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  1. Light aboard the Vessel named Arcadia N305 flickered to life as a pod locked onto an urgent distress signal, namely a foreign distress signal. A subroutine in effect to block the escape of of the dark lord Dredge. Initialization complete: System activation in 3.02 minutes. arms with mechanical precision unlatched themselves from their compartments. Each with a designated job. Firstly starting with the base. A skeletal durasteel frame would be printed from the mixture of tungsten steel, duraplast, and titanium. As each arm laid out molten concoction with pinpoint precision as the metal set within seconds. Next came the circuitry. A large fabrication robot would spit out a menagerie of different pieces lined with gold and copper and plastic. Arms would move these too into place starting within the skull and connecting its network to each of the other parts. First the fingers to the hand to the wrist and so in until each piece in order until the entire frame could move. The computer would begin troubleshooting process while the chassis and armor were selected. The frame was sprayed down with a plastex lining, making it waterproof and created a powder resistant shell. A claw would be extended holding a litaniam core. A substance able to hold massive amounts of energy with very little waste. Slowly it would install the orb within the chest of the droid that was being formed. Blue and red armor being printed around the frame and chassis. The hands and face given a porcelain finish to seem more humanlike finally the last piece would come. The AI would be chosen next. A small orb of light would decend into a triangular crest embedded into the forehead of the droid. Before the eyes of the droid would light with a flicker. A screen would begin to blink and flash with a lifetime's amount of knowledge all within the span of 60 seconds. "System activation complete// All Systems_ Status: Online//Designation. DLN-002-B... BREAK// CURRENT DIRECTIVE: . . . EXTERMINATION//." with the power of a rocket the droid was sent to the beacons location. As it roared through the sky one could see a red smoke trail and hear the clap of thunder in the distance along with hurricane force speed as it tore through the sky towards the "Duck's" location @DocterDuck
  2. With every fiber in her being she wanted to believe Noah. She held on tight to him fearing once again that he may disappear in the instant she let go, and she would not let go for quite some time. She brought him close meeting their foreheads gently as she wiped the tears from her face as a playful smile finally emerged. "I just needed you to listen for a bit." Rose colored blush flooded her cheeks as she just sat with him for a long while. Anger, pain, loneliness just seemed to fall away in the span of a few hours. She wondered if any of this made sense to the droid. She was not unfamiliar to coded feelings, as her closest friend used to explain his own feelings like that of feeling the rain a rain jacket. The sensation being there, just slightly dulled. She was an emotional creature and while her most common emotion was anger or pride sadness and worry could just as easily take hold and run wild. Sometimes even being compared to a spoiled child. But now was not the time for that. Now she had 2 people she had to remain strong for. Noah, and whoever the life inside her became. She smiled at the thought of a child, a dragon and an android walking together as a family. "I would enjoy your company for a while longer...would you mind if I joined you for a while more?" She knew that she wouldn't be able to return home for quite some time if she followed Noah, but then again, Home was beginning to feel closer to wherever Noah was. Her eyes meeting his as she intertwined her fingers with his once more, waiting for a response.
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  4. Nocturna complied well enough to get to the room without a meltdown. But the moment her body met the bed and the comfort of Noas touch she seemed to release the wall of words that she had been holding back. "What the hell am I supposed to do? I dont know what sort of nutrition you feed a small one! Will it be human? A dragon?" She seemed to burst forth a storm of questions not pausing for answers. She wasnt looking for them. But the caustic nature of her own mind was dissolved into comfort at his touch. Iron walls built over years of solitude seemed to break down in a few minutes. Her anger started to swell for but a moment at her own weakness. But the questions slowly faded as she leaned toward him. "I cant do this alone."
  5. Her tension eased as he assured her he was more shocked than displeased. The knot in her stomach came undone and she released the iron grip of her hand. "Shall we take this somewhere more... secluded? There are honestly a lot of questions I would ask and I'm unsure if you would require a seat, or well... a stiff drink." Nocturna had very little time to process the information herself. She thought perhaps she had eaten something turned for the first few days of sickness. But things were becoming all too real. She had only ever shared the time of adults. She was unsure what the next step was. Did she just disappear for a few months and come back then? Should she have even left? Her head was spinning so much even her normally cool as ice composure began to show in her face. A blank stare into the sea of people that surrounded them as her eyes seemed to glaze over with a sort of trance. She didnt know it, but this was the first time she was unsure of her own abilities. She didnt know how to take that. This one thing she had wished for was starting to earn her ire. Absentmindedly her free hand moved to her stomach as she gripped the cloth pulling at it with an unknowing anger. "Perhaps to an Inn?"
  6. Hinoka was disappointed in the answers shortness but she spoke true. With a calm demeanor she walked away, Hinoka had a suspicion she might be hiding something but decided to chalk that up to his own paranoia. "Dont worry, I'll be waiting for you." Examining the book handed to Heathcliff, he would once again take mental photos of every danger he could see be it relevant or not to their journey. He liked to see enthusiasm in people excited to learn. It was probably the best quality in those who bore any type of sentience. The craving to improve and move forward, the craving for progress. He smiled as his friend spoke. "C'mon Heath, can't be givin' out all my secrets at once! Besides hopefully I wont have to use my talents if your fists can do their job." He prodded the dragonborn with his elbow as his gaze shifted to the silver enlaid case in the seat next to them. "Hopefully..."
