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  1. Yvonne sat in silence, staring at the man with an unknown name. She rubbed her chin in suspicion, eyes squinted. He was quite shady,and although she had felt a tiny fraction bad about her behavior before, now that thought disappeared and now she wanted to keep an eye on him. She kept glancing at home from the corner of her eye while trying to pay attention to the conversation. But now she was a little bored, and the light was dying outside. Besides, she had children she had to go take care of, even though they technically weren't her own, in that sense. Her spirits had been peaked when the doctor basically said it would be fine if she went along but now she realized that she had let her thirst for adventure, which wasn't unusual at her young age, get too tight of a grip on her. She knew she should've been home by now. Yvonne slouched back in her chair, eyes lazily looking around. Now she wasn't even that upset at the other guy, the one called Clotho Atropo. She didn't even know what kind of name that was, or where it came from, but she didn't have the heart to call him out that. Instead she watched him talk with another lady and the doctor. Suddenly Yvonne stood up, making the chair scrape loudly across the floor. "WELL, I've had fun here, but it's getting late and I need to go." She pretended to not be embarrassed about how short she was compared to everyone else and pushed in her chair, brushing her messy brown hair out of her face. She went up to the doctor, saying, "I'm leaving now. Don't look for me; I'll find you." Then Yvonne half skipped over to the mysterious yet generous man and was about to hug him but tripped halfway. She ended up landing on him, face inches from his. She squeaked and turned red, hugged him briefly, and sprinted out of the place at top speed. Once in the alley close by, she took a moment to breath against the wall, fanning herself dramatically. Then she went to grab her things, which were strange still intact, and disappeared into the crowd on the streets.
  2. Yvonne clenched her fists, her face even more red but from anger, not embarrassment. She didn't like this man, she saw how he looked at the gem and he looked too greedy to be considered an honorable MAN. She breathed in deeply and closed her eyes. "DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME!! I DIDN'T CRY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO ME GIVE THE STUPID MONEY, I CRIED BECAUSE NOBODY KNOWS OR CARES THAT HALF OF MY FAMILY DIED BECAUSE AN EVIL LORD DESTROYED OUR TOWN AND NOW I HAVE TO FEED MY YOUNGER BROTHER AND SISTER WITH BARELY ANY MONEY AND WE'RE BASICALLY STARVING EVERYDAY!" Her entire body shook and tears were streaming down her face. She wiped her face with both of hands and tried to calm down. "Sorry," she grumbled, arms folded. She glared at the ground, but spoke as pleasantly as she could to the nice doctor. "My name is Yvonne Frankerson, and now you know that I'm not even from here, but I know enough about this place, my parents brought me and my siblings here to visit out Grandparents, but they were visiting us when our town burned down. But he probably knows more about this place than me." She was talking about the new guy. Yvonne scooted a little closer Doctor Gomez, whispering behind her hand. "But I wouldn't ask him, he's too mean. That's just my opinion though." She stuck her tongue out at the man. That's when she saw the state of her hands and noticed the food. She touched her face, and saw in horror that more food came off. Eyes wide, the Halfling quickly grabbed the closest cup of water and splashed it on her face, wiping away the bits of food from her face hastily, no longer embarrassed. She was actually interested in what the doctor and her friend were planning on doing. She just hoped it didn't include this mean man. When she finished, Yvonne beamed up at the woman with a sweet smile. "I've only been her for half a year but I can help. Can I go with you?" She glanced at the doctor's friend, her face still stuck in a grin, hoping he wasn't too upset with her to make his friend not let her join. Noting that he was now back over at his table, Yvonne cupped her hands over her mouth and called out, "Sorry, it's just you can't be too trustworthy of people around here. Who are you again?" Unaware of how silly she was acting.
