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  1. Zuruk's silence had stayed consistent through the journey to their destination, even as they had made their way through the populated city and it's bazaar-like streets filled with extravagant inhabitants. The lizard's height was unparalleled for as far as he could see, high above the denizens and his newfound associates. His silence was almost as ominous as the group itself, his head almost like a statue, eyes darting around to scan everything they passed with his snout pointing forward as if unable to move. Even as Anoku had 'convinced' the guards to let them pass, the lizard had no reaction to spare, and as Lilith had quickly disposed of any sense of peaceful infiltration, Zuruk still remained quiet. Like a character far off in the distance, in a haziest parts of someones vision he had ceased to take action or be of any significance, giving total compliance to the cause taken up on a whim. While he seemed to be in a depressive silence over the necromancer's total domination that had occurred earlier, Zuruk's thoughts had not rested. Like a oncoming violent storm his blood boiled with rage and muscles tense as they had made their way through the city, fantasizing violence over his recent loss in a need to revel in strength and in blood. His eyes widened at the sight of the guard fading into ash, bloodlust and rage increasingly becoming uncontrollable as the rest focused on their objective at hand, and in the midst of their mission the monstrous beast heard a heavenly cacophony... Panic and battle. His relief and soon, joy, were unfathomable. Any sense of dread and exhaustion disappeared from him like a shock of adrenaline or a bag of sugar. As reinforcements swarmed in to avenge the recently fallen Zuruk would bring his own weapon to bare- which swiftly jammed. His repeated pulling on the trigger had not helped, as the climate itself prevented his weapon from functioning. With the clatter of armor and equipment, three soldiers swiftly charged him- all of which would flew right back far into the air, Zuruk having swung it carelessly enough to let go, tossing it away before smugly moving forth and leaping into the reinforcements. While Lilith and Ankou would tend to Ziva, the soldiers who attempted to reinforce the now deceased group of men would be seemingly caught up in being attacked by and fighting the large lizard. Despite the arrowheads that pierced his armor and the many cuts he had received and continued to receive, Zuruk still clawed, bit, tail-whipped and rolled about the reinforcements like a overly joyful dog. Some were tossed into the air much like the three before, some unlucky few killed by being clawed or gnawed on, but the majority kept being knocked back, alive due to their reflexes and armor and getting onto their feet before charging once more against the mass of muscle and bleeding scales. Though like as if there were a ticking clock, his vigor slowing down for the longer the group stayed, blood trickling with wounds increasing as skill, numbers and tactics outmatched brute strength.
  2. Sorry for any inactivity over the recent days, A close relative recently died, been busy and a lot energy has been sapped. I'm also starting a new early morning job. I'll be resuming posts, but I'll have to withdraw interest from Darkness and Havoc . I do wish you fun! And to those I'm posting with and messaging to, sorry for the wait.

    1. Twitterpated


      My condolences.

    2. Ataraxy


      That's awful man. But I'm glad you chose to return even though tragedy struck.

    3. Malintzin


      = ( I'm sorry to hear. This has been a rough year for people losing family, it seems. Still, congrats on the new job! Don't wear yourself down to nothing. This community will always be here waiting for you when you're ready!

