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  1. Witches Brew

    Pride and Larceny

    It wasn’t hard to think of a few reasons why the Royal Fae weren’t fond of the Thief, her title said it all. She felt her shirt fall loose, and she simply slid the ruined fabric from her arms, and dropped it aside. She used the cloak to cover her front, her torso now only clad with a crudely made brassiere. She attempted to make her own clothes once, it didn’t go well for her. She was going to buy a proper one from the seamstress she knew a few trees down, but that was going to have to wait now. The cold water felt amazing on her skin, and she shivered as the heat was leeched from her skin. She hung her hair over her face, so that the tense fae couldn’t see her pain as scans were jostled loose, some new blood dripping down her back with the water, though not as plentiful as before. A good sign. She expected the fae to joke, to relieve tension that hung in the air like a heavy fog, but she did not. “Are you alright?” Rashvana asked, turning her head to look at her companion. Her mismatched eyes looked sad, and she didn’t understand why. Or perhaps she did understand, but she didn’t want to acknowledge it. She watched as the fae reached for the bandages, and she sighed softly. “Tell me what ails you Iridia. Are you okay?” She probably felt guilty, but she wouldn’t let her. This was no fault of hers. That belonged to Vox and her merry gang of toned thugs. Savages the lot of them.
  2. I leave for one hour to play the Sims and I have 76ish replies to return to You guys don't fuck around lmfao
  3. She’s gonna be the most popular, or at least the most curious one there after that lol
  4. If she's anything like her Aunt Vesper she's gonna try to sneak out to see her ❤️
  5. I cannot find the link I swear, I must be looking in the wrong place.
  6. Okay- So in the Dali topic, @roboblu mentioned an Apprenticeship over at the Tankred house, and I think that's actually a cool idea for Merida, maybe not right now of course, but once things get settled, it may eventually lead up to an alliance, or maybe a marriage lmfao Let me know what you think~
  7. Witches Brew

    A Silver Ticket Gamble

    Ji-woo smiled, and she nodded. "I'm glad you think so." She said, and she laced her fingers together, putting her hands on the table. She squirmed in her seat, making herself more comfortable. "So you're saying that I'm the only one interested in the job so far? That's a bit strange, with this, as you said, leading up to more opportunities down the line, one would think more would hop on this." She said, a brow raised in confusion. "Well, I'll stick around town for a few more days, I think I can get a place at an Inn, and I'm sure I won't be so hard to find." She agreed, and she giggled at this. She was usually hard to find, but she could feel the aura around this goblin, and his eyes shone, making her think that he might have some tricks up his sleeve. Yes they were going to get along very well together. She felt something strange radiating in the imp's pocket, and it made her curious to what it was. She didn't take the man for a magick user, but everyone has surprises, she certainly does. She pulled a few silver pieces from a purse she had under her skirt, and she laid them on the table, paying for the meal the imp so ravishingly consumed. "I suppose we'll be in touch." She said softly, a smirk spreading across her lips. She stood then, and smoothed down the soft white fabric of her dress, and she smiled down at the imp. "Oh, I suppose I should tell you my name. It's Ji-woo." She said, and she extended her hand for him to take.
  8. Witches Brew

    Pride and Larceny

    Once again she got lost in Iridia's smile, her worries seemed to melt away, she opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly that smile was gone, and worry was plastered all over the heavenly sprite's features. She didn't have a fever, did she? Her skin felt hot, and she was clammy, but she figured that was from her dream, not a fever. Was she wrong? Suddenly, the fae's face was right up in hers, their skin was touching. When their noses touched, her breath hitched, and her eyes went wide. Her face darkened, and she felt extremly lightheaded. Oh my god, this is what happened in her dream, right before.. She couldn't think about it. "Don't worry so much about me." She said softly, staring into those mismatched eyes she could never get tired of. When she started to clean her wounds however, she hissed in pain, trying not to worry the fae even more. When the girl mentioned that she could have been killed, extreme concern crossed Rashvana's face. She grabbed Iridia's hand quickly. "What do you mean, you could be killed? Why would they want to kill you?" She asked, her eyebrows furrowed together, and anger sparked in her eyes. She wouldn't let anyone kill Iridia, she just wouldn't.
  9. Witches Brew

    Pride and Larceny

    They were laying in bed, Iridia's foot was rubbing against her cool, smooth leg, her skin tingling by her touch. Rashvana giggled, and she slowly opened her eyes to see the tanned fae laying beside her. She could only see her from the neck up, but she knew the fae's hand was holding hers. "Good Morning Snowstorm." She said, a smile on her lips. Rashvana snuggled closer to the fae, and she brushed her nose against the other fae's, their hands squeezed together gently. "Good morning Sunflower.." She would say. Iridia's hand broke away from hers to caress her bare back, and down towards her rear, then move to her thighs. Her warm touch made her shiver, and her lips gently parted. Iridia leaned closer to her, and bit her bottom lip, hard enough to sting, but gentle enough to not break skin. Their lips crashed together and the smaller fae climbed on top of her. Her toned arms formed a wall around her, trapping her underneath. Rashvana took in the sight of the sprite's tanned naked skin, her small supple breasts, and her playful expression. The fae's soft lips started at her own, and then traveled down her neck, her shoulders, and her pale soft breasts, trailing down towards her stomach, and then the inside of her milky white thighs. Playful nips from the tanned fae made her giggle, her teeth gently leaving impressions on her skin. She felt warm, a feeling she wasn't used too, her chest filling with love for the Earthy Sprite laying kisses everywhere. "Let me steal something else from you.." She would say softly, and Rashvana couldn't speak, she nodded, giving her consent. As the fae disappeared under the covers, the dream she so desperately wanted to stay in shattered. She awoke with a jolt, her eyes flying open as she heard the soft muffled clatter of metal. The illusion gone, Rashvana took a moment to recover from the steamy fantasy, and she blinked a few times so that her vision would focus. She found that a black cloak was laid around her, and she smiled upon seeing the blueberries at her side. She picked one up silently, and her hands started to frost it, making the fruit chilled on the outside, seeping past the skin. She looked up, and noticed Iridia, the fae she saw in her dream. She blushed hard, the images rushing to her head. She shook them away, not wanting to look flustered in front of the tanned girl, and she cleared her throat. "You're back so soon, I'm glad." She said softly, her voice soft with sleep. She rubbed one of her eyes gently, and yawned. "Did you find everything you needed?"
  10. Witches Brew

