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  1. No place takes it out of you like a 24 hour clinic! Hope everyone is practicing self care! 

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      Yourself included!

  2. Caeruleus or "Kai"~ ____________________________ Kai had very few meetings with bugbears, and the few that he had were always that of appeasement rather than that of kinship. That being said his cousin seemed to know the small one. Using his own druidic arte he would attempt to feel out into the wilds using the roots like a giant neural network, every tree bush and mushroom acting as one to give him a better picture of their surroundings and see how many of the goblinoids had come with the small one and if she was Indeed telling the truth and not just attempting to ambush the small caravan that was his family. Indeed it did not seem to be any sort of organized placement to the bugbear pack. With a gentle nudge to Rufus he would look to his dear cousin "I take it you've met this one before? And by your own demeanor she's a friend? Regardless, I can sense a small congregation of bugbear not too far from here. Shall I find an alternative route as to not encroach on their space while you converse for a bit longer?" Kai had no intention of making a bad impression on their neighbors nor insulting his cousin's acquaintance but he did know the group was tired and that they did need rest. Perhaps a quick scouting walk would help expedite the process.
  3. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury -‐-------------------------------------------------------------- She watched as his form amalgamated his clothes into the new formal attire. She was impressed, to say the least. Looking around she noted while this was her only set of clothes it did seem a bit out of place among the mountains and wilderness. Reaching her hand down she offered the cyborg help getting up from the shore. "Well Noah, let me start you some tea. If you would humor me, I have a few questions and I wouldn't mind if you joined me for a short while." Her cooking skill was that of a drunken blind man, but she could make an exceptional cup of herbal tea. If he were to join her Nocturna would take him to the now slightly repaired ship. She had at least hidden the form of the hulking mass behind an outer shell in the shape of a massive log cabin but inside was still a halfway operational galley.
  4. First the Jester, now an ashen youngling leaping from the woods! Kai's mind racing looking for potential exit strategies, defensive positions all flashing through as fast as his mind could process them. All before watching the Jester run up to the girl and start waving candies in her face. Walking to his cousin's side Kai would do his due diligence and simply stand guard over his elder cousin. Hands not yet at the blade but ever ready should the need arise. Where his cousin would often air trust and compassion it was now his job to show caution and restraint.
  5. Caeruleus or "Kai"~ The second son of his father's name Kai had only just begun his journey to make his own fortune when he had learned of his elder brother's untimely death. And now it seemed like at every turn some new trouble had befallen the house at every turn. Where he had once had freedom he was now shackled to the family name. He kept his head low as he could feel his eyes roll to the back of his skull. He wouldn't dare disrespect the head of the family. Pushing his emotions to the back of his mind he would focus on the person dressed as a jester he had no memory of this person. A known unknown was always a red flag, so he would continue to watch the jester from a distance.
  6. PERSONAL INFO: First name: Caeruleus Surname: Viridis Nicknames: Kai Alignment: Neutral Race: Human Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 21 Role/Class: Rogue PHYSICAL INFO: Voice: deep Eyes: Brown Complexion: light Height: 5"11 Weight: 160 lbs Build: muscular Hair: brown Markings: none MENTAL INFO: Hopes: Freedom, Fortune, Fun Fears: Dying alone, *REDACTED* Likes: Wine Dislikes: candy POSSESSIONS: fathers sword (Cerulean Night) 12 bottles of the finest wine from his father's cellar WEAPONS: Cerulean Night STRENGTHS: Loyalty, Swordplay, (hardcore) Parkour WEAKNESSES: Brutal Honesty, Idealistic ASSOCIATES:
  7. PERSONAL INFO: First name: Surname: Nicknames: Alignment: Race Marital Status: Gender: Age: Role: PHYSICAL INFO: Voice: Eyes: Complexion: Height: Weight: Build: Hair: Markings: MENTAL INFO: Hopes: Fears: Likes: Dislikes POSSESSIONS: WEAPONS: STRENGTHS: WEAKNESSES: ASSOCIATES:
  8. With the question answered she smiled. As a dragon she was always bare, but a man who would turn when requested was indeed a gentleman. Droids and cyborgs tended to be of a common mindset. Her scales clung to her skin in a sort of tight mail armor. She walked to the ship and quickly donned her normal clothes a black Victorian dress with a large white silk bow tied at the waist and another tying back her long red hair one might mistake her for a very large noble lady if not for the heavy black combat boots she donned at all times. Walking out to meet her new guest she introduced herself rather bluntly. "I am Nocturna, Fury Queen of the skies and protector of the mountain. Who are you?"