  3. Name: Lisbeth Couldering-Staffe Gender: Female Race: Human Age: 18 Personality: Kind, Caring, Class: Witch Appearance: Height: 5'8 Weight: 130 lbs. Background: [In Progress] Came from a city with her younger sister, Anesthesia , in order to study Witchcraft. Weapons: Wand Stats: STR: 16 (+3) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 17 (+3) INT: 9 (-1) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 16 (+3) Text Color: #EC7063
  4. Name: Anesthesia Couldering Gender: Female Race: Human Age: 15 Personality: Prudent, Observant, Sarcastic, Straight-forward, Bold Class: Rogue Appearance: Height: 5'4 Weight: 113 lbs Background: [In Progress] Came from a city with her older sister, Lisbeth, in order to study Witchcraft. Weapons: Two small daggers (hidden) Stats: STR: 7 (-2) DEX: 12 (+1) CON: 15 (+2) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 15 (+2) Text Color: #1ABC9C
  5. Name: Yvonne Frankerson Gender: Female Race: Halfing Age: 17 (Looks younger) Personality: Confident, Ambitious, Loyal, Trustworthy, Arrogant, Egotistical, Mean Class: Amateur Trader // Ranger Appearance: Height: 3'9 Weight: 78 lbs. Background: [In Progress] Came from a large town that was burned up, along with both of her parents and her older brother. Now she's stuck helping her younger siblings, struggling to survive and feed them at a young age. Weapons: Bow and Arrow (She's good at archery 7 out of 10) Stats: STR: 11 (+0) DEX: 15 (+2) CON: 9 (-1) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 15 (+2) CHA: 13 (+1) Text Color: #CC99FF
  6. Yvonne stopped mid-cry and looked up, noticing all the new people surrounding their table. She at first looked surprised and wide-eyed but then she squinted suspiciously. She was about to tell the young man about how her parents and older brother died when their town was burned down by the evil lord Dredge, how she had to work extra hard to put enough food on the table for her nine year old sister and her six year old brother, who was even starting to get into the stealing business just because they were struggling so much. How they usually only had one meal a day because they need so conserve, how they use to live in an abandoned shed until the Halfling found her friend and they arranged something. How she had a dark feeling growing deep down inside of her, something very similar to hatred but worse, and she had to remind herself of all the good things in life to keep her from doing bad things. But they were interrupted by another man, a strange looking one, the server, and the lady who had so generously given her a good meal, which caused Yvonne to give her a shy and very rare grateful smile. But that feeling of felicity was brief. Slamming her fists onto the table, shaking the plates and cups, Yvonne glared up at new man. "Excuse me, but can you say excuse me next time? I was having an important conversation with my friend here...I just got a little emotional, that's all..." She sniffed, quickly wiping tears from her face. She shouldn't have cried in front of these strangers, they didn't care about anything except their own needs, but she respected that...sort of. But she continued to glare up at him, even standing up on her chair. She pointed a dirty finger at him. "And the only unsavory solicitation going on is that touching you're doing to somebody you probably don't even know, I know people like you." She gave him the evil eye, trying to say that she was watching him. Yvonne then turned to the kind woman, who looked rather pretty. She folded her arms and replied, "I'm being harassed by strange men I don't even know, and I'm only seventeen." She squinted at the gem-holder, thinking he probably wanted help find her loot, not any special information.
  7. The dark-haired Halfling tried to ignore the man, eating the still warm food with her fingers, shoving it into her mouth without a care, but then her pulled out the gem. She froze, mid-chew, staring at it from the corner of her eyes. Then slowly raised her head, glaring at him. She knew she should've been more nice to someone so kind, or deep dow she knew, but she her refusal to be dependent on anyone made her grow into thinking that almost anyone who tried to help her was being patronizing, despite if they were intending to. And the fact that he was offering this seemingly expensive blue gem was not helping the fact. "What makes you think I need your help," asked Yvonne in a lowered voice, bits of food on the sides of her mouth. "Because I'm hungry? Haven't you ever been hungry before? It's not a rare feeling in these parts, so you should get use that." She paused for a moment, looking at the gem. It was beautiful and would've been worth a nice place and enough for a month, if she had actually taken it. But Yvonne just shook her head, no longer angry, and sighed, going back to finishing her food. "I don't take charity from anyone, I can earn my own bread, like every one of you. And if there's strength in trusting anyone, tell an army of warriors to go forth to their enemies unarmed and grinning like a fool, see if they don't perish withing a few seconds." She was about take another bite, when she remembered what he asked, about the city. Yvonne squinted at him. "How - what do you take me for? I don't know, or really care, what you think of me, but I feel you might think I'm some sort of starving criminal or something. I'm just a law abiding citizen who does what she's supposed to, follow the rules and regulations like the officials ask, so I know nothing special. I keep my head down and forget the things I wasn't supposed to see...or most of them." Her faced suddenly turned red, once again. "There's too many bad things going on for you not to know!" She suddenly burst into tears, covering her face, making it even more covered in food, but she didn't care.
