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  1. She didn't come across anything the first night. Instead she ended up camping out up in a tree. Mongrel always preferred sleeping at heights, that way it's more work for an enemy to get to her. Call it paranoid but she stuck to the sensible habit. So she hooked her worn leather bag over a branch and stretched out at the part of the trunk. Her tail dangled parallel to the old dead tree. It wasn't long until she was soundly asleep. She had no reason to be wary because she planned to only stay for a day or two she hadn't brought an excess of jerky. That way if it got stolen by some wild animal she wouldn't loose to much precious food. Salt was expensive after all.
  2. Mongrel swept up dust with every step she took. The moon created an almost ethereal glow as it passed through the sand. Her eyes flitted from every sound as she walked towards the last sighting of the bear. Luckily nobody had been injured, it wouldn't have changed anything of her perspective but she didn't need any of the righteous bounty hunters taking on the low level quest because they thought it would be right. Those kinds were the worst because they always got in the way. It seemed luck was on her side though; and she didn't see anybody as she patrolled the dirt roads near the tavern's town.
  3. Welcome to Valucre! Good to see a new member just jumping right on in! If you don't mind my asking, just so I know which of our advertising efforts are effective, how did you find the site?

    1. Obtrusive Albatross

      Obtrusive Albatross

      Ah! I was looking up roleplaying forums and this came up as one of the options.

  4. She had just arrived at the tavern when she heard whispering of trouble at the trading routes. Personally she didn't have any trouble herself, but that might've been because she went through back roads to avoid seeing others until she knew what the town was like. Now, she wasn't afraid of any bears, but they said this one was tall and lumbering with a nose mangled by pink scarring. So she downed her drink and stood. Her tail thudded against the wooden flooring as she stepped away from the stool to amble over to the speaker. Having a tail made her compensate with long and powerful strides. The man introduced himself as Vaddock. He was lean with a short stature; Vaddock explained that he would have taken care of the bear himself but he was merely a merchant. In compensation though, for something she would've done anyway, he offered to fashion a cloak from the bear if she were to bring back the body. So she agreed and began her search for the beast.
  5. I was hesitant at first but the nice layout and explanation had me coming back to read more and set up a character. The world explanation is easy to understand and while the names of all the different places might take a bit to get the hang out I think I'll rather enjoy keeping active in this community. It seems like a pleasant place to role play so I can't wait to look further into the lore and the other participants of the sight. All out of all it has been a very pleasing experience so far.
  6. (Susceptible to changes and additions)

    Name: Mongrel

    Title: Drifter of Peaks

    Visual Age: 23

    Actual age: 161

    Birth Place: Lyonesse

    Race: Demon

    Alignment: Chaotic neutral 

    Gender: Female

    Class: Middle class

    Soft spot: Children


    Hair: None

    Eyes: Golden

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 142 pounds

    Voice: Dry

    Build: Muscled

    Condition: Healthy

    Dominant side: Left

    Skin texture: Rough

    Occupation: Hired hand, escort

    Overall appearance:

     Her arms elbow down are covered in broad, green almost black, scales. Black claws that are tough enough to sharpen steel tip her fingers and toes. Mongrel's lower legs are similar to her arms but because of her reptilian feet she doesn't wear shoes. Her pants lay low to expose her alligator like tail; it sweeps down to graze the ground and provides a kind of fifth limb to bludgeon or lean against. The scales that adorn her tail start from the back of her head and runs the length of her spine. Pointed aligator spines run down said path of scales. They also re-appear across the length of her elbows to wrists. 

    Because of all the scales she is vulnerable to cold temperatures (aka enough to snow/ freeze puddles) as they make her scales become brittle and easier to break. The added weight of her tail makes her slower in long distance running. Her chest and neck also particularly vulnerable as it's void of scales that could protect it.


    • Leather padded shoulder w/ steel buckles

    Low hanging animal skin shorts; tanned and going just below her knees.

    Adjustable satchel.


    • Climbing





    • Shed scales/spines

    Various Salted and dried meats

    Claw filer

    Water canteen

    Misc. coins

    Heritage: Mongrel comes from the circle of Sloth. Her claws head been as heavy as lead and her tail like dragging a church with all the graves. Heavy pyre laid thick black smoke in the air, turning every breath into a suffocating struggle as droning cicadas played their song. When she was finally drawn up into the mortal world she couldn't get enough of moving around. Every time her limbs locked up she could swear she had been dragged back into damnation. Her once dirt like eyes now had a golden sheen that glowed like lanterns in the dark. Others of her seed had different features. Some humanoid some beastly, but they all understood each other on some level. 

    Even when she was welcomed openly by her fellow demons she still chooses to travel. Most didn't seem to mind her demonic nature as there was a wide variety of other creatures that mingled in cites, but through her constant travels she knew which ones to be wary around. There will always be the heretics that preach atop of soap boxes about her kind needing to die. But Mongrel can't bear to stop moving; her tail will always be found swaying or her leg always bouncing. She gained muscle mass from constant traveling and quest taking around the floating mountains she dubbed her home. With all the movement she made she had a gained a title to her name. 

    Mongrel, Drifter of the Peaks.


    Any ideas to add or change?

    1. supernal


      You should post this as its own thread in the profile database

      Also one suggestion, you should write a paragraph on her demon heritage. Her appearance tells us that she looks demonic, but what does it really mean for her to be a demon? What kind of a demon is she and is there a cultural significance for her in that?

    2. Obtrusive Albatross

      Obtrusive Albatross


      How does the edit I made for heritage look?

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