  3. He had loudly snarled and took great steps forward with the thudding resuming, the eight foot tall lizard standing up and looming over with his rifle lifted up as if to blindly fire at any of them carelessly. His eyes narrowed and the edges of his mouth curled, flashing large white teeth that were all neatly kept together like human teeth, though sharp enough to belong to a shark. It seemed he was ready to leap at them with all muscles tensing up, like a predator getting ready to pounce, though the tightening grip on his gun seemed just as likely he'd risk his luck and try to utilize the chaotic gunpowder on them. In the midst of the night and near the bloodied town it seemed frighteningly likely there would be more bloodshed, over nothing more then lackluster communication from a socially inept lizard flagrantly intruding on important business. But Ankou had proven to put a stop to that before it could even begin. The environment seemed to grow distant in the sphere of necromantic energy, all forms of instinct now alarmed as it seemed Zuruk's body would be caught in a miasma of death and decay while the innocence of Terrenus's nature faded from memory. Giving a hurt groan as pain like a thousand sharp prickly needles jamming into his scales and reaching its way up his body surged through him, right forearm brought up to his waist and stared at with a tense and angered- though increasingly worried -stare, the sound of collapsing metal echoing beside the lizard with a loosening grip on the world, just as he had lost his grip on his gun. The fear inspiring might of the necromancer had proven too much already, the power of necromancy coursing beneath the lizard's scales as death flooded through his veins, strength and muscle degrading into the magic's color of sickness and decomposition. Brought to his knees as it felt like a poison swirled around him, the barbarian fell to the ground only with his left forearm to protect his chest from hitting the floor, a mighty giant looking as if death himself had come to collect his weakening soul. Fear crept up from the heat of rage and anger, slowly overtaking him as a thousand questions never asked before had overwhelmed his thoughts, death seemed inevitable. The only bravery to be found was the silence, unyielding and quietly facing the apparent demise despite the merciless suffering. And that bravery turned over into submission- all the pain ceased as Ankou dispersed the energy, the lizard remained disturbingly silent, as if completely out of character. He was angry like a child, and both like a child and a unruly beast the admission of being bested wouldn't be admitted, though the fact he'd follow orders like a tamed animal probably spoke more then any word could. Zuruk got to his feet, hunched over again with the scaled 'brows' above his eyes covering them in darkness, as if saddened.
  4. The path lead through many tall trees, a span of what felt to be miles that wouldn't hold a place in his memory, going past everything carelessly. In his desperate pace the rest of the wildlife had seemingly faded from sight, he couldn't care for further hunting or be distracted by it, mind flooded with mass destruction as it preoccupied every ounce of his being. Its all he could think about, rage empowered with every event of death innumerable being a missed opportunity in looting and shooting. Naturally the shooting with a gunpowder-utilizing weapon wouldn't work all too well on Terrenus, but Zuruk wasn't the brightest bulb. Nor the timeliest, given how much farther ahead the group was, their achievements already mounting in number as Zuruk was absent. However, distance was temporary and time would be merciful it seemed, with the group still in place after their most recent...excursion, with the nearby town, he'd arrive minutes later in hurried fashion. His rage had dulled, breathing heavily and clearly tired as he had barely caught up, exhaustion taking hold of him like a runner after a marathon. He stared out, bemoaning the sight. Naturally the sight of any abnormally quiet town would be quite disruptive for someone to see. Residential areas were suppose to be filled with people and lights, not silence and corpses. Though a sudden rise in anger provided only one conclusive answer for a barbarian like himself- he had missed the slaughter. And suddenly, In an instant, it faded from his thoughts like as a inconsequential detail, head moving and eyes spotting something much more closer. A nearby stripped convoy and the undead servants became his priority as soon as it entered sight, the cogs of his brain turning as the haze of missed death in his mind faded slowly. The lizard approach in a strut so casual it was equal to his exhaustion, making him all the more slower. To the average human the lizard had stuck out like a sore thumb even in the midst of night, the red scales and blue eyes enough of a contrast for even simplistic camouflage to be rendered ineffective. It hadn't help with the thuds emitted from walking around and loud breathing, making enough of a cacophony of noise to sound like minuscule dragon. "I see I'm late." He said huffing loudly with hint of anger in his voice, looking over the group with barely any interest or seeming to recognize them until his eyes came to Lilith. Despite the apparent wolf and necromancer, it was Lilith who made him take a second to stand still, as if pondering deeply within that near invisible span of time, then adjusted to approach her, asking with a hint of anger still in his voice "You, what did I miss? Was it important?" seemingly missing any introduction whatsoever with bluntness to boot. For anything else that someone could miss, it was apparent that Zuruk wasn't a creature of introductions. Or social. Or careful. Or kind. Not even all that thoughtful really.
