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  1. If one were to try to breach into the world through the veil of reality from a plane of hell or the like, where would the most logical point of entry? Is there a canon entrance? If so, has this been tried before? with a cursory look into the lore page I haven't seen this yet but Im looking for maybe a playbook or at least a loose set of rules if a character wanted to do so.
  2. Scanning the area Break could only sense the surrounding knights. The only other thing able to be sensed was the burning earth beneath them. Smoldering ash and dirt mixed into a spiral of black and brown. Thats when a thought came to Break. Opening his palm a small drkne would hover to life as it rose above getting a better view of the area. As the tiny robot flew above it would relay what its optical sensors directly to Break. A grand circle converging to the place they stood. Ebony ash made glyphs in the dirt. //Exclamation_By the creator.
  3. Awesome! I actually should have my idea up by Saturday if plans work out like they should. I'll be posting a link in this topic.
  4. @Humble Blood you are more than welcome to join! Currently I'm drafting up a thread of summoning daemons from the warp and such! @L E V I A T H A N @Dabi Well let me to be the first to thank you! Let me know if you need something to get started or need opposition in a thread!
  5. Looking to start an Infernal faction/royal court. I've been looking to start a successor to the Legion of Doom, an all out evil 😈 for evils sake kind of feel. Whether a seasoned writer or someone looking for your first RP your soul is welcome in the Infernal Horde. I am looking to make this canon but as of now I'd like to make it a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I am also welcoming any and all oppositional opportunities, demons need slaying and those heroes can be you!
  6. Hinoka snapped to attention willing the strings towards the gods center of mass. As they shot deep writhing within his flesh. Vines of mortality etching their mark within the core of the god. If pain were a sensation the being could feel, the sensation would be dulled as the brain would be overwhelmed with the sheer incoming information. A sound of thunder ringing in the distance marked the second step if the ritual had been fulfilled. The devils smile would creep across the withered face of Hinoka. The spell was draining life force from both parties and the longer Hinoka held on the harder it became. O god of this destruction, summon forth a new rebirth! Feel the touch mortality and repent. 7th day of rest, seal of the fallen one Lazarus.- The strands of starlight shining like the dawn would begin to envelop Taurus in a cocoon of threads. As they began to pull the soul of the god. Hinoka could feel a strong resistance. The soul of a human felt like plucking a stone from a stream. This however felt as if he were pulling s stone from quicksand. Even this close to death the might of the god was immensely powerful and the will to keep its soul nearly unbending. Nearly. Slowly the threads made headway. The soul would finally emerge from its body in a golden corona of light. Distinctly this was a gods soul. Unlike the blue ethereal ball of mortals or the black sludge like soul of a demon this was power. This was Taurus.
  7. //Explanation_high concentrations of sulfur, iron, and phosphorus can be detected within this 20x20 area. //Speculation_My current knowledge of the occult, notes that these elements are essential in ritual and alchemical techniques used in the search for alchemical gold. Break had a wealth of knowledge on technology and human behavior, but magic was still new to him. //Question_what do you make of this? Break looked to Matte, his facial scanners noting the minute movements of his jaw and brow muscles. He couldn't gleam fear or disgust from this knight. Good. A calm mind can think of solutions more efficiently.
  8. Break arrived shortly after the knights. The knights had already started investigating the area. Collapsed ground at the center point of what appeared to be a broken rune circle. His visual scanners able to pick out different chemical compounds of the surrounding soil. //Statement_ Odd, high concentrations of sulfur, iron, and phosphorus permeate the soil here.// It was concerning to the droid that such high levels of impurities were concentrated in such a small area. This was certainly a clue to what happened here but he was unsure how. //Sir Knights, if may direct your attention to this area.//
  9. As the tide of spirit strings writhed around Taurus they would begin to dig into his epidermis leeching his godly power. Solidifying themselves as they began to engorge on his divine energy they would become like a creeping plant as they spread along his body. The strings pumped the excess energy back into the arcane circle strengthening the growing torrent all the while the clay would whirl itself into a rapid spin. Flailing in the air magic would imbue the clay compressing the surface of the sphere. Hinoka could feel the strain of the spell lift as he felt Taurus begin to pay the toll for its casting, the spell could sustain itself for the moment. Weaving hand signs Hinoka would attempt to incapacitate Taurus's left arm with the spirit strings. Hinoka was unsure if the spell could withstand the full strength of a raging god but, if he could attempt to save lives he would. Pulsating with divine energy the strings around Taurus legs would become like hard roots as they solidified in his skin splitting off and digging themselves deep into the gods skin as it climbed towards the torso.
  10. I dont really have interactions going on with anyone so I'm going to exit stage left so imma leave with @Zashiii
  11. *sigh* You should try to be more careful in these freezing conditions. The cold here can make you lose feeling in your extremities. Even a very serious wound can be misinterpreted as a simple fleshwound. slowly she would begin to wrap the wound after applying the ointment to the area. It was a mixture of aloe, mint, witchhazel, and saints wort. There. All patched up. It will feel slightly cold, but, this should help it heal faster AND keep it from getting infected. Nocturna would put away the first aid supplies into her pack. Now that you are within my care, my name is Nocturna. And that is my child Kiran. She motioned toward the boy snacking on some bread he had snagged from her pack. Would you be willing to share your names with us?
