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  1. Thanks for the bump. 😊 Am thinking I could hopefully post sometime this week, but if you'd like to keep the ball rolling, just assume Lycoris goes with whatever information extraction method Xavier has planned. 🙏
  2. No worries, friend. Thanks for at least letting us know. 😊 Apologies to all for my continued absence; it turns out life isn't as simple to wrangle into submission as other lesser issues can be, and so I continue to watch. And wait. From the shadows. I'll be continuing to write in the wedding threads when I get back soon, hopefully, finally within the week, but if anyone else would like to drop out for more active events, you're free to do so. Thank you all for the interest in my little event, and I hope whether we get to write together or not when I get back, you've all at least enjoyed yourselves a little, here. 🙏
  3. Feeling a bit better now. There's the teensiest bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds. 😂

    Hopefully will get all owed posts up by this weekend. To everyone I'm writing, thank you all for your continued patience—I'm getting there! 🙏

    Hope you all have a great day today. 💖

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      the future and what we make of it

      < 3

  4. It's kinda difficult for me to escape into another world when my own is in chaos like this. 

    1. vielle


      Nevertheless, I'll keep trying. Hopefully will get posts up sometime this week. Thank you for your continued patience, everyone. 🙏

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      Kidding. Hope things chill for you.


  5. vielle

    Public AFV Thread

    Taking a semi-AFV while I sort out my hectic schedule and mental state; will probably be back by the weekend or next week. Hoping for your patience and understanding in regards to my owed posts. Thank you all. 🙏
  6. Posts I owe shall be up hopefully tomorrow, lovely friends! 💖 For now, I shall seek the lover's embrace of my pillow and blanket and rest—I am so very tired.

  7. Heyo, welcome to Valucre! The New Member's Guide is a good place to start here, and if you need any help or assistance, just ask! 😊


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      Thank you


  8. EYjvBbBUEAA5G4h?format=jpg&name=900x900

    So what are y'all's thoughts on this?

    1. Praetorian


      That it is intended to be humorous but also wrong.

      Back muscles make up part of your core, like your abs, which are paramount for stabilization and preventing injuries.

      Within the context of soccer there isn't a practical use for better defined triceps, biceps, pectorals, or what have you, that I can think of.

      However, for other sports and activities they are extremely functional. You aren't going to find a good rock climber with small arms. 

      Beyond that muscles help minimize joint injuries. 

      So saying that any given muscle exists for vanity purposes is silly, because if that was the case we wouldn't have them. 

      Muscles require a lot of calories and our bodies get rid it muscle quickly because of that. If we had usually muscles.... they'd be gone.... and we wouldn't have useless muscles.

      Leg muscles, and specifically glutes, have as much value aesthetically as any other muscle grouping. So it stands to reason that they'd be just as bourgeois as pectoral muscles. 

      So funny at a glance, but inaccurate with any scrutiny. 

    2. Fierach


      Train everything.

    3. Veloci-Rapture


      The proles do have the best glutes. Change my mind.

  9. Hello! Welcome to Valucre 💖 The Member's Guide is a helpful tool for newcomers; you can check it below! If you need any help or assistance, just ask! 😊


