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  1. The North Wind

    Through Sigil’s Door (open)

    ________________________________________ - NOCTURNA THE MAW OF DEATH - ________________________________________ A tall woman stood among the crowd. A monster among mortals keeping to herself to try and avoid being noticed by anything but the woman she came to see. The crime lord (Lady?) Whom she once knew from bygone days of war and interstellar travel. Her shining black hair fluttered and whipped in the wind as the portal neared. Blades at her sides she had little need for weapons, these were mainly used for scaling walls. Her body was the main weapon. Kicks and punches like pistons. Atomic flames burned in her breast and her body was hard as tungsten. Even when reduced to this pitiful form she was a force to be reckoned with. A dragon at heart she stood firm and unafraid. Slowly calmly and carefully she would approach Blonde before they jumped into the breach.
  2. The North Wind

    For the Madame's desires

    Ikki had strolled into the building as if nothing had ever happened armor clean and raven wings gone his only hint of what had befallen his victims from last night was the new intellect claimed from their absorbed souls. Their combined knowledge had amalgamated within his mind. Their talents, their memories and their skills had imprinted themselves into his psyche. A once empty stare had been replaced by a smile and soft eyes. He eyed each one of the others as a type of nutrients for his mistress. He strangely noticed something odd about the one named Khaki. Aside from himself every being in this room had only 1 soul. This one however looked as if 3 souls inhabited this body at once. One looked as though it belonged there, another looked as if it shone with perfect brilliant light, and a third fragmented soul with an inky black sludge oozing from its core. He was fairly new to this world but instantly recognized this threat, a being such as himself was unnatural and a second was something that constituted a sort of panic within him. Was he not the only puppet? Was there a second deity working in the same area? Or had his mistress replaced him? ... No that was not possible. He would have sensed that. Although while this internal struggle had begun his instinctual hunger drew him closer to Khaki. His legs moved of their own accord separate from his conscious mind. He had stopped himself only once he had come within 10 feet of the monster. Piercing blue eyes would meet hers if she had come to look at him. A pain in his chest had begun to pulse within him. Something within his body burned, Anger? Hate? Envy? This was new to him. He would have to study further.
  3. The North Wind

    For the Madame's desires

    Ikki smirked from the crowd in anticipation of what was to come. He had no idea of the sheer amount of mercenaries that had come to join in the ritual. Their souls would provide a feast that would bring upon a new age for this land. The crow had perched itself among the fields so to speak and it would reap a bountiful harvest. After being dismissed he would return to his camp and wait for nightfall. A ghostly blue flame licking the night air had been lit at the center of his camp surrounded by infernal runes. He was far enough from the legion of exorcist and mercenary to sit and plan. He tapped into his mistress's power. And before his eyes a filter if black and neon blue blanketed his vision. Perfect dark vision and a mixture of seeing the remaining life force within a being. He looked around himself. Noticing the closest camp of his prey. He moved closer. He lurched forward in what could be considered pain if puppets could feel pain. A silent agony in the night as a set of black feathered wings burst forth from his body. Throwing himself into the air they caught him. He could feel the rush of air going past his face. He felt as though he remembered that. But this was for sure a new experience. Silently he soared into the unsuspecting camp as they sat and joked and drank to their next job. One by one he picked them off. The first was taking a post by a bush as Ikki swooped down and drove his dagger into his clavicle. Gasping the mercenary tried to warn the others but was sooner dragged into the air where Ikki dropped him onto a tree impaling the unfortunate traveler. the next two werent as lucky he waited for one to get up for another ale and turn his back on his companion. Swiftly and silently skewering the one sat comfortably next to the fire, with a branch from a nearby tree. Then while the remaining man turned around to see the horror that had beset his closest friend. A swift arm grabbed him by the back of the collar and threw him face first into their campfire his screams were enough to spook a murder of crows in the dead of night. The ritual had begun
  4. The North Wind

    For the Madame's desires

    Ikki shifted a bit when being addressed directly, but quickly responded. If only in short broken sentences. "Name is....Ikki. Here for exorcism." He looked at the one named angel. Her appearance just seeming to be a bit...different than the rest of the mercenary group. But his longing for violence was only bolstered by this. Her soul was worth importance to him. He then turned to the one called Khaki her body seeming to be that of metal and darkness. He felt a slight kinship to this one. Unfortunately his orders were to kill everyone. things seemed to become slower and more quiet as time wore on. The hour of his creators plan drew close. He would take in the layout of his surroundings. And prepare for his job to come to a close.
  5. The North Wind

    For the Madame's desires

    The shadow had blended in thoroughly with its surroundings and the people around it. It had slowly begun to learn the language. Even picking a name, Ikki. He watched as the people around him filled into the building mimicking their movements. He could feel the will of his mistress moving him forward. He could hear the woman commanding these men and women. He could sense danger, power and an odd sense of nostalgia. His pointed ears twitched beneath his long black hair. He could sense the tension and excitement from the entity. He anxiously began to reach for his dagger however a gripping fear stopped his hand. He would continue to wait for his chance to move forward.
  6. The North Wind