  5. Playing as a everyman desperately trying to get away from incomprehensible levels of danger? While in the midst of an apocalyptic event? Don't hold me back boys, I'm going in
  6. Violent was the sound of rustling of the bush in the midst of the night, a struggle that assuredly ended with a loud crack. The air was still and the trees covered in darkness from the shade of their leaves, a dark figure rising above the bush and grabbing hold over something in frustration. They groaned loudly like a disgruntled ogre, their lower half making its way through the bush unflinchingly, seemingly cutting the bush in half haphazardly. Revealed were the red scales and muscular limbs of the untimely and slow beast that promised to assist the death-bringers in their quest, a lizard of immense height and stature, busying himself with death and hunting. In one hand he dragged along the corpse of a cervine creature, in the other a large gunpowder-utilizing gun, long arms tense and coated in blood. It hadn't remember much of any name or place where this invitation to bring death took place, everyone nowadays was a mere haze of obstacles and prey, like a muddled water lacking any transparency. So many people were unrecognizable and categorization was impossible, the world bustling with so many different things that existed. They moved all so quickly and talked in such an annoying tone, Zuruk couldn't resist violently scratching at his head for but a moment, clawing at his scales and his own body fighting against him, trying to calm down... "Death." Was the only word he remembered, it was a word he loved, conclusive and without lies, told from a voice he still couldn't remember clear. That word was why he had come to join this specific group, they weren't afraid of death. Or was it that weren't afraid of dying? Maybe it was both, or maybe they were already dead. But he didn't care about any of that, his mind emptying itself as his hand lowered back to pick up the unfortunate corpse and keep dragging it along, feet loudly thudding as he continued. The bushes and other vegetation violently rustled once again, packs of green leaves falling down as it kept rustling more and more. It would abruptly be torn open, and through the darkness the victim of his hunt would be tossed, tumbling into the campsite before the lizard pushed himself out into the open causally. Each eye squinted, studying the camp in the darkness with his empty mind consistent, merely staring at the camp like a animal staring at a technology. Walking forward, he kept studying the place with gun in hand, nonchalantly walking over to the pit of fire and studying it- bone. A bone had been tossed into it before, whatever it was before wasn't recognizable either because of the flames or because anthropology was above the lizard. Either way he looked about violently, sniffing and growling as his face embodied hostility, irritated and annoyed as his growling got louder. The loud thudding of his feet was like his face, annoyed, irritated and all too apparent in how he had emotionally evaluated the situation. As he kept walking around and growling about, his foot would step onto a log and violently split it apart, small shards of wood flying everywhere. The lizard paused, his whole body freezing up and all the anger fading slowly, looking down at the log while his gun was lowered slowly and his eyes studying the destroyed log carefully, slowly looking behind himself at the pit of fire once again. It took a while and lot of his effort to be focused on connecting the dots, like having to remember some insignificant and distant, but the oaf finally came to the obvious conclusion "I'm late." The loudest of growls would be minuscule in comparison to his sudden yells of incoherent rage, violently tossing his gun aside while the sling thankfully kept it tightly to his body, swinging around him while his whole body tensed up. It seemed like he was going to leap at something, like finding out the darkest and most disruptive of truths and desperately wanting to claw at his worst of foes- he was late. The beast was quick to keep putting the pieces together, "They left, where did they go!?" his large muscular form coming to the path which the group had took. To say there was any indication that they had taken this path wasn't up to him. They likely didn't leave any prints at all, or perhaps they did and they were very easy to go unnoticed, but to Zuruk both of these things didn't matter. To him, going down this path was the feeling of his gut and instincts screaming at him, the idiocy of what he committed seemingly inexcusable to himself. He quickly took off at a much quicker pace then ever before with the night air going past him, breathing heavily and with such great intensity it would have been easy to mistake him for running a marathon, bolting through the forest with his immense size. A chance at delivering massive amounts of death? That couldn't go unseen, not even for a second.
