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  1. Lovecraft


    Hi, thank you! I actually haven't read much of his work but I love all the inspirations of it.
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    So, quick question, are we required to have a group roleplay for Level 3 Quests?
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    I dabble in each except for High Fantasy. I mostly reside in Modern Fantasy and a bit more rarely reside in Sci Fi Fantasy. I have. I have a vague idea of what I'm supposed to do there. I roleplay there to get used to roleplaying here in general, no? I watched the majority of the series, including that one. I guess where you stop is dependent on your taste of theme, given each arc gives Togashi's ideas upon a subject. Mafia for York New, MMOs and Video Games for Greed Island, and Politics for The Election. I basically skipped a good portion of the Chimera Ant arc. Idk why, but not having Hisoka in it probably contributed to some reason, but not complete. It just didn't click with me as well but I still liked the Royal Guards.
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    Eyoyoyoyoyo!!! The name's Lovecraft, y'hear! Just Love for short if you're running outta time~ Moving on, I am new to roleplaying on forums and I have no idea on how to start roleplaying here despite all the support of the guides (I get confused very easilyt) but I have been Roleplaying for over three years now! I am a Highschooler, I am in school with no phone about 9 hours a day, I like writing romances, quirky comedies, and battles. The latter, I specialize in writing.
  5. "What determines your worth is subjective, darling. As fickle as I may, I find a lot of things worthwhile and a lot of things not. Don't become the latter, or I will not be there when the time comes." Mars Name: "The name's Yvolte Gladon. Pronounced "Yeh-Vol-Tay" and "Glah-Done". Done, like I did your mom." Alias: "Some have taken the liking of calling me 'Mars' or 'Pluto', whatever that means. They also seem to have a little title for me-- 'Finest Warrior' or something along those lines." Age: "Really? How rude?" "I'm twenty-two... if you really needed to know." "Baka..." Race: "I'm something I like to call a Warson. "War" and "Son", bred and made for combat, baby. Not the brightest of childhoods knowing your an specified amalgamation of multiple species that were bred for war beforehand as well for generations but it was what I had and I was.... glad(?) to have it. It has its perks, enhanced strength, sturdiness, speed, reflexes, resistances, and never getting old looking or feeling although I'll still die due to old age. Of course, given my occupation, I put in some effort to make it go a little further..." Birthplace: "I honestly don't know actually.... I was born on the road after all. Me' parents didn't really keep track of where they were going relative to everything else.... Not to mention.. They didn't really keep track of me either, heheh." Occupation: "I'm muscle, brain, or anything really for hire as long as its not too out of the ordinary... Basically, I'm a merc, bud. However, I'm more like a secret agent for hire if you know what I mean..." Height & Weight: "Firstly, I'm 6'4 for all you ladies and gents. Secondly, once again, do you have to be so insensitive? Ugh, fine, I'm 230 lbs. Real heavy, I know." Appearance: "Of course, I am the handsomest-" I'll talk OOC in this one to avoid biased opinions- "Hey, what do you think you-" Yvolte is a tall, tanned, and, yes, fairly handsome man. He is noted to have sharp, feral eyes. Like most Warson's, the colors are mismatched with one being yellow and the other being red. However. it seems to only be noticeable in the dark as some kind of unique trait in his eyes refracts light in a unique way, causing his eyes to grey in bright areas. He is muscled and is far stronger than he looks due to his occupation and training. He is usually seen shirtless when he can be or heavily clothes if he wants to be contradictory-- like wearing a jacket in the desert. Personality: In summary, Yvolte has a childish persona. He tends to be very nonchalant about his duties and needed actions, but he will do them when they are due. As a Warson, life goes fast therefore he must dash to achieve his desires. Speaking of desires, he tends to be very impulsive. He doesn't particularly care for the hurt feelings of another, and is quite selfish. Like most of the Gladon line, he is somewhat sociopathic. He lacks empathy for others that are not a part of his circle of people. He is not concerned with being a good person, just wanting to provide support to those he likes or benefits him. He, however, has been shown to be unable to make great bonds due to his magic sacrificing his ability to feel certain things. Outwardly, he is a spontaneous, playful, and wise cracking individual. He is usually seen with a bored expression when hearing something that does not particularly peak his personal interest, and is vigorously excited when he encounters a person that may make his time worth it. He is also very eager to learn new things, even if those things are outside of his capability. Due to this, he has been noted as a very fast learner. Yvolte could be said to be amoral, having no real care as whether a person is good or bad, not reflecting it on himself. He believes that even the most pure can cause sadness, pain, and terror, and the most evil can give comfort and joy. With all the variables to a person's morality, he has basically giving up on determining if actions were good or bad and more focusing on whether it displeases, pleases, benefits, and hinders him in any particular way. He holds no religion at heart. He doesn't really like or dislike the thought of praising a higher being but he sure as hell ain't going to bow down to any of that stuff. He prefers believing in the art of self potential. He believes that we all have more strength in both physical, magical, emotional, and mental ways than we are lead to be. His abilities themselves are a testament to this. In spite of his childish nature, Yvolte has a side of him that is far