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    Talk the talk [OOC]

    I apologize for my post being 'brief', my brain just didn't want cooperate with me today. Also I took the initiative and just assumed Itylra had started teaching Maya her language, hope that is okay!
  2. Old Man Jean

    Talk the talk [QUEST]

    Itylra wasn't innately interested in the 'people' they were going to meet, and in truth she cared little if the diplomacy ended with an open hand or a closed fist - but she knew she couldn't simply ignore the conversation, even if she considered herself no more then a trained weapon to be loosed on Terran enemies. As the conversation moved Itylra mulled over a single word, 'hysteria', it was a word she was not personally familiar with and while Maya had been effective in teaching the Star Elf the language and how to mask her accent, she could not hope to teach Itylra every single word. Itylra decided to ask Maya herself, taking advantage of something only they shared - Itylra's native tongue had been something Maya had shown great interest in, and the pair had been exchanging language lessons whenever they got the chance. "What does 'hysteria' mean, Maya?" Itylra asked suddenly in Sildëyuir, the native tongue of the Star Elves; a language only her and Maya spoke in all of Valucre. It was a simple question, and why Itylra had chosen to ask it under the secrecy of a unique dialect was far more innocent that it perhaps initially appeared to anyone more conspiratorially minded; the Star Elf was simply embarrassed to ask what she assumed was a very basic question in the middle of an important mission briefing, the kind of thing that in her mind would lower her status in the eyes of both Nur and Cadmium. Her comfort with Maya had grown to a point where she no longer hesitated to show her vulnerability to the diplomat, but she was not quite ready to appear anything but supremely confident and professional to anyone else.
  3. Old Man Jean

    Talk the talk [OOC]

    Posting tomorrow!
  4. Old Man Jean

    Hasa Diga Eebowai

    Itylra had not been excited about the down time, but an ash storm had ignored her feelings and forced it upon her. The savage that had been gathered up as a source of information didn't look to be in the best physical condition, but he also didn't fully match the description of maddened crab worshiping psychopath that she had fully expected. If that mattered to Itylra, her expression and actions showed no sign of it; and truthfully Itylra cared very little if those she had fought and killed were evil as described or not - she was a soldier, no a hero of justice and her orders were clear, she would lose no sleep over their faces or spare a thought to their corpses laying in the sand as ash tore into them. Perhaps it was her status as a planar outsider that allowed her to be so analytical about the lives lost, or perhaps she was simply morally questionable in her own right. Increasingly Itylra had found her battle lust had blurred the lines of morality, but she wasted little time on those thoughts - forced down time was a good time to tend to equipment and prepare for the next engagement. Sitting with her back to a wall Itylra began to dissemble her firearms, the speed and efficiency at which she did it the sign of countless hours spent doing the same repetitive motions again and again. Fully dissembled the Star Elf removed a small fabric pouch from one of her many pants pockets, unzipping the pouch she retrieved the cleaning oils and lubrication necessary for Magitech firearms maintenance. The coarse sand and fine ash had caked itself into the action, and had she failed to maintain the weapons it was likely they would fail. All the while she maintained her own condition, chewing on a half opened candy bar that hung from her mouth. Itylra was nothing else if not dedicated to her craft, and her craft was killing.
  5. Old Man Jean

    Talk the talk [OOC]

    I should mention Itylra doesn't have a limp at this point in her time line. I apologize for not elaborating on my profile, but if you want to see what she is like at this current RP click 'Profile Version 2 - Terran Military' on the second post of my profile. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Old Man Jean

