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  1. vielle

    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    Cool cool, no problemo! Post ahead 😂 it's you and me again, Mister!
  2. vielle

    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    Sure! Would you like to wait for my next post, or? 😂 PM later on for possible toe-to-toe encounters ✌
  3. vielle

    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    I'm an attacker in Apolypse 😆 Samael and two other Paragons, armed with Heartbane, ready to silently wreck havoc on the city, which will be my next post 👀
  4. vielle

    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    Was hoping to write and post tonight, but Val is still extremely wonky on my end, so will be posting in the early morning instead 😃 If anyone would like to tango with me in Apolypse, lemme know ❤
  5. vielle

    Gwuff? BORK!BORK!BORK!

    Welcome welcome welcome! 😃 I'd like to see some serial-trouser-stealing crimewaves soon; we definitely need more of those 👀 Hope we get to write together soon!
  6. vielle

    Whisper of the Wyrm

    Hesperid’s shatterglass breath stutters in her throat as calloused fingers brush against her hand, and she almost lets loose tears of sheer relief at the healing ache that Elias’ power brings, quietly stitching the pits of torn skin her nails have dug into her palms. There is still, however, the matter of their impending imprisonment, or whatever horrible things her mind has seen fit to conjure for her to forcibly ponder on. We are not safe yet, Intruder, the voice hisses, a hateful dark thing curled in the shadowy depths of her mind. Do not let your guard down, lest we die due to your carelessness. Hesperid grits her teeth, blinks her eyes a few times as she turns her gaze to the bodies scattered along the deck of the ship. She recognizes a handful of faces, now slack and calm in the stillness of death, who had once gathered around her as she had spun tales for the enjoyment of the crew, just a few hours prior. Perhaps—perhaps it had been her fault that they had not been on their guard well enough to catch the attack beforehand? The thought sends a stabbing chill down the length of her spine. Let go of your sentimentality, the voice lectures, and Hesperid has to splay her fingers wide to keep from clenching them tight and hurting herself once more. She watches, and waits, and watches the scene before her unfold without blinking. It is the very least she can do, after that.
  7. vielle

    Twist of Fate {Karmathen}

    Curiouser and curiouser, Jorahel thinks, absentmindedly accepting the plate of pie from withered fingers, wordlessly taking a seat on the floor, her long legs crossed and in repose. It is strange and yet familiar, peculiar and yet innately known, the mysterious push and pull of the fates in the land of the fae. The strings twist and turn themselves around every soul, invisible but alluring all the same. Fate has brought them all this far, as she well knows. Jorahel takes a small bite of pie as she ponders over her current circumstances, the sweet, tangy taste and warm crust altogether a wonderful symphony on her tongue. Perhaps, she deliberates, it would be best to follow in the footsteps of the red-haired woman back outside, but after polishing off the last of the pie on her plate, however. No sense in wasting such scrumptious baked goods.
  8. vielle

    Can You Keep a Secret?

    Of course the woman would notice his changed appearance, wouldn’t she? He does not respond to that comment verbally, but rather with a casual shrug. It’s nothing he’s really willing to divulge immediately to the likes of someone like her. Then, the woman offers her name—Rev—as if he had wordlessly asked for it, a concession made at her expense, and it would be a discourteous shame if he does not respond in kind with his own moniker. However: there is an obstacle. What name will you offer, Stranger? Yours? His eyebrows furrow, sudden hesitation in his reply. Or mine? A moment passes, and then two. He makes his decision. “I am Ascytale,” he replies, snake-like slitted eyes turning to catch the horned woman’s own gaze, and already, the cackling in his head threatens to drown whatever Rev may say in response to his introduction. It is no matter; he forges on, a known stranger now with a name that is not his own. “You are from around these parts?”
  9. vielle

    a superficial matter

    Varda nods at the Doctor’s instructions, closing her eyes to distract herself from the process of closing her injuries and bandaging herself up. She is eventually brought up to sit, bandaged once more, and finally, finally, she is let off, the procedure over and done with. “Thank you kindly, Doctor Harriden,” Varda tells Silas, a comforted tilt to her gentle smile. And with that, the Hildebrand siblings switch places: the brother sitting down somewhere clean on the table, the sister coming to stand behind the doctor. Jasper leans back, tugs off the leather glove from his left hand with his right, and displays his prosthetic to the room at large: smooth, wooden, ultimately useless in anything other than the make-believe appearance that he still has two working limbs. “What do you make of it, Doc?”
  10. vielle

