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  1. Lady Yanaihara Kōharu of the Datsuzoku Dynasty for Wildblades, and Oathsworn Shirin Izora of House Hildebrand for Swornblades 🙏
  2. Summary: Having awakened to her potential in wielding an Oathblade, Shirin Izora proceeds to train herself in the art of war, aided by Walter Crowley, the first of the Oathsworn. @Csl
  3. extending my AFV to next week, friends. your girl needs to attend a funeral and also a break to catch her breath 🙏 i might get back earlier than expected, but no promises on that end—either way, the posting storm shall be postponed until my return 😊

    feel free to skip my turn in any threads i owe! thank you for your understanding ❤

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  4. hello everyone, please feel free to skip me; i'm going AFV until Wednesday 🙏 thank you!
  5. okay, due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, the posting storm has been diverted for now *sobs into pillow* 😭

    so—i'll see you all on Wednesday 😊 bye-bye~!

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      Have fun!

  6. celestine felsic Celestine is bathed in moonlight all of a sudden, which distracts her for a moment as she turns her gaze to that outlet high above them, then to the sands under her feet and the dunes rising up higher and higher towards the ceiling. It takes her a fair few seconds to recognize the bones for the creature they once belonged to. "Well, we could always leave tru th' oth'r door. Could still get us where we wan'a go." The thing is, and it is not entirely clear to her beyond the hazy veneer of memories she has about dragons and all that they entail—Celestine doesn’t want to walk around it. “We stay our course,” she murmurs once under her breath, then repeats it louder for everyone to hear. “We might not be able to go back to the route we picked out, and I want to take a closer look at those pile of bones.” Her tiger’s eye lens is back near her irises, taking in the whole expanse of the room. “I suggest we move along the edges of the walls. Just keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary, as much as ordinary might mean in this godforsaken dungeon.” She takes a moment to examine her gauntlets; the hardlight crystals are still more or less burning as bright as before, and she hasn’t had the opportunity to use her boots or her other equipment yet. She’s confident enough that they will last the whole journey back and forth, barring any complications or battles they might encounter, but that doesn’t mean she can’t take stock of what she has. Celestine looks up and addresses the group at large. “Any objections?” Her gaze pivots to Roody the Bunny. “What do you think, friend?” @Jotnotes @Hurttoto
  7. so change of plans; i'll be breaking my Sunday Val fast—just this once!—to post to the sudden deluge of threads i suddenly owe for some reason 😅 and also taking this opportunity because my parents are away 👀 don't tell 'em

    will be posting to things later on tonight in a long steady stream of productivity i hope 🙏

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      I can't believe you've done this when I'm not even on the IOU list.
      Another once in a lifetime opportunity punched in the throat.

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      @elixir forgive me; i'll set aside a Sunday post just for you when you get back to our thread 😆

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  8. My first big project in Valucre was when I first got in with House Hildebrand for Ursa Madeum's Game of Thrones(TM) and it's ultimately been a wild ride from there 😂 You've roped Samael into the Cult of Power, beat him up, and then got into all sorts of shenanigans about collecting artifacts and destroying cities and generally disturbing the peace--and they were still good times, weren't they? It was definitely an era. Your plots kickstarted my Val career and I'll always be grateful for that 🙏 See you later, alligator. Thanks for letting us play in your sandbox ❤ chat me up whenever you feel like you need an ear to listen 😊
  9. Hyacinth should be right on top of the doorway square she's next to on the map 😂🙏 Move 2 squares down and 2 squares right Please move her one square to the right 😊
  10. to everyone i'm writing with—i'll be going full-on AFV from tomorrow Sunday (#NoValSundays!) to Wednesday to attend a youth camp deep in the mountains and wrestle the One Ring from Gollum's pocketses 👀 i'll try my best to reply to all the threads waiting on me before i go 🙏 thank you all for your patience; ily ❤️

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      Have fun at the youth camp! 👶 

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      "A youth camp deep in the mountains" sounds like a cult trying not to sound like a cult.

      Have fun! :kiss:

