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  1. so i did some digging and snooping in the tavern of legends and i came up with this: i have no idea whats going on. i have taken note of one of the character sheets, specifically the one supernal made. i am currently drawing up a character for all of this. i took note of the "inventory", "condition" and "skills" section of the character sheet. is this rp site conducted like D&D? do certain rp's have a permanent affect on my character? i have a few questions about characters, specifically items and abilities. i understand the mild powers rules, and i am complying with it. is it okay if i start with a couple powers from the beginning? what i have written down for powers is as follows: "has a few magical abilities, but is untrained in them and as such is clumsy with them. Has the ability to summon a ball of light for illumination. The light is comparable to candle light in it’s brightness." is that fine? also, what can i start out with for items? i honestly don't think starting out with a bunch of gold bars would be allowed. one last thing, how do i start into a rp? i have no clue how to start off a quest or how to join one. i would like to note i would prefer i didn't lead the first one i did. that's about it for now. thanks to whomever responds, and thanks for the previous help i have received.
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    As the title suggests, i have just signed up and i am rather confused. I was pulled here after most of my organized RP's died after people got busy/ lost touch/ lost interest. After some searching i managed to find this place, so now i'm here. i've already read through some of the new member guide, specifically about mild magic, basics about the world and characters and some other stuff. I would like to note i do have some good experience with RP and i am somewhat skilled, but i can't help feel just a tad bit intimidated by all of this. seems like you guys are a few steps above me in skill. I do have a few questions, like what are the basic rules ( example being tolerance to cussing and fowl language). what kind of characters can fit in this world? i have a handful of characters, namely a few sergal characters i'm comfortable with using here. how does one get started around here? these are the questions i have currently, but i will most likely have more as time goes on. sorry if this paragraph is all over the place. i definitely look forward to being an active member of this site! just a little note: i wont be able to be active this month, but i will be able to participate a good amount at least. im rather busy with work as of now.