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    Of Devils and Half Breeds

    "Paladin of the white hand, I'm in .. Where? innsssth? Inssth. Wilds of Yemee and it's super dangerous, great! Still didn't tell me why you're here! I guess I'm going to assume you're paid here to keep the dangers out as a white hand but I don't do well with inferring every thing." The small tiefling was saying this already while she was tredding quickly towards purgatory. By the time she finished she was far off, already about to go inside the building. She paused a while with her hand on the handle to the inn while she waited for the Orc, and mumbled to herself. " What kind of place is this that you name your inn purgatory. Do they offer indefinite stay or some thing? Wouldn't be much of an inn if that was the case- HEY ARE WE GETTING FOOD OR WHAT!" It didn't seem like she was the patient type, especially when it came to food. " I don't really know what's inside here so I can rightfully open the door because I might just fall into the undescribed place, so you better hurry because I'm REALLY hungry!"
  2. PurplePanda

    A Fellowship in Frost

    Esmald had been part of the tribe longer than the two outsiders that he pulled his weight behind. He dragged a whole finished pelt pile over the snow on a large canvas sheet attached to some ropes. Dressed all in furs, and with long black hair he looked menacing enough. He hadn't shaved his beard for years now and it fell down to his muscular chest. What kept him in this tribe was not only the culture, but just how much they welcomed in strangers as long as they could pull their wait. You could never get used to these long traveling periods, but it became easier with time and practice. When the whole caravan was called to stop by the chief, Esmald pulled off his rope reigns and walked towards the fire and asked the others if there was help needed in the fire. There really wasn't much, so he went back to his pelt and hide pile and waited for one of the children to serve him. As a plate of hot reindeer stewed in the fat of a seal was handed to him in a large pile in a wooden bowl, a warm smile drew on the gruff man's face for the child. There wasn't much known about Esmald in the tribe, he didn't speak much at all, but he always acted kindly towards the children in the tribe. When there was free time he would even carve some toys for them like figures and whistles for them out of reindeer antlers ( which was some of the hardest stuff to work with). Taking a hardy bite from the scalding hot meat, his plain face returned as it burnt him, but it was much better than being so cold that it threatened your fingers at all times. Being right behind the fat tiger woman and Reitu left him wide open for listening to and watching their slight shenanigans. He was really the most surprised with two things of these two, how such a obese tiger could still move so long with such heavy weight, and generally how one could find a shoe big enough to fit those giant paws. Esmald glanced down at his worn winter boots as a heavy wind blew through him enough to make him shiver, and stared up at the sky. Silently, he prayed that there wouldn't be a blizzard as he slid a chunk of reindeer past his lips. The stew was good, they even afforded to throw some salt and onions in. He didn't take more than one serving, they gave large portions here and he was full. Finished, he laid back against the pile of pelts and curled up against the cold, taking advantage of any break he could get.
  3. PurplePanda

    OOC: A Fellowship in Frost

    If it's okay that I don't make a character sheet I can reply now, it's just a little hectic for me, but you bet your buns I can make a character sheet soon as I can grab some internet.. ( I use phone data and a small phone for every thing)
  4. PurplePanda

