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    ~*~Child Dungeon~*~

    At the end of the tunnel, a large cavernous opening lit with floating cubes of light with happy faces painted on them gently bobbing and floating around casting their friendly, bright light. Some of the blue birds were ramming into them, seeming to take joy in batting them around and causing them to move. At impossible angles, growing out of the sheer rock were various tall flowering cacti with holes borne into them presumably from the blue birds themselves. The cacti were absolutely covered in colorful ribbons that the blue birds grabbed from one cacti and brought to another, and some seemed to fight over and value one color over the other. This led to entertaining squeaks and squabbles from the flittering birds. Inside the holes of the cacti, less impressive brown birds were occasionally peaking their heads out of the hole and calling loudly through the mess of other chirping. To the right of the cavern was troughs full of bird seed and water with a deep hole that birds were flying in and out of. It seemed too small for any one but Jersey to fit through. To the right, near Jersey stood a large, dark green figure that let out a gruff grunt of annoyance. It was an Orc standing a good two feet over the tallest of the boys. His face was roughly painted white, with red around his lips and a large funny purple hat. His face seemed like he would have rather been any where but here, and below his fat rolls was a thick, runic collar. Other than that, he wore only brown roughspun pants. A smile appeared on his face with large tusks as he noticed Jersey, " They let a baby cow in here? Did you lose your herd?" The other boys would hear a loud, mean-spirited laugh follow and echo down the tunnel. The Orc abruptly stopped laughing and looked over at the tunnel. "Yer not the only one, are ya? I 'eard the bells. Tell'em to get over here, bite-sized." His grumpy and didn't want to be here face had returned. He also looked like he would have loved to eat Jersey. @Piperpie @Old Man Jean @danzilla3 @HollowCipher
  2. PurplePanda

    The Red Festival (Open)

    In response to all the noise, chaos, and explosions, a tiny elf popped her head outside of the tent. Flaming monkeys and occasional explosions were every where. A strained, toothy grin grew on her face. The party was going /really/ well! Mayumi hadn't finished with Enfrid yet, and so she popped her head back into the tent. Screams of agony followed her actions, followed by a harsh and horrid gagging noise to hear. And soon the tent was completely quiet except for sounds of a small child-like voice speaking inside. Dear lord, messiah, any gods up in heaven... What has happened to me?! It came out of her mouth and went down into my mouth. My body, it's moving, I cannot breath, I cannot control my body. I cannot see!! It's writhing and wriggling in my body and I can feel the black substance controlling every little bit of my body and the agony within me from the lack of control in my body as I try to scream but I am not longer in control! I scream in my mind for some one to help, to end this suffering, I scream in the void of nothing as it starts to fill my brain and I sense it's corrupting influence. I try my damnest to fight it's suffocating presence within me, but I'm stopped. I feel a soft, small hand grabbing mine so softly, and at first I think it could only be that unholy demon wearing the face of a child. But I look up from my spot writhing in speechless agony and all I can see is the face of my little girl Molly. I go still, and start crying as I can see her visage glowing in the darkness of my sight. The pain ebs away as I relax and she helps pull me to my feet. I smile as I cry to see her once again, either dead or alive it didn't matter. Just being able to see her smiling face was enough. I start walking to where ever she leads me. I feel nothing. I feel nothing, but also happiness and there's a deep wrongness to the feeling but I choke it back. Mayumi smiled up at the man that she had just named Fredrick. It was so nice to have a date for the festival, and their outfits were a charming soaked in blood look that matched the whole macabre theme of the party! If Mayumi knew what fashionable meant she would sure call herself that! Staring up at her freshly made date, those sheer black eyes that reflected no light, the black substance leaking out of his eyes and mouth, the thin, veiny tendrils that held his mouth open in a stretched, horrid smile/grimace. Mayumi was sure that sparks were going to fly tonight, and not just those from the flaming monkeys. With a deep breath, the giddy Mayumi stepped out of the tent with her corrupted, demented date. Completely oblivious to all that was really going on, she walked casually while all was war and gore around her. Aside her, Enfrid snarled and snapped at any one who came close with the feral rage of a guard dog. Every time, Mayumi laughed at him as if he had just told a joke. What ever either of them were experiencing right now, it surely wasn't what every one else was seeing and hearing. If any one would try to stop them, they would sure be in for a nasty surprise as they joined the festivities. ---------------------------------------------------------------- POST SUMMARY Mayumi has no idea what is going on Mayumi has corrupted one of the party favors Mayumi is and never has been on any one's side Mayumi is wandering around and watching the show
  3. PurplePanda

