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  1. With the fires of rage and battle spurring her to life Nocturna burst forth from her cocoon of steel and sludge. The tar like substance that had encapsulated her was that of molten iron and steel. A metallic dragon of fire and ferrous she would ooze this concoction whenever she transformed into her Dragon forme. The her sleek and shiny metallic scales would shimmer in the sun. Dark metal and a burning red flame were possibly the only sight for miles as she ascended into the battle Black and azure flames swelled to incredible proportions as her new form was able to withstand more of the arcane energies around her as they built further into her mass of energy. A deep purple haze began to rise around her as she flapped her powerful wings in an act of pride to her opponent. The giant may have fallen but this dragon would not go down so easily. Setting her sights on the godslayer she watched as the tiny human sped forth. Wounded from overconfidence she would be sure not to make that mistake. With a mighty roar the mass of energy was aimed directly at her target the massive ball was sure to land. Its size and speed would make it highly improbable that anything could dodge its wicked power. And with a final push from her body the inferno fireball was pushed forward its weight nearly too much for the dragon to move herself, but move it did with incredible speed. Her onslaught would not end there however as she roared with all her might as to ring the knights bell from his metallic helmet around his tiny skull.
  2. Within the skies Nocturna would follow the tussle happening at ground level. The subtle movements of the hand to hand chess match that led to the current situation. She knew what took place in the matter of a few seconds could feel like hours to the well trained soldiers of man and the life or death battles that consisted in nature every day. And as she could see the goliath fall and take his last breath she would silently cheer for him in the skies. She had to win this now or his life would have be forfeited for nothing. Just a few more moments she had to wait as the ball began to grow in size. Energy now began to be pulled from the mana around her. A dark pool of mixing energy absorbing all the light and air around her. Nocturna's current form had trouble holding this much power together. She needed to stabilize the energy somehow. Without thinking her body would begin to take over. The small layer of scales began to melt and congeal around her. The mass of black sludge would begin to envelop the dragon lady and begin to harden. Her wings would begin to fail as she lost control of herself. And she began to plummet to the ground. Air whistles around the massive ooze as it fell. Soft gooey sludge hardening in the hot air as heat rose from the burning grasslands. With a mighty thud like that of a boulder smashing earth it made contact with the earth below. If one had had the ability to search for an energy source one could easily feel the massive magical force growing within the mass. Pulsating with rage and energy.
  3. From the sight of things Nocturna could at least surmise from this encounter the larger knight was on her side, or at least was the foe of her foe. Perfect. With all of her willpower Nocturna would begin to radiate heat like that of an inferno from her body. Her chest and stomach would begin to eminate the crimson orange glow of fire from within her. Slowly moving higher into the air to be out of reach from her aggressor. Large powerful wings would create powerful down drafts as her massive wings would push her up higher into the sky. She charged copious amounts of energy within herself oxygen being converted into raw energy and radiation while it mixed with a black ichor like substance. A gelatinous ball would begin to form at the front of her maw.
  4. Yo! I saw that you tried to join yeh cult group, does that mean you have an interest in joining the IC group?

  5. Grab the bull by the horns the old adage goes right? Well nobody tells you go from there, do they? Trying to keep a level head she had been forced into a corner. A literal rock and a hard place as one could put it. When faced with the decision of being harmed or harming another she had a very obvious answer. You see Nocturna was beset from her right left and right and while for an average person this may be a problem. She was already in a full blown stance to crush whatever was beneath her. Be it man or earth she had enough force to either destroy the target. Which with just the slightest adjustment of the prepped guillotine kick she had enough force to propel herself straight up into the air while simultaneously crushing the surface level of a 10 foot radius of earth beneath her. With enough force to launch her well into 30 feet of air. She was now within her element. The sky. Air rushed through her crimson hair as she began to fall. With a deep breath she focuses her power on creating the leathery black wings of dragons she had come to know as her own. As a black tar like substance exploded out from her shoulders and hips she would begin to fall only to catch herself about 8 feet above the earth before pulling up and gaining vantage over her foe(s?).
