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  1. ChaosEmbrace

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    @Acies ab Vesania The unexpected commotion briefly pulled Taron from his sense of impending doom, returning him to the present moment. That moment was greeted by the foul odor and rather unpleasant demeanor of the man he'd just bumped into, along with the sight of the woman who appeared none too pleased to be in his presence. The platinum... fog banks?” He said questioningly. “Sorry, but I know naught of these fog banks of which you speak.” Musing silently for a moment, he added “What do you know of them?” He wasn't sure why he asked the question. The man seemed nothing more than a raving lunatic, yet Taron had discovered that every great legend or fantastic tale was often built upon a grain of truth, no matter how outlandish the stories had turned it into. After all, half the fun in the journey was seeking out the truth.
  2. ChaosEmbrace

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    @Scapechild Taron was unsure of what to make of the elf's tale, even up to the point where his intoxication suddenly left him. That was new, but not the strangest thing he'd seen in his travels. “Well met, Bannon, son of Agrius.” he replied calmly, as if he were greeting an old friend. “I am Taron. I am simply... traveling.” He was a little unsure whether his response sounded genuine or hasty and forced. In truth, he had not prepared to discuss how he'd wound up in this world called Valucre in the first place. Knowing nothing of the elf, let alone the world, save for names, he was unsure how much information would be safe to reveal. “I am looking for... ” The words to finish his reply failed him, his mind drawing a blank. He could almost feel himself leaving the room, as his very soul felt pulled by some foreboding presence. What he wanted to say his mind would not bring him to say. After a moment's pause he caught himself with a deep breath and gave a plausible response. “...memories.” He finished quietly. “I have no memory of this place. There is much I intend to learn and discover. If... you'll excuse me for a moment...” He stood almost a little more quickly than he'd intended, a wave of dread overcoming him. “I just need some air...” @Acies ab Vesania @Hygge Taron gazed about the room, his mind riddled with incoherent thoughts, as he tried to make his way towards the exit. He stumbled in such a way that might suggest to the others in the tavern that he was drunk, yet he'd only had a single sip of ale. He briefly noticed a man and a woman at the bar arguing about something. He was about to walk past them when a drunken patron pushed his way by. Under normal circumstances Taron would have easily noticed and avoided the drunk. As it was, he lost his footing and stumbled backwards, nearly knocking down the man at the bar in the process. He quickly turned to apologize. “My apologies... Excuse me.”
  3. ChaosEmbrace

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    @Scapechild Taron was so lost in his mind that it took him a moment to notice the stranger whom had just seated himself at the table. He silently cursed himself for not noticing the intrusion sooner and quickly withdrew his hand from the metal tag. If nothing else the unexpected visitor was a welcome opportunity to escape from his own thoughts. He eyed the elf up and down, quickly sizing him up. Between his intimidating appearance and the reek of alcohol upon his breath, the word “barbarian” came to mind, though he knew better than to say so out loud. “Sorry to hear of your misfortune, stranger.” He said calmly, the conversation stirring him to life a bit. “Aye, but you look as you could handle yourself well enough without a weapon. Where's the fun in a blade, when you could simply bash their heads in?” Taron said with a wry smile, an uncommon choice of words and gesture by the otherwise steely soldier, hoping to ease the atmosphere between them. “Still, tis' a shame.” He caught the attention of a barmaid nearby and requested a mild drink. He was not fond of alcohol, but felt it would be rude not to share in a drink given the present company. He opened his hood, allowing his face to be fully revealed while leaving the cloak enshrouding his figure. “What brings you here?” He said to the elf as the barmaid plopped a pewter tankard of ale before him.
  4. ChaosEmbrace