    OBELUS General Discussion

    ANOTHER PAGE AGAIN, I GET The PM title is '11' 👀 release your pages now!
  11. vielle

    the symphony within

    Shirin looks between the two men, a mere fixture in the background, forgotten but for a moment as the two exchange pleasantries that altogether raise her spirits. If they can get along well from the get go, then perhaps it is an omen that she can do well in whatever training she faces today. They finish their introductions, and Shirin takes the opportunity to stand, press herself closer and add to their words with more formal ones of her own. “Crowley, first of the Oathsworn,” she gestures to the man on her left, “Pluto, the Golden Crow of Hildebrand,” she gestures to the man on her right. “It amuses me to no end to see you both meeting each other, truly.” A faintly amused smile threatens to tug at the edge of her lips, and it’s quite clear, the connecting thread that ties them all together: her favorite warrior brother. It’s a miracle Iyalon hasn’t popped up from behind a bush by now. Chucking softly to herself, Shirin nods at each of them, strolling back towards the bench to leave them to talk for a while should they wish to. In the meantime, she’ll have to steel herself and bring out Himei from its wooden house. Placing the box on her lap, she shifts her fingers over the smooth surface, drawing a deep breath before carefully lifting the lid. My dear child. There you are. Unease crawls down her throat, but she is resolute; the sword is eventually revealed before her eyes, glinting sharp and brilliant in the afternoon sunshine.
  12. *drags hands down face, looks towards large pile of threads, looks back towards Yh'mi* I missed the last one, so please sign me up for this one ❤️
  13. Auntie Luca is rather skeptical of this woman's altogether sketchy approach to whatever path she plans to take for her life, but who is she to tell this youngling what to do? Real experience is the best teacher of all, so perhaps she might as well stay her hand on that regard. The matter of the slugs, however: maybe she can be of service there. "Slugs, you say?" There is a twinkle in the old woman's eye that had not been there previously. "Well, well! Let us go look for them together, and perhaps you can find your spear while you help me gather slugs." At the offer of walking together, Luca chuckles. "You underestimate your elders, young one. I'm still spry for my age! But, well, I am not averse to a walking companion," she grins, hobbling forward to fall in step with the blonde woman. "So, tell me, what is your name?"
  14. vielle

    I mean, really now

    lycoris romanova Eldwine materializes out of nowhere, or at least his avatar; the differences are so minute, she had almost missed them had she not been looking. He promptly jumps right to business, explaining that they need to look for a colosseum known as the Hypnogeum, when— "I. Fucking. Hate. Technology." Thank Gaia the Crow had beaten self-control right into her very bones, or Lycoris would have burst out laughing by now. The scenario still calls for a slight display of amusement, and so she smiles ever so faintly as she regards Erin’s young appearance, Xavier’s booming laugh echoing around them before the sound is inevitably swallowed up by the din of the crowd moving around them. "You look nice, friend," she tells the apparent youngest in the group, nodding in both sympathy and nonchalance; it's nothing they need to be concerned of for now. Time to go to work, then. The orc wanders off to ask some random passerby, and Lycoris studies Erin for a while, wondering whether the other woman would appreciate some help of pretending to be her mother or perhaps her sister, before she eventually dismisses it; now is not the time for it yet. Instead, she opts to move in the opposite direction of where Xavier had gone, taking time to gaze up at the signs, blinking the brightness from her eyes as she squints both upwards to the tower spiralling up into the sky, and downwards to the tower spiralling down below her feet. Perhaps this Hypnogeum colosseum has some sort of large sign pointing towards it?
  15. vielle

    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    the beast of palgard Really, this is how it’s going to end, this night? Some random wannabe Mask in a silly pirate costume cutting her off from her job because, heroics? The Beast fights the urge to roll her eyes, under the harsh glint of her goggles, and when the man named Blueblood finishes his long-winded spiel, she takes a moment to make sure her handhold on the doctor is secure before she speaks. "Sorry, Fancypants, I work alone." She pauses, looks him up top to bottom in a slow, calculating once over. "I like your pants, though. Now, step aside." Before she can even try to move, Blueblood makes his reply. “Aw, thanks.” She watches him rub the fabric of his pants between his fingers like some sick whattafuckever. “They’re actually 70 percent, uh, something witty I haven’t figured out yet.” She turns her eyes to the ceiling in a gods-take-me-now sort of way. Unfortunately, the man continues. “Many hands make light work. And doctor, you don’t look like light work.” At the mention of her title again, Maria Trevalyn tries to look over her shoulder, but the tight grasp on her waist refuses to budge. The Beast is silent for a while, as if scrounging up some strength from the deep well of patience somewhere behind her breastbone, then sighs loudly in an act of defeat. "Great. Also, I'm leaving now? Bye." She finally pivots to leave when Apex materializes from out of fucking nowhere, and Maria shrieks in fright as he lands in front of them like some pug kicked out of heaven. "Prove your worth." The Beast looks to Blueblood, then to Apex, then to Blueblood. She completely deadpans, “What did you say you could do again?” “Oh, I’m very good at running.” They turn their gaze to Apex, then back to each other, tension simmering in the distance between them. She could punch herself right now. What has she done to deserve this? Fuck it. As a unit, the two Masks begin to sprint away from the intruding individual, footsteps echoing across the stone as they move towards the building beyond, the Beast’s fingers already curled around the grip of her grappling hook. @Wade @danzilla3