    Void Magic

    • INTRODUCTION • Void Magic is a school of magic built around channeling the energy found between dimensions known as 'The Void' or 'The Warp' to produce unique effects and reactions by altering dimensional reality at a small scale. A young magic across Valucre, Void Magic is poorly researched and understood due to the inherit danger to the caster and the dimensional wall. These risks to caster (mutation, death, insanity) and dimension (dimensional rifts, void horrors entering reality, local reality warping) has limited research to Government accredited insinuation's with dimensionally sealed 'pocket reality' rooms. Furthermore, there is some debate as to the use of Void Magic even if made safe to reality and caster, as many of the witnessed effects are far from pleasant or seeming in the benefit of those whom consider themselves 'Good' - leaving a morality question should the Magic exit the research stage into the practical. • POTENTIAL EFFECTS • As a magic school Void Magic is a 'hybrid' type, including effects such as illusion, mind alteration, direct attack, physical alteration (both improvement to user or debilitating to target) and even summoning - furthermore it is a 'channeling' magic, using the caster as a conduit for Void energy and therefore is independent of the caster's own mana potential, allowing even 'weak' casters to produce incredible effects. However due to the nature of Void energy and the natural risks of channeling magic even of the raw arcane the backlash potential of casting beyond one's ability is catastrophic, including horrific mutation, loss of sanity or even death. It has been shown that some caster's have a natural affinity for channeling Void energy and suffer fewer side effects and risks as a result - this is especially true for 'planar outsiders', those who have arrived to Valucre from outside it's home dimension. This suggests brief 'exposure' to the Void that true dimensional jumping entails might alter magic compatibility, though further research is required to confirm if intentional exposure would allow any caster a better affinity. • OBSERVED SPELLS • Limited spell casting beyond channeling has been done on the subject due to the inherit risk of trying to manifest complex structure to the raw Void energy - it has been observed that simply channeling possesses far less risk then actively attempting to structure the energy into spells. Actively attempting to structure the energy even when using traditionally 'safe' methods such as rune etching, ritual casting and meditative chanting have resulted in serious backlash, requiring immediate 'pocket reality' dispelling and even medical attention in one case. What attempts have been made have shown that Void Magic has a dark purple hue and manifests itself as 'smoke' radiating off the user rather then the more traditional 'aura' when looked upon with magic detecting implements. In a controlled environment a few spells have been documented, including but not limited too an illusory effect that caused temporary madness, a caster briefly growing a second set of arms which eventually shriveled and turned into aforementioned purple smoke and finally a direct attack of a series of 'tentacles' bursting forth from a triangular rift in front of the user's casting hand. These 'tentacles' attacked with intelligence, grasping a test mouse; contact with the tentacles caused excruciating pain, horrific cancerous mutations and a strong constriction which broke bone; furthermore the tentacles were 'sticky', making escape nearly impossible. They faded in the same purple smoke in a slow dissolving effect, which left the room smelling putrid and required a dispel of the 'pocket reality' due to the unknown effects of the smoke. • ACTIVE RESEARCHERS & INSTITUTIONS • The Gaian Academy Head Research Analyst - Doctor Megan Starweight, PhD Mana Mechanics and Computational Casting (NPC) Lead Casting Structure Research Analyst - Doctor Isamu Nakamura, PhD Computational Casting and Spell Structure Engineering (NPC) Lead Channeling Research Analyst - Professor Alan Mickle, Master's Channeling Magic and Chaos Magic (NPC) Lead Magic Permanency Viability Analyst - Professor Ming Shechin, Master's Magic Permanency and Practical Magic Application (NPC) Lead 'Caster' - Itylra Yurieshanyaar, Undergraduate Void Magic and Combat Casting (Old Man Jean)
  7. Old Man Jean

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Well that didn't go as I planned! Was fun writing with you all, but Itylra has now exited stage left!
  8. Old Man Jean

    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character Name: Private Itylra Yurieshanyaar Affiliation: Terrenus Military Location/Objective: Beach / Doing her best to survive Allies: Terrenus Millitary, Order of the Force Enemies: Legion of Doom @roboblu in particular. Luck was a strange thing, the kind of unseen force that the universe loved to use to create improbable scenarios. The kind where a lone Elf with limited magical ability would be credited with the restraint and capture of a high value target. It was the sort of action that brought with it promotion, accolades, and awards. But luck was a fickle bitch in it's way, and Itylra had not been quick nor prepared for what had turned to face her. When Evanjalin had turned and literally tore at Itylra's very existence her trauma surfaced in spades - the Star Elf's mind filled with the sensations, the images and the more indescribable things beyond the feeling of watching her people turned to monstrosity by The Void and it's horrors. The feeling The Void seeped into her demiplane was not unlike the power Evanjalin herself used, ripping and shredding at the very stuff that made up flesh and sanity and more still. So when the follow up attack of a vicious pair beams shot toward her, Itylra did not respond, her autonomous divination magic screamed at her warning after warning at the micro second, demanding her to move - but move she could not! The first beam hit at her left hip, tearing a horrific hole in her that served to shock her into conscious thought. It was luck once again, and luck alone that that allowed her to live, the Golem's nearby explosions rocking the sand and causing her wounded hip to fail to stablize on the uneven sand, sending her crashing down into the sand. The second beam which would have struck her chest instead caught her trailing right arm in the center of the forearm. The sheer force of the energy made short work of the flesh, the muscle and the bone; it had served to literally rip her forearm in half. The pain was crushing, and Itylra couldn't help but let out a pathetic, coughing scream. The hole in her hip meant she couldn't get on her knees, her body refusing to allow her to even attempt to prop itself up. But the stump that was her arm hurt far worse, the jagged torn 'forearm' that remained wasn't bleeding, the heat of the energy served to cauterize the wound but it did little for the pain. Itylra's mind was in a panic, struggling to accept the fact that her wounds were as debilitating as they were, posting on her left arm she tried to force herself to her knees again and again, but each time her muscles could not overcome the damage to her hip, sending her face planting into the dirt. Itylra could see the Evanjalin was being restrained by some nearby by Geomancers, but she refused to accept that her time on the battlefield was done! Whatever her struggles to get back into the fight they soon came to a close, the Geomancer's gathering her up and fleeing with her and their new captive in tow. Whatever Evanjalin's fate would be, she could take some minor solace that she likely ended the fighting career of the woman who had taken her down. War was an ugly thing, and those who survived rarely did so unscathed.
  9. Old Man Jean