  8. The little Halfling was incredibly embarrassed. She thought she had enough to pay but she guessed not. The waiter was little rude, probably because she was jealous that Yvonne had so much nice loot. Maybe she should've just brought her pack with her so she could show these miscreants who she was, a wealthy businessman. Businesswoman. Yvonne reached for her coins blindly, not wanting anyone to see her red face, but she found that they were missing. Great, now she was flat broke without any food. Yvonne's shoulders slumped, which made her almost slip her arms off the table. The noise in the tavern went back to being centered on everyone's own conversations, ignoring the person who looked more like a little kid than the sixteen year she actually was. If you studied her face long enough you could actually tell a bit that she was older than she looked, but no one cared enough to ever do that, besides her closest friends. To most she looked like a beggar or street urchin who's parents let her run around stealing stuff. She really was just an ambitious individual trying to make a living at a young age. Wondering if the server was actually going to bring her anything, despite her previous actions, Yvonne looked up, only planning to for a brief second but then she noticed a young man, probably older than her, approaching her table. He seemed to come from where a lady sat, who was also looked at her, but briefly after speaking to the server and give her some money. Yvonne felt her face heat up again. She hated being dependent on anyone for anything but she was so hungry, and being nervous didn't hp that fact. She felt her stomach growl loudly and she cursed, wrapping her arms around her stomach. Hearing the man say something, she started to shriek, "Go away, I'm not some baby you have to take care of-" But then she heard the sound of a plate being placed on the table and the strong aroma of delicious food, which made it's way to her nose. She nearly floated up in delight. Forgetting her manners, she began to chow down in the food ravenously. "Oh my Gods, this is - this is the God's food."
  9. Etherlay was silent for a moment, seeming to stare at the two girls in an unfathomable emotion. It was seated in an throne-like chair covered in beautiful designed blankets, in purples, golds, and silver. It rested it's arms on the chair, the fingers underneath it's sleeve flexing like the claws of a tiger, aching for the flesh of the younger human. But it kept it's cool; it needed two humans for what it needed to do. Etherlay sighed deeply and shook it's head. "We do not tolerate such poorly developed excuses, but I, nor my...comrade, have time to punish to punish you both properly for your insolence. For now you must reflect over your actions and proceed to do better on future situations, for there will be much more to come." Etherlay stood up and went over to small table which held many herbs and brews, including a large pot of tea. It poured three the tea into three cups, all of them seeming to be made of gold. The tea itself smelled like it was a combination of many spices, including cinnamon. Giving the cups to the two girls, Etherlay took it's own and lifted it up to it's face. "You already know that I do not have a face to call my own, my head is blank except for my ears and the hairs on top of my head. But nature seems to always find a way for every creature that achieve their needs..." Lifting two fingers, Etherlay swirled them around the cup before her, seeming to hum something barely audible. Slowly a lavender serpentine mist curled from the drink, seeming to whither in the air. It snaked it's way toward the face of the ethereal being while it sat calm and still. The tea seemed to disappear as more of the mist curled out of the cup. Suddenly the mist flattened out into the shape of the being's face, like a mask, and floated over to cover Etherlay's face. Then it disappeared. Laying down the cup, Etherlay's chest rose and fell like it'd breathed in deeply. "I am called a Draip," it said in a deepened voice, seeming to he face Anesthesia. "I can sense that you both are somewhat intelligent...and I respect that. So I will tell you most of the truth, for my kind desires to keep secrets. Share too much of yourself and your find yourself in the hand of the enemy." Etherlay seemed to have been about to continue when the other Draip, Lukasin, appeared inside the tent, it's broad, muscular shoulders brushing against hung plants and blankets. When Lukasin saw the humans it chuckled, saying, "And I thought she would've killed you by now." It went over to it's lover, caressing her lovingly even thought Etherlay looked like it was extremely