  10. I've made a list of NPC service providers for Svanhild's consumable artifacts here, but they're nowhere near as detailed as the characters in the interest check. 😳 Neverthless, I'm fairly inspired by all of this, and if it'll bring more attention to service-centric characters, then I'm all up for more brainwork! One of these days, I'll whip up some more details and post it up hopefully for your list. 💖
  11. I'd like to see more interactive quests-as-services! In the sense there's more interaction between character and setting built into the mechanics of the quest, and after the quest, there comes a service instead of a tangible reward, if that makes sense? 😅 I've tried a foray out into making artifact quests more story-inclined in a way with Svanhild's consumable artifacts, but I'd like to see more "I-do-this-I-get-this-service" storylines—like helping out a local wizard and getting a readied spell, or doing a favor for a sheriff so your name can be cleared if you had made any wrongdoings. 😊
  12. I meant whole threads written in only one language, not a mix of it 😅 But I see what you mean, and that's nice! P.S. What even is Zashii's language there in that first screenshot, LMAO!
  13. Hello, Yami or Frederika, welcome to Valucre! 😊 Hope you find your roleplaying fix around these parts! Even if you're not too experienced in roleplay, there is always room for growth, and I hope you get to find the capacity to grow here with us. 🙏 You'll definitely get used to it quickly! Some helpful links: New Member's Guide, Tavern of Legend If you need any help or assistance, please do not hesitate to ask any of the friendly locals. 💖
  14. Welcome to Valucre, Ukelele! Love your music-related moniker, by the way. 😂 Hope you like our internet place 'round these parts! Interesting that you should say you like SCPs! @Sanonymous here has created a Val-centric SCP foundation of sorts, which might be within your interest to check out sometime. As AthenasFire says, the New Member's Guide is a great place to start, as well as the Tavern of Legend should you want a stepping stone of sorts to introduce your character before you venture out into the world of Val. If you need any help or assistance, please do feel free to ask any of us! 💖
  15. Welcome to Val, Rom! 💖 I hope you like what we've got going on here in our humble roleplaying household. It's rather interesting, this choice to only use one character—I personally can, but wouldn't, y'know? I rather think it definitely leads to deeper character development and stories, which is why I gotta salute you for it! 👌 Anyway, hope you and your community have fun in our sandbox! Maybe we can write together sometime in the future. 😊
  16. | at: the great hall @Csl Upon sight of the mother and son approaching them, Varda’s spine straightens, her shoulders set stiffly in attention. She had told her messengers to send invitations to the former Empress of the realm and her family, but she hadn’t really expected the attendance of the Imperial House until they'd appeared before her very eyes. “Look alive, husband,” she whispers to the man at her side, her hand tucked at the crook of his arm as they gaze in the direction of the Parálioses, waiting for them to come within speaking distance. “Hail, Empress Rozharon, Prince Lenore,” she smiles wide, inclining her head whereas before, she might’ve tripped over her feet in her haste to bow. She is no longer a mere noblewoman, now, when she has a raven crown on her brow; tonight, they may stand before each other as equals, in a way, though without the winged woman losing any high ground nor respect in Varda’s eyes. “I’m so glad you have both found the time to visit us for the wedding.” “Your highnesses, it brings us great joy to witness that beautiful ceremony. You have our best wishes; and may your union be filled with great fortune for both you and the Queendom. Please accept this gift from the Parálios dynasty.” A Vasitiro, a laminwood scrying orb, she says. Varda’s eyes flicker to Quinton for a moment before she leans forward to regard the gift. Rozharon explains how they may be able to use it, and it takes but a few moments for the Queen to smile as she ushers a servant forward, accepting the box from the prince. “It is good to see you again, though, Queen Varda.” Varda allows propriety to precede her for a moment, flashing a bright grin in the Empress’ direction. “And I you, Empress. Please, enjoy yourselves tonight.” She and the King bow their heads towards them again before they move on, disappearing into the crowd. @Dolor Aeternum The line continues to move forward, and then the royal couple comes face to face with a woman in a black-laced gown. She is elegant in her attire, moving in the way a true proper lady should, and the Queen pointedly does not look her husband’s way, should it be possible to see his gaze darken. Despite the crown weighing heavy on her head, there is a ripple of something in her gut. Varda does not quite know whether she is astonished or envious. Nevertheless, she smiles when the woman steps forward to greet them. Ilyana Sevryn of the Redeemer Incorporated headquartered in Hell’s Gate. She’s heard of the distant city and its reputation as a haven for advanced technology, but not of the woman herself nor her organization. Still, she has offered engineered plants and wines, which are more Nai’s and Jasper’s domain, respectively, but Varda would do well to accept the woman’s offerings. Besides, she’s more than curious towards the lands beyond her queendom’s shores; she may yet learn something new from the mainland through Miss Sevryn’s gifts. “You’re very kind,” she smiles, inclining her head respectfully towards the lady. “We welcome you to the banquet, and thank you kindly for these offerings. Perhaps we may yet discuss a business partnership sometime soon, but for now, I do so hope you enjoy the wonders that Svanhild has to offer.” Ilyana wanders away, and the Queen shares a knowing look with her King. @Malaysia NightReaver | @Csl The sisters may be joyously dancing about the Grand Hall in a whirl of colorful fabrics and glittering shoes, but they are not blind to the weight of their duty tonight. When they had heard of the figures of royalty visiting Svanhild for the wedding of their eldest, Jasper had taken pains to ensure they would all be at their very best. Of course, it is also a night of magic and fun, and so they dance. Out of the corner of her eye, Esme’s gaze catches on a woman in a stunning blue gown. It takes a while, caught up in the joy of the moment, but then she realizes she recognizes the winged stranger. On the next spin around the man she’s dancing with, she manages to tap Aspen’s shoulder, nudging her in that direction. “Well?” “Well. Let us greet her, then.” They twirl out of the dance line, waving goodbye to their partners for the time being as they approach the Imperial Goddess. “Hail, Queen Malaysia,” Esme offers tribute to the well-dressed lady, bowing low in sync with her sister as they greet her with genial smiles. “I am Esme Hildebrand, and this is my sister Aspen Hildebrand. It is truly a pleasure to meet one from so far across the world as yourself.” “What beautiful wings you have,” Aspen gasps, smiling sheepishly after as if she hadn’t meant to reveal too much. Her scientific mind is all but entranced by the feathery appendages, the way they’re attached to human bodies to perhaps grant them flight. First the Empress Rozharon with her wings, and now this Lady. Speaking of the Empress—she’s coming towards them now, with one of her sons in tow. Aspen and Esme curtsy as the Parálioses approach. | at: the dining hall, to the great hall @Vaudevillian | @Kalmuli Just a few paces down the dining table, a bright-eyed blonde man watches in acute fascination as a white-haired man devours almost an entire table’s worth of food with no heed for the affronted eyes around him. He seems to be in attendance in order to enjoy himself, first and foremost, and despite the less-than-subtle departures of a few horrified guests from the premises, he continues slogging away at the plates like a ravenous boar. Ah, yes. His favorite kind of people. “I appreciate your fervor at the dining table,” he tells the man, a twinkle in his eyes as he gestures towards the empty plates scattered about the tablecloth, “but perhaps you might leave some untouched for the lesser among us, for later?” He glides a hand over the table, tilts his head as he picks up an empty mug and sniffs it, putting it back down a second later with a coy look. “And by lesser, I mean the more civilized, of course.” Before he turns to leave, he gives the foreigner a passing glance, amusement dancing in his eyes, and then he sets out into the push and pull of the crowd. He’s not even supposed to be here, really. What little time he has left to enjoy his freedom should perhaps be spent heightening his magic, or even sleeping on a comfortable bed with the guaranteed presence of a pillow, where soon there may be none. Nevertheless. He is here, and there is good food and cheer in the air, and his Queen has found a husband to rule by her side. He might as well amuse himself while he’s here. As the man muses on these thoughts, he hears a feminine voice chattering away, and he turns his gaze to a woman sitting by the sidelines of the dance floor, snacking away at what appears to be delectable cream puffs. He makes a mental note to eat some later on in the night, and then he slowly approaches the woman, hearing the tail end of her monologue. “. . . The only thing missing is probably some people looking for a quest and looking for some wise elf woman to point them to the dragon's cave where they'll be eaten. Those were always my favorite quests to send them on.” The man decides to bring attention to himself with a theatrical, shocked gasp. “Oh? And are you that very wise elven woman you speak of? I’m quite curious to hear more about this dragon’s cave, as there haven’t been any sightings of dragons in the islands,” he pauses, sighs, “at least—that is what I hear.”
  17. ROUND TWO ACTIONS: Vito vs Rozharon Parálios @Rabbit - Load 2/3 HP, 2 + 1 = 3 bullets @Csl - Load 3/3 HP, 0 + 1 = 1 bullet You may now post in your IC thread if you haven't already, and we'll proceed to the next round when both participants have posted!
  18. vielle

