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  1. Sorry, I've been very busy in real life. I can't guarantee I'll be able to go through with this anymore, but there should definitely be plenty more people willing to start or participate a quest like this.
  2. Dawic, Seinaru Forven https://www.valucre.com/topic/38587-elendaron-quests/ https://www.valucre.com/topic/31417-dawic-official-info-page/ "Class B (Medium): 1.5x post-credit value. 1+ players. 2+ page." "(Class B) A giant alligator has been killing anything unfortunate enough to come across its path, and the quest requires to eliminate the problem. The alligator is located in the complicated waters of the Sea Caves. The twist is that it's a mother alligator, protecting her equally dangerous (only smaller) babies." How I want to develop the story might be the same as some threads, or completely different. I don't know, but I want to try it out anyways. I'd rather any participating characters having a prelude that occurs before they all gather. There's no actually mentioned npc quest giver, npc mercenary (protagonist side or antagonist side), etc, or at least none that I know of, so I want to sort of overcomplicate the quest. Since the Sea Caves are also supposed to be a maze after going in deep enough, that might even be another situation we could add. Think of it this way. Individual character prelude, initial meet up with the quest giver, extensive journey to the destination, initiate the interaction sequence (whether combat or relatively peaceful), but instead of it ending with the giant alligator neutralized in however way, I would prefer if it drags on a little longer, being introduced to a sort of mysterious other threat, whether we actually confront it in that post or not. It can be a gateway to another quest immediately after that one, whether it's continued in the same thread or carried over into a new one. Like a series that continuously builds off from one another. If no one is interested within three days, I'll just go ahead and do the quest by myself. This would be my first time actually getting to do a legitimate role play session in Valucre, so please bare with me. Most of the times in the past just consisted of demons trying to possess my character every other post in Taverns of Legends.
  3. As Holland was being tugged, the best he could do was open his eyes with heavy lids and let out a faint groan. He felt as though his muscles completely gave up on him, having difficulty to move a single inch on his own. His vision was too blurry to make sense out of anything he was seeing, immediately falling to sleep with his body drooping towards the ground like a dead fish. Onto the front porch, his book fell from his possession, glowing weakly with a lime-green tint. For a second, it flickered brightly, with the pendant around his neck reacting in the same intensity of the color, as the wind threw the cover open, revealing a page full of strange scriptures. ""Yrg gur ubjyvat jvaq prnfr nyy ungerq, guebhtu gur gbeeragvny tnyr bs evtugrbhf shel. Sbe, jvgubhg ungerq, gurer jvyy or ab cnva. Naq, va ghea, ab ybir. Ab cnffvba. Ab fnyingvba..." Suddenly, the message became blank. And as it did so, it shut. The light ceased from both objects.
  4. @HotPizza Thanks, I actually didn't know that about the light theme. I'm used to dark theme, so I've rarely had to go to simple theme to read certain colors. I tried the light theme once, but it immediately gave me a headache. About the death, most of the deaths occurred in the Tavern. I didn't even get to role play with anyone outside of it, no matter how many times I tried to set up quests or join in on role plays. It already seems like a better start now, although I'm currently trying to participate/start up (?) a quest in Dawic, Seinaru Forven. Mickey just sent me the information a while ago, so they're helping me on that part.
  5. I'll most likely make a satirical anti-hero to that's neither against or for the group, but would probably show up various times and challenge or do whatever within reason. It won't be a *shows up because I feel like it* thing, there will at least have some kind of prelude to validate the situation. I might make it into two characters that are triplets with the third sibling being completely irrelevant.
  6. 3 days is good. The irony that I meant was from experience. In the Fall, the more seasoned or returning members tend to be active, but Summer is when people explore new apps and content the most, especially when they're trying to find something to fill in their free time. Even when there might be times that a couple weeks or so might have an abnormally aggressive schedule compared to other seasons, or at least in a different manner, there's still typically a couple or so hours in the day for free time, whether it be spent online or off. Introvert or extrovert, everyone wants time to relax and do something that they enjoy doing. That's the general concept. With this forum specifically, it's relatively easy to find if people go out of their way to look for Fantasy Role Play Forums, which is actually how I found this one initially. My experience when I did actually get to role play was fun, until I had to leave for a couple weeks. When I returned back then, it was very difficult to find an open quest or people to interact with without people blatantly trying to possess or kill my character, essentially creating an rp block on my end.
  7. What is the typical wait time for a single response? If it's more than one or two days, I'll probably just skip the Tavern altogether. I understand real life comes first, and administrators have a lot of tasks and ongoing role plays to deal with, but interaction from members overall just seems much slower or non-existent compared to a few months ago. Being near Summer time, it seems kind of ironic, unless if there's not as many new users anymore. This isn't meant as an insult, I have difficulty writing posts in a more positive manner.