uncomfortable doing intimate things in front of an audience. Wrapping it's arm around them, Lukasin face the humans. " I am Lukasin of Zytherankita, a place you should pray to every God you believe and don't believe that you shall never set foot in, for it lies in the deepest bowels of Hell." It paused, letting the children register this. It nodded. "Yes, that means that we are demons, but if you fear evil, like many others, staying here any longer will not be the best for you, for we do not participate in moral practices here." "We are Draip's, as my Lover, Etherlay, has already said, although our race is called by a name unpronounceable except by ourselves and the Great Serpent you are best to fear. We are not born as a gender but we can affect our forms to appear more masculine or feminine when we are born. While my Love enjoys neutral terms, I prefer to identify myself as a 'male' and her as my 'woman', and you'd do best to respect that." Etherlay tried to speak but Lukasin gripped her tighter and whispered into her ear. " I can sense that the younger one is too shocked to fully believe, the one called Lisbeth is probably digesting all of this. We can still use them to our advantage, even if they know of our truths. I know that we can still proceed with our plans, we have to make them trustworthy, Dear." Etherlay clenched her fists, too furious that her Lover told so much to meer children, of all people. "If you share this with anyone," she seethed. "I'll make sure that when you die, you will go to Hell and have your skin peeled and burned for eternity, sewed back on, and you to walk on hot coals every single moment of your time." "Just listen to us and you'll be fine. You cannot escape this area, and neither can your fellow followers. You are lucky that you aren't entranced like the others." Lukasin seemed to stare at them in a warning way.
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  11. Lol, you don't know how much that means to me. Tysm!!! ??
  12. Cool thanks! I'll try to get in touch with her, meanwhile I have to work more up to the climax of my story. I'm dead tired tho rn. ?
  13. It's not two characters, it's multiple characters, lol. And I was sure about double posting. One of the threads I was doing I posted with a large group of characters so two accounts was efficient.
  14. Lol I meant my other account is the second account I created to RP with myself
  15. Etherlay stared at the younger human in annoyance. It had heard everything she'd just said and underneath fold of it's robes, it's brightly colored fingers itched for 'Anesthesia's' tender throat. But Lukasin was here, the only person it cared about since their first days and it wanted to be the 'graceful swan' Lukasin always called them. Lukasin chuckled and whispered, "I'll let you handle this one, beautiful." It ran it's lips across Etherlay's cheek and ear, making it shiver in delight. It barely managed to keep a calm expression, turning their head around the area in a flustered manner before settling back on the more mature one, the one with the eyes like diamonds. "You, Lisbeth, if that's what you choose to be called, welcome to the sacred ceremony of the Anges Aveugles, or the Blind Angels, as you can see..." It gestured at it's on face painfully, knowing full well that it was born this way and loved the way it looked. But for the sake of what needed to be done, it had to pretend to be impaired. Etherlay motioned for them to follow it to a small cluster of tents, the most intricately designed ones housing the leaders. It seemed to glide as it walked over the grass, which is why it's lover called it a swan. When they were inside, Etherlay felt like it could let it guard down a little more, but not by much. It felt an odd presence from the girls, especially the younger one, which is why it held a particular dislike towards her. The place was like mini version of it's home. There were neatly stacked books of powerful magic and a large amounts of pillows and blankets, mainly for meditation, which Etherlay felt like it needed desperately now. It gestured for the girls to sit on one of the pillows. "We have only so much to talk about and such little time. The first thing we must make very clear is that I, nor my companion -" Etherlay involuntarily paused at the thought of the handsome fellow. It blinked a few times before continuing. "We only tolerate the punctual, and you both have not been considered so. I would like the reason behind your tardy, and rude behavior." Etherlay emphasized that last part for Anesthesia, only wishing it had eye for the very moment only, so it could glare at her.
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