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  1. She is suddenly weightless, the vines giving way and allowing her to fall to the ground with a cloud of dust and a loud thud. Varda coughs away the dirt threatening to crawl into her lungs, her furtive gaze darting to and fro before settling on the arcane being looming over her, waiting for her response. She is—not scared. Not really. “P-please, release us,” Varda whispers under her breath, before a sudden spark of courage arcs through her limbs, and her words grow louder. “You’ve no right to parade his past before him without permission.” Her gaze pivots to Silas in the pool, and her eyes soften. “He is his own person, and he is more than what the surface of his skin declares to the world. I’d like him to know that it is through his efforts, his very existence, that my brother and I are still alive and breathing. If this is what it takes for him to know his true worth and let go of whatever it is in his past that hurts him, then it is my life to trade for his.”
  2. hyacinth vasilika She comes back to herself with a sudden whoosh of air torn straight from her lungs as Selene’s body collides with hers, sending them hurtling violently into the stone wall. Stars sparkle and burst behind her eyelids, and Hyacinth blinks multiple times to try and cast off the foggy daze that has descended over her. There is something dark and cold and ominous in the room with them, and she very carefully moves her gaze away from its direction, opting instead to feel out where the walls are leading to the doorway beyond. The smoke from the raging fire is thick, threatening to choke what little air is left in her lungs, and she isn’t very keen on finding out just how long she can survive on minimal oxygen levels within the burning stone cauldron they are now in. Moving over the floor with what feels like flaming hot coals lancing pain up her feet, Hyacinth takes the opportunity to send a spell over her shoulder at the flaming skeleton before she continues forward through the inferno. She does not even turn around to see whether her hit has landed; she will not spend any more time within that room than is necessary. Through the flames, she spots the Aligorian knights, and she waves her hands towards them as she nears, showing her status as a friendly party in the midst of the battlezone. “I’m here, I’m here,” she huffs, taking her place to flank the two groups. @EpicRome23
  3. The flaming skeleton isn't dead yet? 😅 Methinks Cynthia will take: Action 1: To the tile in front of the doorway Action 2: Whale on that flaming skeleton to make it start to go boom boom Action 3: Continue into doorway Action 4: Move to tile to right of Frederick Gotta get out of range of that Decay, and heal us both up in the next round 😂 will post in a bit!
  4. Asora smiles, nods at Haruhi’s response, the formal body language she exudes: a lily, elegant and tall and unyielding. She need not worry, then; the young woman is more than capable of fighting her own battles. After their tea, the hostess of the house invites them to walk with her, and so they find themselves trailing after Tsuyun into the gardens and into the hidden workshop, listening to the spiel the woman presents in introduction to her chosen craft. And then—the demonstration. As each intricate and mechanic piece of fashion is produced for their eyes to observe, Asora watches both Tsuyu’s creations and Haruhi’s face in equal measure. Equipped with the Lady Shirokawa’s work, her niece would be a force to be reckoned with both in public and behind closed doors: the peerless example of the lady spy in her natural element. She would be just perfect for the role Asora is asking her to play, and with that thought, the deal is sealed. When the man removes himself from the premises and Tsuyu stands waiting for their reaction to her craft, Asora lifts her hands and offers a few claps of approval. “Most astounding work, Tsuyu-san.” The Lady Yanaihara’s expression is effortlessly calm, composed, a gentle smile on her face even as she praises ornaments that promise violence and perhaps death. “I am in awe of your expertise in this field; it’s quite unlike anything I’ve seen,” she pauses, the curl of her lips taking a more devious curl, “and I have seen my fair share. Now, perhaps we may see whether Haruhi-hime would fit well with your clothes here, or if she’ll need a lighter shade to match her eyes.” The gauntlet has been thrown. Asora turns to the young lady beside her and awaits her next action.
  5. With the way Cecily shovels mouthful upon mouthful of food down her throat, he had been correct in assuming she had not eaten before running out the door: a habit she had acquired in their younger years and has yet to let go of since then. “Now.” The knight perches his elbows on the wooden counter, armor clanking as he moves to take out a rolled piece of parchment and unravel it on the table for everyone to see. “As you can observe, this is the Greywood, or as much of the forest as the Lords-Hildebrand have mapped out. Only the first few miles are apparent on this map; the areas extending onward to the foot of Veilcrest Fell are still considered unexplored.” He taps the center of the paper with a finger. “We can assume the amulet we are searching for can be located somewhere at the heart of the Greywood.” He valiantly ignores Steffan’s amused snort. “So, Miss Holly: you shall join me as the vanguard of the party. We’ll make sure none of us come to harm within the forest. Steffan shall assist in tracking the exact whereabouts of the relic, and Cecily will provide support in that regard, as well as—” “Collecting samples of whatever flora we find,” finishes the aforementioned woman with an excitable grin. Willard nods in consent. “Now, is everyone in agreement with this party composition?”
  6. On her way to the tavern, Cecily takes the time to arrange for her niece to keep watch of the apothecary and get her affairs in order, like a proper and responsible adventurer would. It wouldn’t do to have some enterprising thief steal her assets away before she returns, and so she takes stock of her barely-scraping-by business and hands the keys over to her niece. Without any further delay, she makes her way down to the tavern where the rest of the party awaits her. Cecily turns her nose in the air at the sight of Steffan sprawled out on the table close to passing out, and smiles sunnily at Lord Caerdonel and Holly. “Good day, everyone! Are we ready to go?” “You must eat before we continue any further, Cecily,” chastises Willard, and he drags the last free chair backward for the woman to sit down and eat her eggs and bacon.
