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  1. Hello,

    i have decided that I am quitting Valucre. 

  2. The woman who had just been rescued looked around, panicking at the fight that was currently going on between the adventurers and the goblins. *i have to get out of her* she thought and without a moments hesitation she gave into her cowardice and began to run, although it was more of a light jog given the enormous gown she was wearing. She made her was to the boulders and found that there was a small opening in them. Small enough for her to slip through. Arterius looks back and sees her leave the fight. After she slips through the rocks she makes her way through the cave, eventually reaching the sunlight. YES!! *she yells as she escapes the cave* haha oh yea!! Mhmm! *she brags*. See I can do it *she flexes her arms* I don’t need a big strong powerful man in my life to save me! *she brags but right as she finishes her sentence a rouge group of wizards comes and surrounds her.
  3. Okay! I have decided *says my OC Megan’s Emi* I wish to rule the Zompoc Provicne
  4. I see, wow that was a lot of info? I’ll just rule a previously existing city
  5. My OC Megan Emi *which you can view on my page* might be interested in ruling a city. Do you have any idea how she could do this?
  6. *She looks around, still panicked from the fall, and she then look up at the people who threw her down in here. She grits her teeth and screams, then to her horror they say goodbye and seal up the hole* NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! *she screams as they seal us down in here*
  7. Name: Rachel Dibb Age: 29 Gender: Female species: Human Height: 5’9” weight: 132 lbs weapons: None special powers: None Background: coming from a middle class family Marion had a fairly easy childhood. She had a fascination with history and acting. While she could give a good performance on the stage be real passion was archeology and the discovery of priceless artifacts. When Rachel was 15 she joined the local history club at her high school and was with it throughout all four years. In high school Rachel was not the most popular girl around. She was viewed as a nerd and a bit of a stuck up thanks to her attitude. She had a 4.0 gpa and was apart of both history and drama club. After her graduation Marion went off to a university to gain a degree in acheology. Education: while in college Rachel was one of the most hardworking students known. She never hung out or went to any class parties. Instead of that she focused completely on her studies of the ancient world and what rare mystical Artifacts were supposedly left behind by these ancient civilizations. Rachel was also nominated to the honor role 3 times and was named student of the year. While in college she had a boyfriend named Robert but after two years they split up. Rachel graduated college with honors and went out to pursue her career in archeology. Teaming up with an old love: five years after her graduation Rachel was on the hum for the lost staff of power. A museum had hired her to collect this magical artifact and now she is off to find it. However upon her findings she teamed up with her former boyfriend Robert who eventually betrayed her and turned her over to the Kiln, an enemy organization of collectors looking for the staff. While in the custody of the Kiln, Rachel was forced to attend a fancy dinner with the leader and was given a dress too Dinner interrogation: After seeing her in her elaborate gown the leader of the Kiln named Richard Lynn instantly became infatuated with her. Rachel used this to her advantage and began to flirt with him in exchange for her freedom. However after the discovery of the staff by the Kiln there was no longer a need to keep Rachel around.
  8. while these adventures set off on their journey down the cave they stopped at an old natural formation in the top of the cave. It was a hole about 7 feet in diameter. At a sudden the adventures stopped after hearing a struggle from up above... ”Slimy no good knuckleheads! You let go!” You hear from up above. It’s a females voice and it sounds as if she’s being dragged closer and closer to the open hole in the ceiling the adventures are able to catch a glimpse of her. She’s a very attractive woman in her late twenties and she’s wearing a huge evening gown. You then hear, “Don’t you dare!!!!” She roars but then to everyone’s horror they push her in!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *you hear her scream as she falls down the cave. Fortunately for her she is able to grasp ahold of a rock ledge inside the cave. The rock ledge looks like it may have possibly been a statue or an accident building at one time but the bottom of the structure still has a solid base. She holds on for her life.
  9. Hello citizens of Valucre!! 



  10. Megan Emi has of late, turned her attention to the mega city of Blairville wishing to take control of it in Oder to obtain its vast amounts wealth and priceless reasources. Acting on her plan, the Emi Trading Empire is going to attempt to invade the city of Blairville via hundreds of airships and battledroids. However a spy inside the company overheard of the plans and has been sent back to Blairville to warn them of the impending invasion.
  11. While you are inside the coffee shop you see a tall, attractive woman step in wearing an enormous orange ball gown (My OC Megan Emi). She’s accompanied by two of her body guards.
  12. This RP is open to anyone and everyone so I hope you all will enjoy it?
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