  6. Fire spread all around the battlefield as she pushed forward towards her opponent, the Godslayer boosting his speed to that faster than any normal human should be able to go, but then again a godslayer should be anything but average. She steeled her resolve to fight as she ran through the fire and the flames. The soft tongues of fire licking her scales as she passed through them without harm. She was a dragon born of fire and rage and lived in a active volcano, this was nothing but comfort to her. Nocturna could feel the rage inside her growing stronger, a grinning monster out to kill. Feeling it grow inside her like a burning flame and force of nature set loose upon her mind. With that rage she grew stronger and stronger but her mind would fight to stay in control. She would have to stay in control to keep this fight in her favor. Facing the God slayer she would dash in with empowered leg muscles and talons able to launch her with force strong enough to rip through granite stone like paper she was focusing all of her power now into her physical abilities. Sinew and muscle fortified with draconic power a kick from this form could easily rip flesh from bone. She had felled monstrous bears with this power as nothing else would serve as a good enough sparring partner (or tasty enough of a meal) for the dragonfury. Her power was fortified enough to make the first move. she would launch herself toward @Infernal like a missile aiming for a clean hit she would fain a claw attack with her left arm but instead transition into a guillotine kick with her left leg using the momentum of her headlong rush to further increase her power. This was better not drawn out lest she lose her composure.
  7. A whisper of a breeze flowed over the neverending plains that she had stumbled upon here. All was quiet save for the sickening stench of the godslayer. His weapon glowing like the sabers of light from the old worlds. Elegant and cruel weapons they were but her hide was made to handle such things. Or at least whenever it was ready and hardened. Willing her draconic might into a physical forme as she had done countless times now she focused into the latent power within her heart as black shiny scales began to cover her voluptuous body. Shredding her dress once again to ribbons tossed to the wind. Draconic mana swelling inside of her chest like that on an inferno. And the last of her body was sealed within the skin fitting armor. Claws and talons forming at her fingertips as she would sprint forward toward her enemy.
