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  1. RachelTheSeeker

    Barbarian Beatdown (Trial of the Runesword)

    Following behind Ben as he made short work of the foes with his axe, Aralisi indeed fell back behind Xahlafael, peering to make sure the downed enemies didn't get back up. Once she had ensured they wouldn't attempt to pursue the two as they reconvened with their employer, the lion-warrior withdrew a crimson-smeared cloth from a pouch at her side, removing her felled adversary's blood from the blade and projections of the partisan-like weapon. Blood caused rusting on steel easier than water could, after all. "Hmph", she grunted, finally sopping up enough of the enemy's gore to where she was satisfied with herself. "Seems my assertions were correct about these bandits. But it strikes me as odd that they'd have scouts in hiding this far from the mines..." It wasn't as if Aralisi hadn't been hired for malign reasons before, much to her chagrin, but she felt she could trust Ben due to making his intentions and personal prize known early on. Lowering her spear to the ground, she chuffed to Xahlafael, finally sizing up his injury from the attack. "Well, let's get back over there", she replied, "But mind your march. If you'd prefer, I can take a closer look at that. I didn't get far without having to learn some medical skills..." Either way, she'd trot back to the recently-deceased lingering behind them, giving a quick search of the goods on their person. Her search carefully flipped the corpse onto his back, trying to keep intestines from spilling out of the wounds she'd inflicted upon him. The initial search, however, came up short. "Not a lot on this thug", she called back, "Just some measly coin, a jack knife, his main weapon and the clothes on his back". Giving a sigh, the lioness gently closed the deceased's eyelids with her fingertips, pulling the coins from his pockets and placing them over his eyes. Mumbling something, she waved a hand over his chest before observing the others' progress in looting and clue-gathering.
  2. Hey again; mind if I post with Aralisi in the bandit thread soon? Don't know if there's a particular sequence you'd prefer for posts, but felt bad about the delay...

  3. RachelTheSeeker

    Barbarian Beatdown (Trial of the Runesword)

    Traveling rather quietly herself, Aralisi sized up the task at hand. She wasn't sure if there were any combustibles in the mine, but felt it best to play on the safe side if she needed to utilize her magic. Even if there wasn't anything that would explode or set alight, she also didn't want to smoke herself and the lads out, either. Not long after Ben realized the ambush, Aralisi's ear twitched as she listened in on his soft-spoken instructions. She could sense that odd scent about as well, but didn't think anything of it; with a sensitive nose like hers, an array of strange scents normally didn't bother her. Given the order to fight, she removed her spear from her shoulder, whirling about and sizing up the enemies. One against two? Just how skilled is this employer of mine...? Xahlafael already readying his blade to engage with one enemy, the lioness turned her spear on the other. The strategy wasn't anything new, and holding the weapon in two hands instead of going for the shield across her back, she hoped it'd work. She would antagonize her adversary with jabs at various angles, trying to keep him from getting close or ganging up on her fellow beside her. One false move from the attempted ambush warrior, intended to get around her spear, meant a vicious cut from the blade of her polearm, gashing upward across his chest. A step back followed by a thrust to the guts, and the assailant was all but done for. As she yanked her weapon's business end from the enemy's innards, she took a brief moment to assess Xah's condition. His opponent had already dropped as well, but a painful-looking cut also crossed his thigh. Seeing the adrenaline rush kept the brunette from being inhibited by the laceration, she nodded fiercely to him. "Good work!" she commended. "Come; I'll fall back and make sure they won't get up".
  4. RachelTheSeeker

    Barbarian Beatdown (Trial of the Runesword)

