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    Gaim Alam

    The Raptor Specifications • General characteristics • Crew: One Length: 34 ft 3 in (10.45 m) Wingspan: 38 ft 0 in (11.6 m) Height: 13 ft 0 in (3.97 m) Wing Area: 238.87 ft² (22.2 m²) Empty Weight: 7,165 lb (3,250 kg) Loaded Weight: 9,149 lb (4,150 kg) Max. Takeoff Weight: 9,730 lb (4,413 kg) Powerplant: WIP • Performance • Maximum speed: 398 mph (343 knots, 640 km/h) Cruise speed: 308 mph (265 knots, 495 km/h) Range: 466 mi (750 km) Service ceiling: 36,090 ft (11,000 m) Rate of climb: 2,950 ft/min (15 m/s) • Armament • WIP
  2. Old Man Jean

    Gaim Alam

    The Pilot Characteristics • GENERAL INFORMATION • Name: Gaim Alam Callsign: Old Soul Titles: None Race: Human Age: 26 Class: Raptor Pilot Affiliations: None Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Religion: None • HISTORY • Place of Birth: Zaharadia, Terrenus (200 Miles South of Selemath) Current Residence: Zaharadia, Terrenus Reputation: None Primary Profession: Mercenary Raptor Pilot Secondary Profession: Gambler Health: Good Appearance Complexion: WIP Height: WIP Build: WIP Eye Color: WIP Hair Color: WIP Description: WIP Personality Demeanor: WIP Hopes: WIP Fears: WIP Likes: WIP Dislikes: WIP Description: WIP Background WIP
  3. Old Man Jean

    Hasa Diga Eebowai

    Itylra had arrived at the galley a bit late, her hands covered in the clear grease which lubricated the internals of her rifle; the rifle which sat slung across her back despite the fact she was almost certain to have no use for it. Going to the nearby sink she wiped her hands clean as the rest of the group chatted about their lives and cracked jokes at one another, much of the slang and nuance lost on Itylra but still sometimes raising a muffled laugh from the stoic elf. Eventually she joined the group, staring down at the food with some hesitation; the truth was Itylra had been a vegan her entire life, not by choice but by the reality of her home demi plane and her stomach still wasn't accustomed to eating meat. Even less so when it came to the strange shell the meat was placed in, it's smell perhaps appealing to some but nothing but alien to the elf. Eventually she simply bit the bullet, picking up the 'taco' and biting into it, her face subtly contorted as she did her best to repress her reaction. The mixture of textures was the first thing she noticed, but the heavy spice of the meat hit her next; she was used to raw vegetables and fruits, spice was not in her wheel house and even if the 'tacos' were as mild as could be her mouth was simply unprepared. So when a question was turned to her she didn't hesitate to set the food aside and talk with the group, something she rarely did in general but finding social interaction far superior to the burn. "I am Private Itylra Yurieshanyaar, I was born and raised in a demi-plane which contained only my people. I was a painter. and writer, though I was still in -" Itylra thought for a moment, her mind trying to find the right words. "High School." Itylra said, wiping her mouth lightly with her thumb, more a means to hesitate then to clean anything from her face. "My home was destroyed by a cosmic horror and I escaped through a portal." Her voice did not waver as she spoke, but her accent deepened as she seemed to be recalling back to in reality what was far less then a year ago. Itylra realized perhaps a bit too late that her story was darker then the group had hoped for, the light hearted atmosphere now more heavy then before she had spoken. This is why I hate being social. Itylra thought to herself in her native Sildëyuir, her inability to read the mood a life long struggle, one which had already begun to isolate before her home was destroyed and had only deepened now that there was a clear language barrier between her and her peers. A socially awkward girl speaking a language she barely spoke was a recipe for disaster. Not knowing how to adjust the conversation or to brush off the hanging in the air Itylra instead simply remained silent, her gaze fixated on the wall directly in front of her so as not to accidentally gaze directly at anyone. Better to simply ignore this moment and wait for it pass, she decided.
  4. Old Man Jean

    MOBS Tournament and Gambling

    I so wanna bet on this just for the chance to give Itylra an eyepatch and change her name to 'Punished Itylra'. Sadly, I can't justify the action in character. I love this idea though.
  5. The codes were a nice addition. Kudos! 