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    “Rain... I'm sorry.” Taron was lost in a daze as he watched the rain splash into small pools at his feet. The rain reminded him of someone, from another journey, another dimension, another failure... His chest tightened as he suddenly found himself gasping for breath, the pain of terrible memories assaulting him. Nevertheless he pushed on. He had been putting off the journey for some time now, fighting against the pain of overwhelming anxiety and dread. These emotions were foreign to him; they sapped and drained him of his courage far more than any nightmarish horror he had ever faced in his countless travels. He clutched tightly to the brown clock and hood which he had “borrowed” from a village over, silently vowing to repay the owner in time. He had decided to keep his guns and and most of his provisions hidden away in the forest for now, instead opting to wear only the camouflage jacket, trousers, boots, and combat knife beneath the cloak concealing his figure. In this strange new world he decided it would be best not to stand out until he was more assured of who and what he was dealing with. He had studied the locals for several days, picking up bits and pieces about them, their language, their customs. If he were to survive in this world, he would need to learn more. Trudging his way through the dark, rainy streets until he reached the tavern which he'd overheard the locals often talking about, Taron pushed open the door and stepped inside, the light and warmth of the hearth a welcome relief from the cold dark and damp. Ever alert, his steely-blue eyes performed a quick survey of the building and patrons. Yet his senses felt dulled, as if he were nearly oblivious to his surroundings. Whatever activity or hustle-and-bustle was occurring at that moment was lost to him. Calmly he made his way through the crowd, doing his best not to draw unwanted attention. Reaching the weapons counter he somewhat hesitantly drew the blade sheathed behind his back and handed it in, as he heard was customary here. It was more out of a sense of attachment that he felt a sense of unease parting with the weapon. Even without weapons he had honed his body and senses into a mastery of every type of combat imaginable over the course of eons. So why did it feel like he was being crushed by the weight of his own spirit in that moment? He took a seat at an unoccupied table in the corner. With a soft sigh he allowed himself to relax and observe the goings-on about the tavern. Without thinking he brought his left hand into the clock and began to fiddle with the dog tag around his neck, his fingers dancing about the piece of metal somewhat anxiously.
  5. ChaosEmbrace

    Taron Shadowhunter

    Name: Taron Shadowhunter Gender: Male Age: Unknown, has lived for an indeterminate amount of time Apparent Age: Appears to be in his early 30s. Race: Human Skin: Caucasian Scars: Two large blast scars on torso and back. Weight: 170lbs Height: 5ft 7in Demeanor: Stern Body type: Mesomorph Build: Muscular/fit Hair style: Buzzed Hair color: Black Eyes: Sapphire Blue Personality: Serious, wise, calm, controlled on good days. Can be anxious and uncertain at times due to mild PTSD. Physical abilities: Fast reflexes, heightened awareness, vigilance, endurance, willpower, agility, above average strength, quickened wound/fatigue recovery Magical abilities: Subconsciously walks into other worlds/universes (how he ports into other worlds, not an active ability), otherwise no known magical abilities Inventory: Urban camouflage fatigues (black/white/grey) Helmet (green/black) Armored combat vest (black) with various pouches Boots (black) Backpack (green/black) with general survival supplies (about 3 days worth for 1 person) Pouch of first aid supplies M4 carbine rifle (with carrying sling and detachable silencer) and 4 magazines (30 rounds each) Five-seven pistol holstered to left thigh and 2 magazines (20 rounds each) 1 frag grenade 1 smoke grenade KA-BAR knife Short one-handed sword and sheath Elven flute (possibly magical) Journal/Log book Dog tags (with the letters H.E.C.U. engraved on them) Bio: Taron meets your eyes with a sharp, piercing gaze. For a moment it feels as if he is looking into your very soul, trying to judge who and what you are, your every motive and reason for being. The moment quickly passes and Taron looks away, appearing slightly unnerved. You are unsure if his reaction had anything to do with you. When asked where he is from, Taron simply states that he "walked" into Valucre. In the course of the conversation, Taron fiddles with a metal dog tag between his fingers. The letters H.E.C.U. are engraved in the metal. Taron casually mentions remembering that as the starting point of his journey, followed by a meeting with a mysterious entity that granted him long life. He then goes on about how he has fought for eons on countless worlds, in countless wars, against every kind of monster and demon imaginable. Even so, he seems very reluctant to discuss any events just prior to his arrival on Valucre. As he hesitantly and unexpectedly excuses himself from your company, you get the sense that he has experienced something quite traumatic, even for a battle-hardened warrior such as himself. Excerpts from the Journal of Taron Shadowhunter (certain parts of the journal have somehow been blurred to the point of obscurity) -------, ---- ----------, The Siege of ------- -- ------, Week 2, Day 3, Evening I should be dead. I took on the full brunt of the blast to save the only friends I have left... my enemies. -------, ---- ----------, The ---- ---- Crusade, Month 7, Day 2, Afternoon Anger... rage... nightmares... I have not felt the same since that day. Is it because I let them win? Because I was not good enough to stop them? Not good enough... to destroy the evil within myself? If that is the truth then perhaps I “am” the one deserving of the suffering I have received. -------, ---- ----------, The ---- ---- Crusade, Month 9, Day 14, Night ---- told me that I was the last one standing, as if it were something to be proud of. But I am not proud. How can one truly be proud where they have failed an entire world? They won't even kill me. She said it was out of respect that they don't. But that's not the reason. The real reason is because they want me. They want me to serve them. They've taken everything else, and now they patiently wait to claim me as well. They won't imprison me because they know I've nowhere left to run. They won't take my weapons because they know I'm already powerless against them. There are some who would still follow me. Those who would rise up and revolt were I to assassinate the emperor himself. And for what? Another devastating war to claim countless more lives? All for one more Pyrrhic victory? This world has seen enough bloodshed. The people have had enough. I have done everything that I can for them. What is the point in prolonging their suffering? ----- knows this, which is exactly why he won't kill me. The torture of my failure... until I submit. -------, ---- ----------, Exile, Day 1, Morning I can feel it... the urge calls to me once more, even though my work here is not yet done. Am I right to leave, knowing the world I leave behind for the worse? Perhaps I am the reason why this world has become what it is. Perhaps this world is better off with only the memory of me. Perhaps I was never meant to win this war... but only to be a participant in its loss. Am I truly moving on then, or am I simply running away... as a coward? I am preparing my weapons and provisions. After many a long journey with it, I feel it would be best to leave my sword, Starfire, here. Perhaps another shall claim it in time, one more worthy of it than I. It is time to go for a walk... Unknown, Day 1, Evening Wanderer, the stars are no longer familiar. The trees, the plants, the very ground I walk upon is foreign. Another world once more. Another adventure. Perhaps a chance for redemption... Unknown, Day 2, Evening The woods are home...for now. In my brief explorations I've found civilization and all manner of creature roaming about. It would be best for me to remain concealed until I can learn and discover more of this land. Unknown, Day 3, Midday What is this sense of overwhelming fear and terror gripping my soul? Never in countless eons as a warrior have I felt... Suck it up soldier! Get over yourself! Move out!! Valucre, Day 4, Morning From what information I have been able to gather from the shadows, this world is known as Valucre. I believe that it is safe to approach the locals and to start learning more of this world.
  6. ChaosEmbrace