  8. PERSONAL INFO: First name: Nocturna Surname: Lumos Nicknames: Dragon's Fury Alignment: Chaotic good Race: Dragon shapeshifter Marital Status: Single (with rider) Gender: Female Age: 30 Role: Dragon Guardian PHYSICAL INFO: Voice: Sultry and low Eyes: buting orange Complexion: scaly black/soft smooth porcelain Height: 9 ft Weight: 290 lbs/ 5000p lbs transformed Build: Tall, voluptuous Hair: Burning red or Black Markings: red gemstone implanted in collarbone MENTAL INFO: Hopes: to become even stronger Fears: Absolutely nothing Likes: Fighting/flying/eating Dislikes: Almost everything POSSESSIONS: Bag of holding, Two handed blade Blitzbane WEAPONS: One Ultrachrone Zweihander with kinetic, lightning and fire nullifying properties STRENGTHS: Flame control Is a dragon Flight Armored scales Magical strength WEAKNESSES: Large, very heavy, or recklessness and a weakness to mental magics ABILITIES: Fire breath: Able to breath copious amounts of fire and poisonous bile at will Heart of a dragon: Incapable of fear. Transformation: can shapeshift between formes Tail smash: she hits you with a big split tail able to shatter steel beams Fireproof. Dragon Healing Factor: She heals like wolverine. ASSOCIATES: Ms Blonde
  9. @supernal im so sorry i have been so busy and the thread took off without me
  10. "I have the vision to see what others cannot, the monsters of today shall be the heroes of tomorrow and by my hand shall they rise once more." Altre sat alone in his tower save for the few ghouls left guarding the outside of the sanctum, and the two revenant left guarding the entrance. But these undead were under his control and his alone. He had enough time now to call his meager numbers a small army. 500 reanimated dead to call his own. and 5 generals so far for him to control. Each with their own supernatural qualities. 4 at his call and the 5th here in front of him. Here began his journey into infamy. From willing murderer to mad scientist to full blown Lichdom, he had traveled far in his attempts at greatness. To prove himself to his master and dark lord. Altre made positive to come to Dredge with something of substance before ever disturbing the great master. This was that something, a new monster in its own class just below the lich in power and boastful enough to be worthy of service to him. A dragonbourn soulless was soon to awaken and Altre wanted Dredge to witness the birth of a new era of destruction and espionage. A holo-call was made directly to the private quarters of Dredge. A grainy blue image projected from the darkness of the tower showing the image of Altre standing over his creation of man machine and dragon. He started first with the body. A warrior class half orc taken in the