    Kaen no Saisho no Junrei-sha [WIP]

    Kaen no Saisho no Junrei-sha Characteristics • GENERAL INFORMATION • Name: Unknown Nickname: Junrei Titles: Kaen no Saisho no Junrei-sha Race: Kaen Human (Flame Touched Human) Age: 27 Class: Sohei (Warrior Monk) Affiliations: Reihai no Kaen Alignment: Lawful Neutral Religion: Kojin Arshi Makara • HISTORY • Place of Birth: Reihai no Kaen, Usra Madeum Current Residence: None Reputation: None Primary Profession: Messenger of Kaen Secondary Profession: Sohei Health: Healthy Appearance Complexion: Height: Build: Eye Color: Hair Color: Description: Personality Demeanor: Hopes: Fears: Likes: Dislikes: Description: Equipment • Weapons • WIP • Armor • WIP • Equipment • WIP Areas of Expertise WIP Background WIP Roleplay History • Ongoing • • Completed • • Abandoned • None, hopefully forever. Relationships • Friends • • Enemies • • Acquaintances • OOC Art by: zhihui Su
  10. Old Man Jean

    Reihai no Kaen [Sohei Temple]

    Reihai no Kaen Reihai no Kaen is a small, isolated temple located on one of many micro islands which are between the three major land masses of Ursa Madeum. Dedicated to a living 'God' the Reihai no Kaen houses the devoted to the protection of the God, and thus is a Sohi (Warrior Monk) Temple, focused on training all inhabitants of the island in combat as a means to defend their deity. The group has existed for generations, from the rise and fall of the Queen to the crushing evil of the Tyrant King and it remains, owing it's survival to it's relative obscurity, geographic location and isolationist policy. Unwilling to ever intervene on behalf of Ursa Madeum or even interact with the three major islands at all Reihai no Kaen are mostly unknown on the mainland. Hierarchy: Founder: Kojin Arshi Makara - A mysterious 'God' worshiped by the Sohei of Reihai no Kaen. (NPC) Current Leader: Kenshin-tekina no Kaen - A truly ancient Drow, Kenshin was the original worshiper of Kojin. (NPC) Members: Unknown General: Location: Reihai no Kaen is located on a micro island between the three major islands of Ursa Madeum. A small island dominated by a large cliff face it can be seen from the sea for many miles. It is located centrally amongst the micro islands between the three major islands, making it a difficult place to sail too with any large ships due to the sheer density of the micro islands. Covered in tall cliffs, lush forest and fresh water the island is the perfect location for a small community to flourish, and Reihai no Kaen is quite small. The only known population on the island Reihai no Kaen number no more then one hundred people at any given time, with about sixty percent of that being adult males. Affiliations: — Allies: None, Reihai no Kaen adopts an isolationist policy, they will not entertain alliance or diplomats. — Enemies: Any who threaten Kojin. — Neutral Parties: Ursa Madeum, Terrenus. Establishment: Agenda: Worship and protection of the ancient 'deity' known as Kojin Arshi Makara, otherwise known as 'Kami'. Martial pursuits as a means to increase their devotion to Kami. Eien no Kaen: The members of Reihai no Kaen believe that Kami is a living deity, a God made flesh whose body is unable to contain his immense power and thus must be purged of his divinity through ceremony. All children when coming of age must kneel before the unmoving body of Kami and meditate. Over the next few months the acolyte is allowed not to eat, drink or move - all bodily functions are managed by Moeta Mono whom bathe and tend to the unmoving acolytes. Those whom manage to please the Kami with their devotion find that the strange drums which float around his form begin to beat, and soon their body is overwhelmed with energy. Their bodies immolate, their skin burning horrendously; it is demanded of them that they make not a sound nor move. Those who achieve this feat of suffering are healed on the fifth day of immolation, and find they can harness the Eien no Kaen - a mystical power possessed by all true Sohei of Reihai no Kaen - the ability to produce and control flame through martial arts. Those who fail the test of suffering often die of their burns, however should they survive they are made Moeta Mono, inner sanctum attendants of Kami. It is not uncommon for acolytes to fail to please Kami through their meditation, and are allowed to try again the next year. Okurimono no Kaen: The Gift of Flame is a yearly sacrifice made to Kami of the the elderly, sick or otherwise invalid. Those deemed incapable or unable to partake in the protection of Kami or it's guardians. They are burned alive a top a bonfire lit by the Moeta Mono - their ashes are then fed to Kami's unmoving body by the Moeta Mono, and for a brief few hours Kami awakens fully, walking amongst his devoted and encouraging them. When he returns to his dormant state the entire sect holds a martial arts tournament in remembrance to the sacrificed. Historical: Background: Little is known about the origin of Kojin Arshi Makara - an undeniably ancient entity it is said that he walked the lands as a mere mortal for decades, gaining knowledge and pursuing martial arts