    Greetings Valucre!

    Tis' a pleasure to meet you all, thank you! With my hectic schedule IM roleplay doesn't really work for me anymore. Plus I've always longed for the opportunity to do some serious long-term RP, but I've learned the hard way that it never really pans out well with IM. From everything I've read about Valucre so far I feel like this is the right place for me to be. I wish I had known about the site sooner! @carrionjackal I lean towards Fantasy and High Fantasy, or a mix of Fantasy/Modern/Sci-Fi elements. If you've seen Stargate Atlantis then you'll have a pretty good idea of where my preference lies. Basically, don't be surprised if my character walks around with a sword in one hand and an M16 in the other. @Venus Sprite I still haven't gotten to BG2 and I've yet to finish the Enhanced Edition of BG1. Still love the crap out of that game though!
  7. ChaosEmbrace

    Greetings Valucre!

    This is my first time on a roleplay forum, however I do have a number of years worth of experience with one-on-one IM roleplays. I've always had a passion for roleplaying, although I've become a bit rusty due to lack of time, life, etc. I'm hoping this will be a great opportunity for me to get back into roleplaying and join others on some interesting adventures!
  8. Welcome!

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    2. supernal


      You're welcome for the welcome and thank you for the thank you 🤡

      If you find yourself with questions feel free to message any time!

    3. ChaosEmbrace


      Maybe I'm just overthinking this. I'd like to be able to play one of my longstanding characters, but I don't know how well he would fit with the rules of Valucre. I'd have no problem making some adjustments if necessary though.

      Taron Shadowhunter is a modern-day human soldier who teleports into other universes (it's just my way moving him around various worlds that I play him in, he cannot actively use this ability as a power). He's existed for eons and has fought in countless wars, but recent events have made him a bit self-conscious and uncertain. Physically he does not seem to age. He has higher than average endurance and constitution than most, allowing him to take a lot of damage and to recover from wounds and fatigue faster than normal. He still needs to eat, drink, and rest just like anyone else though.

      He carries and plays an elven flute which may have undiscovered mild magical properties. He also carries a one-handed burning sword that sets evil creatures struck with it on fire (I won't include this as I feel like it would violate the Mild Powers rule). Aside from that and his combat prowess he has no known magical abilities. He still walks around in combat fatigues, boots, body armor, etc. with an assault rifle and handgun (limited ammo unless he finds a way to get more).

      Personality-wise, he is wise and reserved, actually preferring to talk things out if possible before resorting to combat.

      Would this kind of character be acceptable or should I tone it down a little?

    4. supernal


      That character would be perfectly acceptable in terms of powers and equipment and ready to play from day one it seems to me!