  9. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury -‐-------------------------------------------------------------- Nocturna pushed them towards the ice with all of her might. Her teeth gnashing into his flesh as he launched his tail into her throat and his claws into her nostrils the soft tissue of her throat being torn and shredded spilling her boiling blood sending a warm sensation through her body. It was unpleasant but she often had this problem when swallowing live prey whole. Her throat covered in a layer of mucous that both protected her throat from such occasions. But the spiraling razorlike attack of the Djinn caused more damage than normally caused by that of a struggling wyvern. The attack was successful but not lethal. While he attacked her nostrils he would feel the protective thick skin of her snout scratching and stabbing and slashing in that area would be a fruitless endeavor. But right when she thought the assault on her face was nearly over a flurry of snakes would pour from the Djinns mouth. With the instant she noticed the attack she forcefully shut her eyes. Both behind the protective lens that shielded her eyes from frozen bits of ice in the cold waters of the northern sea and rolled them back into her skull. As a predator that mostly hunted with her teeth and claws her eyes would have been her sole weakness. However she was created with that in mind, the vong design had a thick leathery cover to her eyes. As the snakes dug themselves into her protective scales the would find no opening. But until the snakes were gone she would be unable to open her eyes. With a defiant crunch she would bite down with the attempt to rip Kru in two. While simultaneously flooding her mouth with the molten black tar venom filling the void in an attempt to fill his wounds. She could feel the heat in her throat as it pushed it's way passed the open cuts and wounds. And while she was immune to its poisonous bacteria she was not immune to the sting of pain. TL;DR: Nocturna has a pretty bad sore throat. And may be suffering from internal bleeding. Nocturnas nose and eyes are well protected from being attacked by prey.
  10. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury -‐-------------------------------------------------------------- Submerged into the water she felt the safest to think of a possible way to communicate with the stranger. The voice of a dragon was a powerful weapon and even her whispers were often lethal to the average being. Perhaps a change in form? While risky to do in front of a stranger it was her only idea. She would have to at least get overit enough to shed the form which made her the most physically imposing. As the flesh and scales and armor began to melt off and solidify into the water creating pebbles of polished black stones along the bottom of the lake that shone at the bottom of the crystal waters like droplets of night dotting the lake bed like stars dotting the sky along the pale white sand and silt that naturally adorned the location. Her body now that of a woman in her late 20s and taller than most men at a towering 9 feet tall and sporting a tail at almost double that length she propelled herself forward towards the shore once again stopping just before exiting the water. With quick clearing of her throat a low and sultry voice she would simply ask that he turn the other way as she went to fetch her clothes from the ship.
  11. Beneath the ice - With Lagiacrus ----------------------------------------------------------------- Pain skewered through the Lagiacrus, all of his senses had been taken. His hearing stolen, the screams of his mate echoed through their caves deafening him to the world while her pain echoed in his mind. His sense of smell singed nearly to failure, the toxic sludge was stuck to his receptors even though her burned corpse still lingered heavy in his snout. his sense of taste was charred from his maw as he roared to face their attacker, fire met his mouth and 3rd degree burns along his mouth and throat his roar and lightning abilities greatly weakened. Now his eyes betrayed him the last visions of his home darkened by the speedy chainwhip like tail. Blood now blurring what was left of the leviathans sight. writhing in a pained state its body had finally had enough as the sharpened tail struck through its target. A near center cut, NEAR center. Just to the left of the spinal chord as to make the death as prolonged and painful as possible. True to the demons nature the magnificent Lagiacrus fell limp to his better. But they were not alone... Nocturna - The Dragon Fury -‐-------------------------------------------------------------- Deep beneath the fight between demon and leviathan a much greater threat loomed. In utter darkness Nocturna had been watching and waiting. Her prey had been leading the dragon to their young. 3 days of hunting now ruined by some interloper. Though he was quick and certainly powerful Nocturna held no respect for poachers. So from the depths she rose with the purpose of destroying this...thing, this, demon. The low rumble of infra-sound shook the water in a near undetectable way. But she could feel everything. The placement of her prey, the poacher, the fish and animals fleeing the scene. All fell into her scope and all would be filtered out. All but the Djinn. As a torrent of inferno tempered bubbles rose from her maw it would be all but too late if the Djinn wasnt paying enough attention to his surroundings. Grasping at his form with her now tentacle like wings she tried to bring him close to her maw. She was no leviathan but a newly ascended elder dragon. Her hide was not this weak. In fact if the Djinn tried to finish her off like he did the monster before he would be in for a terrible surprise. Her hide had changed from that of weak metal and flesh into that of near diamond strength, able to regenerate at an alarming rate. If she was successful she would drive her teeth into his exposed underbelly to puncture any organs he may or may not have. As the neon lights of her bioluminescent wings pulsed with a fiery red and orange hue she would attempt to smash him into the ice with all of her force to break through and drag him down to the deep frozen abyss.
