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    Describe your character in one sentence

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    Forging allies (Private)

    Break was slowly moved from his spot of rest as the stranger took him in. He had not known this kindness in a very long time. As an artificial being, Break was often treated as less than human. He had few friends to speak of so having kindness shown to him by a stranger was unheard of. Not that he was conscious for any of this. He was on low power running on fumes. The mass of futuristic tech would be an endeavor even for the genius that was Marigold. An experienced engineer would be able to tell the materials used to make this wonder of life were otherworldly in nature highly resistant to damage yet lightweight. at first glance one could easily mistake this droid as human. its hard exterior would soon be noted to only be armor. Human skin lined the droids body. But this was no act of necro magic but a feat of science a type of synthetic skin able to grow and repair itself. Its inner workings moving as a body able to eat and breath. Moving to the head Marigold would note that the metal surrounding the braincase was extremely dense and unable to be penetrated by scanners. It wouldn't take much longer before the core that powered Breaks systems began to catch up with the amount of energy lost. If Marigold were paying attention he could note that the powersource within Breaks chest while not endless, was nearly infinitely replenishing. A deep breath inward would shatter Breaks silence as he came too.
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Ooc stuff is keeping me from fully delving into the raid right now so imma now out here. Sorry!
  4. The wilds of the Dark Forest flashed with a bright light as a steaming mass of metal and energy landed in the soft glow of the morning light. The thick gnarled woods had not seen light for some time as he landed just outside of a clearing a mile wide. The Imperium's doorstep if you would. The calm was broken as the sounds of nature stopped dead in silence a blinking red light emanating from his chest plate flasrf and the light of his eyes began fading fast. A distress beacon of sorts would begin to signal as the droid began to power down to low energy output. Leaves blew past the droid as they fell from consciousness. dark clouds would begin to fall over the forest and rain would begin to fall in a deluge of darkness and Break could feel the rain roll upon his face but soon even the touch receptors would begin to shut down sending him into a type of dream state -10 YEARS EARLIER- "My lord Dredge?" The young droid still in his child form tailed behind the behemoth of a man carrying a datapad calculating numbers of the total dead from the last raid. "Why must we destroy the people we claim to save?" His young mind didnt comprehend the gravity of what he spoke but he could sense the contradiction it held. a furrowed eyebrow as he looked at the scene at which was around him. Countless innocents had fallen to the god king here. Blood had stained the droids boots and he was not even in the fray. What follwed next was not an answer but a beating. A firm Backhanded slap sent the droid 20 feet back the armor on dredges hand slashing at Breaks face leaving the permanent scar upon his otherwise perfect face. Before landing on a crate holding stolen goods and food. “Do you feel that pain boy? Did it wake you from that stupor? We are that pain to wake this universe from its diseased sleep.Because people like us need to exist. What we do isn’t glamorous, good, or even morally right. But without us, there would be nothing. The light needs the dark, and the dark needs the light. That’s just how it works. We all have a role to play, and this was the one I was born into. If you wish to leave it and change your path, you may. But we both know you wont, you werent made that way...” -Present- Break was in dire need of repairs and rest. his armor had taken damage and his power supply was low. He was vulnerable. @Djinn&Juice@Zashiii
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Break was surprised at the flexibility of the fleshling on his back...and torso....and neck. Bullets deflected by his armor sparked and split off of the superior metal. He watched as the mage launched themselves toward the mummyman. Checkmate. QUICKLY HE TURNED TO THE LEFT! LOCKING ON TO THE POWERFUL MAGIC DOOR HE WOULD NOTICE THAT THE WHITE HOT PLASMA ORB HAD SWOLLEN TO DOUBLE ITS SIZE AS IF POWER HAD BEEN SIPHONED INTO HIS VERY BEING. THE DOOR WOULD BE ABLE TO BE LAUNCHED OFF OF THE WALL LEADING TO THE ESCAPE. "FIRE!!!" THE PLASMA WAS LAUNCHED FROM HIS PALM INTO A LARGE BEAM OF ENERGY. Break was surprised again at the size and power of this blast the unknown energy had seemingly come from the ether and now they had the upper hand to escape.
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Break rose to look at his surroundings. The mummy man pinned to the walls and surrounded by arcane markings. However before long the party would be crashed by Del and what looked like 5 elite guards. Crimson power surged through the air as it detained the large bandaged mass as it contorted in inhuman throws. And a second later ethereal energy permeated the ground creating quicksand. This fight was a REAL fight, unfortunately for the enemy however, they brought magic to a gunfight. "ENEMIES SPOTTED, CHARGING PLASMA CANON...DIVERTING 25% POWER." "STARBREAKER WEAPONS SYSTEMS ONLINE!" Breaks palms joined as they locked onto the center mass of the enemies. He would feel further weakened drained of 75% of his total power now he had to make this shot count. His hands gathering energy as white light began to gather in his palms and swirl in a torrent of energies first at the size of a golf ball then to a softball finally settling around the size of a basketball. "3...2.."
