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    Hey! I'm a Computer Science / Math Double Major @ UC Berkeley, and am interested in ML, algebra, music, and more. With regards to roleplay, I'm into anything as long as its a kick-ass adventure with lots of action and lots of story. I come with the seasons, but I think Valucre is a place where I'm going to settle and make a name for myself with regards to writing. Interweaving a net to trap your characters in some convoluted plot is just one of my specialties; however, I'm still trying to improve my narrative ability! Definitely interested in your feedback, and again, hope to see you on the threads ~!
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  1. Artificer

    OBELUS General Discussion

    Davant will survive.
  2. Do you have any prior coding or programming experience whatsoever? I am a CS and Math Major, so I have a lot of programming experience (glad you obfuscated the javascript :3). Have you ever used the DevTools/Inspect feature of your browser before? I used it for your very first challenge 🙂 In doing so, do you feel you've learned anything useful? I do feel like you have exposed other tools which would be useful for debugging in web-dev. Did you work alone? Always, unless directly asked to collaborate. For this challenge, I worked alone, but midterm season is really taking away most of my free time. How difficult would you say this was? I liked the challenge, and it definitely was not easy/trivial. Would you describe exposure to the source code and having to dig through/modify it as overwhelming or manageable? Yes, It was manageable. Did you notice any glitches or bugs, or have any feedback in general? Aside from the back-end issue which happened yesterday, nothing.
  3. I see only 12. There are 14.
  4. Hmmm... just got purple key but no idea how to get indigo
  5. I have these seven keys so far: amber lime blue red gray yellow orange
  6. Artificer

    Ruzahl's Spire

    ADIRA RUETA ELAEZAR She held him tightly in her arms as the light surrounding them faded. There was no way she was going to let go of him, not after everything that had happened. As the light slipped away, so too did his body slink to the floor, knees kissing the ground. In that brief respite, she tore a piece of cloth from her skirt, and deftly bandaged the newly-amputated stumps where her two fingers once were. Adira was mutilated, tortured, and defiled, but the shadows were gone — the beast which had tormented her slain. When she was finished, Garnet hugged her back in an deep embrace. He was so warm. He was alive. She laughed, she cried — he was there, in the flesh. At long last, things seemed to have finally settled down. It was only when her hand reached behind to hold him closer that she noticed something strange. Garnet's skin was clammy, and sweat soaked his clothes. He held her tightly, so she could not see his face, but she knew the signs. Carefully, the apothecary moved her uninjured hand up, and sifted his hair through her fingers. That quiet moment of triumph was riven by a new danger, and Adira was no longer the one in peril. "Garnet...," she whispered. "You're burning up" There was no mistake — his scalp was on fire. It was a fever, and not that of a mild cold. Judging from his weakness, she could only surmise that the wounds which the demon wolf had inflicted festered, and due to the battle, the swordsman's taxed body had no strength to resist the infection which was now coursing throughout his veins. Mind raced. She needed to do something quickly. Should he go into shock, there were few things anyone would be able to do, not this far up the mountain, and not with this serious a condition without medical equipment. Then, the doors swung open, and a familiar voice rang throughout the chamber: She recognized it immediately. It was the the voice in her head. The man was was one of the Trinity. He sauntered towards the two at a languorous pace, clearly unfazed by the wolf corpse or shards of broken magic laying at his feet. As he neared, Adira caught the glimmer of his iris, his eyes shining like molten silver. The man put his hand out, completely ignoring the her. He stood there for a a few seconds, and when he stepped back, finished with whatever he was doing, the apothecary could not believe her eyes. The wounds which riddled Garnet's body had all but gone away. While there were still some lingering contusions, no magic she had witnessed before had ever been able to mend grave wounds of that nature, and the mysterious man had just treated over a dozen of them. Quickly, when he stood, she rushed to Garnet's side, feeling his forehead for any signs of residual febrility. Nothing. It was as if he had no fever at all. Eyes darted back to the strange man beckoning them through open doors. She knew that the Guardians had power, but this made her question: how much power? * * * The Labyrinth was an ill-suited name. While the halls were long and confusing, there was a sense of opulence and grandeur that pervaded every twist and turn of the passage. There were murals, much larger than any portrait in the Cliffside Aerie. There were weapons which hung and adorned the walls, all shining as they were sharpened. There were the statues which were so detailed that one could mistake it for the victim of petrification. The denizens of the maze lived not in a maze, but a castle. They were royalty in their own respect. After only a few more minutes of walking, they had finally arrived at a large pair of magnificent, alabaster doors. She tightly held onto Garnet's hand. With a gush of wind, the entryway parted, revealed a scene that rivaled the beauty she had witnessed in the Crystal Banquet hall of the Queen's Quarters in Crystallo Stella. Where to start? The food looked delicious, and she was starving, but their host had hardly said much on the walk. Should she question him? Should she prostrate herself in devotion — wait no, she would not do that. Adira was an atheist. Then there was the issue of her companion... how should she approach him? How is a woman supposed to act to the man who saved her life? Maybe he was hungry too? "The food looks good," she whispered, unsure — not knowing what else to say. "Where do you want to sit?" @The Hummingbird
  7. It's time.