as a means towards kindling the beginning of the Eien no Kaen. At some point he achieved this igniting, gaining Enlightenment through flame and burning up his life force all at once. However, rather then simply die he ascended to divinity, growing and contorting into the very shape Kami possess today. Gifted of immense power he walked the lands once more, cleansing it with flame before he was challenged by the other celestial beings and struck down from divinity and made mortal once more. Realizing devotion of mortals was the fuel his flame desperately needed to not go out and return to true mortality Kami sought to gift his flame to mortals in exchange for their devotion, and it was here he encountered the first, Kenshin. Kenshin was a young Drow slave who sought freedom from chains and the power to protect that which he deemed precious, Kami gave this power to him in exchange for lifelong devotion. Using the flames of Kami against his captors Kenshin and Kami traveled the world together for untold years, Kenshin growing in martial skill and establishing a sect of Sohei to defend the ever slowing Kami. During their travels they had stopped at the micro island formation in Ursa Madeum. It was here that Kami became unmoving, his divinity bound to his body causing it to go dormant, unspeaking and unmoving Kenshin and his sect of original Sohei built a temple around their God, intending to protect him from any potential invaders. Generations have passed since that moment, and the religion of Reihai no Kaen has remained devoted - even attracting new members when needed to maintain a healthy gene pool amongst the island. Kenshin remains the Grand Elder, the First Flame and guides his fellow Sohei with a gentle hand. But whispers have begun that Kami is growing restless, and the Moeta Mono whisper guidance to Kenshin - to send devoted beyond the borders for the first time in generations, to show the world the power of Kami and the Reihei no Kaen. Recent Events: None
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    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    This seems pretty cool! I don't have a character for it, but I just wanted to throw in my support!
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character Name: Private Itylra Yurieshanyaar Affiliation: Terrenus Military Location/Objective: Beach / Doing her best to survive Allies: Terrenus Millitary, Order of the Force Enemies: Legion of Doom @roboblu in particular. Itylra had not seen the sheer force of nature coming, whether it was the interference of her own powerful magic on Ityrla's divination or merely Itylra's own exhaustion was a question for another time. What did matter was that the powerful psion's force of will was causing Itylra to be slowly pushed toward her, as if both compelled and pushed by an unseen force, any attempt to resist it's force was like fighting a hurricane, a pointless endeavor. Itylra wasn't keen on being drawn into melee range with the powerful caster, her ability to cause destruction very much on display - she was one of the gifted, a special soul with power immeasurable. Not the kind of thing a grunt wanted to face, especially not alone. But face it she would! Itylra raised her rifle, struggling against the force to aim with anything resembling efficiency. A squeeze of the trigger revealed that whatever had befallen Itylra had taken what remained of her ammo, the tell tale 'click' of an empty magainze causing Itylra's mind to scramble. She was getting dangerously close to Evanjalin, and with each passing moment the chances the caster noticed her presence and turned on her was growing. Her display of power was something Itylra had seen before, she was some sort of Necromancer, able to animate corpse and cause them to detonate or worse. Itylra didn't fancy becoming a corpse bomb, and so in her mind's desperate attempt to find salvation a risky thought found it's way to the front. Dropping her rifle, the sling catching it, she brought her right hand to her right thigh, drawing her pistol from it's drop leg holster. It was an immensely risky gamble, but she was out of options. The 8mm pistol burst to life, it's slide jerking back as fire poured from it's barrel in a deafening explosion. Ercaniron bullets flew from it's barrel, the unstable metal if it struck magic caused a destabilizing effect, inducing chaos into the sub-structure of the 'energy', often with catastrophic results. It was the kind of gamble Itylra had learned to avoid, the effect on it's target so unpredictable that Evanjalin could very well go out of control, her 'magic' turning uncontrollable and killing everyone - or it could implode, causing Evanjalin to 'self destruct' or any other dozens of effects. The ammo was simply too unpredictable, but without a recourse Itylra had little choice. Itylra fired only a single shot, center mass. She hoped beyond hope another wouldn't be necessary - but she kept the weapon on target, using the very force that pulled her as a brace to fire from, if more metal death was necessary she wouldn't hesitate to bring it. Battle Music!
  13. Old Man Jean