  6. Old Man Jean

    Terrenus Military MOS and ASI Codes

    These are MOS (Military Occupation Specialties) and ASI (Additional Skill Identifier) I made for my own profile purposes. This is not truly canon or a complete list. MOS codes Command C-1P - Peacekeeper C-1D - Director Communications CS-1D - Diplomats CS-1F - F.I.S.T CS-1R - Rangers (Sub MOS CS-1UR Urban Ranger) CS-2R Recon (Sub MOs CS-RP Raptor Pilot) Operations O-1EK - Elemental Knight O-1S - Sniper O-2S - Spies O-3S - Splinters (Sub MOS O-3S-WP Wasteland Border Patrol and O-3S-BN Beasts of Nature) R&D RD -1C - Codebreakers RD-1E - Engineers RD-1H - H.E.R.B RD-1P - P.E.T.A.L ASI Codes MF-1 - Magitech Firearms Qualified (Sub ASI MF-1P Pistol, MF-1R Rifle, etc) MW-1 - Melee Weapon Weapon Qualified (Sub ASI MW-1S Sword, MW-1K Knife, etc) RW-1 - Ranged Weapon (Sub ASI RW-1B Bow, RW-1CB Crossbow, etc.) MF-1*M (Magitech Firearm Sub Category Marksman Qualified, example MF-1RM for a Rifle Marksman) FO-1 Field Operations, ASI for those combat qualified outside of an Operations MOS. OOC And many, many more. Feel free to make up your own and post them in this thread for others to use! Full MOS/ASI code example. CS2RFO1MF1RM for a Recon Field Operative who is Marksman Rifle qualified
  7. Old Man Jean

    Hasa Diga Eebowai OOC

    I'll wait a day or two to see if Harlow wants to post.
  8. Old Man Jean

    Paradigm Shift

    Itylra didn't immediately react to the sudden arrival of the small dragon, her mind struggling to follow the rapid change in events, her dehydration and exhaustion very abruptly dulling her reaction time. The mental invasion proved some what effective, the magic of the dragon unable to truly translate Terric into her own language, Sildëyuir so instead conveying the intent of the words through a combination of emotion and imagery. The vague understanding of the dragon's thinly veiled malice wasn't lost on Itylra, but the Star Elf had little understanding of the capabilities of such a creature and thus lacked the natural respect most had for dragons, even young ones. For in her home plane beasts, magical or otherwise simply did not exist, a demi plane made only for Elves. Taking a moment to collect herself Itylra chose not to reply in language but instead in a more direct, empathic level. Hana would feel and see what had befallen Itylra from the moment the shapeless horror invaded her home plane, to the mighty Dredge's attempt to corrupt her to her harrowing journey through the Great Pine Barrens and finally to this very moment. Her feeling that Hana was in danger, her desire to help her; all of this conveyed in a moment, through emotion and image through the dragon and eventually to Hana herself. The 'explanation' done once more Itylra pointed at herself. "Itylra" She repeated, then pointing to Hana as if to signal her turn. It was a simple gesture, but it was one Itylra desperately needed; a return to some level of normalcy after her struggles. A simple exchange of names, a greeting so forced and clumsy it was almost comical. All the while Itylra forced a soft smile, her elegant but road worn features increasingly growing haggard, her gray eyes catching the vague lights of the street and glowing back like a star filled sky; a constant reminder that Itylra was an all together different kind of elf.
  9. Old Man Jean

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    In the Victorian War era officers often equipped their units with weapons they bought themselves from the civilian market, that is what I meant by self procurement. Also, thanks for the speedy replies I appreciate it!
  10. Old Man Jean

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    As a bit of a follow up, is it safe to assume the Terrenus Military doesn't have any standard issue weapons but instead uses a Victorian era officer style self procurement?
  11. Old Man Jean