    Public AFV Thread

    😂 Should I ever try to go AFV, you may remind me of This Important Fact and I might be persuaded to stick around until this promised game is done. 💯
  19. vielle

    Public AFV Thread

    I'll hold you to that dance. 😉 In the meantime—have fun! 💖
  20. Thank you very much! And yeah, Mandarin's. . . fairly stressful for me too 😂 I keep stop-starting my French learnings, but it's definitely on the list! Mother dearest wants me to start with Hebrew, and I'll have to listen to the maternal unit. 😁
  21. Yep, definitely! We've all been running on low hours of sleep, though; we've not prepared for just how much people need this service. 😅 Ah, well! We'll get this going and steady, and then I can pursue my Hebrew again. 💯
  22. I did! Though I suppose any learning has been currently put on hold with my food delivery thing growing far quicker than I ever expected. 🙈 I'll be hitting the books again when things have settled down on the business end. Woah, what an extensive lineup of languages! 😮 I'm so impressed. Some tips or tricks for Hebrew would be much appreciated 🙏 And thank you for those tips! Workbooks are how I learned rudimentary Mandarin; should be helpful again for new languages. I'll have to see about those Facebook groups too 😊
  23. Oooh, welcome back to Val! Things might've changed since your last visit, but I'm sure the community's still as fun and vibrant as ever. 💖
  24. Welcome to Val, Otto! 💖 As one who loves sci-fi and fantasy, I'm sure we might become very good friends in the future 👀👌 Hope you find what you're looking for among us! We'd be happy to help with any questions or if you need any assistance. 😊
  25. Heyo, welcome to Val! 💖 Glad to see we're reaching far through the interwebs to become recommendations for experienced roleplayers such as yourself. 😊 Hope you enjoy what we've got to offer around here, be it with writing help or fun times! If you need any help or assistance, just ask any of the friendly locals milling around. 👌
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