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    The Twisted Twig

    “Thank you.” Bree said with unusual politeness. She reached up with her free hand and slid her slender fingers beneath her mask, thoughtfully touching her face, though her tattoos were indistinguishable from the rest of her skin by touch. “Would like to see your markings, when you get them. Very interesting, variations in culture...” Traitor nodded as the shopkeeper spoke. “We’re pretty much always new to anywhere we’re standing.” He said pleasantly. “We travel a lot, and rarely stay anywhere long.” He nodded to his unorthodox little sister. “That’s Bree, and I’m Traitor. It’s a pleasure to meet you. As for how we got here, somehow Miss Knowitall over there was aware of this place before I’d ever heard of it, and she insisted that we see it firsthand.” Though you could not see it beneath her mask, Bree was smiling. Traitor knew her well enough to sense the smile, though her face was covered. It was like how some people live in a house all their lives, and can walk around it as easily in the dark as easily they can in the light, and even sidestep things that aren’t normally there. Bree’s face was so familiar to him, that he was simply aware of her expressions without having to see them. She dutifully left her arm lowered in the water, but she was reaching out, trying to get hold of a nearby book. “Traitor doesn’t appreciate architecture as some do.” She said teasingly. She stopped for a moment and eyed the woman. “Well, not man made architecture anyway.” She giggled and continued trying to reach the book. She began to mumble to herself again, but it was interrupted by the occasional giggle as she remembered her joke. ”Bree!” Traitor flushed again and shook his head. “That... I... Well, anyway, we are looking for work. We’re capable in a fight, reliable, and Bree is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Not that I’m an idiot or anything, but I’m a realist, and she’s obviously the brains in the family... even if she has no filter.” He glared at her, but he couldn’t help smiling a little.
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    The Twisted Twig

    Traitor looked around, feeling his cheeks flush a little. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he actually had mistaken the shop for an apothecary. Bree might have corrected him before they arrived... He stood with his arms behind his back, feet spread a little, and his back straight. He tried not to show his mild embarrassment on his face. She seemed willing to help anyway. Traitor had been a little distracted when he’d walked in, but he noticed the woman’s unusual and, if he were honest, attractive appearance now. His cheeks flushed a little more. He did not entertain the thought, since he did not mean to be disrespectful, but he couldn’t be blamed for taking note. Bree did not respond, except to pull her sleeve up and hold up her arm. Amidst the intertwined tattoo vines and flowers, a spot just above her wrist was angry red and spotted with hives. To Traitor’s surprise, she then pulled her hood back and looked the woman right in the face. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen Bree meet someone’s eyes, but it didn’t happen often. She quickly looked back down and went on mumbling about various books she saw. She hadn’t removed her mask, which would have genuinely astonished Traitor. When the woman called her over to see what she had done to herself, Bree giggled. “Oh yes, yes indeed. My fault. I touched the wretched plant... my blood attacked my own skin as a reaction. Not uncommon... Traitor isn’t allergic, but it’s still common... Oily residue... ivy, oak, sumac...” She mumbled and approached the woman, holding out her arm. She continued to mumble the whole time. “Not an apothecary...? No, obviously. You’re educated... botany. That’s my guess. Pretty skin... Her skin is pretty, Traitor!” She said accusingly, as though he had said otherwise. He cleared his throat and shuffled his feet. “I agree, Kitten.” “Kitten.” She scoffed. “Quadrupedal feline. I’m a biped. Silly pet name... She knows what she’s doing, Traitor.” He held up his hands in mock surrender. “I’m sure she does.” He was used to her endlessly shifting trains of thought, he just hoped she wasn’t bothering the shop keeper too much.
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    Here with Me

    Traitor and Bree had only arrived in Last Chance after the fighting ended. Traitor suspected that it was a particularly viscous battle, judging by the wounded and the marred land. Bree had demanded to stand on the shore for a while, even though it was night and Traitor only wanted to find a safe place to sleep. The shore was a tumultuous post-battle mess. Traitor had never been in a large-scale battle before, but he had enough scars and bloody memories, from small-scale but no less brutal fights, to gather that battle was not to be taken lightly. ”I’d like to sleep now, brother.” Bree said in her usual soft, murmuring voice. She never looked anyone in the eyes, and rarely spoke above a whisper, so it usually seemed more like she was talking to herself. “So would I, Kitten.” His pet-name for her was based on her ability to move like an actual cat combined with her petite stature. They moved in unison, like one creature in two bodies. Their steps were in cadence, though they we not aware of it. Bree stayed to the left and a step behind Traitor. It was night, so her deep hood was down, exposing her oily black hair and the morbid skull mask that she always wore. Traitor believed Bree was a magnificently beautiful creature. Her pupil-less black eyes, creamy pale skin, and extensive tattooing lent her an eerie, almost sinister appearance, but all he saw was the affectionate and brilliant girl he had cared for since she was five. They did not go far before Bree suddenly gasped and veered off. Traitor followed her gaze and tried to call her back, but she was already reaching out to a lone woman who sat with a single arm wrapped around her knees. “Are you alright?” Bree asked, unusually forward. Traitor hoped the woman would not be put out. Bree’s unusual appearance notwithstanding, he was exceptionally tall and heavily built. He did not want to make her uncomfortable. Bree had no such reservations. She was inspecting the woman’s wounds, thankfully not actually touching them though, and clicking her tongue in dismay and irritation. Traitor could only stand by and look at the woman apologetically.
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    The Twisted Twig