    Strangely Dressed Man Requesting Children

    @Old Man Jean Hey champ, it's you're turn to reply! @Kayderyn The police officer is kind of awake right now, but if you could keep pace you could try.
  4. PurplePanda

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    @Frostbinder we already have a black tendril waving freak around here TYVM.
  5. PurplePanda

    Military Base #34

    The tieflings eyes flared slightly at the mention of getting out of the party, especially as the music started to pick up. " Of course, Miss Maya. That is a lovely suggestion. Here, allow me." Continuing to draw as little attention to the whole scene the transpired only moments before, he politely offered an arm in which to lead them outside. A'rithor was a bit of a classy gentleman, taught manners and even how to treat women in his aristocratic classes. His bladed tail was stuck fully behind him and the blade pointed away from every one. His steps were delicate, and he made extra sure that maya couldn't possibly mess up her beautiful dress in any thing else. At the entrance, a cool evening breeze washed over them. They were not the only ones who seem to have escaped into the night. He would lead Maya gently to the least populated patch of grass nearby. In the dim light, his eyes glowed even more noticeably than before, his polite and tight-lipped smile still on his face, his deep, nearly Spanish accent rolled out, " So, you have told me that you have interest in the art of sorcery. I am always happy to help, and maybe you would take better to personal lessons? When we are both free, of course." jHe was being a bit forward, he realized, and he didn't seem to mean to. A small chuckle left his lips as his full attention seemed to be pressed on Maya. It dawned on him that he thought her rather cute, and took well to her with her aparent interest in books.
  6. PurplePanda

    Small Town Mysteries

    Marian was glad that Jenny was okay, even if she was brushed aside as the swiftness of Jenny's hyper active attitude just to make it outside. The blue sweater was still in her arms, held close. It smelled better than she did, and didn't want to ruin it with her dirt any ways. Naturally keeping back and away from every one, she stared and waited for every one to decide to come in before she scuttled back in the mill herself. Around the chairs, she didn't pull one up for herself, rather she positioned herself in a corner out of the way of every one like a servant girl. After having listened to what the other said, she wondered if it would be better to escape to the animals that were left behind and maybe she could keep playing with that very nice Shepard dog. People flying into buildings in metal suits instead of just walking wasn't normal! As they all headed inside, Marian would be eying the drunk elf woman wearily.
  7. PurplePanda

    The Red Festival (Open)

