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  1. Hello all! It's vielle again—hi, how are you, salutations. 😊

    Having already done a returnee announcement thing once before, this probably isn't going to be as good as that last one, but nevertheless, I shall endeavor to explain a little about my absence. Life in all its messy glory happened, things have been worse off for me this year, and I came to a point where I didn't think I could write or roleplay anymore, This is the point of no return, I thought. But then: I bounced back, and thank God for that. I've rebuilt myself again, with all the dramatics and sparkly nonsense and everything, and I'm back on Val. I can't apologize enough for once again leaving without any warning and once again leaving the ever-wonderful Csl to pick up the pieces for me. I'm sorry for the events I've pulled out of and the threads I've left unfinished. Having gone through it twice now, I think it's time to be grown-up about it and to restrict my threads/activities to jive with my schedule in all seriousness, and God forbid I forget about accountability again. I'm sorry, and I will do better next time. If I ever get too close to yeeting off again, I'll arrange things I'm involved with before I ever get the chance to. 🙏

    Tl;dr: I'm back, if a bit more lowkey this time around, and hopefully will be sticking around for good. If not, well, I've learned that I'll always come crawling back to the one roleplay forum site I can call home. 😂 Things will be slow going while I relearn the site again; if you want to do something together, just leave me a PM! I'm also reachable on Discord, but I'd prefer onsite communication, please! 😄

    Hope you all have a wonderful day, and I hope to write with you all again soon enough! 💖

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    2. vielle


      @Witch Thank you! It took a while and an awful lot of work, but it got better. 💖

    3. EpicRome23


      This is eight days off from a birthday present for me. Welcome back!

    4. vielle


      @EpicRome23 OMG! An advanced happy birthday, friend! 🎉 I dunno about my return being anything close to a present or anything, but I'm honored and humbled you think it so. Thank you! 😄

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