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  1. Me too. Can't vote in the poll for some reason: it just shows the results. I vote to stop by. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Gah. Now I'm mired in doubt and self-questioning about my vote. Thanks a lot.?
  3. Above all else, RJ ought to listen to his better half, especially if she's the type that knows how to beat the shit out of you with a wrench.
  4. Should have picked the option to get himself killed by the Aurorans. The only way RJ's getting some of that is if he dies and goes to heaven.
  5. If we can change our vote, then I'll make this fast: I voted piloting but let's make it leadership instead. A solid trait for a ship captain, all told.
  6. I wonder if running was possibly the worst option out of the three... If so, then I am most pleased.
  7. You know what people say about being in space: no one can hear you scream...
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