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    There's Oil in these Jungles!

    "Honestly I'm happy to leave the scouting to you. The less running around I have to do in this heat the better I'll feel." It was true, the temperature was suffocating. The air was so humid it was almost difficult to breathe and made every piece of clothing cling to the skin. As if the terrain wasn't hard enough to navigate with all this equipment and poorly prepared company. As they marched Zarrah made acquaintances with some of the men from the group. It was important for him to know at least some of them and at build some kind of reputation. If it came to it, he needed to know they would trust him and follow his lead. He knew more than them about this environment and it's dangers. When the group stopped to setup camp, Zarrah kept walking to reach the front where Sir Gerald was standing. He listened to what the boss had to say before nodding to the girl when she asked to go hunting alone. Not only was she probably better at scouting this kind of area, what with her smaller stature and all, but he also understood the need to hunt alone. Tracking and killing anything as a duo demanded a level of connection they were far from sharing. He decided to walk over to the men standing by the stream. Kneeling down he cupped his hands to splash some of the cold water on his face and behind his neck. As he was getting back up he noticed a couple different sets of animal prints on the other side of the cascading water. Many were from prey animals who came here to drink but probably got scared away before they arrived. The other sets he couldn't identify but it was easy to guess: Wherever there was prey, there had to be a predator, and some of those paw prints were quite large. He would have to keep his senses on alert until Ari came back.
  2. Maethir

    Thus Spoke the Prophet (Factions)

    The prophet's speech was over, and although Theo wasn't much of a religious person, he couldn't help but be captivated by the man's words. It did feel a little too good to be true though. Cure all illnesses and make everyone happy sounded more like a happy dream than a reality. But it brought hope to the people, and even as the night fell over the town and the rain kept pouring over their heads, the people in the crowd looked happy. They had a glister in their eyes Theo hadn't seen in a long time in this city. He stood away from the wall he had been leading on and was putting his hands in his pockets before heading off when he grabbed something. Inside his coat's pocket was a small note. The Prophet was inviting Theo to join him. The young man didn't know when or how the note got into his coat, but it was enough of a sign for him to make up his mind and walk over to the tent a few paces over. After all, what wrong could it do to just listen to what he had to say? If it brought hope and made people happy, wasn't it at least worth a try? Plus, he would be sheltered from the rain for a while which was always nice. The courrier pulled his cloak's hood over his head as he stepped out from the overhang he had been standing under and walked over to the hut. It was warm in there, even though there didn't seem to be any source of heat apart from the oil lamp which was way too small to heat up the entire space. Walking in he looked around to see if anyone else had been summoned by the Prophet. Only one person was already in, a woman sitting on the floor. The rug seemed comfortable, although the woman did seem tense but looking at her apparel it seemed clear she was the sort of person who would always be. Either a mercenary or a huntress of some kind. Theo also sat down, a little behind and to the left of Artemis, or so she introduced herself. He followed her lead: "My name is Theodore, but please call me Theo" he said in a soft tone. "I may not know much about divinity but I am willing to listen."
  3. Maethir

    There's Oil in these Jungles!

    Zarrah almsot chuckled when Sir Gerald mentioned his men's protection. He kept it for himself but he doubted these soldiers would be able to help in any meaningful way, was he to be in danger. There was no point in insulting their abilities, they were clearly doing their best. The boss seemed eager to leave right away so the young man picked up his bag before heading for the front of the group. The satchel didn't contain much, just some clothes and supplies like food or water he had packed for the trip. As he started marching forward, Zarrah felt a presence in his mind. His eyes squinted as he tilted his head to the side, trying to recognize where it came from. It didn't feel like anything he recognized and seemed somewhat timid, staying just outside his thoughts, not prying. 'I apologize Ser Grimcrest for intruding, but would you be welcome to explain to me your plan for this journey?' Looking around, he saw what looked like a young girl looking directly at him. He attributed the voice to her and replied internally instead of raising his voice above the noise of everyone readying up. "Please, if we are going to be working together, call me Zarrah. As for a plan, I hadn't yet thought of one in details but if you have something in mind please share it with me" He was more the kind of person to respond to whatever was happening rather than plan too much ahead. Life is unpredictable and he would rather be ready for what was to come than worry over what went wrong with the plan. That didn't mean he couldn't stick to one, but he still rely on his instincts to decide what to do. Zarrah's acute senses make him great at recon and he is very comfortable in this kind of environment. His slightly fiery temper might mean he would be more likely to engage a threat than back away waiting for backup though. He is definitely a better fighter than strategist.
  4. Maethir