  12. Nocturna - The Dragon Fury -‐-------------------------------------------------------------- Nocturna walked through the woods with all the elegance of an elephant. Trudging through trees and underbrush as if they were nothing. Her path marked with what might be considered an aloof kindness, as it was now a clear path for anyone behind her if they so chose to follow. She would continue to walk through the forest at a slow and deliberate pace toward the lake of crystalline waters. Before eventually reaching a lakeside camp. Overlooked by a large standing oak tree, the camp seemed to be a large area of tamped ground surrounding a broken metallic ship hull. The dragon kept walking until completely submerged into the cold and calm waters.
  13. Beneath the ice - With Lagiacrus The beast writhed in its fury and fear. Who would dare challenge the massive hunter of the deep?! Fools they were! With a nearly blinding flash of light the lagiacrus released a final burst of electricity he roared with defiance. But the shudder of fear remained in his heart. It was coming. It was fast. It had stolen his mate. This new threat he felt approach was certainly a good match but the monster he feared... it was larger. But that did not matter, this new challenger was not outside his rage. Hurling himself toward his new foe Lagiacrus lashed out with his maw and claws and tail. Not knowing of Kru's hidden strength...
  14. Bonzee Eldra - Best Clown in Baylan______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bonzee was entirely too filled with joy to notice the eerie smile at the fact that; he both got to create a name for this beautiful nightmare of a woman, but was also set up for his favorite joke! "Please, call me Bonzee, Clown was my father." His gaze turning to the hounds at her disposal, their eyes emitting a malicious light. And that is when a plan began to form in his head. Shadows ebbing forth from his palms like that of a fountain overflowing with ebon magics. With a twisted smile he would sing in the ancient fey tongue. "Cahf ah nafl mglw'nafh hh' ahor syha'h ah'legeth, ng llll or'azath syha'hnahh n'ghftephai n'gha ahornah ah'mglw'nafh" Shadows reached towards the hellhounds invading their skulls as he sung his destructive song of rage and death. their flesh crawled in a sickening and grotesque unnatural way as they spasmed and streched as it mutated their already warped frames. Battle is what the hounds affected craved now. Fear and Rage fueled them in a way as to release their pure destructive abilities. He would help in what way he knew how to, with his songs of battle.
  15. Somewhere Near the Shawnee Glacier... - Beneath the ice. The mighty Lagiacrus pulsed through the freezing water like a jet through the skies. Normally the beast would never travel this far unless to mate but currents circumstances forced the leviathan to the frigid waters of the glacier. A hunter seemed to follow it with a malicious hunger. Its heart racing and its mind winding the creature felt cornered. Anything and everything was considered a threat. Even the stray Ice would feel its shocking grasp. Its eyes shining with their signature electric hue of blue as it shocked everything in sight. In its panic a stray shard of ice shot through the water with enough force to slash the Lagiacrus across the face. Drawing sharks ever closer to the frantic monster. They too tasted oblivion at its electric horns. Lashing about it could not sense the danger creeping closer and closer. Feeding upon fear and growing in hunger as Lagi's fear grew in turn.
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