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  1. *i wake up* I look around my large bedroom and yawn. I then push a button for you to come in and help me get ready for the day. (I still need to know my government position)
  2. Interesting in attending this wedding!

    1. Velindrel


      Hey buddy I know you're a newcomer to the site and I generally like helping new people out.

      If you have an idea for an rp or something let me know I can get something going with ya and sort it from there.

      I like to rp with almost anyone so we can sort this all out as we go.Β  Do you have a preference towards any type of story?

      I'm a type of dude that works with whatever myself hahah.Β  So yeah welcome to Valucre by the way!

    2. ChocolateGold


      Thank you very much and yes I have an idea for an rp

    3. Velindrel


      Message me directly and we;ll work things out from there I am almost always around and I'm willing to work with pretty much whatever!

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