  7. A brief moment of silence to gather his thoughts. Jasper entwines his fingers together as he gazes upon the Lady of House Sheathe and begins to speak. “I was wondering,” he muses in an altogether casual manner, “if we might be able to purchase land from you. You see, we’ve just recently reestablished House Penderyn, one of Hildebrand’s branch houses. Their ancestral home Villa Meliae is to be refurbished after a long period of absence and neglect, and some of Sheathe’s land borders its original area.” The Lord Hildebrand turns his eyes to the window overlooking the fields beyond, focus almost assessing in its quality. “We wish to expand Penderyn’s land for large-scale production of floriculture and the establishment of greenhouses in this matter. Therefore, I am extending this deal to you: the purchase of five square miles of land at the price of a generous monetary sum and a trade deal of tonics and potions straight from the apothecaries of the Gilded Gardens. What do you think?”
  8. ardís valkyrja With the shout of the Captain and the violent peppering of harpoons and bullets against wood ringing in her ears, Ardís sinks effortlessly into the battle haze just as she had many times before this moment. It is no longer a chore to take on, an unwanted cloak upon her shoulders, but now it is almost as if slipping through the front door of a warm house one can consider home. The world and the other inhabitants within it fades away, narrowing down to the twin swords that have found their way into her hands in brief seconds, and the promise of blood and aggression from just beyond the barriers of oak planks. She breathes in and breathes out. The roar of battle awaits. Placing her full weight on her sword arm, Ardís swings her first blade at the first hapless soul passing the shield she stands behind, blade cutting through unsuspecting flesh as she twirls, not stopping to celebrate her first kill before blocking the next pirate’s scimitar. Her second blade is free to then plunge deep into the attacker’s gut, body enveloping the angel-charmed steel with little resistance. The deck is slick with crimson. She takes great care to keep her boots away from the blood puddles as she dances to and fro across the length of the cabin’s floorboards, a battle-hardened warrior in her natural element.
  9. It becomes all too clear that something has brought them here, something strange and challenging and all too willing to see Silas’ unraveling at the bottom of the pool. With that deep voice echoing from the strange figure of wood and bone entwined hovering over the surface of the water below, Varda takes a moment to breathe in and out, steady her crumbling composure. Fear will serve no purpose to her plight at the moment; she must keep herself calm even as she watches the entity loom over her companion. It is perhaps only due to their conversation that she is distracted from her panic. "Every night I find myself back there, reliving the worst moments of my life. Perhaps I didn't die there... but I might as well have. No matter how I struggle, I will never be free." She can’t quite understand where these words are coming from. The mention of dungeons and suffering is alien to Varda’s concept of the good and capable Doctor that she knows Silas to be, and so she can do nothing but watch the exchange unfold, all the while subtly trying to pull herself from the natural chains that bind her.
  10. Refreshed enough for her mood to quickly let bygones be bygones and allow the sourness of the earlier event to slip from her mind, Kestrel slumps down into the grass beside her companion and hugs her knees to her chest, stray river water dripping from her golden curls. Listening to Andromeda’s words seem almost like a story straight out of a fairytale. The sun-girl had been born in an urban landscape where the divinity held little sway; it is to magic and the arcane arts that people put their faith in. When one is scraping in the streets with the sewer rats trying to gather up what could be their only meal for the week, one tends not to give any mind towards the dealings amongst the gods, and most certainly not a love story between an immortal and a mortal. However, she is curious of this woman’s story and the divinity she claims to possess, and so Kestrel sits patiently throughout the unraveling of the tragic tale from the nymph’s lips, imagining crimson against pale lifeless flesh and a firefly love that transcends all common sense. “And what a better way than to take out the apparent heir to the throne, do you not agree?” That statement puts a halt to Kestrel’s train of thought, and she gazes at the other woman for a few stunned moments before her mind finally starts back up again. “You are the heir to your father’s throne? A princess of the gods, almost, then?” The thought of such a prominent heritage is almost unthinkable to the girl who had grown up a dirty street rat in Antigua. The sun-girl hums, not really expecting a reply to her question, and then continues on. “Who is this Order that is hunting you down?” Should I be worried for our safety, Kestrel does not ask, but the unspoken query is there simmering beneath her words.
  11. Aye, I was counting on the banked action for this current turn; it seemed the best route for Cynthia 👌 Am currently going AFV, so will be posting next week 🙏 will take a closer look at the options you gave out and let you guys know what actions I'm taking when I come back 😊
  12. Am also voting to end this now, with the same reason @Csl gave 🙏 would also like to join similar threads in the future; i love this kind of format ❤ thanks for the fun @Jotnotes, and am still waiting on the other thread we've got going on too 😉
  13. am taking an emergency trip (the good kind) and so will be AFV for a few days 🙏 will be back next week with the posts i owe! thank you for your patience ❤