    There's Oil in these Jungles!

    A young man stepped forward from a group of soldiers he had been chatting with for a while. A pair of green eyes looked to lock with the boss' as he threw his hair back with one hand. "Zarrah Grimcrest at your service sir" He usually didn't care much for protocole but he also knew not to piss off someone as influential as Lord Uldwar. It was his first job for the house, and he was not going to mess it up. Fortunately, there was virtually no way for him to do so. The work he had been hired for was to do what he had been doing his entire life, from the moment he was born: Survive in the wilderness. He was ready to go, dressed as usual in light grey pants and a brown shirt. He needed nothing else as long as the ancestors were with him. Before they left, Zarrah internally asked the spirits of the forest to be kind to the group and provide safe passage. He felt nothing in response but he had not been expecting much. After all, they were here to steal the forest's resources. Not that he cared, the only spirits he needed approval from were already with him, and he could feel their strength pulsing in his necklace. The boss was right, there was always something lurking in the jungle, but it was nothing they couldn't handle. This was going to be fun.
  5. Maethir

    Thus Spoke the Prophet (Factions)

    He had been on the ground most of the night. Light as it was, the rain made the tiled roofs a lot more slippery than Theo was comfortable with. His deliveries might have been a little quicker but he wasn't hired because of his speed, but because the packages always made it to destination, no matter what. He had built his reputation around that fact and intended to keep it that way. And he had done it, another delivery completed without a hitch. He had no other jobs until the next day. He walked by a tavern but he really didn't feel like having a drink tonight. He felt more introspective so he instead opted for a walk through the city. A couple turns later a gathering of people caught his eye. What were they doing? It seemed like they were listening to this "Prophet" again. He had never had the time to stay for one of his speeches. He walked towards the group in order to hear what was going on but didn't want to meddle with the crowd so he stood under the overhang of a shop, a little behind and to the left of the man. Wrapping his blue cloak around him Theo listened to the man's rambling about some people trying to control magic. To be honest he didn't understand what it had to do with anything. When the man asked for the girl and her parents to come forward, the young man was curious but his curiosity soon turned to awe as the girl seemed completely healed! A miracle! He thought at first it was a trick of some kind but it had happened right in front him. He had seen it with his own two eyes. Theo was very impressed but he didn't approach the Prophet right away, instead electing to wait after the craze to get closer.
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    Thus Spoke the Prophet

    I am I'm just too busy to write up something tonight. Will have a post up by tomorrow after work most likely. Sorry
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    Maethir's Multitude of Mere (maybe)Mortals

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    Thus Spoke the Prophet

    I think I'd quite like to jump in if that's ok with you
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    There's Oil in these Jungles!

    I might be interested in this if you'd have me! Edit: Could be the survivalist
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    New here but not to RPing

    Hey all, I used to roleplay a lot on another site which got shutdown a couple years ago but I've recently gotten back the urge to write and collab with other people to build something amazing. Anyway I hope I can find a project to join soon so I can get into it! If you read this and you're missing someone make sure to let me know
  11. Welcome to Valucre! I see you've pretty much hit the ground running and created a character, so I think you've probably got a handle one how the site is laid out. That said I always recommend checking out our new member guide, and if you have any questions feel free to send me a message:  https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/resources/nux/new-member-guide/

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  13. Characters are hard to keep track of, so I made this. Enjoy.