  12. A sulfuric fog seemed to encompass the perimeter of a small encampment of half men, putting the night watch on edge. The sole protection of a small tunnel system that had barely enough resources to shield themselves from the miasma that seemed to seep from the festering wound of the land. However this fog was different. The stench of sulfur and rotting flesh seemed to pervade any protection or air filtration. In the distance a low chant of unintelligible hums and gurgles could be heard as the sound of marching footsteps approached. The tribe of half men prepared for battle as the sound permeated the thick walls of the tunnels. In the darkness of night however the sound of blood curdling screaming could be heard from the furthest reaches of the tunnels. Parents rushed to the room of a small child had been found in an unnatural condition. His legs broken at the knees and spine contorted, twisted into the shape of an "L" and a face of terror etched into his final moments. His facial mutations bubbled as if something held them to an open flame. Screams of an inconsolable mother filled the halls surrounding. The chanting moved ever closer all the while. As the fog started to swirl around in a twister of foul energy it would begin to etch demonic runes into the ground above the tunnel system. Gold light glowing from the series of runes. As they began to link into a spiral of demonic energy. Slowly golden flames would start to seep from the festering wound created in the earth's surface. As claws began to materialize into the mortal plane. The destruction causing a vortex of demonic energy to spew forth from the newly crafted demon gate before the torso of the demon lord Amon clawed it's way free of the shackles of hell.
  13. Focus was one of few tenants of magic lack of which could cause magical rebound or cause a spell to fizzle. That was something he could not allow at this point in time. Hinoka chanted the mantras of his family and tethered himself in place as he struggled to hold onto his astral, mental and physical self into a single instance. But a divine wind of this magnitude, descending angels and arc lightning threw out power displacements, made keeping the ritual going like trying to keep a match lit in a hurricane. Much more terrifying was how bare his soul was to the ethereal plane. The vast void that threatens to swallow us all at any point in time could see his soul laid bare. These people trusted him but they knew nothing of the intricacies of this power over the souls of mortals. With every bit of power he held in his soul he willed the strings to bind his body to his own mind. He could hear the screaming of the damned. He could feel the kiss of hellfire licking his soul. The price for meddling in the affairs of gods in the mortal plane was steep. One could lose themselves in the allure of power, knowledge or the dark temptation of merely letting go and floating out into the astral sea. But he could use the beacons of divine energy as guidestones. Something to lock onto and anchor himself to the mortal coil he called his body bringing him back to his senses he would quickly finalize the ritual. 7 days end and the gods rest, 6 moons set and the 7th day brings a new dawn. Hear his footsteps in the sand, the reaper comes for all infinite cycles of death and rebirth halt. See the figure dressed in black, hear the wind call your name and stir from slumber. Awake on the seventh day and say your prayers once more. Thousands of blue fibers would erupt from the circle as they streamed forth like that of a furious hurricane. Focused onto one large target. Taurus. Spiritual strings in the hundreds of millions would aim for the divine core of the god. Like roots of a living plant they would reach out and attempt to enshroud their target and drain them of every last bit of spiritual energy. Growing and creeping closer they would launch forth at Hinokas will. His hands snaking and reaching forth like that of a puppeteer guiding their marionette. His eyes shone with an ethereal blue glow. Arte of the spiritual path:Tendrils of Life, Godhunter.
  14. Her eyes narrowed, her patience with the human was growing short. She was merely asking him to put the weapon away. "You will have to forgive me kind sir but you will understand my hesitation to believe you at face value. Sorry but we must be going." She turned to leave but could hear his complaints of pain in his hand. She tried to shake off the urge to help the man but her sense responsibility pulled her back. Lowering her head in agitation she would feign a smile and walk to the shelter. "Do...you need medical care?" She had to force her eyes not to roll out of back of her skull. But slowly she would remove bandages and ointment from her pack. "I've had some experience treating wounds."
  15. The threat of imminent God thunder hastened Hinoka's resolve. Faster his hands wove the stings of life into the amalgamation of clay and water as threads bound them down into mortal shape tightening and squeezing the orb into submission. Net of black and white, 22 bridges, 66 peerless domains, footprints, distant thunder, crest of the mountains, volatile earth, enshroud by night, a sea of clouds, blue formations, rise into the towering circle and charge across the heavens. A Wall of iron sand, pagoda of priestly form, shimmering fireflies of iron, fill until the silent end and sever divinity- The chant continued with perfect execution. The shackles of iron and blue threads would manifest from 12 points along the circle binding the mass down as Hinoka approached the center of the circle followed by a lamb of pure white. As they neared the center Hinoka would kneel beside the lamb placing his head close to it and whispering a quiet I am sorry little one...and thank you. a swift slash with an obsidian blade would douse the pulsating mound of clay with the crimson wine of purely innocent life. The body absorbed into the ritual Hinoka would begin to meditate until the next phase of the ritual could begin.
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