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    Hey! I'm a Computer Science / Math Double Major @ UC Berkeley, and am interested in ML, algebra, music, and more. With regards to roleplay, I'm into anything as long as its a kick-ass adventure with lots of action and lots of story. I come with the seasons, but I think Valucre is a place where I'm going to settle and make a name for myself with regards to writing. Interweaving a net to trap your characters in some convoluted plot is just one of my specialties; however, I'm still trying to improve my narrative ability! Definitely interested in your feedback, and again, hope to see you on the threads ~!
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  1. Sneak peek* (I can't believe I misspelled peek!) of the map for a quest I'm running...




    Starring @HollowCipher @Thotification @Hani @Sleepy Seal @vielle @danzilla3 @Fierach, and I. @King approved ?.

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    2. supernal


      Did you do the feature editing in another program? Or in the generator itself? 

      Also would recommend making the text color for the district names a different color so they pop a little more. A little hard to make out as they are currently imo  

    3. Artificer


      I just drew them directly via GIMP XD

    4. Artificer


      I have a different color (red) planned for live notes which will be on the map, so I kept mostly everything as the same shade to make sure that the town details were still discernible. 

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