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    Ya know, I just realized I don't know this after I was trying to write a post about it. How do Magitech guns work? What do the projectiles look like? Do they fire 'cased' ammunition? If so what kind of propellant do they use if not gunpowder, condensed/powdered mana perhaps? Or are they a case less design? Like a rail gun or that one electric artillery gun that never made it out of testing? Or something else entirely?
  12. Old Man Jean

    Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    @supernal Just link the profile in my signature, if you can! It should be also mentioned I'm teaming up with Roboblu and their character Maya as one her guards!
  13. Old Man Jean

    Hasa Diga Eebowai OOC

    If you want an idea of what Itylra sounds like just imagine Israeli / Gal Gadot accent but with a deeper, raspy voice. Also, I'm not super happy with that post as I didn't advance the plot any but I wanted to get it out there as I'm gonna doing some training exercises for the next two - three days and will have very limited internet access.
  14. Old Man Jean

    Hasa Diga Eebowai

    Itylra stood mostly at attention at the arrival of Private Sinclair, her recent graduation from boot camp still fresh on her mind and the habits of it drilled hard into her. She was young and inexperienced, and boot camp had molded Itylra well; adding much needed structure to her life which she had lost after the fall of her home plane. Realizing her attention wasn't expected she had relaxed just as Vorsch made mention of her, referencing a cultural metaphor she didn't quite understand. "What is a 'leperchaun' and why is it's excrement green?" She asked in her melodic accent, her voice having a surprisingly deep rasp. This question raised a laugh from minotaur but no further explanation as the two final members of the team arrived. One was an elegant looking woman with a floating mirror trailing behind her, Itylra struggled to imagine what purpose such a thing could posses and made a note to approach her when downtime arrived to find out. The second was one the Star Elf was far less thrilled to see, another woman this one lead in by a group of guards; Itylra had heard of these types, those punished for crimes with servitude. Rarely could they be trusted, and even less once the heat of battle began, the type never to turn your back on. Itylra wanted to raise complaint, to struggle against having to constantly watch her own team mate while fighting but she knew it was a pointless grievance, her job was to do as she was asked and Itylra had little desire to make a reputation for herself on her first operation. As the group boarded the airship Itylra brought up the rear, following close to the group and into the briefing room. Their targets were two fold, a set of horrific crab monsters and a perversion of a local Elven subspecies. Itylra felt no connection to the Elves of Valucre, but even she felt a bit of regret at what had become of them; that regret faded quickly when she learned of their methods for growing their numbers. Eventually the group was dismissed and almost immediately Itylra wanted to approach Ocealea, but she struggled to think of a way to approach her organically and instead abandoned the idea, heading instead to her quarters. Laying her gun on the bed Itylra sat back to the bed before dragging the gun into her lap, she quickly worked to disassemble it and began to clean the parts with some oil she kept in her pack. Having recently fired it Itylra felt it important to clean it throughly and soon it was more pieces then weapon, each part meticulously cared for and returned to it's proper place. This meticulous nature was something Itylra was known for amongst the other soldiers, in much the way Private Sinclair was famed for her eccentric behavior Itylra was known as a bit of a 'square'. Her bed was always made perfectly to regulation, her uniform seemed immune to wrinkle or dirt it was so clean and her stiff, no fun attitude was noted amongst the recruits. She never drank or played games with the others, she refused any romantic advances harshly and the result had been a lack of any true friendships or comrades. However it also meant she was nothing if not always completely prepared, and often favored by commanding officers for her studious, meticulous attitude. If Itylra cared about the rumors she never showed it, spending most of her time doing physical training or at the firing range her reputation seemed to matter very little to the Star Elf, her mind always seeming focused on whatever the task at hand was.
  15. Old Man Jean

    Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    Just wanted to throw a heads up to add Itylra to the roster! While the RP for her recruitment is ongoing I'm also in a time skip thread with Wade so I figured I should make it official. I'd like her to be Recon [Field Ops], if possible! Thanks!