  7. Name: Isskar Thissil Alias: Sill | The Pitiful Shkei-Scavenger Age: Adult Sex: Female Race: Shkei Eye Color: Light Blue Body: Pear shaped Weight: Moderately Heavy Height: Around 6'0ft Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Appearance Isskar is a Shkei and like many of her fellow rats, she is coated in dark grey fur throughout her body, often short and covered in enough fur that her flesh beneath remains unseen, with it easy to mistake the majority of her fur for skin! Barely moving around except when under exceptional pressure, like a strong gust from a storm. The top of her head has thinner grey fur growing out from the top and much more densely packed, going straight down the sides of her face disturbingly like human hair, with more length on the right side of her head. Two sharp horns grow out from the back of her head behind behind her sharp grey ears, thick and sturdy and colored white like bone with little circling lines going up the horns. Her eyes are a light blue like shallow and clean ocean water, though still beady like a rat. Her torso and arms are toned and not notable in any sense of the word, averagely athletic. Further down are her wide hips and long legs, of which contribute to the most dangerous parts of her body; incredibly strong glutes, thighs, calves and feet, able to exert enough force in a leap to reach the top of a high fence with ease, or kick an opponent far enough to force them quite the distance away and dent weak armor. She also has a tail sticking out the back near the bottom of her spine. Also, her legs are bent- not exactly like a animal, not alike a human, standing on her toes with her heel pointing slightly upward. Clothing/Armor A cloak with a hood often hides her more apparent details- excluding the horns of course, those stick out the back of the hood through torn holes. Her torso is covered in a x-crossed cloth, with a ragged and baggy shirt more alike to a short tank top. A strand of sturdy leather for a belt is tightly kept around her waist with a wide loincloth going down to the bottom of her thighs, for both her front and back. From the bottom of her thigh, over the knees and to the middle of her calves are thin and folded layers of tight cloth. A less folded and more stretched out version of this tight cloth goes over her feet and ankles, like thin socks, with her toes exposed. All of this is in a muted and boring shades of brown, true tribal garb! Or medieval peasant clothing, though not so much of a fashion winner. Personality Distraught, a women without a tribe and absent of a goal, like a teenager in a angst-filled feeling misunderstood and underappreciated. Isskar Thissil isn't a likable woman, she isn't caring, motherly, or even useful to anyone- minus herself. She steals, schemes and blames, but never finds herself to be the core of the issue. Internal conflict is rife, with a spirit not all too sure and baffled often, however, both unfortunately and surprisingly she has a quite an apparent goal; decent living. Though never killing, Isskar is a regular thief of money and desires wealth and power out of an instinctual urge, further empowered by her lack of companionship in the world, constantly pushing her further and further into her criminal activities that keep the chance of redemption ever distant. The constant of greed is backed up by aggression if she feels as if rewards are meager, and quick to be in a combative attitude with others. A social Shkei, though currently lacking the competence to improve. A single inkling of innocence does seep through in rare occasions. An adoration for water and the ocean, surprisingly for a rat, though explainable given her life around Palgard's river. Abilities Agility and Flexibility: Urban centers or open plains, facing fences or hedges, concrete or tree bark, Isskar is capable of getting over and around quite a few things without breaking a bone. The strength she can put in a leap also assists greatly in shortening distance from location to location, or even to a unfortunate person. And with swiftness comes fragility, the ratwoman all too easy of a victim to sharp objects and blunt force. Biography Palgard. Its reputation and history speaks of innumerable possibilities of her past and what may have happened to her ancestors. Wherever they are now and if they're dead or alive isn't any concern of anyone- a rat is just another denizen of the anarchic city. Isskar has survived in Palgard for most of her life excluding early childhood, and lives regularly off of a diet that includes recently fished fish and if lucky, a lot of anything else. Every week she dives into the river at a minimum of four times, at most seven, with clean water and other food begrudgingly bartered or if confident, stolen, with the lethal consequence not having come down upon Isskar just yet, though given the lack of a bustling population its only a matter of time before her thievery is discovered and given rightful punishment. As that day comes closer the desperate Shkei gets even more daring in her plans, with the possibility of leaving the city all too likely. That, or someone very good at their job put a rightful end to her unhelpful nature, ending in death like many Skaven and Shkei before her.
  8. I love the amount of detail you put in your profile. 