  8. The stark, poignant teenager grasped his substantial tome closely against his chest, gazing at the desolate villages along the shattered desert road. He already anticipated tragedies to occur, but not before he would even get close to the tavern. The gloomy sight of destruction masked in heavy rain had contorted his mind with fierce detriment to his innocence. Yet, he did not quake in fear. Instead, the young explorer cherished the daunting moment. The scenery was tragic, stirring a torrent of mixed emotions that caused frustration and anger, but he would still march with an unwavering credence in himself. There were several things that he hated on the way to the tavern. The solitary journey from the first hour was a fairly new challenge to him, but pressed on in hopes of encountering other adventurers to befriend. The torrential rain relentlessly poured onto his famished body, which left him with a light fever without adequate shelter, food, or water. Before the rain managed to worsen his situation, he had already encountered a bandit who stole his two bags in his sleep, leaving him only with the clothes he's wearing, book, and pendent. However, the one thing that he did not hate was the experience and sights along the way, despite the lack of entertainment and safety. Days went on. Hours flew beyond. Minutes became lost. Seconds disappeared. Regardless of how long his journey had been, the resilient child did not let up. Despite the roars of his own stomach and violent palpitation of his heart, he finally reached sight of the tavern. He crawled up to the door step, slowly losing vision before laying without energy remained, letting the harsh rain pound against him with every savage drop falling from the dark sky.
  9. Is this the proper starting point for role playing in the Tavern, or is that just a basic rp thread representing the general area without an enforced direction? Or what are the actual differences/requirements for each thread in the topic?
  10. This will be my primary oc for Valucre. I'm planning on starting in the Tavern of Legends to begin with, which I'll most likely start doing in a little bit. As direct and bland as I may be communicating so far, I welcome feedback in the corresponding posts or random conversation in private messages. The only thing I am not comfortable with are one on one role plays.

  11. For the most part, only the above is what I'm going to describe on here. Anything else, such as the exact capabilities of wind manipulation, access to equipment, physicality, etc changes depending on the situation. The peak conditions may also change depending on what stage or how the exact event is set. If it's a traditional, open world fantasy setting, then it'll be likely kept to whirlwinds, spheres of winds (like rasengan from Naruto), illustrative projectiles, sizable tornadoes, etc. Depending on the restrictions and freedom of creativity allowed, it's going to change, including the character's exact appearance. The one thing that is less likely to change is their psychological nature and personality, which is why I was more extensive on that part. I might not make role play posts as dull and "thrown together" like I did above, but it's there more as a more reliable reference point than a vague or simplified list in this case. If you need a more precise idea of the character concept I'm borrowing (in terms of the general concept and physicality), check out this site: http://blackclover.wikia.com/wiki/Yuno If you like anime and want a suggestion, there's your suggestion if you haven't seen it. No, I'm not making Holland an orphan.
  12. Personality (Raw version) Naturally, Holland controls the element that connects all others. Although invisible, the air lifts the metaphorical weight of the world. Perhaps ineffective on its own, as it doesn’t automatically satisfy the complete needs of mortals, it is definitely one of the most important reasons for life to flourish, and for the world to remain beautiful. Air that can be found everywhere. The most destructive flames still require oxygen, just as the stars burn hydrogen. The deepest abyss within the furious waters still contain some trace of air, even if microscopic. The element of air from Valucre gives breath, fuel for our lungs, allows our soul to remain in peace. Having access to harness this element, Holland has a strong need to feel liberated and free. From a wide perspective, people born under a strong influence over wind may find a problem fitting into social settings, no matter where it may be. He realizes how much simpler it would be for him to worry about only himself, but leading a simple and comfortable lifestyle does not satisfy him in any way. In order to create a foundation and understand the fundamental aspects that make up a person, he often reflects deeply with each passing night. It is not always easy to implement his ideas, experiences, and knowledge into practical situations. Born on October 9, he has an abnormal degree of insight for someone who is only 17 years old. Despite how complex and distant Holland's thought process may be, he tends to overlook at least one basic factor that may prevent certain routes from being available along the way. This is why he would prefer to work in a small group that can provide aid to help ensure his ideas succeed as planned. To call him stoic and committed would be an understatement, given that he trains every day to reach higher levels of excellence intellectually, physically, spiritually, and magically. Very often, he will sacrifice his physical health to push farther than his limits would allow him, and often passes out in the middle of an intensive training regiment. He has an aspiration to become a ruling class to oversee and protect rules everyone who would be in his jurisdiction. Even when silent, he can clearly lead the way and take initiative, not afraid to encounter new experiences along the way. He embraces new beginnings and the energy of those around himself. Everyone has the potential to make a sharp turn to change their life own life, but not everyone is as willing as Holland to give up material or immaterial aspects that he may possess, except for the very few things he would never be willing to give up. Plenty of people have the opportunity for a deep change for their focus in life, especially during their childhood, which is no exception to Holland. Holland easily finds himself in harmony with nature, even when simply seeing the luscious, green of leaves of trees. He's rather kind and sympathetic, always willing to lend assistance to those in need, even if he struggles to open himself up to others. Needless waste of resources greatly annoys him, especially they see very little use. He would prefer to overwork himself in order to relieve others from stress, willing to endure pain and hardships. As soon as he notices he is being taken advantage of, or spited in some way, he would simply lose respect for them rather than plot any form of revenge. He is almost too loyal and