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  1. Bureku

    Chapter 2: Kamikaze (LoD)

    Break looked over his shoulder as the spire of frozen death grew to loom overhead. He turned to watch as the orcs and low born races frantically began to build barriers and ready their weapons. This certainly was something he could sink his time into. With a high pitched whistle a group of 5 cut droids appeared from the shadows forming a 5 point formation around him as he walked to the forefront of the vanguard where Dredge was. Pulling the massive Ultrachrome blade from over his shoulder he readied himself for the coming onslaught. "Stay behind me meatsacks. If I get any of your nasty blood on my armor I'd have to murder the lot of you." In truth he was excited to fight but much more thrilled to see his longtime flame Khakina. Ohhh her womanly wiles perplexed him but this would be his moment to shine. His growing ire for these fleshy creatures was growing but so too was his infatuation with this woman.
  2. Bureku

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    The cold unfeeling droid watched as Middy was ragdolled by his associates. With a faint frown upon his face. He reveled in murder but this was more like watching a doberman have it's way with a kitten. His canon was ready to fire once again. Nearly halfway at full power he aimed at her body and fired. The white light nearly blinding, should be powerful enough to put her out of her misery if she was in any. He looked over the village and the chaos. It turned out to be less fun than hed hoped. "Unfortunate... I was hoping for more fun." He looked at @Dredge "what now my lord?"
  3. Bureku

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    I didnt even realize they were 2 separate entities
  4. Bureku

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    A booming voice covered the area as the android moved forward slowing his pursuit just short of his target. 20 more feet and he would have dealt a deathblow clean enough to rival Dredge. Instead he turned to his master. Giving a deep sigh he looked to Reyna. "Duty calls, Love. Maybe next time." As the mechanical death machine moved onwards to the new target a pair of red glowing eyes from one of the cut droids would move into the shadows. "But I've got my eye on you Pumpkin! Try not to misbehave." His new target locked, soon another ball of plasma began to gather in his palm once again...
  5. Bureku

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    The Hypermatter core spun to life within the androids chest. The temperature rising and ice melting from around his body steam would cloak his figure as he walked. The wall of thorns no longer blocking the path of his cutter droids. A ball of white light forming in his palm as the life from his surroundings drained into his core. -CHARGING...65%_NEAR_CRITICAL_MASS- "Much more efficient than the old way..." He grinned as he aimed it into the village as a target stepped out from one of the many houses.( @Sleepy Seal ) "YOU!-" immediately He thrust his arm in her direction hurling a beam of brilliant energy in her direction dissentigrating anything in its path. His aura gaining even more size with his bloodlust. -EVALUATING..._TARGET_LOCKED- He remembered the last encounter with this mage and he was intent on finishing the job. Leaping forward with enough force to destroy the pier behind him he had found his target and the game had begun.
  6. Bureku

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    Break had to arrive separately from the legion. He had....more pressing matters at hand. He would arrive not on wings of fury but on a sinking ship barely making it into port before the mast itself was engulfed in the freezing water. As he stepped haphazardly onto the pier. The legion had started long before him and he could see from a distance that there were people begging to join in glorious combat. Looking to his palm he looked along a sapphire enlaid hard drive. If anything this small blue stick belonged in the ocean but he would hold onto it for just a bit longer. Give it a good sendoff...probably embed it into someone's skull. That would be a fitting end. Reaching to his side he grasped a large canteen of oil chugging its contents before walking slowly into the fray. "Drink up boys. These flesh bags haven't partied in such a long time. Let's give them a worthy sendoff." And with that, a number of cut droids walked up onto the beach drenched in salty seawater and frozen seaweed. They had been stored aboard the ship he rode in on in the hull. Their sleek bodies painted a deep blue and snow white camo, they readied themselves for battle and charged on ahead of him. "I've got a little warming up to do..." he cackled as his green eyes shone in the frigid air...
  7. Bureku

    Forging allies (Private)

    "Magic is incompatible with my body or so I have noticed." And for the most part it true was he himself could not cast spells without a magical item to act as a catalyst. He looked around the good doctors laboratory it had such a wide array of people it almost seemed like a family. "And as for questioning I have no current classified information or orders pertaining to the distribution of my Intel. Feel free to ask, I will let you know when I feel uncomfortable." He looked around once again locking on to Khaki "As for my friend we have only recently become acquainted."
  8. Bureku