more mature. He can be very observant, reserved, and unflinching depending on the situation. He can adapt easily to situations, as versatile as he body is, so is his mind after all. Yvolte, as expected of a Gladon Child, has a thirst for combat that is near sensual in nature. He has a love of the rush, the pain, and the destruction. However, it does not necessarily need to be combat. He lives for the moment, anything that gets his blood rushing will do. He has the tendency to play jokes on people even in the most dire of situations. Biography: "Can I talk now?" Well, if you promise to be truthful.. "Yay!" "I was of a strong line of warriors known as the Gladons that traveled the lands for no other reason that challenge. Warsons were usually bred illegally to be used as weapons of war in the past but in the Gladons, they could be free. Free but continued their original purpose. I found it funny in a contradicting way, but I understood it. The adrenaline was always quite fun to feel. I can't explain it in a way you people would understand. The best comparison is sex, for some odd reason. Pain becomes ecstasy, and blood becomes a fountain of nourishment, at least that is what I was always told before I fought for the first time. Then, I understood it. When I compare these two, they are still radically different to me but it is the closest I can get." "I was less of a child of my parents and was more the child of my people. In the Gladons, everyone was family. It got to the point where blood relations didn't matter. Whether he be your father or she your mother, it was expected that you wouldn't treat them any different than that one guy that sits by the tree and sleeps like a rock. Of course, we couldn't make friends with everyone so it was understood that we were closer to some and farther than others. My mother and father were those 'others', as I never really got close to them." "It was a fun childhood overall, although many of my friends died in combat. Death in combat is actually quite casual in our clan and is laughed off at some points. We still had tears to shed, but most of us never really shared them. Either way, they died doing what they love. They died satisfied with their life. I, however, didn't want this. I loved the rush, but I wanted more than the rush, more of a rush. I wanted adventure, to seek out challenges across all lands. Some of the prisoners we took warmed up to us some times. I listened to their stories of adventure, plunder, their battles and wars. The part where I was the deepest in the trance was when he discussed the stakes. If he or she were to fail, everyone else died, or the entire plan would fail. The cost of failure was high in the outside world. Here, in my clan, if you fail, you die a warriors death and you are honored, or someone else dies and they are honored." "So I figured to become a adventurer slash mercenary and get paid for it. The Gladons had no concept of money, we mostly took goods from the battles like guns and other weapons and survived off the land, but I had recently overheard things about the cities. I set off, leaving with no words other than a letter." "It took me three years, but I had adjusted fully into the life of a high class mercenary by then. I had also studied extensively upon multiple sciences, including but not limited to mechatronics, chemistry, engineering, neuroscience, and biology. I had mastered all of those arts in a span of months, with my enhanced intellect due to my magic allowing me to do so. I had also dabbled in multiple languages, and had my taste of anthropology and archeology." Abilities: Magic Supernatural Skill: His ability to learn skills are enhanced greatly by this passive magic. Be it physical or mental, he is able to learn these skills to mastery in mere moments and develop them to supernatural heights over the course of time and training. This also grants him absolute control over his body. The drawback is that his magic seems to effect his mental state negatively. He seems to be unable to develop bonds with people truly. He will always feel distant. However, there are instances where this is overrided. The needed circumstances are unverified but it surely rare. This does not effect his skill in Magic. The skills themselves are gained through magic but are not magical in nature, therefore does not use mana, or activate anything magical in nature. Negation or protection from magic does not hinder the skills gained. Enhanced Attributes: Due to his supernatural skill, he has developed a training method that had allowed him to attain greater strength, speed, coordination, muscle durability, endurance, reflexes, ect. This is even further enhanced by his Warson lineage. He could easily bear strikes that would kill the average or even superhuman individual and return with serious strength as well. Cutting Edge: A special technique he has developed which allows him to cut cleanly with his bear hands. He holds and tenses them straight and slashes. Like most of his techniques, it is unknown to people how he does it, but it happens. He also cannot explain it very well, and will start to sound like psuedoscience garble when he does. There is always something concerning Physical and Mental Chakras too. Enhanced Power: His striking speed and strength is even farther enhanced than his other attributes. Due to his enhanced body control, it has allowed him to tap into the higher potential of his muscles. He could use this to strike faster than he normally could. This is usually used sparingly, as overuse could damage his muscles. Mental Readings: In a thirty meter radius, he could sense the presence of enemies he knows of. This has something to do with the enhanced warrior mental ability in which experienced veterans can keep track of their enemies very well. Charge Strike: His most prominent ability is basically a really strong strike. Using some kind of unexplained technique and his enhanced power, he releases an attack even more powerful and can be quite explosive in nature. This, however, causes a great toll on his muscles. Dash: He can disappear for a brief moment and appear elsewhere in a