to his chin, stroking at the unkempt hair that matted his face, only his neck shaved. Parties... Weren't his thing. Albereich stroked at his chin with thoughtful consideration as the men and women whom he'd forced to pay him in advance for his services stumbled past him, towards the large township, groaning and grumbling like the undead. His palate soured at the mere association. The undead were rotted, disgusting meat. The worst kind of meat. But this feast probably had better. Truly delicious meats. Fried foods. Herbs and spices for purchase! The tall, willowy man found his lips pulled into an irrepressible grin at the thought of the things on display for him. Well. Not for him. But close enough to him, and with enough coin for him to spend that the man could make his call, and hop around. His bag still slung over his shoulder, the young man started up towards the base of the hill, his fur-trimmed boots barely leaving imprints into the mud and dirt as he sashayed on forwards, nearly dancing across the dirt. Oh, how the meat sung to him! Maybe he could find prime beef! Steaks! Chicken! Fish! If he was lucky, he could find tuna! Or ancho chile... Cinnamon and salt were great, but lemon, or butter would leave his gut singing in delight. Then, on the precipice of joining in this delightful little entré-gathering event, the man found himself stopped. Whistles. Human. Three of them. The woodsman turned on his heel, to glance back into the woods. One whistle was a song. Two whistles were usually meant to guarantee safety. Three whistles typically meant "converge on me". Albereich unfurled his hands from his pockets, the slim, hairy-backed hands coming to rest at his hips. Each palm weighing down on the tip of a hilt. His twin, steel blades lingering, shuffling about in their sheathes at his hip. His gaze tilted back, and for a brief, flickering moment, one of those steely-blue eyes flicked a strange, sickly green. So bright, so hostile and acidic that it seemed out of place on his calm, relaxed face. "Hm." The sound was a long, dull legato, the vibrations tickling across his lips as he turned back. Would it really, really take that long?... The brown-clad man could put off his hunger. As he started off towards the sound, however, Al noted something. A footprint. Something deep. Far deeper than most of the hard dirt around it should have allowed for. The whistles would need to wait. This was unnatural. His feet tread lightly across the footprint, ensuring that his suspicion was correct, and as his foot sank into the soft mud, his eyes closed, and he couldn't help but feel a burgeoning sense of... Frustration. Irritability. Interest. His foot sank into this strange footprint, digging into it, and then seeking the next in the trail, ensuring that he was following the large footprints as they lay. The soft dirt was wet under his feet, and his boots peeled a thin crust of drying mud soundlessly from the prints with each step he took, marring the patterns of some manner of footprint with the flat shape of his soles. His eyes closed, and his fingers tightened around the hilts of his blades. Having the weapons drawn would be a problem. Having them ready to be pulled out at a moment's notice, however, was largely inoffensive. But these prints were a more... immediate concern than whatever manner of folk were gathering at the edge of the wilds. He could land a few arrows between man's eyes later. A creature arcane or monstrous was a different concern altogether.
  14. BiggieSmalls