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    Do they like BBQ? @Trigger2Red
  9. Bureku

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    are people able to create new materials for crafting? Like say ice so cold that it could be shaped like metal? I'd love to create some ice themed robots weapons and armor! Or really any sort of crafting really!
  10. Bureku

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    Oh yes! My mind is racing already!
  11. Bureku

    Legion of Doom S2 Ad (for reals this time)

    😶 day 12 of running letters between the Mistress, Dredge , and the pryomaniac knight. Why they continue to write letters only mere feet apart baffles me, but my curiosity grows. Where do they keep finding paper? The world may never know.
  12. Bureku

    Devourer of Flames

    Breaks eyes did not deceive him within the blink of an eye she had covered a massive amount of ground still his targeting system was able to find her easily. The massive icicle formed in her eyes gave a large blip on his thermal sensors. Quickly his left arm aimed squarely at Reyna his right arm aimed at his blade which had landed around 20 meters away when he was blown from his seat, but with the super magnet of his armored gloves being powered by his core he was able to bring it to himself. Catching it mid air he readied an attack. But before Break could even move a torrent of burning black sludge rained from the sky toward the group around the ruins Nocturna had been given an opening and she would take it. The king of rage would most likely be Ok. James had enough of a buffer from the time stop he would have time to dodge. But Reyna was a free and open target.
  13. Bureku

    Devourer of Flames

    Break noticed as his blade flying over the horizon. Soon it was falling towards him as he outstretched his arm it began to fly even faster spinning uncontrollably towards his arm before deftly landing in his palm. But just as he caught the blade a wicked fireball landed with the force of a truck. The concussion was enough to unseat him from his dragon sending him to the ground. That however was the worst part of the attack. The flames weren't nearly hot enough to begin to damage Nocturna who would sleep in active volcanoes and bathe herself in flames. Picking himself up he no longer had eyes on James but the female caster was beginning to annoy him. As the flames licked his armor they slicked off like water. And seemed to dissolve the moment they would touch his armor //recharging...%5_power_recharged// "tasty..." Meanwhile his left arm would begin to humm with power. "LISTEN, YOU COME OUT PEACEFULLY AND I PROMISE I WONT HARM YOU, MUCH." A bright light began to form in bubbles in his left hand congealing into a bowling ball sized orb. The air began to sizzle, shimmer and pop around him as the grass on the ground began to wilt and turn to ash. "COME FORTH!"
  14. Bureku

    Devourer of Flames

    Suddenly Break had been caught within a massive amount of ice. His dragon frantically trying to escape had little it could do. The frozen mass sapped her strength as she was a tropical creature and not accustomed to a frozen environment. Thinking fast Break diverted all power to his core. Hypermatter coiled within him as the temperature began to rise steadily and with alarming speed the air would begin to crackle and steam would evaporate from any condensation. This was not enough to melt the glacier but it would be enough to keep Nocturna at a healthy temperature. With all of her might she would attempt to shatter the ice with her massive power while at the same time her maw would pour out a deep black burning liquid. The smell was noxious and it would be evident enough that the water had become tainted and polluted. Break scanned the area for the third heat signature, as both James and Fuer were too busy to split their attention to himself...within the trees the assailant could not hide their own presence. Quickly Break would fire what little energy he had stored into his arm at the glacier most likely weakening the ice enough for Nocturna to break free. That's when he noticed they tiny avatar appear on his HUD. It appeared to be the mistress! Any help was gladly appreciated. He smiled under his helmet thanking her.
  15. Bureku

    Devourer of Flames

    Break watched with awe as the other two began to fight. Speed rivaling that of some of the stronger Warriors back home. As Nocturna spread her wings to soften their landing a gust of near hurricane force winds battered the surrounding area as she landed with a soft rumble. Raising his left arm a low humm began to rise through the air as he locked onto target. As stated before, an ally of Dredge is an ally of his own. A booming voice of the metallic sounding broken voice module rang through the vicinity. "FOR THE LEGION!" And with that Nocturna broke into a full sprint towards the battle. //sunbreaker.exe_initiated_...%10...charging//