    Interrogation Cell Commager

    Tangerine light through tangerine eyes. The world as the small, elf was a desolate wasteland of orange lit by no sun. The voice caused her ears to twitch and forced her head to raise. Coming towards her now was a black shadow with glowing orbs for eyes. Black milipedes crawled ceaselessly just below the surface of his oily wire skin.The figure had a brutal smile that was all wriggling legs. There were other shadows in the corner sitting on the dead bodies that had only become dead shapes. Black lizards, beetles, and bugs crawled around the metal room while the spiders hunted for them. Then through pain the walls changed to a blurred memory of a stone basement with barred sky lights, chains on the wall and a man screaming. Then it was a small bright cottage, a man and woman of elder age standing there with no faces holding a tea kettle and throwing boiling water that hit her so long ago. Then back to the shadowy man with bright white eyes in both his sockets and the smile made out of thousands of sharp legs. The elf's lips quivered again as it made sounds she could only vaguely guess what they were. It's mouth gave rise to a screech that painfully echoed off the wall as Mayumi tried to focus to decipher it. "Question. Get you hurt. You are. Your name. Kill Dredge." Transcribing the screech into common that she never had the formal training to ever fully understand. It wasn't her language, there was a lot of things that she missed. It didn't help that she had to go back and pick it through thousands of hissing milipedes. The small mouth opened before the world shifted and she forgot again. " M-.. Mayumi.. T-t...takam-.. Mori. D..dredge.." She sputtered through her fear of the shadow's power. Shadows that could be felt were always dangerous. They never grew faces. They only hurt. The thing in front of him flashed into a blurred, unfocused and ancient face that Mayumi tried to reach for, but in looking at her heavy bound hand she lost the image of him. It sent another wave of tears through her every time her mind switched through the channels and so freshly reminded her every time of where she was and only knowing the promises of pain awaited her. There was a song, distorted in melody but ever so comforting. Mayumi's only friend Shaberu did all she could to keep Mayumi calm even if her voice was metalic and grating. Even the shovel behind her back was afraid of the milipede man, and it caused the song to grow so quiet. There wasn't any thing Mayumi could bare to say that would calm her down. Subconsciously she would be leaning further back in a small effort to keep her safe and unseen as possible, as she was the only thing keeping Mayumi here at this point.
  5. PurplePanda

    fields beyond the horizon [house hildebrand]

    And then my farm comes in and burns yours.. Then who's laughing then?! Probably every one within two miles .. Actually..
  6. PurplePanda

    fields beyond the horizon [house hildebrand]

    And then my farm comes in and burns yours.. Then who's laughing then?! Probably every one within two miles .. Actually..
  7. PurplePanda

    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    I'm going to be playing three city dwellers. No Heros, no villains, just normal people. Three lives.
  8. PurplePanda

    fields beyond the horizon [house hildebrand]

    What do I need to write up to make Chandler farm a reality?
  9. PurplePanda

    fields beyond the horizon [house hildebrand]

    Sweet, is there any orphanages in the area to endorse a wonderful image for the farming house and also have cheap farm labor?
  10. PurplePanda

    Of Devils and Half Breeds

    The silver-haired woman tools a brief pause in her flow of words to continue gazing around the loom and gloom of the town while picking at her pointed teeth with sharp claws. At she spun around her rimmed tail poking out of her robe became aparent. Her attention drew back to the Orc at the mention of food. " Did you say food? Are you asking me out on a date? I mean.. I'll go if you're buying! You never really answered my question of why you're here and also every one in this place of its so dangerous! Hopefully you all get paid in gold." Her eyes stared back over at the walls where people on watch were staring at her and she gave an energetic wave up at them. "Hey!! Hello!! " she shouted over at them.
  11. PurplePanda

    fields beyond the horizon [house hildebrand]

    I call being the farmer who burns competitor's crops and buying out their bankrupt land to grow an empire of wheat and wheat by products!!
  12. PurplePanda

    A Not-so-ill Portent

    The door chimed, and then slammed open as Weiss stepped inside with a cocky grin on his face. Before he could say any thing, Bully immediately started yelling at him. " Dontcha be slamming my doors ya fool!" Weis's grin didn't even falter, he stuck up his fists and waved them at Bully. " 'Ey now, Bully, you want a round with me? I'm sure I cou-." He stopped, mid sentence with the sheer coldness of the look Bully gave him, "Eeeh.. Nevermind.. How's the kids? This place is as empty as all hell, as usual. All I get to look at around here is your two ugly mugs." His grinning face didn't bother looking at the empty seats as he tromped over to the bar and took a seat right next to Valdas. " What's the cards saying today Val? Has one of Miss Wickersham's chickens died.. Or maybe I'm going to get sick soon?" Even past his grin, it was quite clear that he was just as bored as the rest of them being here. This place hadn't been interesting for a long time, and still Weiss remained, festering in this tiny village. There weren't even that much of monsters around the area spare the occasional wolf frightening the aforementioned chickens. " God forbid any thing interesting happen to this place. I'm just waiting for the day that you draw from those cards and .. Maybe.. A hundred goblins come in to ransack the town! Could you imagine Wickersham's face? That's some thing I'd use my coppers for! " Weiss was a loud talker, and he could put on a brave face, but in this small village you could never be expected to handle more than a lost sheep, so he was mostly just talk. He had the muscular build of a farmer, a manual laborer. He was one of there few people in the village who owned a sword, and was known to go out into the woods and practice.
  13. PurplePanda