  11. Thanks for the head's up! 😂 I didn't know Hurttoto was AFV 🙏 I'll post sometime later tonight or early tomorrow!
  12. ascytale "The types of knowledge in the tree are vast. Every subject that you can think of, we have work on. The study of all types of things, from medicinal remedies to the study of creatures. We also have rare books with power. Magical potions and spells, maps to buried treasures and weapons. Pretty much anything you could want to know about pretty much anything." Something awakens in Ascytale’s chest at those words, or perhaps it is merely from the other voice in his head, but it is a restless and greedy thing. It urges him to take what he can and horde them all to himself: a treasure trove of peculiarities, an expansive pantry of trinkets he can collect like flowers in the palm of his hand. Why, I do believe we have found a similar goal to work towards, Stranger. He cannot help but agree. They continue walking down the path, and Rev tells him about the bandits, about her extensive period of time away from her home, about how her people may no longer recognize her after so long. It explains her behavior with the other demon earlier on, but it does not explain anything further about her past, or whatever she expects to encounter from these so-called assassins. The dearth of his given knowledge is not something that settles well with Ascytale, but what can he do? His companion does not know much either. This is outrageously frustrating, you understand. Calm yourself. He has very little money in his own pocket, having had no need to care for anything or anyone other than his own self. Does he need to shell out what little he has simply to pay some possibly horrendously expensive toll fee? Ascytale rather thinks that— The world quietens but for the strange rustling of the trees, and his ears prickle with tension. The voice growls in his head. Someone is there. “Well?” He gives Rev a pointed look. “What do you suppose we must do? You’re the host here, my friend, and I am but a mere follower in this case.” Despite his outward calm, his skin is already hardening, ivory scales ready to spring forth to defend their owner. Ascytale gazes up at Rev with slitted yellow eyes and waits for her spoken choice; without it, he is quite prepared to lash out at any hostile souls around.
  13. lycoris romanova Truth be told, Lycoris feels no small amount of surprise at the sight of Eldwine’s crimson-stained fist, but perhaps it is merely because she has not seen him in action beforehand, had not considered the man’s potential skillset in order to fulfill this mission. Now, it seems that he definitely has something of value in the way of forceful persuasion. She almost feels the urge to applaud. While the others discuss their ideas and plans of action for their next step, Lycoris takes the opportunity to remove herself from the halo, shake herself out of whatever after-effects are left lingering, brought about by her return to reality. The daze is hard to shake off especially now that they’re making their way back out into the kaleidoscope lights of the arcade, but she blinks her eyes rapidly and controls her breathing, slow and steady; by the time Xavier finishes his suggestion, she is ready to jump in with an idea of her own. “I would’ve proposed that we commit a felony to land us right into that jail where we can work from within, but I find the best plans spawn from the marriage of good ideas.” Lycoris does not flinch as she says the words Belladonna had spoken a long time ago, but it is a near thing. “Therefore, I propose a collaboration: a prisoner to act as a distraction, an impersonator to assume the role of the police officer, and another to assume the role of a maintenance person and make their way inside before using the invisibility potions, on the off-chance that the fake officer fails.” She studies her nails under the flashing neon lights; they look entirely too pale. “How about that?”
  14. stones left unturned; [ the darkness beneath, chapter 1 ] Something in Eirene’s chest cracks as she gazes upon the girl’s shrinking form; what on earth had she gone through, that even the mere sight of another person sends her retreating backwards and away from gentle touch? It is a small comfort that the other woman relaxes at the mention of the Holy Father’s name, but it should not have had to be this way. The priestess takes it upon herself, then, to know what the other has gone through and how she can help aid her towards opening up once more to the world around her, like a blossom unfurling its petals to shed beauty upon all who see it. Eirene halts in her tracks as the girl’s first words come tumbling out of her mouth, and she waits with patience curved along her mouth for the right statement to come, that which is tinged with honesty. Xildara, the stranger says, claiming the moniker as her own. Eirene rather thinks it is a beautiful name. The other woman continues, her gaze wet as words and words and words continue to take flight from her lips like a nervous murmuration. The priestess opts to stay silent and listen, allows her to release whatever burden lays upon her chest. It is a good sign that she is able to speak her mind in Eirene’s presence, even as she apologizes, even as she explains that she is not skilled in speaking with others. With Xildara’s current haggard state, perhaps she really must not do anything other than rest, and if Eirene has her way later on, the girl will be attended to by Coth’s finest healers and will be required to stay in a bed for at least a week of recuperation. She takes note of the idea to pursue later, with the approval of her Sisters and Constans. For now, it is time to embody the very trait she has been named for as a priestess of god. “Be still, my lady,” Eirene says softly, taking another step forward and extending a hand to wordlessly urge the woman to take a seat in the wooden stool to perhaps calm her nerves, should she wish to. “I do not intend to send you away any time soon, and you are not required to do anything to stay here—nothing at all. You have been welcomed by Father Constans, and so you are welcomed by us as well.” She tries her best to communicate the abounding love of god through her body, her actions, her everything. She can only hope that Xildara feels it even from this distance, this empty space between them. “I am merely here to acquaint myself with you. I am Priestess Eirene of the Fidei Lena. It is nice to meet you. Um,” she clears her throat, casts her gaze around the room in an effort to think of safe ground to begin a conversation, “how long have you been staying here? I can’t imagine it would be that comfortable.” @Ink Fox
  15. [ Míra Andronov / Ilyana Sevryn ] Once more, as she has often done before, Míra allows another to take the reins of their conversation, steer the path of their dialogue. If an individual is allowed to go on about whatever so they choose without outside intervention, she finds that they more than often fill in the gaps between their words with their personal game of connect-the-dots, often proving to be fruitful for the receiver of the aforementioned speech. In this case, she is offered a complimentary stay in the Nature’s Repose, and really, isn’t that just a bonus in this matter? She has successfully guided the woman into willfully bringing her into one of her own properties without even lifting a finger. Acting coy over certain transactions can open doors to new places, despite the action’s inherent obstinate trait. Knowing her own value is important in her sphere of influence. Something about the word inevitable, however, shaped in those red cupid’s bow lips, ultimately bothers Míra, for whatever unknown reason. If anything, it is she who is inevitable. “Is there anything else you would like to tell me or ask me now Mira? If not, I look forward to seeing you again once this event concludes.” For a moment, she says nothing, opts to gaze upon the other woman with a measured, heavy stare before she deigns to speak once more. “We’ll see each other again, darling,” she purrs, accent pouring honeyed over her syllables, “when you’ve finished. Do enjoy the rest of your night,” her voice pitches low and candlelike, “Ilyana.” And with that, Míra disappears into the shimmering throngs of socialites, of scions and high-standing officials, into that dark night, as if like a dream already fading from the mind upon awakening. exit right. @Dolor Aeternum
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