night from his clan, the brain came next that of a pyromancer, genius in his lifetime and mad with power Altre only had wait for his...untimely demise. And finally came the heart of a dragon. stolen from that of a proud red dragon youngling, not yet 20 years of age. all of these pieces taken together made an unholy abomination of nature and magic. Held together by a robotic skeleton and copious amounts of dark magics. A soul recycled from the infinite wellspring of rebirth would power this monstrosity to life shortly. Altre began the process of activating his creation. A whirling green vortex of energy would pour forth from his powercore into his left arm. his once powerful canon replaced by a new shaping arm with an amplifier strong enough to rouse the living dead. f̴͔̰͙̩̙̪͖̜̳̻̗̭͓̣͙̘̺̜̫͎͓̩̍̓͋͜t̷̥̙̣̻̟̩̝͔͍͉̆̌̎̎͑̈́̓͒͐̅̇͝͝x̴̧̛͙̼̼̺̖̣̼̘̘͉̖͐̄͒͛͆̏͗͂̍́͂̀͒̑́̂̀͂̆̑ ̸̧̛̛̥͖̮͚͎͙͔̝̠̙̖̜̟͓̗̮̬͇̈́͒͑͋̀̉̿͜ͅn̵̢̲̭̰̖̯͍̥̮̞͉̯̜̦͈̹͕̠̯̭͉̳̺͎̤̹̹̙̬̊͒̎̈̀͑̀̂̈́͂̑͌̕͠x̴̢̡̢̨̧̨̡̫͇̦̲̰͖̺̗̣̭͚̥̯̩̻͚̖̟̖̯̱̀̿̑͌̈́ͅͅ ̸̧̛̜͖̣̠͉̙̣͇͓̣̺̜̺́̉̾̀̊̽̇͗͘͝l̶̢̨̛̗̱̥̖̠̹͈̳̯̘̠̪̭̻̮̝̪̣̗̆͐͑̀͒̏̚ǘ̵̧̧̗̗̭̘̞̠̮̠̻̰̰̮͘͜g̶͍͓̠͍̬̤͙̿̒̓̏͊̄̓́̑̑̅̓̈́̑̉̈͒̑͂͛͆̍̾͒h̸̡̨͔̻͔͉͔̯̪̰͉̩̼̼̻̮̱̮͇͇̠̖̞͓̮̫͈͔͐͒̀̾̑̈́̽̏̓̓͊̎͆̃̉̈͌̐̚̚̚͜ȧ̴̛̘͚̤͉̦̆̆̏͛̑̅̐̅̅͆̅̄̿̏̋̏͊̒̽̆̂̈́̕͠͠'̴̢̧̨͔̖͖͍̳͍̖͍̭̪̮͖̲̺̮̬̱͒͊̿̈̀͜ ̷̛̛͖̥̠̼̲͙͖̗͕͎͈̫̟̲̹̳̬͈̐́̌͋̇́̆͐͑̈́̓̋̎͛̉̂̀̎̔̈́̕̕͝͝͝ͅ'̶̧̟̟̹̺̩̜̰͎̯͉̹̃͆͌͗͆͘ù̷̡̳̟̩̞̟̯͚͓̬̄͗̋̑̎̈́̆́͜t̶̢̢̨̛͖̝̻͔̝̫̖̱̫̟͇̻͔̏̏͒̓̌̐̏̑͋͗̈́̀̉̓͘̚͠ą̵͇̩̞̹̺̩̰̼̰̤̙̝̆̑́̓͐͋̈́ ̵̨͖̰̖͖͍̺̥̝̠̳̯͎̲̣͒̀̓̄̀̋͒̍͗̇̍̅͗̀͘̚͜ȃ̵̛̛̤̻̩͙͎͇̩̻̙̘͕̝̻̳̗̖̲̟̻́̀̌̌̈́̑͊̽͊̏͛͒̐̆̽́̀̃̅̆̓̽̕͝͠ͅͅͅņ̶̙̻͕̠͉͖̗͖̲̼͙̮̙̺̰̤̣̘͍̪͙̳̋͜ͅg̶̡̧̛̗̺̙̙̳͕̥̝̖̹̲̠̩̥̺͙̥̬̲̫̝̩̹̘͎̀̅̇̌̑̐̿̉̍̋̎̍͑̎͒̂͑̈́͐͐͒͆͘͜͝͠͝ͅ ̸̧͉̮̤̝̦̥͎͉̫̩͍̺̆̐́̈́͋̇̽̂͒̋̀́̄̔̒̉͌̅̓̀͗͘̕͘͝t̵̨̡̖͙̳͈͓̺͔̬̩̪̹̫̤̻̦̠̲̲͚̰̻͎̐͗̔͗͌̈́̏̽̀̏́̊͆͘͝͝ų̴̨̛̱͙̭̤̫̬͉̼̖͓̝͋̏̒̋̇̒͊͒͐͆͒̅̋͊̔̂͛͆̀̄͛͐̕͝͝n̸̢̢̢̨̧͉̱͖̻̝̗̰̝̻̠͍̘̣͈͇̂̏̓̋̓͑͑̈́̀̏̄̈́͋̇͒͂̋͗̑̎̀͆͂̕g̵̡̧̧̛̗̣̘͎̮̜̘̳̫̬̫͓͈̫̐̏̏̇̐͐͑͊́͛̋͐̂̀̈́̄́̒̄̉͛̅̕͘͘̕͜ ̶̡̧̢̨̢͙͍̱̖͍̭͖̠̫͈̟̖͉̣͍̎͒̐͋͒͘͝͝ŗ̵̢̺̪̪̬̰͕̣̒̄̿̎̀́̇̊̀͋͋͋̈́̏̅̕͜͝͠ȕ̸̮̩̬͕̫͖̲̮̀͗̽͌͆͐̈̿̇̇́̋'̴̡̙̟͈͔̤̖͇̭̪̗͌̑ͅ ̶̯̥͔̳̹̲̞̠̞̳̻͚̌͒s̶̨̧̤͙̠̻̦̹̻̤͚̮͈̠̞͖̼͂̈́̏̊́͒̐̂̓̀̑̌͂̽̏̄̀̃̈͋̉̈́̿̚͝͠͝͝ͅḩ̶̧̡̧̝͖̲̮͙̙͕͈͔̫͕̱̗̤̙̳͕̝̣̌̀ͅâ̶̧̙̈́͂ ̸̛̹̀́̃̆́̓͌̓͛͠ȧ̸̢̨̨̧̛͕̥͉̺̯̮͈͇͍̫̝̱̲̰͕̻͔̞̫͚̱͔̤̺̾͌̿̓̒̆̈́̽̅̆̏̋̚͝͠͠ͅś̴̜̜̰̺̂͊̈́͗̊̎͆̇̅͐̈́͐̑̄̑̑͘͘͘̚͠͝a̸̹͗͆̀̋̆̅̅͠'̷̛̘̻̣͈̳͇̟̖͉̟̫̫͚͕́̒́̈́̾̆̐̋̂̉͛̀̐͗̉̈́͑̒̾̽̍͊̇͘͝͝͠n̴̝̭͔̮̝̥̳̰͖͔͎̳͍̪͓̠̟̱̥̩̗̬̭̝̪̜̈́͐͝ã̶̧̝̜̜͉̲̟͚̭̙̞̝̺̭̺̗̥̘̒͘͜ḟ̷̨̨̢͙̪̲̘̠̯̮̗̳̟̹̭̹̥̣̺̩͕͈̩͎̳̻̾̊͊̇̃̓͂̾̎̓̂̿̋̉̈̀̀̒̾͋̈́̿̍͝͝͝ͅt̶̨̪̫̙̞͚̖̫̬̰̩̥͔͔̰̥̒͛͌̀̒̈́̐̔̋̑̈̀̈́̐̎͑̊̍̏̉͝ ̸̧̛̹̝̖͙̤͖͖̳̎̾̉͌̒̀͐̃͜͜n̵̨̢͔̤̳͚͔͇̠̟̗̥͉͚̻̱͍̠̮̤̗̜̝̺̍̈́̌ą̷̥̩̝͚͙̺̼̗̺̱͔͈̫͙̗̝̒̾̈́̎͝t̴̛͈̳̝̅́̿̈͌͋̓͒̈̀̈́̂̈́͐̅̒̆̓͐̒̓̚͝͠͝͠s̶̫̋̿̍́̋̓a̵̛̱̦̜͛̈̔̋̀̎͗́̆̋́̂̀̀̑̆'̷̡̛̟̩̠̠̬̐̉̔̿̔̿͆̐̔̈̀̊̂̈́̕!