    Small Town Mysteries

    It didn't seem like Marian heard Jenny, but with the pat on the back caused her to jump with a gasp. Out of the slight stupor, she saw Jenny's smiling, kind face before she turned away with the energetic way she always did. Not then did she realize she was crying and used the sweater still folded up in her arms to wipe off the tears quickly. A red flush crossed over her scarred face with embarrassment and shame as she realize she lost it again. Every one told her it was because she was a stupid crazy person, but she tried her best not to fall into those stupid stupors. Face wiped clean, only then did she notice the soup Jenny must have also left her. She glanced over at Jenny, eyes flicked over at the giant bloody cat, before she grabbed the bowl of soup with both of her hands, but seemed to struggle. In the end she just set the bowl on the ground and used the spoon. As she took the first spoonful, her face immediately lightened up. This was some REALLY tasty stuff, and she was about to scarf down the whole bowl and show how bad her table manners were until Torie spoke up towards her, spoon hanging in her mouth. She was still coated in blood as she asked this. Torie was a little girl's nightmare. Marian tried to be as polite as she could, taking one look at her and then down at the soup. " I.. I'm .. N-no.. Th-thank you..." She stuttered, spoon shaking in her hand. Thoughts went back to when she thought the village was a cult mean to feed the giant cat, and she shoved the spoon full of piping hot soup in her mouth. Her stomach growled with celebration at the prospects of the delicious soup.
  14. PurplePanda

    Of Devils and Half Breeds

    The woman tiefling waved off the cart as it was being wheeled away, " Good luck! Don't die! You can do it!" She cheered against the gloom as they left. This was going great! She was being helpful, and the gloom seemed impenetrable in her cheerful demeanor. She looked back at the Orc paladin. "Tor'gal is a funny name! I'm going to call you Torggle. It is just so much less silly!" The tiefling woman let out a laugh. Then she heard it wasn't safe here and she really did a 360' around to fully take in where she was. " Is it really?" she gave a silly, skeptic look at the Orc with out taking any thing seriously, " If it was so dangerous, why are you here? Why are all these other people here? It can't be that dangerous! Also I wouldn't need a horse! Why would I want to go through those terrible woods when I have bubbles!" Her arms flung out and with it was a cheerful spray of luminous bubbles out into the gloom that spiraled up into the gloomy air around her. It was hard to tell if she was serious about any thing.
  15. PurplePanda

    Of Devils and Half Breeds

    "Oh, I'm just so glad that you agree Mr. Orc! Oh wait you said some thing after that. How did I get here?" The tiefling's smile turned into a pointed-teeth grin, " I traveled, by, Bubble! Most of the time I launch myself into the air and drift through until the bubble takes me where ever it wants to while I take a very lovely nap. One time I woke up and instead of spring it was suddenly fall! I never really know where any thing is so it was either a very long nap or a very far distance! My name is Buu by the way, Mr. Orc! Do you need help with those crates?" The barefooted Tiefling trotted over to the boxes, and spoke in words that sounded like light itself, and raised her arms in a grand gesture that encased the crates in giant bubbles and lifted them off the ground and towards the wagon. The tiefling was so energetic that the Orc probably couldn't keep up with her speed. Once the crates were over the wagon, the tiefling woman clapped her hands together with seemingly such a force it almost unleashed a sonic boom that caused her robes to drift up. The crates fell and SLAMMED into the wagon, nearly with enough height to ruin the wagon entirely. " There we go! Easy-Spleeshy." The tiefling beamed with a job mostly well done.