  7. Hinoka sat at the table eyeing the map carefully. Truthfully he had no idea what to expect and that terrified him. A cold chill ran up his back as he remembered all the warnings of his parents and all of the stories of the men he served with. Arms lost to the trees, miasmatic air that threatened to take ones sanity and legs lost to the very ground you walked on without so much as a sound. He shuddered as he took a mental photograph of the map. memorizing its lines and features. Before long his friends brash voice brought him back to control. "So tell me. Has anyone who has ever done this come back unharmed?" He eyed the woman carefully, as she would reply. He didnt intend to offend but he wanted to know if she could be trusted as a leader. Safety was always his main concern and if he could not have the truth from this woman, he could not trust her with his life. He looked to the men outside staring at them with a cold expression. "Begone." He muttered as he extended a thread to the curtains, pulling them down swiftly with a twitch of his finger.
  8. Nocturna was puzzled by his question. Did he not know of the biological outcome of their relationship? Surely he was just unfamiliar with the vernacular. "Yes. And seeing as nobody else has found me up there, (And lived to tell about it) I thought it prudent to tell you." She grasped his hand a bit tighter as she could feel something in the pit of her heart start to twinge. She couldnt shake it no matter how she shoved it away. She couldnt understand if he was pleased by this news, and she didnt know how to cope with that. Was the thing she had always wanted, to be a mother, going to scare away the one person in this world she had grown attached to in the past year? Was that...Regret? "Does that news...please you?" For the first time in a very long time someone elses wants came before her own. Was this the right choice? She had long thought after how many times she had been stabbed poisoned or shocked that her ability to reproduce would have been shot. But here she was now questioning her own choices. And that led her to one conclusion. Hormones suck.
  9. A figure draped in blue robes and silver armor walked slowly behind the dragonborn into the bar followed shortly by a large floating metallic cello case adorned with silver embossed ivy tendrils. Hinoka had served in the wilds of Fracture for most of his career so far, but, when he had been offered this opportunity he couldn't help but feel a tinge of fear. Anything in this strange land could prove dangerous enough to kill. He however feared to let his new friend go it alone. Removing his hood Hinoka would take in the sight of a lone woman sitting at a table while another man sat on the...ceiling? Considering how odd this land was it may just be some sort of new safety precaution. Waiting for his companion to finish their own introduction Hinoka would set his case to the side willing it into an open seat with a wave of his hand. "Greetings. Hinoka Arier reporting for duty ma'am."
  10. "Strike while the iron is hot." Hinoka moved forward with the last piece of his plan. Aiming for a final crane kick to Heathcliffs face. The dragonborn fought valiantly attempting an all out defense as his balance was swept from beneath him. Hinoka was running out of tricks now and in a fair fight Heathclif had the clear advantage so with all of his might Hinoka swiped up with his shin hoping to finish the fight.
  11. Heathcliffs fists made contact with Hinoka's bare skin. Fridgid ice sticking to his exposed flesh just before the projectile chunk of ice sent the dragonborn flying. Skin ripped from Hinoka as his assailant was sent hurdling backward. Time stood still for Hinoka in this moment as he could feel the chunk of ice disappearing from his spirit twine. The string dissipating into the ether. But the coat was still attached at a distance. His thought process was halted as a sizzling acid seemed to appear from his opponents fists. A barrage of acid laced punches streamed into the air passed his face. His response time luckily was fast enough to perceive the danger before his face became a pile of mush. Backpedaling as fast as he could Hinoka pulled his left hand. The coat would fly as through the air aiming to wrap up Heathcliffs feet. If this worked Hinoka would have an open shot to close in on his opponent.
  12. Hinoka smirked as the dragonborn had fallen right into his trap. With all of the quickness of a slingshot Hinoka's coat flew from behind him off the rail and flew over his shoulder, aimed squarely at Heathcliffs face. "First, the distraction-" He thought as he pulled his right hand with all he could muster. A chunk of solid ice pulled with a whistling speed towards the lithe figure skater was his next attack. "Followed by, the closer."
  13. Hinoka watched carefully as the dragonborn danced around the tank-like orc. Pirouetting and skating around the ring like they were floating on air. Magic was allowed. A small smile crept across Hinokas face as his devilish brain started to formulate a plan. Only to be awoken by the loud crack of knuckle and skull. As the orc fell. Time seemed to slow as all the available information culminated at once. As he was picked from the crowd. And the dragonborn made a spectacle of himself declaring his master. Slowly Hinoka entered the ring throwing his coat with his left hand over the one of the wooden posts surrounding the ring, all while very subtly attaching one of his spirit strings. Leaving his bare chest exposed one could note an extensive magic rune carved into the base of his neck. His opponent was fast, magical, light, and a bit of a showboat. He noticed the ice scattered around the dirt where his opponent left them. Bending his knee he would begin to inspect the material, it was a thin but very sturdy chunk of ice. Running his right hand across frozen surface leaving another near invisible spirit string attached to the ice, just before tightening the laces upon his shoe. Reaching the center of the pit he would nod to his opponent before taking his stance. His posture lowering his loin and opening both feet widely before outstretching his arms palms open, facing toward his opponent. Before finally; over the humm of the crowd, 2 chimes of the bell began the match.
  14. I'll take that link and pin it to my desktop XD that way I don't forget again!
  15. Is there a format for creating artifacts? If so, is there a designated area to post submissions? If not would I be able to open one and submit a couple different formats? I feel like this could add a lot of potential lore and mitigate confusion with artifact power scales and descriptions.
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