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  1. Your post in the tavern was great! 

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      Ellara Archiates

      Thank you, I appreciate it!

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    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Oh, I apologize, I assumed some NPC interactions. I mostly was trying to catch up with another post I’m in, but also wanted to introduce my character in the ToL as is customary, so a I apologize if I did something wrong. Let me know if I need to edit it, I’ll be glad to.
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    A thin frame approached the Tavern from the normal roads. The building seemed used to travelers, abound with signs of use and welcome, from the indented steps to its still-squeaky, well-oiled hinges. Violet eyes traced over the wooden structure at a peculiarly lengthy distance. ‘I don’t need to stop. I have enough provisions, and if I want a warm meal I can make it myself.’ The figure turned away from the road and started to the forest, disappearing into the fog. She walked with no particular place or goal in mind, as someone that has no particular loyalties left is want to do. Her eyebrows knitted as she mused over whether or not she had enough alchemical supplies to skip another town, and suddenly she came crashing down to the ground with an obvious thud. Bracing herself upwards, her dark hair flew aside as she swiveled back to look at what had tripped her - a lonely bucket of water, now soaking the ground and rapidly muddying her clothes. Embarrassed heat crawled into her visage. She scrambled up and away from the object, swatting at her clothes in an attempt to clean them. Her back met resistance, and she turned to realize she’s at the backside of the same building she’d left what she’d thought was moments before. ‘I don’t remember looping back here...’ A quick glance at her now wet clothes and the shiver slowly building pace within her told her exactly what she didn’t want to hear - she would need to go inside. Edging to the front of the place, the human peered inside from the corner of the window, her already wide eyes looking about to burst out of her head at the sight of so many strangers. ‘Okay, this is fine, you’re fine, you just need to sit by the fire for a bit, maybe trade for some new clothes.’ With an air of uncertainty, she gripped the door handle and pulled hard, only to realize that it was a push door. She felt her whole body flush with a fever-like anxiety as she pressed against it and slammed into the room. Despite having wanted to do exactly the opposite, her entrance drew looks from several patrons, though most went back to their business quickly. She sighed with relief. Noticing a place for weapons, she sidled over, keeping her back to the wall and both eyes glancing around the room, trying to monitor if anyone was still watching her. It was only when she went to remove her quiver that she noticed a probably pretty blond man standing next to her destination, an overdone smile stretching across his face. “Can I get you anythi-“ Ellara would have jumped out of her shoes if she hadn’t laced them properly, her equipment clattering to the floor, and a near-inperceptible hissing sound emanating from within. “I’m sorry,” she screeched, though whether that was to the man, the bar, or the weapons was unclear. A dexterity and precision she had not had while anywhere near this establishment returned as she began rapidly pulling out arrows. She squinted helplessly at each before she resorted to turning them over in her hands. Eventually she found the source of the noise, a silver, bulbous-tipped arrow, with white feathers that almost seemed to shine in the light. Cupping her hand around the ammunition, she shoved her way back to the door, liquid dripping between her fingers as she ran outside, where she threw it with effort into the dirt nearby. It erupted in a moderate amount of light and a cloud of glittering mist, which quickly mixed into the fog and disappeared. She sighed and returned to the tavern proper, a dour look marring her refined face. It wasn’t until she was nearly done packing her quiver back that she noticed the same boy was speaking to her, seemingly apologizing for scaring her. She turned empty eyes to him, unwilling to talk to him, and was startled to see him get slapped on the arm by a red-haired woman. Her voice was commanding: “I think you’ve bothered this lady enough, why don’t you go do some work?” With the help of the woman, Ellara stood and made her way to the fireplace, where she sat on the floor in a dejected heap. She pulled her cloak tighter around herself, mulling over the