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  1. Alrightyyy ? DM post coming up tomorrow ❤
  2. I had fun with this thread last time, but I'm afraid I'll also have to bow out of continuing, as I've many other things on my plate right now as well ? Y'all enjoy yourselves as you keep the torch burning ?
  3. *drags self in, panting and wheezing* Oh boy, here we go again ? 

    Hello to everyone I'm (still) writing with—expect posts to things within the week ❤ Tbh, I've been struggling with motivation amongst other things, so I'll be slow-going, but thank you for your fathomless wells of patience ?

  4. Am back-ish and will be posting to this within the week. Apologies for delays on my part, though I am currently rolling solo ?
  5. I actually did just use donjon ? plus some added transparent fog clouds for the area-of-awareness effect ? I sorta just use the map as a loose guide to plotting out what's in the dungeon (rooms = areas, etc.) and adjust whenever my plans and the visual map don't initially jive together ? P.S. @Wade anytime you're ready to post, my friend! ?
  6. Thanks for posting, @sheep; Coco seems fun ? @Thotification is next up on the posting order!
  7. Yep, that works; go ahead! ?
  8. A friendly poke from me to you, comrade ❤️ i'd like to ask after your post, if it's coming up any time soon ?
  9. to everyone i'm writing with—september is when i return with posts, activity rescaling, and hopefully more time to do things ? thank you for your continued patience ❤️

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      Looking forward to having you back!

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      September is now a festive holiday month to celebrate this 

  10. I just realized the posting order is a bit jumbled up, so either @Thotification or @danzilla3 can go next! ?
  11. You can discuss and lead the group through a particular archway, examine particular objects/structures (I'll be offering input on the specific thing being observed), or otherwise delay your post in favor of those who have already found things this round going first ?
  12. With @Infernal's withdrawal from the thread, we'll be moving forward with either @Thotification or @Jotnotes going next in the loose posting order, whoever gets a post up first ? Also checking in with @sheep: you still good to join us, friend ? let us know if you'll be jumping in any time soon or otherwise!
  13. it's slow-going, but i'm still alive, thank God ❤️ making my slow return to Val, but with some large-scale rescaling soon ? to everyone i'm writing with, forgive me for the delays ? i'm working on it!

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      Hakuna Mutata. 

      Hope all is well!

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      Looks like you forgot to include a picture of a chihuahua in your status update!

  14. a world below ambience ooc chat The cavern is cold and dark and damp; what little light from the party piercing through the gloom shows the jagged rock walls of an underground world long carved out by the passage of time, the glittering sheen of tiny bits of greenstone stuck to the stalactites and stalagmites, the broken stone staircase leading down to the pool in the middle of the area. According to the information given out by the Vanorian authorities, the first expedition group had gone through the centermost stone archway, further supported by wooden sticks and the remnants of what must have been a campfire along the base of the entryway. The rightmost archway boasts a series of ancient writing along the curve of its stone-face, rendered unintelligible now in the wake of degradation and cultures long gone. The leftmost archway, on the other hand, appears to be completely barren of any markings, mismatched stones making up the overall structure of its opening. The choice is there for the party to deliberate: which way to go now? @danzilla3 At your feet, you find a pile of rocks stacked on top of each other in a haphazard fashion. To any ordinary individual, they may not seem out of place within an underground cave full of nothing but rocks, but to an experienced eye, they do seem to have been placed there deliberately. A touchstone, perhaps, or even a tiny altar; the exact purpose is one that cannot be immediately discerned upon first glance. @Thotification The darkness is altogether a somber one, though the yawning murkiness of the leftmost stone archway appears to be darker than usual—oppressive, even. You sense that there may be something just around that bend, but you are unsure as to whether it would lead further into the tunnels or something else. @Wade Something glimmers in the dirt. Upon closer inspection, a jade necklace—fashioned in the shape of a shark's tooth—emerges from the rocky floor of the cavern. For all intents and purposes, the necklace appears to be a mundane item, though it is oddly polished and cleaned, its bejeweled face gleaming in the dim light.
  15. No need to, for filler posts! Just let everyone know if you're planning to engage someone for extended interaction so we can all take note and continue on ? Understandable; thank you for letting us know ? we'll continue forward without your character in play. To everyone: apologies for delays on my part; real life is continuing to be an obstacle to any productivity here on Val ? however, the post is half-done, and i'll be able to post it within the day ? thank you for your understanding ❤
  16. okay everyone, will be posting GM post either today or tomorrow ❤
  17. you forgot to roll, my friend ❤ please post your roll result along with your IC post ?
  18. apologies, i'm not quite sure if i'll be able to post for this round, but i'll surely be posting in the next round ?
  19. apologies for the sudden disappearance, everyone ? but i'm back! will be sliding in a GM post after this current round of posting. @Thotification @danzilla3 @Wade please roll a d20 and post your result along with your IC post in the thread ? @Infernal @Jotnotes thanks for continuing on with the round while i was away ❤️ will ask you to roll later in the next round ☺️
  20. i'm okay with continuing ? please skip me for this round
  21. my last post in Long Way Down will be my final one as well ? thanks for the fun and intense realm, @zackrobbman ❤️
  22. to everyone i'm writing with—forgive me for the sudden, unannounced AFV ? things have been. . . really spotty on my end. i'll be back with posts either by tomorrow or the day after ? thank you for your continued patience ❤️

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      thanks everyone ? i'm back (for a while)

  23. i'll be okay with rolling solo for now, thank you ??
  24. forgive me, i've also been on an unexpected and thus unnannounced AFV ? i'll be ready to post first thing next week, but please do skip me if need be ? again, apologies for the delay ?
  25. Soft cap! ? Brevity would be appreciated (and can help move things along faster) but not strictly necessary ? Also, no problemo about posting late! Thanks for letting us know ?
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