reserved, although can show clear signs of affection when the situation arises. Fortunately for him, he is highly perceptive in the way people acts, aware of what others may think of him. His priority is charitable acts, particularly in terms of finance and security. Despite being male, he dominantly follows feminine principles with a masculine prowess, expressing his passion and intuition best through sympathy and action. Connected to all he meets, even complete strangers, his mentality reflects his reluctant ability to love, as well as embrace beauty in all things in life. Even when staring at the amalgam of evil and chaos, Holland finds beauty to be kept precious, which he simply perceives as a hardened story and strong representation of hardships that must have been endured. There is no lack of common sense, but risks are definitely taken when he deliberately ignores his own instincts that depict possible harm. The spirit is arguably the warmest point in a person's body, no matter how brutally punished or deprived the physical body may be. It houses melancholy, pride, mercy, and a metaphysical understanding that brings reality into question. Temper, no matter how blinded a person may be, can be overcome by the essence of spiritual embodiment, as it is seen in the brightest of children throughout the world. Might and power is accented in the dramatic reversal that causes a person to reflect upon themselves, not forcing change onto others without sharing a collective, agreeable vision. As more factors are presented in a person's life, their heart thickens as much as their soul, which can even fog the spiritual body and the mind. Perhaps the most challenging endeavor in this sense is harmony with oneself, given that a person's core values are both fitting and contradicting between their vital connections. Just like the average population of the world, the warmth and atmosphere can easily preoccupy him in a hazy, peculiar emotional and perhaps hallucinogenic experience. What may set him apart from others is his diligent values that prevent a negative change of heart, it doesn't necessarily mean he cannot feel anger or rage. His main role is to balance and support existence through what can be achieved, while leading to a healthy and prestigious status. As conflicting as he may be, he acts quickly and practically, while thinking abstractly and deeply. The main issue is hidden to him, being that he does not actually know how unbalanced he is at a philosophical and vocational level. He has a very unrealistic ideal of becoming a ruler, despite being a common citizen. He works extensively and studies when he is physically tired, but does not accept rest until he cannot maintain consciousness. While this is not always the case, he seems to be doing more harm to himself than good. The greatest manifestation of wind is produced on an emotional level, rather than a physical or intellectual level. A tone, physical body helps to cycle and resist the extraneous task that would otherwise exhaust one who is untrained, and the intellectual mind helps to control and nurture the very flow of wind. It is a power to be used with the entire body and soul in sync, through the will of the spirit. It is a literal element of senses that promote touch, taste, smell, hearing, and love among something as transparent as sight, considering the invisibility of air. The howling winds are not just movement of the air, but an emotional movement that occurs from the beating heart. Without love, emotion, and flexibility, there is no possibility of personality, and in turn, strength. This is what may make Holland weak, for even when thankful of others, he will never be self-satisfied by what is accomplished. In nature, he is at peace. To those he respects, he is fair. In solitary, he hates loneliness. Partnership is essential for him, as he is able to grow exponentially through. These individuals are fascinated by balance and symmetry, they are in a constant chase for justice and equality, realizing through life that the only thing that should be truly important to themselves in their own inner core of personality. This is someone ready to do nearly anything to avoid conflict, keeping the peace whenever possible. The sign of dignity set in between the standards of society and reality gives him a constant mental stimuli, strong intellect, and a keen mind to differentiate his values and the prejudice from others. He is inspired powerful literature, insurmountable conversations, and good people. When forced to decide about something yet to come, or to blindly choose sides, he may suddenly realize that he might be in the wrong place or with the wrong crowd. A ruling sovereign would have significant impact on his inspiration, but not necessarily his decisions. Rather than mimicking success, he would theorize possible situations that would have created another outcome, for better or worse. Enriched by music, art, and scenery, his abstract thoughts flourish at a much faster pace than when in a dull, monotonous setting. To balance two completely different extremes is easy. To unite them is a different matter. He will respect opinions that differ from his own, but may not go out of his way to help their cause. Being that he may be insecure about himself, as if unsure of how to prioritize spontaneously, he focuses his perception more on others to help prevent influences outside of his own. Every step he takes is pointed straight towards reaching higher power, whatever it may be. He does not quite seek any sort of liberation, but instead to stretch and freely move within the borders of potential. In his mind, if he were to become a much more powerful entity, he would still want weakness to look through the eyes of those with little or no power in order to help them.
  13. A few months ago, I've done a little bit of role play, but was actually prevented from being able to participate in various quests and other events for almost a month, whether it be space, already active quests (despite inactivity for days/weeks from the participating users), etc. I'm hoping that it'll be a better experience this time around in this sense, but I know everyone means well. This isn't meant as an insult to anyone, but more of a concern that I've had to face several times in the past. I'm returning in a new account to start from scratch. I'm looking forward to meeting people in the Tavern, and perhaps Elendaron in the near future. Because I am a full time college student, I might only be able to post twice a week at times, so I apologize if I either cannot come online, or send a small-scale message. I would technically be considered a research-style role player, but I will be role playing as if I'm new to the setting.
  14. I may not be online regularly, but I'll try to be on when I can. I will not be accepting any one on one role play requests, but I'm willing to join group role plays depending on the caliber and setting/genre of the role play.

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