    For the Madame's desires

    The presence of life stirred an ancient evil from its slumber on this land. It could sense a being with powerful spiritual energy and a powerful purifying presence. This was of no concern to the malevolent deity, as lifetimes had been spent in a patient slumber planning this event. A large enough sacrifice to finally tie itself to the mortal plane once more. Suppression of it's own power came as second nature to this particular being and this was no different. Its eyes focused squarely on the buffet of souls heading squarely for her domain. Days before... Darkness swirled in the shadows as a single soul formed like dew in the wilds. For days it subsisted on not but the embers of a lost shell of a life. A soul once broken mended and forged into a new and skew version of itself. Amalgamating a body from the shadows it formed into a puppet for the use of its master. In time it came to know life once more. Slaying a mercenary and stealing his gear the being had joined among the mercenary group headed for the tavern. And soon his purpose would be fulfilled. @Thotification @Csl @Ataraxy
  7. The North Wind

    Chapter 2: Kamikaze (LoD)

    Break looked over his shoulder as the spire of frozen death grew to loom overhead. He turned to watch as the orcs and low born races frantically began to build barriers and ready their weapons. This certainly was something he could sink his time into. With a high pitched whistle a group of 5 cut droids appeared from the shadows forming a 5 point formation around him as he walked to the forefront of the vanguard where Dredge was. Pulling the massive Ultrachrome blade from over his shoulder he readied himself for the coming onslaught. "Stay behind me meatsacks. If I get any of your nasty blood on my armor I'd have to murder the lot of you." In truth he was excited to fight but much more thrilled to see his longtime flame Khakina. Ohhh her womanly wiles perplexed him but this would be his moment to shine. His growing ire for these fleshy creatures was growing but so too was his infatuation with this woman.
  8. The North Wind

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    The cold unfeeling droid watched as Middy was ragdolled by his associates. With a faint frown upon his face. He reveled in murder but this was more like watching a doberman have it's way with a kitten. His canon was ready to fire once again. Nearly halfway at full power he aimed at her body and fired. The white light nearly blinding, should be powerful enough to put her out of her misery if she was in any. He looked over the village and the chaos. It turned out to be less fun than hed hoped. "Unfortunate... I was hoping for more fun." He looked at @Dredge "what now my lord?"
  9. The North Wind

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    I didnt even realize they were 2 separate entities
  10. The North Wind

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    A booming voice covered the area as the android moved forward slowing his pursuit just short of his target. 20 more feet and he would have dealt a deathblow clean enough to rival Dredge. Instead he turned to his master. Giving a deep sigh he looked to Reyna. "Duty calls, Love. Maybe next time." As the mechanical death machine moved onwards to the new target a pair of red glowing eyes from one of the cut droids would move into the shadows. "But I've got my eye on you Pumpkin! Try not to misbehave." His new target locked, soon another ball of plasma began to gather in his palm once again...
  11. The North Wind

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    The Hypermatter core spun to life within the androids chest. The temperature rising and ice melting from around his body steam would cloak his figure as he walked. The wall of thorns no longer blocking the path of his cutter droids. A ball of white light forming in his palm as the life from his surroundings drained into his core. -CHARGING...65%_NEAR_CRITICAL_MASS- "Much more efficient than the old way..." He grinned as he aimed it into the village as a target stepped out from one of the many houses.( @Sleepy Seal ) "YOU!-" immediately He thrust his arm in her direction hurling a beam of brilliant energy in her direction dissentigrating anything in its path. His aura gaining even more size with his bloodlust. -EVALUATING..._TARGET_LOCKED- He remembered the last encounter with this mage and he was intent on finishing the job. Leaping forward with enough force to destroy the pier behind him he had found his target and the game had begun.
  12. The North Wind

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    Break had to arrive separately from the legion. He had....more pressing matters at hand. He would arrive not on wings of fury but on a sinking ship barely making it into port before the mast itself was engulfed in the freezing water. As he stepped haphazardly onto the pier. The legion had started long before him and he could see from a distance that there were people begging to join in glorious combat. Looking to his palm he looked along a sapphire enlaid hard drive. If anything this small blue stick belonged in the ocean but he would hold onto it for just a bit longer. Give it a good sendoff...probably embed it into someone's skull. That would be a fitting end. Reaching to his side he grasped a large canteen of oil chugging its contents before walking slowly into the fray. "Drink up boys. These flesh bags haven't partied in such a long time. Let's give them a worthy sendoff." And with that, a number of cut droids walked up onto the beach drenched in salty seawater and frozen seaweed. They had been stored aboard the ship he rode in on in the hull. Their sleek bodies painted a deep blue and snow white camo, they readied themselves for battle and charged on ahead of him. "I've got a little warming up to do..." he cackled as his green eyes shone in the frigid air...
  13. The North Wind

    Forging allies (Private)

    "Magic is incompatible with my body or so I have noticed." And for the most part it true was he himself could not cast spells without a magical item to act as a catalyst. He looked around the good doctors laboratory it had such a wide array of people it almost seemed like a family. "And as for questioning I have no current classified information or orders pertaining to the distribution of my Intel. Feel free to ask, I will let you know when I feel uncomfortable." He looked around once again locking on to Khaki "As for my friend we have only recently become acquainted."
  14. The North Wind

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    Do they like BBQ? @Trigger2Red
  15. The North Wind

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    are people able to create new materials for crafting? Like say ice so cold that it could be shaped like metal? I'd love to create some ice themed robots weapons and armor! Or really any sort of crafting really!