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    What exactly are you wanting if you PM me we can do some fighting after we hash out some details
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Location: Last Chance Prison Halls, East Wing. Objective: Secure High Value Targets Allies: @Dredge @Zashiii @Djinn&Juice Enemies: Terric Military & Guards Break took heed the small girls cries and got behind them both although his figure basically dwarfed the two in size it would at least provide a small amount of cover. What exactly was this thing made of? They easily barreled past the measly guards that were blocking their way making room for the commandos to do their thing. And that is when Break had a better idea, heaving Khaki over his shoulder. He could tell this was scary for the girls so he would make this as quick as possible. "Activate penetration mode." Little Sans head would become like a spade meant to pierce thick armor and Break would be the siege engine of a nightmarish design. With the full force of his body that he could muster he caved the ground where the mighty strength left his soles. They Broke through the first wall like toilet paper as Break steamrolled his way through the prison, bullets and traps going off as he bullrushed passed them. Quickly Break would turn his arm in the direction of an attacking Locust Droid as it swooped in for an attack. A blazing white shot of starfire broke the air as Break moved forward with the attack. The droid would easily be able to dodge with its lightning fast reflexes. But was unable to completely avoid Breaks gaze. his crimson eyes targeted the locust as it deftly dodged attack after attack. "PROTECTION MODE ACTIVATE: PARTICAL SHIELDS!" Breaks body began to glow with a golden gleam as he commanded the shields to rise encompassing the girls. Winding up a wicked punch Break was sure to shatter anything this punch came into contact with, but right before contact the droid began to dissapate into a mush of melted steel and blue smoke. the force of the punch breaking a single wall behind the droid was enough to leave a hole that was large enough for the orcs to see them them. Break was certain they had more when the mission began and sure enough the bodies of several orcs were piled up their blood stained these floors. These prisoners werent worth dying for but these proud beings had lost their life in the line of duty for them. His core felt heavy for them. He had failed as a Lord Commander once again. But this was worlds worse than a slight mistake. These orcs Blood was on his Hands. He stopped and let the Girls down as they met up with the Commando forces. "Status report." "THIS MISSION IS FUCKED! AND YOUVE DONE NOTHING BUT STAND BY AS THEY WERE KILLED!" The Female orcs words rang true in his soul. "Fan out, Stay alive, release as many prisoners as possible. That will create a distraction long enough for us to reach the bottom levels." A salute would end the meeting as Break began to charge. His hand glowing a red hue at first he locked his feet into place as he aimed straight down. His will would be a drill to pierce the gates of hell. His weapon roared with energy as the nucleus of the plasma ball began to glow. Gritting his teeth energy began to drain at an accelerated rate pooling into the palm of his hand. "15%" The ball began to ripple with power and grow first from the size of a softball to the size of a beachball "50%" "LET IT GO YOU IDIOT, YOU'LL KILL US ALL!" His hands were shaking as he launched the ball white light enveloping all of those in the room. Anyone in a mile radius would be able to sense the massive energy source but that was unimportant. What was important was that there was a hole the size of a volkswagon in the floor leading down into the abyss of the prison. Grabbing the girls Break would leap unafraid of the danger. falling a few floors down Break noted these walls were getting stronger thicker and darker, the lights on the walls were no longer electric but torchlit. until finally he noticed this was no hallway this was a cell... A sturdy iron door stood at the end of one of these once heavily defended halls. It possessed no locks or even a handle. It seemed to be a thick slab of steel more than it was an entryway. Scrawls of sanscrit and powerful ward magic sprawling the walls surrounding this door. An anti magic treatment layered around this cell. The interior completely dark and possessing even more runic symbols and sanscrit surrounding a form being suspended by forty seven different steel cables. The form that had been so heavily secured....a mummy? It's bandages and wraps possessing a suspicious red ink matching the rituals performed around the cell. This form unmoving. @Djinn&Juice @Dredge @Zashiii
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    I am having a huge amount of fun just wanna say
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Break Legion Allies: Dredge and da bois. Enemies: The Nerd @FirePenguinDiscoPanda Break moved forward with the concentration of a tiger hunting its prey. Young Khaki behind him he would press a button and the secret weapon would unleash. For hundreds of years the cave trolls of this land lay dormant and Break had done his best to find the largest and meanest son of a magical beast he could find. The oversized drop pod held the most wicked deadly living weapon in this side of the continent! compressed air released the doors as it shot up with speed and smoke arose from the holding cell as... wait smoke? Break assumed that the pod had sustained damage but that much smoke was unheard of even for system failure. The crunch of snack wrappers could be heard as tiny feet walked forth from the billows of smoke and crumpled plastic. A tiny girl wearing Breaks headphones walked out. Break could be seen with the bridge of his nose clasped between his thumb and finger. Break moved to join the squad as they searched and disarmed traps. Tripwires were set every so often in the strangest of places. Those were the simplest of the traps. Break would have the soldiers walk in teams of 4 as they swept the prison mapping out and clearing rooms as they forged onward.