̸̨̢͉̗͍̯̠͓̬͙̟̤̥͍̪̻̣̮̯̼͔̫̦͍̗̤̺̍̔̈́̓͂͌͑̍͊̈́̊̽̎́̀̋̀̑̏́̈̾̂̈́̈́̕̕͘̚͜͝ͅ Terrible runes would begin to flow like water around the room around them as the ancient tongue of the great old ones were sung into the stale night air swirling around the glowing green tank holding his creation. sensors around the room would begin to shift and sputter as if an electromagnetic blast had gone off somewhere in the vicinity. The heart monitor would begin a slow, -beep- -beep- -beep- as other systems would begin to come online. HUD, online. Targeting system, Online. Runic translator, online. Now was the final test. Could the Creature move? @Dredge @Djinn&Juice
  11. Power and rage fueled her fighting spirit against these foes. She struggled to keep her sanity in this battle stupor, as instinct fought tooth and nail to grip her mind. She could hear little over the roar of flame and the ringing of her rage in her ears. But Blondes voice managed to reach her in the chaos. ”EVERYONE BACK ON THE SKIFFS!! NOC!! GET EVERYONE ELSE TO SAFETY AND MEET ME AT RECLAIMER!” Chaos that soon revealed itself as danger she attempted to start the transformation just before hearing the screaming TIE fighters enter the area. Their wail reminding her of the damage that manshapes could inflict upon each other. Flashbacks of burning plasma being thrown at her body the scars they left and how she eventually became nearly invulnerable to small plasma weapons through forced metamorphosis. Her transformation stopped midway between a draconic and a human shape. A flight capable armored tank but misshapen into a monstrous form. Her body cried out in pain as bones were caught midway through a shift. Agony pushed her forward with her wings maxing out their capabilities. Into the cover of buildings . Pained hissing as she fell from the skies. Her wings while powerful were nearly locked into a closed position. Barely able to propel her forward. She was slow enough now to be hit by the barrage of blaster fire. Black smoke and half formed scales went flying. The pain bringing her back into the moment. A fire blast loosed from her maw into the side of one of the many buildings blasting a set of double doors from their setting. She would retreat into the building to heal her wounds and drop the transformation. Into the center of the tower into the safety of solitude. The black scales melting from her body and bones realigned into shape. However she could feel the cracked ribs beneath her skin. She tried her best to heal the wounds but further attempts seemed fruitless. She would need to perform a full transformation to correct the damage. And this was no place. Hopefully someone would see her as she tried to move forward on foot. And hopefully soon. If it came down to a wounded fight or putting a potential target on her back to heal....she would choose the transformation.
