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  1. Lol I forgot all about this! Sorry, but I won't be able to join, I'm busy atm. Also, I have a suggestion for map creation. https://azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-Generator/ It's really useful and has so many features. Even if you don't have time to create all the specific cities and country names, it generates them itself. I took a screenshot on my phone because the website was acting up on the mobile browsers I used, but it usually works well. There's a feature to download png, but it didn't download correctly for me. It looks way better on the desktop/web version, it wasn't created for mobile, I spoke to the creator.
  2. Name: Buldrif Hanstrung Race: Dragonborn Gender: Male Linage: Ares Powers: Camouflage, Breathe Fire, Night Vision
  3. Ok cool. I'll write my blurb in about 10 minutes or less
  4. Can I join? I was wondering if I could make a character that was Dredge's servant, forced to do his will.
  5. I am the same person as @Huisache
  6. Lol yes. I haven't played dnd, what do I write for lineage?
  7. Anesthesia wanted to glare at the being so badly but she was held back by the fact that she was terrified out of her mind. Imagine meeting a faceless being in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. She didn't even know what to begin to call it. It was sort of horrifying and beautiful to look at. What she wanted to do was travel all the way back to their city and live with their Aunt again, instead of moving from place to place while her older sister was learning the secrets of witchcraft. That part antagonized her. At first she thought it was cool, witnessing magic in it's most mystical form but then they started seeing strange things happen and abnormal people, especially when they went to gatherings. Anesthesia usually stayed in the background, doing basically nothing while her sister learned old magic. They'd even had an argument about how it wasn't fair that Lisbeth dragged her around everywhere and she never had the chance to do anything she liked. But then that came to an adrupt close when the younger sister couldn't think of anything she'd like to do on her own, one that'd keep her safe. "Besides, we're better off sticking together, that way there's a better chance of nothing awful happening." Lisbeth always had a cheerful, happy voice whenever she spoke, even when she was angry. Only Anesthesia had witnessed her sister truly mad, and that was when a clutch of vampires had attacked her, enchanted by her youth and her almost blood red head. Well, her hair was closer to orange than red but to vampires anything close to red was red. And red meant blood. They didn't manage to bite her, luckily, but they'd scared Anesthesia so bad that she didn't leave their house for two and a half months. She would've stayed longer but her Aunt threatened her with a never-ending amount of chores to do all day and she quickly subjected to being an outsider. She even had a job, but she was too straightforward to customers, not even a silly way. Lisbeth was seated next to her sister, who was laying down comfortably on the pillows like it was bedtime, which worried her. Lisbeth didn't want this woman, if that's what she was, to be even more displeased by their actions. She ducked in her breath softly and shook her head sorrowfully. "We did not plan on being late, I can tell you that. Although I was able to light our way through the forest, most of the way, we weren't aware that vampire hunters were having their seasonal hunt, the same day of this ceremony, and we were caught off guard while we watch them flee from probable death." She didn't know if this sounded believable or not but it was more or less the truth. Lisbeth glanced at her sister in conformation. "Uh, yeah," stuttered Anesthesia, dropping something she'd been fooling with, staring into the blank gaze of the being. Suddenly the calling was too much, her curiosity had to be dealt with. "Okay, I've been wondering for a while now, what are you? I've never seen anyone like you before, are you using an enchantment? That'd make sense, actually, attending a witch cult. Are you a powerful gypsy? What about that...man who kissed you? Is he a powerful wizard? And why are those people still dancing, although it's been almost thirty minutes since we've gotten here?" She glanced at her sister, who looked like she just bit into a the soured lemon but had to keep a straight face in front of her cruel boss. This would've made Aness laugh if it weren't for the wrong situation. Instead she sunk lower into the cushions, preparing to feel the wrath of the being. "Well, thanks for granting my death wish," muttered Lisbeth out of the corner of her mouth, all the while keeping a tight smile on her face. Her eye twitched.
  8. Trillium

    The Perfect Word

    I have the predicament where I know the definition but forget the word. Until I see it. ? Anyway, my words is imbroglio, which simply means an embarrassing or confusing situation.
  9. This is just my list of characters I create. :3 If you want to RP with any, just ask please. They're all cool ?
  10. Anesthesia stumbled from out of the bushes, falling onto the ground in exhaustion. She was a young girl, age fifteen, and had flaming red hair that mirrored the fire nearby. Freckles covered her skin, which she secretly hated. She wore a dark dress the color of sapphire that matched her eyes, which smarted from the dirt she'd gotten in her eyes. On her should was an old satchel that she carried everywhere, no matter the weather or situation, especially one such as this, where she had no idea what she'd be getting into. Not far behind was her older sister Lisbeth who stepped from out of the darkness delicately, like she'd done it a thousands times before and had perfected the movement. She stood with her hands on her hips, her auburn hair cascading down her back in wavy lengths. She had bright blue eyes that made even the hardest of men weaken slightly, which she did not take advantage of, at least romantically. Anesthesia lay on the grass in a heap, too embarrassed to get up, thinking that people had seen her. Her face was redder than tomato soup and it didn't take long for her sister to notice. Gazing down, Lisbeth frowned slightly and said in a cheery voice, "I don't think that they'll think much of bad manners, Aness. Besides, we should go join the dancing...oh." Lisbeth turned from pink to red to any other color that represented various forms of fear. She had not seen the strange beings until now and now...she was both alarmed and confused. She'd had never seen one of them before, let alone two, and two of these unearthly creatures stood in front of her and Anesthesia. Who, by the way, didn't hesitate to let out a loud shriek when she saw them that actually turned heads towards this time. This caused her to frantically get up and dust herself of, hiding behind her sister. Lisbeth stared at their empty faces, wondering what they were. She had been contacted while doing a psychic reading and heard voices similar to theirs, but she'd been expecting some mysterious gypsies or witches, not...them. Lisbeth felt her sister tug on her dress, which was a dark grey. "I don't know whether to be scared...or scared! What are they?" asked Anesthesia in a hushed tone. She eyed them, unaware of how ignorant she looked. "Oh, get from behind me, silly! Don't you want them to see you? I don't think anything will turn out well if they're too wary of us." Anesthesia stayed put, which made Anesthesia tug her into view. She squeaked and stood awkwardly, eyes now on the fire. She pointed at it with wide eyes. " I...I felt that!" Ignoring her for the moment, Lisbeth smiled at the apparent leaders of the gathering and waved. "Hello, thanks for having inviting us! My name is Lisbeth Couldering and this is my sister, Anesthesia...sorry, she's a bit shy around new people." "They're not even human..." muttered Anesthesia, glancing briefly at the beings.
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