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Break landed with a hard thud against the ground. A crater in his wake he looked at the armed guards. Their magitech rifles and puny rounds were deflected easily by the Beskar plates of his armor. He smiled as the heat began to rise his core cooking the very air these men were breathing. It would feel like they were breathing in ash and fire. While not lethal it would incapacitate any organic fleshbags foolish enough to get close. as thunderous explosions rang out through the prison the Dragon knight walked forward with confidence "You still with me Khaki? If so I'm gonna breach one of these walls so we can catch up a bit faster. Stay back for a second." He began to pick up momentum as he burst through a wall like the juggernaut. Quickly he would attempt to join up with the squadrons under his command. Much to his chagrin however, a number of guards holed up between him and the forces and opened fire. Breaks armor protected his internal working parts however the sheer number of bullets made it more than uncomfortable to the droid. Raising his arm he charged a glowing yellow orb and fired it into the wall of guards. Forcing them to die or scramble for cover Bis armor had been scratched and his faceplate cracked. Disabling most of his scanners. He would be going manual on this mission. But he was now with his Squadron. "I WANT A STATUS REPORT ON ALL TEAMS" @Dredge @FirePenguinDiscoPanda @Zashiii
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character Name: Break Lumos  Affiliation: Legion Of Doom Location/Objective: Release prisoners, and hold off forces, Release secret weapon. The Dragon Knight rode upon a massive black iron beast. A Ragna dragon, a creature from another galaxy with wings that could make fighter pilots blush. High in the sky the knight flew over the city the people were as ants to him as he soared with this magnificent beast he had come to have a bond with. Each wingbeat would always pump with the beat of his core. His love for this beast was immense and he knew she had no place in this battle. Her heart was with him and her trust spurred him forward but this was too dangerous for his pet. quickly he pulled up and to the left forcing her to do a Aileron Roll. at which point Break let loose of her body unstrapping the harnesses carrying the payload (a drop pod large enough to be carrying a massive troll) and grabbing his pack. Nocturna barely had time to notice as she came full swing a faint roar of anger and disbelief as her partner had left her to return home. Break looked forward unto his target. The Prison lay before him. He had enough supplies to last him a few days if this battle were to carry on. 3 overshield projector belts, 20 canisters of gas his ultrachrome blade and a fantastic set of C4 explosives. Activating his HUD and mapping his landing spot The dragon knight would guide the payload before releasing his chute and slowing his decent with the jet propulsion boots in his suit. The pod would land with a loud thud next to Break or so that was the plan. He was about 12 seconds away from landing in the prison. He would surely be noticed by at least some of the armed guards. Thats when he noticed his parachute was an of color of black. A low *wenk* could be heard as he noticed what had happened. This was one of the Lady's penguins. "that bitc-" the jolt of his boots spurred him to realize he was already almost to the ground. guards from the prison had already come to welcome the droid and his payload. "Shit... that was faster than calculated." readying his arm his palm would begin to glow as he loosed 3 bolts of plasma into the crowd of guards beneath them. destroying 5 of them as the rest retreated to find better cover. This was going to be a pain in the ass the whole way down. @Zashiii @FirePenguinDiscoPanda


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    One Of Us (LoD members only)

    Break watched as this larger challenger came to face him. He was bigger, uglier and meaner than the rest of his counterparts. "A challenger arrives." Break stood center stage in the ring as this behemoth of orcine flesh lumbered towards him with a hammer large enough to damage walls and caked with the blood of less worthy opponents came towards him with murderous intent. These lower lifeforms were so barbaric and yet so elegant in their customs. Heat could be felt throughout the ring as Break readied his attack his armor becoming like that of fire as his chest began to shine with white hot light. With hot wind and the sound of crushing stones a gaping hole was left in his wake as Break rushed at the orc with a white hot palm to the orcs face intending to burn the insignia of Dredges forces into these puny weaklings minds forever. Break intended to use his momentum to push this giants head into the sand in one swift motion.
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    A whole objective for lil ol me? Boi I do feel special!