possibility of finding holy water and blessed silver again, and then panic crept into her grip as she tried to recall the processes and spell needed to make those arrows again. Did she need a personal belonging of a saint, or just the blessing of an arch-priest? Was that holy water magically blessed or just blessed by someone of strong faith? A gentle hand tapped her shoulder and handed her a chip, and the woman explained she could reclaim her equipment with it. Ellara thanked her fervently before she fell back into her moody musings. Eventually her clothes had dried enough that she realized they were going to be stained permanently. Fashion wasn’t a priority for someone whose sole goal was survival, but sometimes survival around sentient creatures hinged on appearances, which was perhaps why she avoided them more often than not. At base, Ellara knew she was attractive, but the amount of effort needed to remain attractive universally was more than she was willing to put in. With a brief sigh, she stood and picked her way to the bar counter to see if she could purchase some clothing. At the slight distance, she gleaned the stance of a merchant in the man behind the bar, and realized no winning personality or well-placed sideways glances would win her any favors with him. All the better, because she really couldn’t work her way through those things. Still not near, she scanned to see if there were any listed prices. She recognized a few numbers, but none of it was helpful because they were all associated with letters of some sort, and a not-particularly-hidden curse was spat to the air as she recognized them to be most likely words. Pushing herself along tables and past patrons, she made her way to the counter and politely inquired about clothing. The man sent someone else to look, and while he was gone, the kind stranger queried about the hubbub when she came in. Normally Ellara did not feel comfortable talking about herself with strangers, but she found herself explaining that she was a magical artificer of little means or status, and that arrow had been extremely valuable to her since it had been crafted from holy water and blessed silver, and she wasn’t sure when either would be available again to her. The man listened to her story, and she found herself frustratedly blurting our her tale of arrival at the place, while he kept expertly tending the bar. When she was almost done, the other returned with a set of clothes, and said they would probably be slightly too big. “Quite alright, you learn to sew quite well when you have to do it all yourself. I’ll take them.” She placed coinage on the counter to cover the items, then collected them into her arms and turned to the weapons counter. Before walking away, she called over her shoulder, “Thank you for your help and kindness,” then waded awkwardly through the room. She was about to leave when a man burst out of a door, being pursued by three others that must have come in while she had been musing at the fire or talking to the barkeep. Her skin crawled looking at them, though she attributed it mostly to their weapons they still had on them. She sidestepped the man’s rushed exit, and as his pursuers went by she studied them. What a curious lot. And then they piled outside, only to find nothing. One of them turned back and shouted at the doorway, “Where did he go?!” Ellara shook her head honestly. “You got me. I don’t know either.” The men seemed frustrated, and one approached her, putting an arm on either side of her and leaning down so close to her face that he was spitting on her when he spoke. “Where. Is he.” Scrunching up her face, she turned away. “With the amount you’ve slobbered on me, you’d think we’d have been making love. I told you, I don’t know.” The person in front of her seemed to only become more frustrated, but one of his comrades jerked him back. “She’s telling the truth. Let’s go.” The man snarled at Ellara as he exited, and Ellara kept her face cool until his back was turned, then stuck her tongue out at him. ‘Jerk.’ Collecting herself and her things, she waited until they had disappeared before stepping outside and looking around. Some sort of magic had been used here. Reaching up, she felt for the leftover threads, then tugged a shimmering piece of the air down and wrapped it around her wrist. It may have been her fault that the man had disappeared, if her holy water had acted as a catalyst for some sort of magic. She had nothing better to do, so she might as well catch dinner nearby, and if he wasn’t holding up, perhaps she would share it with him. She inhaled sharply, a light rain began to drizzle, then she closed her eyes and turned her wrist and it was all gone.
  4. Ellara Archiates