    Pride and Larceny

    Once Iridia left, the pale fae fell to her knees, and she pressed herself up against the cool metal, breathing heavily. She didn't want the sweet thief to see her in so much pain, though it must have been obvious. Her hand went to her chest, and she gritted her teeth. She let out a low hiss, and focused some power into her hands. She used her free hand to use frost to apply to her wounds, using the ice and snowy substance to pack her wounds. This hurt a lot, but she needed to do it. Her skin wouldn't blister from the cold, it was just the exposed flesh was raw and burning, so the cool sting was welcomed by the winter fae. As she continued to work, she felt some of the pain fleeting, the numbness of the cold helping her. She let out a low sigh, and her face relaxed. Snow Angel...Sweetness....Snowstorm... The nicknames the sweet sprite had given her rang in her head, and she giggled at the thought, and she slumped up against the side of the tower, careful of her wing. "Sun drop..." That one wasn't so bad. "Honey Dew..?" She questioned, not sure about that one as much. "Hmmm... Sunflower." She liked that one quite a bit. "Little Lily." She tried. "No, that makes her sound like a child." She said, drawing her mind away for a moment. She continued to think of petnames she could give the short fae, finding inspiration in her nature drawing ability, and her sneaky thief abilities. Her face popped up in her head, and she closed her eyes, wanting to only focus on the sprite. "My little sneak thief.." She put her hand over her heart now, for a different reason. Her heart was beating so fast, and her cheeks were a deep red. "Mine.." She said. She yawned, her head feeling heavy. The relief from her wounds was now making exhaustion wash over her once again, plus all the emotions she had felt in the past twenty minutes didn't help either. She didn't understand why she was so emotional, but perhaps Iridia was making her feel this way. Perhaps the little sprite was causing her emotions to go haywire, unable to be controlled. She didn't mind much, but what would happen to her reputation if anyone heard about this? The Icy Mechanic with the troubled past, now a Mushy Puddle of Melted Snow thanks to one warm, tanned Sprite. She sighed. This was so different. Maybe, maybe the sprite would move in with her? Help her run the shop while she recovered? The thought of the tanned sprite with oil and grease on her cheeks, wearing a little leather apron and a cute dress underneath made her smile wide, and she brought her hands to her face as if to cover her embarrassment. Her hair up in a ponytail, with her mismatched eyes sparkling as customers came inside, managing to convince the unlucky fae to trade for something better, or to cough up more payment with her persuasive tendencies... She then thought of the two laying beside each other in the large bed she had in the corner of the back room, huddled together under a blanket, their limbs intertwined. Her hands in her soft hair, their noses touching... Rashvana squeezed her knees together, and she squirmed, the thought making her excited. What a dream she would have as she fell asleep, waiting for the Thief's return. She was no longer the thief of her gauntlet, but the thief that managed to steal her heart.
  11. Witches Brew

    Pride and Larceny

    "Sunset Way?" Rashvana furrowed her brows. "I haven't been here, in a long time.." She said softly, she barely remembered the last time she was here. She was a child, her parents used to live here. Her parents were murdered just outside this city. She shook the feeling off, and looked to the beautiful sprite before her. "I can't help but worry about you anyway, you must be exhausted." She said, and she placed her hand on the sprite's face. Her face reminded her of home, how earthy her skin tone was, how bright and sparkly her eyes were, her cute, cuuute little button nose. She felt like she could get lost in her face, and it made her melt just to think about it. How she worshiped that face.. "Blueberries sound great!" Her face lit up at the thought of her favorite fruit. Her all time favorite fruit was pomegranate, but blueberries were a close second. She loved how tart and sweet they were at the same time, and they tasted even better slightly frozen. She laughed at the mention of the pocket watch, and she shook her head. "No more pocket watches, but if it's possible, could you grab me a cloak, or a blanket? Something to cover my back with." She said. Her exposed back was now scabbing, and the wounds pulsed with heat and pain. If she didn't get them treated soon, they could get infected, and that's a whole different monster. "Just..just be safe out there." She said, her hand slowly dropping from the fae's face, her thumb brushing against her lips as it fell.
  12. Witches Brew

    Pride and Larceny

    Rashvana looked at the face Iridia was making, she was so cute when she was confused. She wiped some sweat from her forehead, and gasped a bit as she was gingerly plucked from her feet. What a nuisance she must be right now, it made her feel awful. She knew how tired the sprite was, but she couldn’t contain a deep red blush that spread over her cheeks and ears. She clung on, her head resting under the others chin, and she could hear the thrumming of Iridia’s heart from her chest. It felt nice to hear it, and she smiled once again. Upon entering the bell tower, she felt almost instant relief. She let out a low breath as her bare feet touched the metal floor. She looked to the fae as she spoke. “Will you be alright? Out there on your own?” She asked her, clearly worried. “What if you get lost? We don’t know where we are.” She said, and she looked around, hearing the harsh ticking of the clocks, made it feel more like a strange environment. However it was better than being outside for sure. “Be careful at least.” She said.