    Mayumi seemed distracted with Dredge's grandiose display, pausing as his massive figure flew over head and splashed in the pool of blood. The small elf succumbed to a bought of giggling as she clapped wildly at his landing. The party favors were finally revealed, and as they dripped and screamed and flew over head, Mayumi gleefully ran after them, a tendril coming out of her back and forcefully batting people out of her way. She was a king, her subjects had to make was for her. A few people were maddened by the residue of ichor on her tendril, but what was a few people in this mass? As Mayumi neared the stage, the people were dropped. Mayumi made sure that she got one before they were all ravaged and broken. This one would be hers. She managed to grab a young human male whimpering and occasionally screaming in agony by the arm as he was tied up. This would be the one, this would be the one she 'saved'. This was a party, and she didn't want to be greedy! At her core, Mayumi wasn't a villain, she was demented, corrupted, disturbed. Most people glanced Mayumi's tendril or knew right off the bat to get out of her way, so there wasn't too much competition as the man was dragged away from the other party favors. Enfrid gagged and sputtered as he whimpered and screamed in agonized sheer fear. The things that he has seen, witness was nothing but a torturous slash upon his mind. His entire family was murdered, and he was captured trying to protect him. Enfrid couldn't see with the sticky, putrid blood in his eyes but he was being dragged by some thing with a strong, inescapable grip. He couldn't do any thing as he was tied up, but he SCREAMED.He didn't want to die! He wanted every one who killed his family to perish and he prayed to all the gods he knew in his head to give him mercy so he could find a way to end these monsters. Mayumi sure got a lively one! A lot of those party favors weren't even wriggling or saying much of any thing, Mayumi's childish delight was spread plainly across her face. These two were going to have the time of their lives tonight. Mayumi took her time to drag Enfrid all the way to the nearest tent to get him cleaned up. Once there she found some rags and a bucket of what was definitely not water, and yet the disillusioned elf dipped the rag right in there and started humming discordantly as she started to wipe the blood off the man's face. Things have gone quiet, I have stopped being dragged. Is that the sound of a child? Am I being saved? Some one is trying to wash off my face... The smell... IS THAT PISS? Enfrid sputtered and spit as his face was roughly cleaned off with an unknown bucket of piss. This was hell. Mayumi finished off the cleaning by patting his face dry with a clean rag, freeing the man to see. Mayumi gasped and smiled as Enfrid revealed his stunning emerald green eyes. His horror turned into sheer confusion as his eyes rested on what could have only been a young girl.. But wait.. Those eyes.. That blood-stained outfit. It could have only been one of them. " We are going to have so much fun tonight! " Mayumi cheerfully chirped at him as a tendril slid out of her back, and cut through the ropes that bound him. Enfrid acted immediately, scrambling to his feet and almost stumbling, before he took a long, hard look at Mayumi before he went to run out. Any one outside the tent would see a 'clean' face Engrid looking out desperately before falling flat on his face, a second tendril was wound around his ankle. A leash. A scream of, " SOME BODY PLEASE HELP ME!" Rung out before he was slowly brought back inside the tent, fingernails desperately grabbing the grass.
  8. PurplePanda

    Fright Night (town raid) (open)

    What ever sad thing Dredge was imagining was, Mayumi smiled and held her arms out as the hefty 250 pound small elf was cradled like a small child. Her wounds had already sealed close, and only the tattered robe shown where she was assaulted with bullets. While being carried, she had relaxed and stared out at the chaos and destruction with relative relaxed disinterest, as if in a hammock looking at a dragonfly. It was a nice, calm moment for her out through the chaos. It was familiar. As her head was touched and pressed to Dredge's chest, Mayumi tensed slightly as she payed attention. Her mouth slowly fell agape as she listened, a finger lifted up, taking Dredge's tear and putting it in her mouth, tasting.. Savoring it. With a small laugh her overly-loud, cheerful voice rung out of that tainted maw of hers, " Haha! Silly Dredge, that Sarah is dead now! And you are not my father! So silly are you! " Then her inane and inappropriate laughter was caught short by the sudden explosions around her and the rushing away. Now was time to leave, and celebrate.
  9. PurplePanda

    ~*~Child Dungeon~*~

    The policeman at the door snorted awake as the last boy went in the door. His arm jot out for fighting, but it came too short as the door shut too quickly. He suddenly realized that he could lose his job, and found himself hoping that child didn't come back out... And he figured he probably would not. As each of the boys entered the door, there was a pleasing ringing noise, like the bell while entering the door. They would see a long and dimly lit tunnel ahead of them, lit along the way with glowing blue mushrooms. Behind each, the door would seem to open, and close behind them in a smooth stone dead end. The door seemed to have been a one way only. There was a sign by the mushrooms reading 'DO NOT EAT', probably warning the children dumb enough to stuff any thing in their mouths, but if they were dumb enough to eat the mushrooms, they were probably too dumb to read, anyways. At the end of the tunnel came the short sound of a creaky wooden door opening, and an abrupt slamming that only Jerky and Tifili heard. The rest, when joined would hear lots of twittering blue birds and a low, loud grumbling echoing down the tunnel. The silhouettes of the birds swooping through the bright light at the end of the tunnel seemed to be carrying .. Worms? Bits of string? The birds were carrying some thing in their mouths as they swooped by, too fast to really see. The ominous, low grumbling continued in bassy tones off the stone tunnel under the cheerful birds. It almost sounded like words.
  10. PurplePanda

