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  1. Heya friend, I'm thinking of wrapping up the "An evening to remember" thread with my final post this weekend so if you want to get a post in before then you have a deadline. Otherwise I'll just wrap it up with an open invitation to both of you and Esben to the Dermont estate if we wan't to continue at a later date.


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    2. Moon Owl

      Moon Owl

      Done! First thread we completed together, yay. Speaking of other things, how about the establishment thread for House Dermont? How's things looking for you, are you be able to join? 

    3. vielle


      Well, I did say I'd help out 😂 one or two posts from my end; is that alright?

    4. Moon Owl

      Moon Owl

      Yeah just a quick stop by is all! I'll tag you when you can jump in then 🙂 Thanks again