    As she listened to Ben explain the scenario to Xahlafael and herself, Aralisi listened intently. This one was rather straight-forward with his delivery, and she was genuinely surprised as he admitted to the ulterior motive of wanting to claim that arcane sword as his own reward. She was never one to hide her own emotions or motivations; despite holding off until coming closer to the men-folk before speaking up, she wasn't trying to be a sneak but instead let the words fall onto only those involved. Weapons with magical properties, whether enchanted or made from something special, were no stranger to Aralisi. Still, her own weapons -- the spear taken into storage not long after she entered such a tavern -- were indeed of mundane make. After all, what good is steel but in the hands of those who can use it? Besides, she had other means to handle things that would only get mad if she tried to stab them with a steel blade... "Straight to the point", she spoke at last, motioning toward Ben with her free hand, "And honest about why you're taking on this bloody task. I like that". Another sharp grin flashed, and she added, "And with just the three of us, I'm sure there'd be more coin to go around. Assuming we're to be paid for out survival by more... reputable means?" A straight arrow, the shield-maiden of Brigalian stock had no intent on making a profit on sneaking raw ore from the mine; a suddenly stern gaze hinted toward her preference on earning her blood money. "...that said, I'll likely be too busy keeping my senses clean for those unworthy intruders than paying attention to what you two are doing, if it comes to looting".
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    Describe your character in one sentence

    Aralisi -- If Katia from "Prequel" was more violent.
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    Greetins all!

    Hey hey! Welcome to the site; I too am a fan of tabletop RPGs, and D&D's one of them which I enjoy playing in any edition. 😛
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    Barbarian Beatdown (Trial of the Runesword)

    The cloaked man wasn't the only one new to the Genesaris region in the tavern; a less-human-looking individual was hunched over at the bar, mulling over her latest adventure. Sure, being able to witness a new realm and its unfamiliar technology was an experience she couldn't pass up. Hence, she made her way onto the airship under the premise of aiding in the manual labor and serving as a bodyguard. The need for the latter hadn't come to pass, and she was fit enough to handle the former despite her gender and bestial appearance lending to some of the workers' negative opinions against her. As it stood, Aralisi was stuck in Umbra. She wasn't planning on a vacation, but needed to get away from her homeland for a while, even if it meant a one-way trip with enough funds to live and travel easily enough for a while. With Elendaron's call to arms and its endeavors to ease technology more and more into its territories, the Brigalian lioness knew the world was changing... and fast. While she hadn't had much of a reputation other than being a folk hero in regions close to the capital of Nar Oeste, she couldn't help but feel the battlefield of a war wasn't where she was meant to live, and likely die, by the sword. Even if she had the coin, Aralisi needed work here in Umbra. She wasn't the first willing to take on the job, but certainly hoped she wouldn't be the last in that sortie. Having obtained the means to meet her possible employer from the front's waitress, she bided her time, having peered curiously toward that table in the back every now and again. Seems he's not alone now, she thought to herself as she pushed a mahogany lock of hair from her eyes. Guess I ought to introduce myself to this one... So she staggered up from her low position, taking one good swig of the beer she'd ordered. Blood-red in the dark region of vampires and lycanthropes. What a novelty. The juice of the grain flowing down her gullet, she wiped her muzzle with the back of her red wrist-wraps, then approached calmly. Padding forth slowly, with eyes shimmering in the dimness as a feline's were wont to do, she waited until she was half-way to the table before clearing her throat. "It would seem", she spoke in her gruff, animalistic voice, "that you're not alone in seeking this endeavor, my fair lads. I've slain better men than these barbarians raiding the mines. But to step back and be less macabre about it..." Gently crossing an arm over her bosom, a curled fist resting over her collarbone, the lioness lowered her head in respect to the men. "...my name is Aralisi, daughter of the Aelius kin, a wandering warrior of Nar Oeste". Raising her head and lowering the crossed limb, that same arm's hand went to her hip as she extended a fanged grin, "So, who might you lot be?"
  8. Hey there, will reply to the Bandit thread shortly. Been busy, but shall be able soon. :v

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    General chat thread

    Had a bit of duck once before, very sweet stuff...
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    Hey there! New to the forum myself; things seem pretty casual here from what I've seen as far as everything goes, so no stress about being new to roleplaying. :)
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    Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

    Any chance the sortie will include freelance warriors? My shield-maiden Aralisi would be willing to lend a clawed hand...
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    General chat thread

    Mmmm, alfredo. Or rose sauce. :9
  13. Character profile complete, at least the first draft.