    The Red Festival (Open)

    The small elf Mayumi was finishing off cleaning and wiping the blood off her hands and face to start really enjoying her festival. It took a lot of work, commanding her goblin followers to hand dip every prisoner, screaming and kicking in the pond of blood. It was very nice of the Djinn cloaked in a patch work of human skin to have listen to her wish for more blood and summoned a great pond of viscous vital soup all around where she was standing. To his surprise, Mayumi surfaced soon after in a fit of glee. It had dyed her blue and ruined kimono into a tattered and horrid red that she seemed to have adored. With Dredge's help, she commanded the hobgoblins to use their furry arms as painbrushes to morbidly paint roses and flowers over most surfaces. The splatters of blood was a touch she performed herself with quite a few tosses with a bucket. Those blank, pupiless eyes seemed to perhaps sparkle with the delight of how all of the wretched, disgusting decorations had turned out. It had taken a lot of work, but it really went to show off how RED the Red festival could really be. Mayumi had personally wanted the festival to be teeth themed, but was quickly dissuaded by a more reasonably minded Dredge. Slowly wringing out her wet hair, her clean look and bloodied robe festive gear was nearly complete. To finish the look, a black and red blood-stained crown was placed upon the most recent goblin she intimidated into being bossed around by her insane butt. The crown was a beloved symbol of the extreme and nearly total massacre of the goblins she ruled over with a soft and cuddly fist. No goblin had a chance to hide their eyes from her destruction, but for now, she exited Dredge's tent and went off, having completely forgetting her current goblin slave. Mayumi's arms held out as she tromped through the blood-stained grass and smiled gayly at the good time that was being had around her. Some of the people she smiled at were actuallly real this time, and a bright and cheerful bought of hysterical laughter exited her lips as she seemed happy just sprinting around and watching every thing in ignorant bliss, proud of her own decorations... But unwitting to how much they actually kept her focused and grounded. This was best for the sake of every one. Before she knew it, she was running around with a rare broiled hunk of human flesh that she merely thought was cow as she ran while eating the searing hot flesh. This was going to be a wonderful night!
  11. PurplePanda

    Strangely Dressed Man Requesting Children

    Okay I'm closing the gates, I'll reply this evening and we will see who lives.. And who gets turned into a fancy char grilled sirloin.
  12. PurplePanda

    Strangely Dressed Man Requesting Children

    Alright I'm going to close the gates soon if any one one else wanted to jump on I'll wait until this evening and then we can really start.
  13. PurplePanda

    Strangely Dressed Man Requesting Children

    Dan only by name sounds like a swell guy @HollowCipher Also @Piperpie your Minotaur babe is simply adorable! I sure hope he doesn't get charbroiled some where along the lines!
  14. PurplePanda

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    If any one wanted to adopt a beyond corrupted small elf/ possible weapon, now would be the perfect time before she accidentally murders some one and is drawn, quartered, and hung. Another featured event will be blood art and eventual gore sports hosted by famed and horridly hated gore artist Mayumi Takamori; Feared King and Murderer of The Goblins and possibly her Djin assistant. All decoration of The Red Festival will be far too generously provided by Mayumi Takamori. Decorations will include: Blood pool ( bring your swimming suits!)/ Banners dyed red with blood and hung up dripping/ general sloshes and gore splatters every where/ hand smeared crude drawings of flowers in red/ Many prisoners forcibly dipped in blood and set aside as party favors and appetizers Any poisoning due to the licking or consumption of decorations will have the holding party accountable for any damages due to unauthorized consumption of afore mentioned decorations. Mayumi and Takamori Incorporation are not responsible to any diseases caught by periodic Blood Splatterings during the festival. Party at your own risk.