    1. MedicalEye


      Thank you! I always end up with quite a few paragraphs of stuff when coming up with characters.

  9. @Twitterpated Absolutely! Sorry for the late response. I wouldn't mind any and all info, not only are you the first to offer and bad guys have to stick together, y'know? but I also just finished the character profile! So if you like the look of that, and info matches with character interests, we could plan things. Great things. Development things. @supernal Not to fill up your alerts with the another message, but thank you again. Being able to be creative with quests is exactly what I wanted to hear, gives a lot of breathing room for future ideas and further character involvement on the site. ...And here I thought it was somewhere else then Ashville. Well this is a good reminder to reread continent details and lore...
  10. MedicalEye


    Name: Zuruk Age: Adult (Years unknown) Sex: Male Race: Lizard Eye Color: Dark blue Weight: Exceptionally Heavy Height: 8 Feet Tall Alignment: Chaotic Evil Physical Appearance An incredibly large lizard, Zuruk has a similar shape and organs as a healthy athletic human, but stands at around 8'0ft tall. His upper torso is incredibly wide, with big shoulders and long arms, covered in long muscles that go throughout his body, flesh beneath his scales stretching regularly to contain the mass. Further down maintains the same details, though lacking the same width as his upper body which sharply goes into his rectangular abdomen. Each leg is bent slightly with his feet upright as if on his toes, with each foot having three sharp black claws for toes. His hands share these claws, each of hand having five clawed fingers. His head is shaped exactly as a lizard, with human-like eyes colored in blue, lacking any circles to differentiate the iris from the rest of the eye, except for the black dots that are his pupils. Horns also jut out from behind his head, one horn behind each eye, white like bone. The teeth within his maw are razor sharp and easily cut into meat and thick cloth with a long tongue hiding behind the teeth, which he'll regularly flick or make taunting and disturbing expressions with. The lizard man's scales are a dark crimson, the center of the torso downward is lit up with a hue of white, which easily becomes more red further from the center. He walks and has the body language of a victorious tribal, swinging his arms and confidently strutting around as to aggressively taunt and make any and all space his and his alone. In short; a ugly, tall and hideously brawny lizard beast that is more suited to fighting in the depths of the wilderness then doing literally anything else. A brute. Personality Eager to meet and competitive after a greet, living rough and fighting tough. Zuruk is simplistic in his desires; food, power, women, warm shelter and fame. Not that he would know what to do with it and not that he cares, the lizard is an embodiment of a barbarian. Thriving off the weak, taking joy in fighting the strong and drowning himself in his own self-empowered ego. Communication can be difficult as he lives for fighting and is careless of damage unlike someone with a conscious. Hostility isn't absolute however, and can be bargained with any of his desires, such as his lust for wealth and power. He also is incredibly loud and boisterous, on or off alcohol, though the difference seems nonexistent. Clothing/Armor The lizard wears minimal clothing, though he wears plentiful armor. A lamellar chest piece that stretches down to his waist and covering his shoulders, forearms, hands, thighs, knees and calves in leather padding all stitched and strapped together. Brown belt-like straps go across his body, going between sets of leather at the limbs and around his waist, most as a means of keeping his uniform together, though some are weighed by numerous small and large pouches for carrying. A loincloth also goes from a belt at the waist down to his knees, for both front and back. All of this is in shades of brown. Zuruk's Gun Like a miniature cannon. The wooden underside creaks under the weight of a large black cylinder, which ends in a small funnel-shaped tip at the end of the cylinder in it's center. A metallic grip jutting out from the opposite end with a trigger guard cutting into the wood, with a same wooden stock for the butt of the gun. A small, grey metal case is at the top of the cylinder, sliding back with every shot fired. The ammunition used is larger then a human finger, but duller then the typical military round, with the structure of the bullet built primarily on simply getting it out of the gun with gunpowder. Its dangerous in theory, but is built primarily on power over penetration, lacking the sharpness of a military round. The sheer force of it wont penetrate a intact tank, mech, suit of heavy armor, etc. But it causes a deep dent and given the size, knocking someone off their feet or render them unconscious if unlucky. In comparison to many other weapons used by many nations or made by gunsmiths, Zuruk's gun is a unimaginative, unreliable, makeshift and hideously designed, created for the two simple purposes; sound and death. It still poses a threat for anything at the receiving end and easily make dents into a wall with the blunt force of its primitive ammunition, but