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    Warning: Funny Comic

    Lol, exactly. I think I might be the third one😌
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    Warning: Funny Comic

    No, I'm not new lol. Well I joined last Wednesday but.
  3. LAVERNIA: The surface of the ocean water still. A pirate ship was anchored not far from an uninhabited tropical island. The pirates were debating whether a treasure map was trustworthy or not, and the crew seemed to be winning over the temporary captain. About every other day a new captain was chosen out of the twenty-four seamen and the latest one, Benny Rashwelts, now Captain Rashwelts, was the new one. He was built like a Boulder but he had a slow mind. Only his strength and size were of any use to him and everyone knew that. Still, they didn't want to be beaten to a pulp by this beast. "But captain," chimed a sweaty palmed pirate. "See here, the island looks nothing like what's on the map, we are off course." "What do you mean we," cried a sneaky pirate named Blakethorne. He had one eye, the other was rolling around somewhere on the ship, forgotten. "I'm sure that you were the one who was supposed to be on the look out. Weren't you in the cabins studying the crap like it was the last thing on Earth?" The sweaty pirate gave him a murderous look. "Ah, yes, while you were off rubbing yourself against the first captain's daughter." With that the first captain cried out in anger and there was a brief brandishing of swords before Captain Rashwelts growled at them to stop, since they were disturbing his Lookout. Almost no one noticed the young woman slide out of the water below and climb onto the ship quietly, sneaking around barrels and piles of ropes all the way to the door the led to the bottom layer of the large ship. The only person who noticed with the cabin boy and he gaped wide eyed at her until he noticed the curious looks he got from the other pirates. He just swallowed and pretended not to notice anything unusual. When the pirates forgot about him for a moment, he snuck away towards the cabindoors and went downstairs. He didn't turn around the corner before he found himself laying on the floor. He gasped and looked up into the eyes of a blond girl with a strange expression on her face. It was the first girl he'd seen in months on the ocean. "Are you a human boy? Where is your ship going? I'm coming along." The girl had a strange dialect and she seemed to make clicking sounds at the end of her sentences. He wanted to be nice to her and say that she could along but that would be dangerous for her. The cabin boy shook his head violently. " You must realize that this is a pirate ship, lady. If you stay on board, and you're not the first captain's daughter, you will be hurt or worse by the men on this ship." He picked himself up. "Why were you in the water?" "Ha, how do you expect me to answer your questions when you don't answer mine, silly? But anyway, I live sometimes in the water. It's like a second home to me." She got up from her crouch and headed towards the kitchen, where the cook was. He was too surprised to see a pretty young woman, with strange markings on her legs, come in, especially with the fourteen-year old cabin boy who couldn't stop staring at her. He finished mincing his vegetables and gave her a hard look. "You'd best leave before the captain of the day catches you. They should be down here any minute now, after their babbling about which way to go." He sighed to himself and took a long swig of whiskey from his drink. Lavernia stared at him in wonder before reaching out and snatching the drink. He cried out in alarm and reached for his cutlass but the cabin boy motioned for him to stop. He made a gesture that meant that she was very strange, besides. The fact that she literally came from nowhere, or at least in their opinion. She sipped from the cup cautiously. Immediately she spat it out. "Do humans love to drink poison, is that why your lives are so short?" The boy and the cook shared a look. Then the cabin boy turned to her and asked, "Where are you from? You climbed out of the water, but it's said that the island's been uninhabited for centuries." Lavernia scoffed. "I'm not from an island, I'm from under the sea. I think I've told you that; I'm a mermaid." They stood in silence for a moment. Then the cook roared in laughter. "You'd best get your drunken girlfriend outta here, lad, before she loses the rest of her mind." He went back to cooking but the girl still had a smile on her face. She looked at the boy. "I've lived in that volcano since I was born, but I'm leaving to discover new places and have adventures like my grandparents ways told me about." The boy guffawed loudly. "You expect me to believe you? I knew something was off about you." They look left the room together. While they were heading towards the bunks were they passed a door that the joy explained held prisoners fork their journeys. Lavernja noticed a extremely skinny and malnourished prisoner and she had a brief frown on her face. "Don't you feed them?" The cabin boy shrugged. "When there are scraps, which is rarely since the crew love food second to their own lives."