  14. vielle

    [GS] Vita.

    SUMMARY After the destructive event of Nu Martyr, Samael travels southwards to Oo’Xora accompanied by the Paragons Ephah Ivanenko and Rami Barzegar. As the boy struggles with his loyalties concerning the Cult of Power, the trio witness the slow fading of the region’s flora and fauna, and so take it upon themselves to investigate the cause. They find out the Grand Kommadant’s plan to release Nehalen from the influence of the gods, and determine that the seraphim Vita is the one responsible for the slow death of the land. After their first encounter with the crazed goddess, Rami is struck down in battle and buried. Filled with vengeance, Ephah and Samael plan to wait out until Vita is drained of her powers enough for them to confront her once more. This time, they win against the seraphim, and she asks that Samael carry her essence in his amulet, thus allowing him to absorb a portion of her powers over water, earth, spring, and life. The land is released from Vita’s strangled and poisonous hold upon it, and in the aftermath of the battle, Samael and Ephah are approached by a mysterious stranger conscripting them to kill yet another god. MINOR SUMMARY Samael leads his companions in search of the seraphim Vita, who they hunt down and kill at the cost of Rami Barzegar’s life. At the god’s death, Samael absorbs her essence and powers. NOTABLE CONSEQUENCES The god Vita is dead, and Samael has absorbed her essence and her powers onto himself. A strange anti-plague (backlash from the death of Vita) is unleashed upon the region of Oo’Xora, stimulating rapid plant growth to the point of hazardous levels enough to threaten nearby communities within the area. OPPORTUNITIES The land is still poisoned from Vita’s influence and will require some tending to. If left unchecked, the anti-plague will grow, spreading further and further until it threatens to overrun the villages and cities of Oo’Xora with overgrown flora and fauna. @Aleksei
  15. vielle

    [GS] Vita.

    In the middle of a forest with color sucked dry, Samael kneels in a puddle of glass shards, his body radiating a soft glowing light as if all the life in the world emanates from him now. To the side, Ephah has crawled out of the cage of earth she had almost been entombed in. She clutches her arm as if wounded, but her skin is unmarred. His fingers tingle where they are entwined in the dirt beneath his hands. The world seems all the more brighter, perhaps due to the effects of his absorption of Vitalia’s essence. Already, the trees seem more green, the wind more fresh, the life returned and restored where there are none left to abuse it. It must only be his imagination, but it is as if there are already tiny weeds sprouting at the site where the seraphim had fallen, growing slowly but surely outwards from the place of her death. Suddenly, the hairs on the back of Samael’s neck stand on end, and he squeezes his eyes tightly closed. Something approaches.
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