distance of five meters. This is a silent dash too, making it also optimal for stealth. It seems to be exhausting for a moment but he can quickly recover from it. However, it seems that repeated use can lead to overexertion. Physical Enhancement: He is able to make his body stronger, faster, and more durable in combat. This can be used in conjunction with his abilities in Supernatural Skill to cause his hands to become a viable weapon for parrying very strong strikes and somehow even sharper or cause an even stronger explosion. Skills Olobo Art (Wolf's Feral Calmness) This is a fighting style developed by the Gladons which Yvolte has added onto. It features a wide array of close-combat techniques involving mainly swords, chains, bows, and various polearms. It is a versatile art that only a talented few could master, and one of great potential to develop. It's primary strength is the ability to always have a way out and a way in: being able to attack and dodge from any position. It is a graceful, agile art, that could pack a punch and is not shy to toss some people around. It is lacking in blocking techniques as it prefers to avoid or intercept attacks. It also has techniques revolving around guns but not as much. It resembles capoiera and Lucho Libre wrestling in terms of aesthetic but also features more traditional arts of combat. Supernatural Swordsman Supernatural Martial Artist Supernatural Polearm Master Supernatural Chain Combatant Supernatural Archer Master Gunslinger Intellectual Extremely Capable and Multi-faceted Scientist Anthropologist Highly Observant Extremely Intuitive Magical Arcane Sight & Smell: He has learned how to see and smell tendrils and aromas of magic. He has also learned how to supress his own. Mystic Arts Novice: He has researched a bit on a few symbols and languages that activate magic. Although certainly not the greatest, he is able to recognize what some basic enchantments could do as well as speak out the languages of magic roughly. He is not able to do them himself though. Miscellaneous Skilled Driver Skilled Horseman Polygot Stealth Expert Racial Enhanced Phsyiology: The standard set for the most part. Enhanced Strength, speed, reflexes, durability, resistances and a few others including low enhanced healing speed and highly enhanced healing effectivity which allows him to regenerate his muscles and bones after overexertion albeit over the course of a few days and not mid-battles. Lengthened Lifespan Youth Maintenance Water Ignorance: The Warsons have a unique trait that is both very helpful and very detrimental. To them, water behaves like air. They do not decelerate in water nor do they encounter any resistance. They are very fast as long as they have something to kick off. In short, they sink and they can walk, run, and do many other things underwater. They, however, still cannot breathe as well as technically having the inability to swim. Weaknesses: Absent Minded: He is very unfocused with many things and is very unorganized. Despite this, he is a great strategist but he can get so wrapped up in a strategy that he is more interested in the thought of it than the actual execution. Insensitivity: Yvolte is not a charismatic person and this is one of the reasons. As I had said, he has a childish persona and has trouble making connections. He has trouble accessing higher amounts of sympathy and understanding of another person and can result in him being very hypocritical. Swimming Incapability Craving Challenge: Yvolte, like so many of the Gladons, love a good challenge. A near impossible one? They'll savor it to the last seconds of the battle, be it end in victory or death. Yvolte believes in one's inner potential and if one doesn't push it, they will not develop. As of now, the rush is what he lives for. The rush is what he sees will kill him. So, in the end, he believes if he dies trying, it was simply inevitable. So, even if it is impossible, if it has notes of fun, he will try it. This obviously spells trouble. He really doesn't know when to give up. Overexertion: Like everyone else, his body can be overused. Although his stamina and endurance is superhuman, he has the option to go beyond his body's mental limiter which results in his Enhanced Power. However, there is a reason why the limiter is there. It is to prevent one from damaging their own body, particularly the muscles and bones. This could temporarily weaken him for days, or even put him out of the battlefield for months. It depends on how much he pushed himself. High Cost Body: Yvolte's body requires a lot of intake to keep at its level especially because of his unique style of training. Equipment: Kaos & Athna Kaos and Athna are 40 cm blades with axe handles instead of a crossguard that are chained to his forearms. They weigh approximately seventy kilograms each and have a energy field surrounding them that allows it to cut deeper and better when activated. This, normally, would be near impossible to use for normal people or even superhumans due to its weight and overall style. Yvolte, however, makes it look like a walk in the park. Mana Pistol This pistol concentrates his energy and releases it. The power of said release depends on how much he plans to put in. The release is always silent for normal use. However, there is a limit and it will start to make sounds then. After that, there is the limit of power, where it'll start to overheat and then, if continued, explode. Giga Gauntlets These gauntlets, weigh approximately twenty kilograms, enhance his strength further. Not only that, they have a reel back action that can be released when he punches, allowing him to pound his enemies with great power. Notable Quotes: "I don't have an affinity for the dead, really. I don't like to play with broken toys." "Call me a sinner but you'll never see me regretting my omission of repentance." "Nothing ever so pure than our gentle miseries; Nothing as faultless as our sweet sins." "Hey, hey, hey! Did'ya really think that would work? Hah!" "I've been living heaven, leaving all the pain..." PREVIOUS THREADS: None for the moment
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