    After giving Bree almost two full hours to stare raptly at the large dome in the center of the solarium, he finally convinced her to move along. The rash on her arm was spreading, and he was starting to worry that it was poison Ivy. That may not be particularly dangerous, but it would be impossible to convince his absent-minded sister to not scratch it. As they approached the shop, hoping they might have some ointment in store, he considered for the first time in a long time that Bree was not actually his sister. He looked back at her, where she followed close, but always a step behind him. The sun was bright through the glass ceiling, so her hood was pulled tightly over her head. It was for the best. Her pupil-less black eyes, pale skin, and extensive facial tattoos tend to make people nervous. To make things much worse, she always insisted on wearing a mask that looked a little too much like a human skull. Fortunately, the hood kept most of these oddities out of sight. People were smart to be nervous. Bree was dangerous... And, though he’d knock someone else out for saying it, she was at least a little insane. “Four...four of them. Then they...yeah. That’s how they did it.” She mumbled quietly to herself, figuring out the mysteries of the universe, as usual. As odd as she was, he could not help but love her even more every time he looked at her. Traitor only shook his head and pushed open the door to the Twisted Twig. Bree followed him in, and immediately started murmuring about various books and herbs she spotted. He did not know how she knew so much about them, but he did not doubt the endless stream of information that flowed from her pale pink lips. Traitor waved a friendly hand at the proprietor. “Hello. Have you got anything for a rash? I believe it’s poison ivy... again.”
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    Greetings, from apple world!

    Haha, thanks. I’m excited about them!
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    Greetings, from apple world!

    @Djinn&Juice You said you liked to check out OCs, so there you go.
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    Greetings, from apple world!

    I appreciate the warm welcome from all of you!
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    Greetings, from apple world!

    Great! I appreciate the help. I’ll be working on an OC throughout today, and hopefully I can dive in tomorrow. 👍💥👍
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    Traitor and Bree

    Name: (alias)Traitor Age: 24 Gender: Male Species: Human Height: 6’6” Name: Bree Age: 19 Gender: Female Species: Cursed human Height: 5’1” Their Story: Traitor and Bree met when they were very young. Traitor was nine years old, and Bree was five. While out gathering firewood one day, he found Bree lying unconscious in a hole in the ground. She was nearly staged. He had rescued her, though he had very little food for himself. He took her back to his meager camp, and nursed her back to health with roots, berries, and what little meat he could manage to hunt. Traitor was an orphan. Both of his parents had been executed by a sadistic governor, who claimed that they’d committed treason. The truth was that he’d made a pass tab Traitor’s mother, and she had turned him down. Even Traitor was accused and sentenced to death, but his parents had sacrificed their lives to give him a chance to escape. He ran into the woods, and embraced the title of “Traitor”, vowing never to use his given name again. Bree was more of a mystery. The odd black tattoos that contrasted the pale skin throughout her entire body could not be explained. Neither, Traitor realized in time, could the fact that Bree could move like a cat, literally. She could climb a tree with only her sharp nails, balance on thin limbs, and landed on her feet with graceful ease. Not only that, but she was brilliant. Her intelligence was overshadowed only by her odd aversion to light. As they aged, two notable and mysterious changes took place. Traitor began to grow at alarm rate, both in physical stature, and in strength. Also, Bree’s appearance began to change drastically. By the time they were both teenagers, it was clear to them their chance meeting had altered their lives forever... Powers/skills/abilities: Traitor has immense physical strength, as well as durability. While testing his strength, he once uprooted a tree with a trunk as thick as his own torso. While he is far more durable than a typical human, he is not indestructible. Enough force can cause him harm. Bree has cat-like agility, reflexes, and balance. She also has razor sharp nails that are far stronger than typical human nails. Finally, she is brilliant to the point that, when she speaks, she comes off as highly eccentric. Trivia: 1.Neither of them know it, but Bree was cursed by her mother, who was a powerful witch. The effects of the curse are complex and not entirely clear, but the curse is the source of their power. 2. They haven’t been separated by more than a short distance since they met, so they aren’t 100% certain of it, but they both suspect that any prolonged separation would decrease, if not negate, their powers. If you’d like to know anything else about this dynamic duo, I’d suggest you join them in an RP, my friend.
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    Greetings, from apple world!

    I’m pretty open-minded, but I’d say high fantasy is my favorite, and the closer it is to that, the more I’ll probably enjoy it.
  11. Traitor

    Greetings, from apple world!

    There’s a little Spongebob reference for you... Anyway, I’m not technically new to the site. I did have an account here years ago, but I forgot the username, password, and email associated with it. Also, to be honest, I wanted to start from scratch anyway. The old characters I made would not be up to my new standard... Not that I remember them anyway. I do remember, in a very general way, how it all works, so I don’t expect to have any trouble getting started. A little about me... I like to think I’m a friendly and fair guy. I don’t metagame, godmode, or any other crazy stuff like. I usually prefer more...advanced(?) RPing. I don’t mean to say superior or anything. I just like multiple paragraphs, character development, complex plots, and longevity. So...(awkward silence awkward silence awkward silence)... see you out there.