  14. RachelTheSeeker

    Aralisi Aelius, Leonine Pyromancer

    [PICTURE] [BASICS] Full Name: Aralisi Aelius Nicknames: 'Lisi Alignment: Neutral Good Race: "Brigalian", a race of anthropomorphic big cats Marital Status: Single Gender: Female Age: 29 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Somewhat deep; not far off from an Elder Scrolls "Khajiit" Eyes: Reddish-brown, reflecting a yellow-green color in dim lighting Complexion: Dark tan fur, brown skin for nose and eyelids Height: 6'1" Weight: 194 lbs. Build: Toned Hair: Reddish-brown, short and styled with long bangs held together by a red bead in two strands [MENTAL] Demeanor: Determined, passionate, intuitive, forceful, compulsive, impatient. Hopes: To accomplish something great through her combat efforts; to find an intelligent mate; to retire with experiences under her belt. Fears: Being on the wrong side of history; losing her loved ones through violence; fading into obscurity. Likes: Music, dancing, foot races, swimming, sparring, food (lamb is a favorite of hers), relaxing after a long day, the stories of others and sharing her own. Dislikes: Cowardice, fat nobility, religious zealots, being sick and bedridden, quinoa, sore losers. [GEAR] Among her travel backpack, Aralisi typically carries what she believes she'll need on an excursion. That said, she most commonly carries the following: a tinderbox containing spell components, a bottle of spicy-smelling perfume, spices for seasoning meat, a simple medical kit (splints, bandages, poultices, and anti-venoms for more common animal-based toxins), spare clothing, and a pair of rarely-worn sandals. She also keeps a few water-skins handy, with at least one filled with water at all times. Lastly, she carries an iron flask from an old friend, oft filling it with her favorite alcoholic beverage, honey-wine. Though she doesn't always wear it, she also keeps her silver ring with a garnet stone handy -- it is a focus for her magic spells, in addition to reagents for stronger spells. [WEAPONS AND ARMOR] Aralisi typically carries a winged spear with her, taking it anywhere she's able despite it giving the impression that she's seeking violence in more civilized regions. Aside from this, she also wears a dagger on her sash as a backup weapon. She's also skilled in pugilism and wrestling, able to use fist and foot as well as her natural claws to fight unarmed. Though she doesn't always use them, the warrior also carries a round shield rimmed with iron, as well as a jack of brigandine armor to protect herself if she's expecting a bigger confrontation. [STRENGTHS] The lioness is well-traveled, able to adapt to most climates in Elendaron year-round; she is most proficient in surviving the native deserts and savannas of her homeland's region. A skilled warrior, Aralisi is trained in the use of various weapons including swords, knives, top-heavy weapons and poles; she is most proficient in using pole-weapons as well as fighting unarmed, however. A skillful dancer and tumbler, she can move with grace and perform for money in public, as well as carry over her nimble moves as an acrobat or a skilled dodger in combat. She understands local trade languages, and also knows bits and pieces of useful phrases for other Elendaron languages. She tends to have a good sense of judgment regarding others, and it's hard to sneak a lie past her, or withhold the whole story from her when talking (especially if she knows you personally). She's also a fairly competent combat medic, even possessing the skills needed to diagnose and treat long-term ails and injuries. [WEAKNESSES] Though strong and determined, Aralisi is as vulnerable to physical harm as any mortal, especially when not wearing her armor. She has trivial knowledge on the technology creeping into Elendaron, and much less on the more advanced technology existing elsewhere in the world. Her headstrong nature and impatience lend to her being rather blunt, and often she'll disregard social graces to get a point across; these traits can lead to her not being nearly as diplomatic as others, and might get her into trouble in social situations. An honest individual who expects the same from others, she will speak her mind and is prone to being tricked by less-earnest individuals. And due to her heroic and compassionate nature, she is prone to listening to most every sob story that comes her way, many times wanting to help for even little to no compensation if need be. [MAGIC] Aralisi is a pyromancer, able to control flame as well as other