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  1. just this once maybe — i'm looking for people who might be interested in a crack ship treated seriously: a whirlwind romance between a Norkotian and a Cothite ? 

    Romeo of the Norktagues and Juliet of the Cothpulets are from divergent factions and beliefs, but their partnership as a gun-toting, fire-wielding, crime-fighting duo of gunslinger and mage could prove to be the stuff of legend, and an inspiration to others that through mutual understanding and compromise, opposites do attract ? @Csl will be playing the Norkotian girl!Romeo and I will be playing the boy!Juliet Cothite, and maybe someone out there may be interested in joining in for Norktague/Cothpulet roles, cameos, and/or plot-pushing ? or, you know, just reading along; we don't mind~

    A Romance of Guns and Green Fire: a Valucrian Love Story Better than Twilight ?

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    2. Ataraxy


      LOL next time I go boxing I'mma right lightning on my arm and tell people they're lucky to have lived after being struck by lightning.

      Inspired by Supernal and R&J.

    3. supernal
    4. Tyler



      A Romance of Guns and Green Fire: a Valucrian Love Story Better than Twilight ?

      Lol, I thought literally everything was already automatically a better love story than Twilight!

      Anyway, I said it yesterday, but just reaffirming that I'm game to play NPCs or cameo some of my PCs and MCs (it is my civilization after all lol). Especially since Csl is offering free art. XD

      I also want royalties when you guys publish this and become rich.

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