it can't do much else. Its too heavy to swing around easily, the bullets can't get far, the ammunition doesn't have any unique property except for size and given the makeshift nature of the gun it will easily jam. And if anyone smaller then him used it, there would be quite the struggle given the weight and kickback. Talents Claws: Sharp, deadly and more reliable then his gun. Can cause deep cuts to light slashes, or just outright tear someone apart given enough time and force. Clambering: While massive and heavy, Zuruk can lift himself up, crawl, roll, and move around with enough flexibility to catch more concealed prey. Though slow and very loud, making it less of a means of escape or getting through obstacles and more of him sign of him closing in on a potential victim. Amateur Gunsmith: Only able to make his specific gun and its ammunition, easily remade and replaced given the resources, something still being learned but never corrected given his simple mind. Durable: Given the sheer size, history and mass, strong and stubborn enough not to die, despite not learning much from his mistakes. Biography Through fog and valleys from lands gone or colonized, with a ever changing world and death and birth occurring over and over, Zuruk is another passerby of a violent breed. Where he is from is a mystery, why he is here is not, attracted by the simple pleasures of life like food, women, power and fame. Any reputation he may have (albeit likely little as his love for death) is negative and consistent with any other opinion. Where he houses can be clawed up, who he meets can be dead and those he enjoys are often dragged along before their subsequent demise. The traces of where he has been are as loud as a bell and more apparent then red paint on a white canvas. And seeing as he isn't all too bright in the bulb, where he came from may just remain another mystery.
  11. Thanks for the guide, been going in and out of there a lot myself. Was in a bit of panic a while ago with being unable to find the mild powers rule, good to see its here. I had thought of something very similar regarding the quests, so thanks again for the answer as well. I was actually curious if you could screw about with some of the established goals, ESPECIALLY since when working with a large group of people towards a singular goal (like getting a artifact, preventing something from being stolen, just making sure something doesn't get destroyed) it could be a good twist for someone to suddenly attempt betrayal towards the end of said thread/quest as long as those running the thread/quest agrees. Nothing like good ol' selfishness or double agents taking things for themselves. Keyword on attempt naturally. Turncoats never have a good life expectancy... And a last thanks lastly for the ability to actually knock things over. I know a town/city in Terrenus was knocked off the map and population ran off, right? Was curious if that could ever happen again, or if further civil warring could blow something up. Good to see there still is room for consequences! (And I'm perfectly aware of all the blowing up that just happened in Last Chance, prison breaches are great. Now if only they had paratroopers to go with that beach invasion and the D-Day comparison would be complete...) @Twitterpated So to find true villains in hiding, I press four? Who even works at these RP hotlines? @roboblu Its not angst! Its to have someone optimistically try to achieve something, then get scars and bruises in sudden failure, then grow out desperately long black hair while standing out in the...rain...in a equally black trench coat... ...Alright, maybe its some mild angst...Maybe its a lot of angst. (Side note: I actually really like writing wild and crazy characters over the anxious and fearful, despite my love for development via failure. Too many quiet people and not enough wolf-tussling alcohol-drinking fight-starting tribe-born hideous lookin' crazies from nowhere.)
  12. Been lurking here for a long while and reading up on lore in my spare time, something I've been doing on and off over the past few months. Finally mustered the courage and got character idea rolling. Anyway, I'm a long time roleplayer and been around different websites and mediums, like play-by-post the most though. Big fan of everyman underdogs or the dangerously antagonizing NPCs type and both kinds eventually getting their butts kicked for that sweet character development via failure, and I've been thinking a lot on doing the latter. But every plan goes fine until the first shot is fired, right? We'll see what happens. The world is certainly built on committing heroics (like the quests here) rather then hedonistic criminal elements and crazed banditry, so I'll keep writing up my ideas and keep reading and see if I can get something around the idea I want. If not, always have room for the atypical adventurous civilian from one of the continents and their many cities and towns. Oh, and have a good ol' time eventually blowing something insignificant up then facing the consequences undoubtedly building up character development with eloquent and awe-inspiring arcs that change their personality! Totally! With nothing blowing up at the end of those arcs, no sir, only good boys around here.
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