powers associated with her specific discipline. In order to cast her spells, she needs a "focus" item to manifest the magical energies through -- in Aralisi's case, it is a silver ring with a garnet stone set into it. For more powerful instances of her powers, she also requires spell components which she typically keeps in a tinderbox due to their fire-based properties; such ingredients are usually clenched in the palm and consumed by the spell-to-be just moments before being able to cast it. The lioness has access to the following magical abilities: * Fire Control and Creation (can forgo spell components with a large enough open flame) * Healing of Injuries by Violence (within the first hour of being injured) * Neutralization of Venoms and Toxins (only if someone is infected, or if the toxin is laced into something or otherwise outside its source's body) * Inducing of Delirium and Mental Confusion (can affect more than once person or be prolonged, with an increasing chance of going awry over time for either or both) [SKILLS] * Wilderness Survival (especially in Nar Oeste's climate) * Melee Weapons (especially pole weapons) * Unarmed Fighting * Pyromancy Magic * Dancing and Tumbling * Athleticism * Trade Languages * Foreign Languages (fragments useful for basic conversation) * Sense Motives and Lie Detection * Medical Treatment and Diagnosis [FAMILY] Timon Aelius (surrogate father), Phoebe Aelius (surrogate mother), Diane Aelius (elder sister), Aesop Aelius (younger brother). [STORY] Aralisi was born somewhere outside the jungles of Nar Oeste, somewhere in the north of the region's territories; her young childhood is a fragmented memory to her, faded from active thought because of an early-life tragedy. Her village was attacked by the hyena-like gnolls early into her life, and while she was spared her parents had perished among many others in the attack. Making the journey to Hodra alongside the surviving villagers to form a new life, Aralisi wound up being taken into an orphanage due to her youth and lack of known kin. Though not initially taken into a loving home, a few months would pass in the orphanage and Aralisi would find herself adopted by the Aelius family, a humble group of humans in a fairly decent-class part of the city. She lived a peaceful life at first alongside her surrogate family, but by her teenage years she sought more than the relative safety of the capital. Already a fledgling pyromancer like those of her people during her early puberty years (having traded for a tome regarding such practices from a traveling merchant at first), Aralisi felt her particular abilities and inclinations could be put to better use as a folk hero, rather than as a commoner. Not wanting to take up the skilled work of her father, nor devote herself wholly to the medicinal trade of her mother, nor even take up the career of a professional dancer (as such an art was a beloved pasttime of hers), Aralisi sought adventure. Eventually able to obtain enough funds, she sought teachers of the fighting arts to help her learn how to do battle without joining a definitive military branch. Thus she began her exploration of the land of Nar Oeste, learning to survive in the harsh environment by herself and alongside caravans. Taking up the role of a bounty hunter and a freelancer monster-slayer, Aralisi eventually got her first taste of life-or-death; even despite her received injuries, she loved the thrill of the fight nevertheless and, upon recovery, sought more and more challenge and glory as a wandering warrior. In her various travels within Elendaron, Aralisi had managed to get herself in and out of trouble on more occasions than she can fully recall. In the prime of her life and always ready for more, the lioness hopes not to slow down. Though originally seeking adventure to fulfill her wanderlust and desire to do battle, the lioness soon began to grow up a bit; believing some problems others face can only be resolved by those willing to risk life and limb, Aralisi became more and more willing to fight for more altruistic reasons. As such, she does her best to fight for the good of others, refusing to align herself with those she considers enemies of innocent people. Having been a veteran of adventure for years, the lioness continues to carry out her journeys and battles, seeking both the thrill of the fight and lending a spear-arm in the defense of those who cannot fight.
  15. I'mma work on a reference picture for my character-to-be, then will work on her profile page. Wish me luck~