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  1. the Basics and background A son of what was once a small line know from producing soldiers, the story of Alar Hildel is that of getting second place. His older sister would end up as the better one, more skilled, more accurate in what she did. A prodigy. This made all his feats, whatever they were, small potatoes to his parents. That song, of almost being close enough but not quite, would sing for quite some more time, that changed when the now young man decided to leave and set out to make a name for himself. to come back to proud parents. must of his life until he had decided to leave. Description The sons and daughters of Hindel have always been blessed with strong amber eyes and dark brown hair. This, however, seems to have skipped on alar, who has sharp blue eyes, and a much lighter shade of brown hair. He is not extremely tall, but not short either. About 176cm, and a lean, agile build. Alar is a cheerful lad and hopes for the best as long as there is hope. He has set out to make a name for himself and pick up skills along the way. He is foolish and naive and knows very little about the rest of the world. Alar enjoys playing music and telling tales as well. Tricks of the trade Alar has picked up the way of the dagger on his travels, mixed with a bit hand to hand. This all adds up to an agile, but fragile, fighter. He also knows how to sing and play the lyre. Equipment Besides a trusty set com travel clothes, all Alar took with is some metal, a few books, 2 blades, a sleeping back, and a lyre. Or in sheet form: [BASICS] First name: Alar Surname: Hidel Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 23 [PHYSICAL] Eyes: sharp blue Complexion: paler than normal, but not to the point where it really stands out Height: 176cm Weight: 84kg Build: lean and agile Hair: a short light brown [MENTAL] Demeanour: hopeful and optimistic Hopes: to finally be embraced by his family, to make a name for himself Fears: the obscure, Magic Likes: the forest, the colour green, peace, pride Dislikes: Death, sadness, crime [GEAR] Travelling clothes Satchel Lyre Sleeping bag A Rope Books on wilderness survival [WEAPONS] Two blades, ornate but they work [STRENGTHS] Quick hits, creative thinking, speed and agility. [WEAKNESSES] Not quite skilled enough with a dagger for anything but the basic stuff Not the most durable [SKILLS] Dagger fighting Dual Wielding Lyre playing Singing
  2. Hello and thanks for checking out this random new guy. I am just rolled out of DnD, and all of this sounds awesome. So after rolling around the new player guide for a while, I decided to make an account and here we are. So yea, thanks for being there.
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