    The Obsidian Dragon. (Chapter 1)

    Unsurprisingly, the other two fighters noticed her appearance on the battlefield. The man honestly seemed stunned by what was happening, but the woman apparently took charge and started yelling something at her from across the way. Although she knew it wouldn’t help her hear any better, Ellara squinted as she tried to understand the jumbled tangle of words flying through the air. It was pointless. Leaning back, she breathed in deep and thought quickly: ‘What is the most logical thing to do here?’ After her pause, the young woman collected herself and reached back, removing a series of arrows from her quiver. She hadn’t necessarily chosen them - it was more like she had let fate decide for her. The first was fletched with blue feathers, with a rounded tip filled with a small amount of water. Second, she had another of her dove-down arrows. The last was black, and had a dark, reflective, flat tip. ‘Interesting. This can work.’ Without much pause, she knocked all three, kneeling and taking a long moment to aim each carefully before releasing the string. As her breath left her, it seemed to push the arrows to fly faster. The white hit one of the creatures’ arms and let out another violent air blast. The blue splattered across the back of another in a cloud of steam that smelled like a blacksmith quenching in brine. The black seemed to have missed, clattering hopelessly to the ground behind one of the monsters. But a half-second later it erupted into a series of gigantic obsidian shards, several of which pierced the nearest target. Ellara smiled shortly, then advanced slightly to put herself in a better position for her next few shots, as the majority of the arrows she had left were designed with shorter range. As she jogged forward, she readied another new arrow, thinking about where it would be best to strike.
  5. Ellara Archiates

    The Obsidian Dragon. (Chapter 1)

    Reaching into the makeshift trap at her feet, a young woman gripped her dinner and carefully cut the twine off its leg. The hare was small, dull, and uninteresting to take in -- not unlike her current life. She gently thumbed the space under its nose, soiling her thin fingers with the crimson blood leftover from when its heart burst, a scowl marring her pleasant features. 'Nothing interesting happens around here anymore. Perhaps it's time to return to the city.' Letting out a long sigh, she stood upright once more. She had her next meal. That would have to be enough for now. As she pushed her lithe frame through the underbrush, her hands flew up over her ears as a horrible screech shattered the of the forest. Animals and critters fled all around her: birds flying overhead, swarms of bugs crawling away; even a deer was so reckless in its terror that it nearly crashed into the huntress's arm as it scrambled past. Ellara too turned away from the noise and leaned into the motion of running before realizing her feet weren't moving. A tremendous thrill lit through her like a flash of lightning, and her adrenaline level began to rise, bringing with it an uneasiness that came close to the feeling of sickness. This was it - this was what she'd been missing. Excitement. Purpose. Passion. Her arms lifted toward her bow, raising it from the quiver on her back. 'Hello again, old friend.' She ran. After sprinting through the woods for a short time, she came stumbling out of the thicket before recovering to the sight of a rather fragile-but-lovely-looking woman standing in front of a man that clearly was not doing so amazingly. The woman's mouth made small motions - she was talking to him. It was impossible to hear from the distance, but Ellara could see the slight movement even from afar. Reaching back to her quiver quickly, she rubbed the familiar and unique fletching of each arrow until she fished one with dove plumage out. She knocked the arrow, inhaled sharply as she raised the weapon and drew, and then a cruel grin stretched over her face as she loosed. Despite the rounded tip of the arrow, it flew in a perfect line and smashed one of the creatures in the back, erupting in a booming burst of air as wind pressure slammed through the monster. As the remainder of the airwave pushed her raven hair out of her face, Ellara laughed with the rush of exhilaration running through her body before she fell silent to realize now she had lost her potential element of stealth. 'Whoops.'
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    Old dog, same tricks?

    Hello everyone! For simplicity, you can call me Ellie. To briefly explain myself, I joined RP forums back when I first got on the internet as a kid and was hoping to reconnect with that again since I felt like it really helped my writing to develop. What are the best places to get started? And does anyone know if it's usual/acceptable to post a single character in multiple settings? It seems pretty open, so I feel like the answer is probably, "Yeah sure, whatever dude," but I don't want to annoy anyone by being an idiot. If anyone wants someone to start a thread with, let me know, I might be interested. Thanks for stopping by, too!