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  1. Nocturna never actually went to sleep that night, something within her felt protective of Noah and she couldn't bring herself to sleep. She was deeply afraid she would wake up and he would be gone. So she stayed awake silently watching over Noah, comforting him through the night. She had little chance to sleep anyway, most of the night had been eventful and the last remaining hours were of little use at this point. She lost herself in the scent of his hair and feel of his skin she smiled as she played with a lock of his hair twirling it around her finger. Her mind only brought back to reality when he began to stir. "I hope I didn't wake you." She said softly, a small smile upon her face as she kissed him a good morning.
  2. Her feelings were mixed she did indeed feel an attraction for Noah but she struggled to grasp if it was for the correct reasons. She would indulge him for a while longer, at least to find out what she truly wanted from this relationship. His touch sending familiar sensations along her spine that she could feel culminating within her chest. Her heart skipped a beat when his hands moved along her body. She could tell he longed for the feeling of love. To re-learn its intricate display of primal power. She would oblige. Her tail wrapped it's way around his calf to keep him close her subconscious afraid she may lose him as she slowly kissed his neck. His skin was soft and his hair smelled of pine and juniper. Possibly from walking through what was mostly untamed woods around her home. Slowly she would release him before seductivly beckoning him further into the ship towards her bedroom for the night. (Noah would be welcome to stay in her home in the for as long as he so choose.)
  3. Upon hearing the ridiculous request to meet the bugbear elder (possibly to attempt a snuggle.), Kai would begin feeling the onset of what he could only imagine as a permanent headache. Setting himself to his cousin's side once again as they traveled to their new home. He would begin by setting up his own canvas tent and unloading his horse. Her white fur contrasted by the wood and stone around them he could tell she was tired. She was his father's originally and the only one left of her own herd. Unloading his belongings he would pull a draft from his flask and head out to help set up camp to anyone who may need it.
  4. Nocturna was taken aback by his forward approach. Looking at him with a surprised expression. She wasn't used to that kind of thing... But she liked it. Typically even males of her own species were terrified of her. Her face quickly changing to that of happiness. She would place her hand on his interlocking her fingers between his. The warmth of her breast rising with the beating of her heart. She had not felt like this in... well forever if not for the lack of light her face would be bright pink with blush. Her nature was never one of tepidness she immediately pinned him to the wall with all the tenderness she could muster. Barely able to contain her excitement. "Our lifespans are nigh eternal and my affections are not easily broken nor should be taken for some cheap trinket." Nocturna could barely keep her form with the cocktail of emotions and hormones coursing through her body. Her body trembled with excitement waiting for his response.
  5. Caeruleus or "Kai"~ ____________________________ As far as Kai was concerned the Bugbear tribe could keep their distance, his family was in no condition for any sort of conflict. Moving forward to the Jester Kai would quickly shepherd them back to the group. "No more outbursts. PLEASE." He whispered His annoyance permeated his request. As he brought them closer to his side feigning some sort companionship. Kai did not recognize the Jester but he was responsible for their actions and he would be damned to be stopped now.
  6. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury She had not been in this room for a what felt like an age. It was nice to relax and be able to feel like herself around another person. She couldn't quite understand what made her feel like this about the droid but she understood that he wasn't Break and yet...she felt at home. Looking to her new friend she moved slightly closer as she heard him say something was beautiful. She too often got lost in the beauty of the galaxy as she gazed into it. "When looking at the galaxy like this, even I feel small Noah. Does this inspire any sort of feeling in you little one?"
  7. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury With a wave of her hand the door slowly closed with the release of pressure hissing into the darkness her eyes shining in the low light like that of a cats. Nocturna moved to the center of the room and activated the holomap small lights burst to life and whirred around them like many tiny firefly doing an eternal waltz of the cosmos. She sat against the curved wall bathed in the pale blue light, comfortably leaning back as the many stars and planets whizzed by. A small smile etched across her face. Patting the area next to her she waited for Noah to come join her as she admired the familiar curiosity of a small droid.
  8. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury Noctura's brow furrowed. He planned to experience humanity yet takes direction from a dragon? Perhaps he was more lost than she first thought. She pondered a while longer. He mentioned that he had been born into a great many lifetimes. But this vessel seemed to house basic knowledge. Had this one yet had a childhood? Had it known love? Of a friend or lover? Had it known anything but base life? Setting her tea down she calmly got up from her seat and took him by the hand beckoning him deeper into the ship. She wished to show him something extraordinary. A dark room with pitch black walls and a lone sphere hovering in place at the cento of the room. Her holo display map of the stars. While currently unable to reach orbit this ship was equipped with a star map and one could shrink or expand this map to as far as one wished. This was her favorite place to think and she often had some of her best thoughts started in this room.
