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  1. okay everyone, will be posting GM post either today or tomorrow ❤
  2. you forgot to roll, my friend ❤ please post your roll result along with your IC post 😊
  3. apologies, i'm not quite sure if i'll be able to post for this round, but i'll surely be posting in the next round 🙏
  4. apologies for the sudden disappearance, everyone 😔 but i'm back! will be sliding in a GM post after this current round of posting. @Thotification @danzilla3 @Wade please roll a d20 and post your result along with your IC post in the thread 😊 @Infernal @Jotnotes thanks for continuing on with the round while i was away ❤️ will ask you to roll later in the next round ☺️
  5. i'm okay with continuing 👍 please skip me for this round
  6. my last post in Long Way Down will be my final one as well 🙏 thanks for the fun and intense realm, @zackrobbman ❤️
  7. to everyone i'm writing with—forgive me for the sudden, unannounced AFV 😭 things have been. . . really spotty on my end. i'll be back with posts either by tomorrow or the day after 🙏 thank you for your continued patience ❤️

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    2. danzilla3


      We love you Vi!

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      Stay cool and be safe!

    4. vielle


      thanks everyone 😊 i'm back (for a while)

  8. i'll be okay with rolling solo for now, thank you 😊🙏
  9. forgive me, i've also been on an unexpected and thus unnannounced AFV 😭 i'll be ready to post first thing next week, but please do skip me if need be 🙏 again, apologies for the delay 😔
  10. Soft cap! 😊 Brevity would be appreciated (and can help move things along faster) but not strictly necessary 👌 Also, no problemo about posting late! Thanks for letting us know 💖
  11. I'd like to jump in and share that there are in fact some established Asian-inspired houses and cultures in UM (the Taira Clan and the noble Hinode Clan of the Queendom), so I'm guessing there is definitely room for cultural diversity as there is a historical precedent 😄
  12. No, we will 😊 he says he'll likely be posting, so i believe we can wait on him until the 2nd day mark to skip 👌
  13. lovely posts so far, everyone! ❤️ @sheep is going AFV for a short while and will be jumping in when they return, so please do continue on and assume Coco is in the background for the most part 😊
  14. activity will be slow-going here until the end of the week, when the local festival season starts for me = no classes and more time to write! 😄 apologies for any delays in posting until then, thank you for your understanding! ❤

  15. a world below ambience ooc chat Never before has Ser Alfred imagined he would see the day that a proper adventuring group should assemble again on the shores of Vanora, and in his own lifetime, of all things. “Praise the gods, I suppose,” he mumbles under his breath as he strides closer to the people assembled around the gaping hole in the city streets, armor clanking as he walks, silver gleaming under the hot tropical sun. The bricks crackle under his footfall, broken chunks left from the aftermath of the street collapse a few days ago. It is not an isolated incident; they’ve had plenty of similar instances during the construction efforts to expand their borders. What is strange about this particular one, however, would have to be the treasures they’ve unearthed from the depths. The Council had been curious enough about the possible wealth lying squat underneath their very feet that they’ve called for a proper expedition party to map out the caverns below and search for more relics. The collective standing at the ready here had been the ones recruited for this very quest. He would’ve gone into the caves himself, but alas, his duty remains here at the surface. Alfred is not one for regret, but he finds he feels something very close to it at the moment. “Aye, so here we are, sirs and madams,” the knight greets the group, nodding to each and every individual gathered. “We’ve some ropes and torches here for you to use, along with other paraphernalia you might need down there.” Alfred gestures to the makeshift carts the Orchid knights have prepared, smothered with polished weaponry and wicker baskets full of adventuring tools. “Anythin’ particular we could get you before you go on your merry way?” Looking down into the hole, the sunlight streaming into the darkness reveals an underground pool. Jagged stone walls rise around the pool in what seems to be a natural cavern, hidden under the very streets you stand upon. Three thick ropes tied to nearby structures spiral down into the cave, most likely the remnants of the first group’s initial exploration. Along the edges of the hole, you can see the remains of a spiral stairway leading down the shaft. Squinting hard enough reveals the rest of the staircase in broken pieces underwater. Further ahead, you see a rocky shoreline and three stone archways leading to whatever lies beyond the darkness.
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