  12. Lilith watched as her comrades left the town meeting her demon sense of hearing feeling the sting of words from a less than happy @Twitterpated . She eyed him with a look that could melt permafrost but bit her tongue. However it was less than ladylike to bother herself with testosterone fueled ignorant thralls such as this. She instead would turn her attention to the queen who had yet to address the man at her side, Lilith could understand the kitsune's position however. To speak out against her (what Lilith assumed was an adviser) would give the impression of instability in the court. Something that no leader could afford, and yet to agree with them would certainly offend a possible ally or even worse create a new powerful enemy. That being said she was not here on their accord, but on her masters. Altre had given clear instructions to avoid confrontation at all costs. This was a commercial trip not some diplomatic mission. The air was tense as the seconds dragged on she could feel the burning of mana within the fire ruby that was inlaid in her ebony golden choker. Her master was listening, and something had struck a chord. All the better she had been sent, while her master was indeed a powerful mage he had little control of his temper. She was a better choice for this voyage in all senses of the idea and she knew this. She would focus her calming aura within her breast as to boost her cool and controlled demeanor to all that would be soon to see her. Waves of serenity washed over her like a blade quenched in oil her anger would be quelled to a non existence. She would accidentally begin to exude the aura outwards, she was not used to the influx of magical energy in the land of Genesaris. The soft invisible aura of tranquility would begin to infect those around her if they were not properly fortified against this, not that it was particularly harmful. Calmness wasnt really an affliction after all. @Djinn&Juice @Akako Akari @Infernal @Dredge@Akako Akari
  13. The rhythmic steps of a petite woman followed behind the goblin and Djinn. Eyes of glowing adamant blue absorbing the forms and auras of those around her. The smell of souls tantalizingly close but just far enough to teas. Lilith followed the two Legions emissaries. Not as an envoy of Dredge, but a voice for her master Altre. Trailing behind her were 2 stinger tipped tails, the familiar blue glow emanating from the tip, they writhed in anticipation of her chance to speak and be the forefront of attention. She loved the feeling of eyes upon her form. That's what made her good at this sort of thing. She waited patiently for first the Djinn. That's when she could feel a faint aura. The faintest whisper of a note of ill intent. Like the end notes of cherry wood lining a cask of her favorite wine. Someone here had murderous intent. She wasnt surprised however. The events often had some sort of ill conceived plot. Moreover bodyguards often took mental notes of anything suspicious, planning for some sort of attack should things go south. In any case it was her turn to speak. "Greetings my Queen, I am here on behalf of my master, Altre. This one is designated as Lilith." "I come bearing a business proposal, but I shall not bother you with such boring things until you are ready." Lilith would go and join the goblin who seemed to be struggling with his papers and books and ledgers.
  14. Nocturna could feel the flame of combat ignite in her belly. Logic turned to instinct and all else would fade away. The contract had been made and her rider started battle. A great battle would happen here, she would make sure of it. Iron in resolve she jumped from the skiff. Into a freefall away from her comrades to spare them the heat of transformation.... No. Not yet, it was still too soon. Perhaps just a partial transformation? She would have little time to think of this as the ocean below was growing ever closer. She focused herself onto her lower back and shoulders. Heat poured from her like power. Steam and heat exuded from her form into large black gale force wings. Unfurling just in time to force her accelerate forward above the water. Wind splitting the water below as she picked up more and more speed. She watched as her rider decimated forces with tendrils of bedevil sickening energy. Forcing her way forward she would attempt to break the line. With all the rage and fury she could muster she forced her way through plasma and slugs all hurled at her body. The pelting materials would cause little damage if any, her scales were meant to deflect them with ease. Vanguard was her position and this was her testament to Blonde that her loyalty did not die with their mutual friend. (Nocturna: 1d20+10 = (11)+10 = 21) Fire erupted from her maw as she passed low over the shock troopers. Flaming sludge washed over them like a hurricane wind engulfing her foes in their armor even though built to handle such things would begin to melt them in place like dying statues. Heat like this would surely attract anything searching for such power but that was of no consequence to the dragon queen. All would burn or kneel before her. Nocturna roared in triumph as her position became known to the enemy forces. Her goal was to distract these men long enough for Blonde to get the skiffs into position safely. The shock troopers would begin to converge on her location. Inferno fires would ensue as she defended herself. Smoke and wind and fire were her allies here, as all the troopers rushed in they were slowed to a halt as they surrounded her shooting blindly into the firestorm. Sand had been thrown to the wind and begun to crystalize into glass as it berated the soldiers armor and clung to their respirators. The filters were clogging at an alarming rate forcing them to keep their distance. Nocturna had created a stalemate. If she could hold it up long enough maybe Blonde would be able to take advantage of the chaos and push further into the attack. (dodge roll 11) Shots rang out in the chaos as red and blue plasma whizzed past her form barely missing her as she sidestepped in and out of the fire. Wings pushed her to the limits of her speed. (combat roll 1d20+7 18+7=25) Jumping from the fire with speed like that of a jet she would dart in and out of the inferno tempest decapitating foes with her blade. Leg muscles crying out in agony as she willed them past what any human should ever do, even ones reinforced with magic. The heavy blade cleaving through multiple enemies at once as she tore through their numbers like chordwood. Ultrachrome sang with the reverberations of battle once again as it stored more and more kinetic energy. Blue energy swirling about the blade as it did for its old master. A roar of dominance rang over all of the noise of battle.
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