  9. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury With the possibility of creating a suitable vessel her friend her mind was put at ease. The level of technical and magical metallurgy was often sub optimal for her normal needs. However on very sparse occasions she was impressed with how advanced specific sciences had come. But what were the chances of her finding such technology without any sort of contacts or the diplomatic ability to simply talk to most people. Furthermore if she asked Noah surely it would deviate him from his current mission. She sat in silence lost in thought for a minute or two before finally speaking. "I have an offer then. I propose to help you along your journey of any experience you may be interested in as long as you help me reclaim something lost." Her crimson eyes shone like embers framed by soot black hair as draconic intensity flowed with her words. She was unsure of any specific skills she could offer after all a warbeast has very few outside of well...war. But she was a dragon nonetheless and few could turn down that kind of offer.
  10. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury Nocturna observed as Noah's robotic form was unveiled while impressive it wasn't something she was unfamiliar with. This technology, this ship, her very existence hinged on another like Noah. "I have met one such as yourself. Although his age may be vastly lower than your own." She seemed to draw back into her mind as she recalled the fond memories of her loved one. But quickly sobered herself with a sip of tea. She look again at Noah up and down. He was Indeed a gentleman but he was not the same one she craved to meet again. "Alas I fear he is gone...for good this time." She noticed her feelings were beginning to show a bit more than she anticipated. Quickly she stiffened her lip and retrieved a small flask from her pocket. Adding a strong smelling substance to her tea before quickly downing the surely nauseating cocktail. "Tell me little one, would one be able to reproduce your...physical structure? The technology is not lost I assume?"
  11. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury -‐-------------------------------------------------------------- The ship while currently unable to even consider flight was still operable for its many luxury features. The kitchen as still in prime condition. If only a little smoke damaged. Possibly due to her terrible cooking but just as likely that her anger at her own culinary abilities tended to cause...explosive outbursts. But if there was one thing she knew how to make it was tea. Quickly she elegantly poured the boiling water after packing the tiny silver infuser with a fragrant mixture of tea leaves and a pinch of her favorite jasmine. A small touch of honey for a hint of sweetness and the tea was ready. Setting the table she would first seat her guest then herself. Before pouring each a steaming cup of tea. "I'm not one to mince words Noah so I hope my directness wont be jarring but I need to know how you were created."
  12. No place takes it out of you like a 24 hour clinic! Hope everyone is practicing self care! 

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  13. Caeruleus or "Kai"~ ____________________________ Kai had very few meetings with bugbears, and the few that he had were always that of appeasement rather than that of kinship. That being said his cousin seemed to know the small one. Using his own druidic arte he would attempt to feel out into the wilds using the roots like a giant neural network, every tree bush and mushroom acting as one to give him a better picture of their surroundings and see how many of the goblinoids had come with the small one and if she was Indeed telling the truth and not just attempting to ambush the small caravan that was his family. Indeed it did not seem to be any sort of organized placement to the bugbear pack. With a gentle nudge to Rufus he would look to his dear cousin "I take it you've met this one before? And by your own demeanor she's a friend? Regardless, I can sense a small congregation of bugbear not too far from here. Shall I find an alternative route as to not encroach on their space while you converse for a bit longer?" Kai had no intention of making a bad impression on their neighbors nor insulting his cousin's acquaintance but he did know the group was tired and that they did need rest. Perhaps a quick scouting walk would help expedite the process.
  14. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury -‐-------------------------------------------------------------- She watched as his form amalgamated his clothes into the new formal attire. She was impressed, to say the least. Looking around she noted while this was her only set of clothes it did seem a bit out of place among the mountains and wilderness. Reaching her hand down she offered the cyborg help getting up from the shore. "Well Noah, let me start you some tea. If you would humor me, I have a few questions and I wouldn't mind if you joined me for a short while." Her cooking skill was that of a drunken blind man, but she could make an exceptional cup of herbal tea. If he were to join her Nocturna would take him to the now slightly repaired ship. She had at least hidden the form of the hulking mass behind an outer shell in the shape of a massive log cabin but inside was still a halfway operational galley.
  15. First the Jester, now an ashen youngling leaping from the woods! Kai's mind racing looking for potential exit strategies, defensive positions all flashing through as fast as his mind could process them. All before watching the Jester run up to the girl and start waving candies in her face. Walking to his cousin's side Kai would do his due diligence and simply stand guard over his elder cousin. Hands not yet at the blade but ever ready should the need arise. Where his cousin would often air trust and compassion it was now his job to show caution and restraint.
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