    Albereich, Gourmet Woodsman

    "Look't, I don't CARE that the deer musk makes you uncomfortable, how in the blazes else am I gonna find a good bounty of wolf or venison?! Soap is the natural enemy of a hunter!" -Albereich, Your Local Hick Woodsman To state that Albereich's life has been one unpleasant enough to leave scars would be an understatement. From having been abandoned by his parents, to his mentor and father figure's strict treatment in raising him, to his thankless job as a guide through woodlands, to being a gourmet without ready access to the best spices he could purchase thanks to his isolated homestead(the thing that most bothers him about his lifestyle), he has a good amount to gripe and grumble about, though despite this, retains a constant, happy attitude. He's unnaturally upbeat and chipper, often trying his best to be calm, collected, kind, and caring, the four Cs his adopted father taught him made a good man. But he wasn't always such a good man. As a child, Albereich was abandoned to the woodlands and the forests, left to die by his parents, whose excuses he still has yet to hear twenty-five years later. Dropped into a ravine, he was lucky enough to be cushioned from the impact by the vast multitude of plantlife, from soft, springy vines, to thick, momentum-breaking twigs and branches and bushes, allowing him to collide to the ground hard enough to make his cries louder, but not hard enough to do any lasting damage. His screams and cries, over time, managed to catch the attention of a woodsman, a hunter-gatherer by the name of Rickert, who found the baby and took him in, using his homestead in order to provide the bare necessities that would allow the baby to survive through his formative years. But this gentle, one-sidedly supportive relationship died down on a very special day. Al's sixth birthday. On Al's sixth birthday, the boy was informed by his adoptive father that only the strong get to eat, and that if he wanted to have the breadscraps and the meats that Rickert hunted, he would need to prove that he was strong. Al, a glutton even at a young age, took to this suggestion about as well as a child would, leading to a fight with his adopted father, which involved many attempted cheap shots to the groin, before he was pacified with his sixth birthday's gift: A bow and quiver. Then, began Albereich's first lessons into being a woodsman. His adopted father spent the rest of the day teaching Al how to carve and craft arrows, using flint stones to sharpen his arrowheads, feathers for his fletching, and digging a v-shaped cut into the end of the shaft as a knock for the bowstring. This gentle treatment, was, perhaps, the kindest he would receive over the next fourteen years of training, and is a tender moment he still recalls fondly. The rest of his training was spartan, brutal, involving wooden beatsticks hitting him every time he did something wrong, screaming matches whenever he couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong in the first place. But he picked up talents. Walking silently through the woods without disturbing the foliage. Planning a course throughout the treeline, slipping away from one's pursuers and marking how to return home all at once. The wielding of armors and weapon both, though his skills in that regard were his marksmanship and his skill in dual-wielding short blades. But most importantly, Albereich picked up a sort of wild cunning. Outfoxing other hunters, stealing their prey and catching the hunters in traps to slow their progress, through predicting how they would chase down their prey. For his adolescent years, this got him by. But this talent for prediction and planning went further than merely being able to read hunters. He lacked innate talent for the woodsman's lifestyle, but thanks to his planning and careful attitude, the boy quickly learned to stack as many odds in his favor as he could, leading to successful hunts that even the naturally talented and trained Rickert was impressed by. By the time he turned twenty, Albereich was taken to his final test, Rickert guiding him through the forests, and disappearing amongst the treeline, far enough away from home that even Albereich couldn't make it back. He left but a single etching marked into a tree. "Survive". For a year without his mentor's assistance, or any kinship, Albereich did as he was told. Hunting and picking up a taste for cooking his own food, feasting on it with rigorous abandon and quickly uncovering the tastes between different animals, and even monsters, which he claims taste as if they were "naturally spiced". He not only survived through his new environment in a new set of woods, unlike his home, but he thrived, finding food, building shelter, and even building up that cunning and talent that he'd polished since childhood. Victory in his grasp, he returned once back to his mentor's home, where he discovered Rickert, the man now old and far past merely graying. Since then, for three years, Albereich has become a guide, taking people through the woods, in exchange for coin that he spends on alcohol, spice, and medicine, his lack of time spent in civilized society causing him to lack the popularity and financial stability of other woodland guides. Even then, he makes due, and brings his adopted father the medicines he needs, all the while trying to build up his own little garden, and enjoying his life, one step at a time. At twenty-four, Albereich has become a tall(6'1"), willowy man. His dark brown hair usually tangled and messy, and his blue eyes peaceful, even in the most wild of situations. His thin frame belies lean muscle, the likes of which allow him to knock and draw his bow with ease, though his body is usually covered by some kind of armor, be it leather or breastplate. He tends towards an unassuming breastplate while on the job, but leathers when hunting for sport. He often finds himself putting others ill at ease, with his lack of "polite" mannerisms, and his natural aversion to shaving and soap, stating that they are "unmanly" and "interfere with the hunt". This is a subject of debate, as he still washes his clothes, but hangs them out to dry in very particular ways, and finds himself needing to take good care of his matte of hair to ensure that none of the oils in it give him away. His attitude, though relaxed, is often too relaxed, as many of his customers have complained that even when they think that they're lost, or panicking in the woods, his soothing presence irritated far more than it set their concerns aside. And, finally, his strange fascination with the gourmet has left similar bad reviews, in his attempts to draw the people following him off towards monstrous caves, in the hopes of hunting whatever manner of exotic beast lay within, all in the name of the expansion of the "culinary frontier".
  15. BiggieSmalls

    Afternoon, Folks!

    Hey there, everybody, Biggie Smalls here! Just dropping a message to say "hey" to all you folks, try to pop some knowledge in, and get to know you guys and the community a little bit better, even if only a bit. Hope you're all having a pretty lovely day, and that you're all giving your mothers their proper due, considering what the day is, after all. I'm a bit of a sap, and love noncombative roleplays. Love, not war, and all of that. Mysteries, tragedies, drama, thievery, criminality, piracy, romance, and sneakery are my preferred methods of combat, and I love running stuff for people, if I can help it. Don't yet have much in the way of ideas for this setting, since there's a hell of a lot of lore I'm gonna need to catch up on, but generally, you can rely on me to be into something "on the down low", where brute force and raw magical power doesn't mean as much as getting a chance to explore the nuances of criminality and thievery. I've got about, I'd say... eight or nine years of experience with roleplay? Started on a real simple chat site, ran a small RP group, joined a ton of smaller RP groups, and have mostly stabilized into Dungeons and Dragons being my fix, but since that's an "if you're lucky you all get to have fun" kinda deal, I also wanted to check this place out, and get to know the community and the people within it. Now that I've gotten most of what I want to say out of the way, let's do EASY INTRODUCTIONS STUFF! #1: Anne Rice is my goddess. I fell in love with her prose after Interview With a Vampire. Dean Koontz is a close second though, since I absolutely adore his Odd Thomas series. #2: Eberron is the coolest setting in all of the D&D-verse. Prove me wrong. #3: Best Generation of Pokemon? Fourth Gen. Soul Silver is amazing. 'Nuff said.