    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character Name: Private Itylra Yurieshanyaar Affiliation: Terrenus Military Location/Objective: Beach / Doing her best to survive Allies: Terrenus Millitary, Order of the Force Enemies: Legion of Doom What had begun as a hectic battle had only become more diluted, the scale of the engagement and it's very real stakes constantly reminding how little true battle experience she possesed. She had taken part in a few skirmishes, and while the emotional and physical toll of those encounters had been relatively minor the very real 'fatigue' that constant, pitched battle weighed on the shoulders of the troops was beginning to show it's effects. Itylra wasn't a grand hero, she wasn't a 'gifted' who could bend flame or a battle hardened Peacekeeper with immeasurable might to throw against enemies. She was a Reconnaissance Operative, a Private in the Terrenus Military - rank and file. Her perspective was no different then the faceless recruit who died on these blood stained beaches, many of them laying alongside her their last breaths long since expelled. For first few engagements Itylra had guided the medium machine gun in her squad to enemies, and while her over all effect on the major moments was little her contribution still had effect. Her sector was strong, enemies could not enter or exit from her line of fire due to her three hundred and sixty degree battle eye. But ammo was finite, and when the enemies pushed beyond reason, almost fanatically throwing their lives away ammo went quicker then water in a desert, the troops desperate to keep the horde off their hard point, desperate to keep their little hole in the sand free of enemies. Like all things in this battle, it had not gone as planned. What had caused it or why didn't matter, frankly Itylra didn't remember, but her medium machine gun crew was dead - their bodies were more pieces then people, the gun itself laid bent and broken a few feet away from the hole. Shaking her head free of the daze Itylra struggled to her feet, and saw only chaos. A massive explosion had turned a dock into drift wood, and a cursory glance at men nearby showed that there had perhaps been a bit of infighting - as the chaos of battle was making men turn in on themselves, to become animal. She had seen something similar when her own home plane fell, when the taint of the Void had touched the mind of her people and sent some into a frenzy before their flesh turned to an undulating mass, until they were nothing more then blobs with more arms then eyes. Luck had kept Itylra alive, her daze likely a result of some explosion or another that sent her unconscious and took the lives of her men; or perhaps they had turned on one another and descended to madness. Luck was with Itylra though, dazed as she was her rifle remained slung to her body and it seemed to be in relatively good repair. So despite her better judgment Itylra crawled from her foxhole and began opening fire at any straggler, any remaining LoD soldier who was still rushing up the beach to whatever nefarious play Dredge was making. At the thought of Dredge Itylra winced, she had witnessed brief parts of his encounter with her superior officer Micheal but had been unable to watch the conflict in it's entirety. She wondered if he had prevailed, the state of the battlefield suggested that perhaps he did but it was impossible to know, for at some point her battle field eye had dropped. Realizing it's value a bit late Itylra fished a loose bullet casing from the sand, throwing it into the air and filling it with her mana - it flashed blue and filled her subconscious with imagery. The massive Terrenus battleship remained overhead, and then her floating reconnaissance magic laid eyes on it. the final moments of the battle between Dredge and Micheal seemed to be approaching. Dredge took a mighty blow, his helmet giving vision to his face for the first time. It seemed he was trying to rally, but by a glance it seemed Micheal had the advantage. Itylra knew she was supposed to feel joy at that thought, but a part of her had a pang of regret - his defeat was supposed to be at her hands, his final moments her vengeance. A freedom from her past, a goal she had set for herself; watching another achieve your goal was a bittersweet thing.
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    You were supposed to be the chosen one!
  15. Old Man Jean

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    This thread moves fast as shit. Might be a good thing no one wanted to interact with Itylra, my post rate is hella slow in comparison.