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    2. vielle


      must we wait for our turn to access?

    3. Grand Mainframe

      Grand Mainframe


    4. Grand Mainframe
  8. Artificer

    Ruzahl's Spire

    ADIRA RUETA ELAEZAR Vision exploded from shadow to bright light. The last ember of hope she had for salvation was not for naught as her prayers were indeed answered. Carefully, she opened her eyes, surprised to not be blinded by a harsh blaze, but instead be caressed by the silver's gentle radiance. It was just the two of them in that barrier. It was just her and him within that small room, seemingly separated from the rest of space and time. It was just for a few moments, but she looked up at him with awe, blade of brilliance acting as both sword and shield. If her father knew what she was thinking at that moment, he would have reeled with laughter; there were still true heroes in this world. There were still those who — either our of foolishness or bravery — would stand against the insurmountable. There were those who would rise up from the ashes of defeat, no matter how wounded or battered they were. There were those who would come from the coffin's fringe just to keep a promise. It seemed impossible — surely it had to be a dream. Things like this didn't happen in real life... ... But Adira wanted to believe it, even if it was a lie. From deep slumber and endless nightmare to waking heart, the woman felt her cheeks wet with joy. She reached out carefully, for if he was just some illusion, she did not want to break it. "Is... is it really you?" she asked, extending her reach out to him. When fingers touched his shoulder, she stifled a sob. It really was him. He was alive. Unable to hold herself back, Elaezar threw herself upon him, arms embracing around his shoulder and waist. "I-I thought you were dead," she wept, face buried in his tattered shirt, fingers fiercely gripping his sides. "Thank you," she said. "Thank the gods," she repeated three times over. Blackened hand, tainted by whatever darkness once tied her to this room, shed its curse in flakes as it dissolving in the effulgence, leaving only a small, black mole. Finally, after months — it was all over. @The Hummingbird
  9. So you wish to be like Zengi.

    Are you Davant? Are your siblings Ingsol, Nomalis, and Malark?

    Are you one of the survivors?

  10. Artificer

    Grand Mainframe and OBELUS: what we know so far

    Who is waking up though?
  11. @Csl @SweetCyanide @vielle @Wade

    I know you guys probably hate me, but I would like to ask for your help:


    This was the message hidden in @OBELUS's latest message on


    I have a feeling that this is some kind of digraph encryption scheme, i.e. a playfair, two-square, four-square cipher, or some other digraph encryption scheme.

    The image / image titles may also bear relevance, and thus I post that here as well:


    I would spend all night trying to break this if it weren't for classes tomorrow (damn you school!).

    Thus, I am turning to you for some help with this.


    In my arrogance, I thought I could do this alone, but time will not permit me to spend too much time. Thus, as a result, I came to the conclusion that the only way we can solve this mystery is by working together.

    I know a few secrets (some I am not going to divulge because they are out of the scope of the IC-portion of this ARG), and if you have any questions w.r.t. to things that I have found so far, just ask.

    @OBELUS, @Grand Mainframe,

    We -- as a community -- are going to figure this out.

    - Artificer.

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    3. Wade


      We don't hate you, Arty. We're just petty, is all.

      That said, I apologize. Spiting you was unkind and not at all the proper response. 

      Looking forward to working with you and the rest of the community. I'll throw my hat in the ring as soon as I'm able.

    4. Witch


      Thanks for introducing me to the playfair cipher. Cool stuff.

  12. 4.png

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    2. SweetCyanide


      TUESDAY, 3:14 AM                                                              [ATTACHMENT: imgoingtoeatyourlivertonight.mp4]

      giphy.gifSACRUM: listen here you little prick
      SACRUM: i wasn't going to say shit cause i thought you'd cease this faggotry
      SACRUM: but this is the last fucking straw you hear me
      SACRUM: i will find you and i will neuter you like the little bitch you are
      SACRUM: do you think this is a fucking game?
      SACRUM: do you THINK this is a FUCKING GAME?
      SACRUM: do you think i didn't see your little messages
      SACRUM: i'll keep up with you all right
      SACRUM: flank you from behind and put my whole leg up your ass
      SACRUM: just cause ur first it dont mean shit dawg
      SACRUM: i may be second but you're still beneath me
      SACRUM: have some fucking humility

      SACRUM: r u required to flail your big throbbing wolf genitals in my face
      SACRUM: i'm literally right fucking here
      SACRUM: ur not the only one trying to-

      SACRUM is typing...
      SACRUM: okay ffs
      SACRUM: you're saved by the bell you hunky dory son of a bitch
      SACRUM: brb i need to do my fucking dishes


    3. Artificer
    4. Artificer


      This picture was actually for something that wasn't necessarily related to the ARG, but I gotcha guys :c