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  1. Witches Brew

    Pride and Larceny

    Rashvana felt a bit worried at the thought of being carried. She was heavier, and taller than the winter girl who fluttered around anxiously gathering materials. She wanted to help her, ease some of her burden, but every step stung, and each time she tried to flutter her wings, it was complete agony. She walked forward anyways, wanting to help Iridia in anyway she could. She tried to hide the pain she felt in each step, but stopped as she found the girl was suddenly in front of her. She flinched slightly, not used to being so slow. As Iridia hovered above her, she felt the cloak around her shoulders, and she smiled gratefully, "Oh, thank you." She said softly, loving the chill she felt tingle down her spine. This felt homey to her, and she loved it. The sharp stabs of chilly air piercing her skin, made her forget about the pain for a while. As Iridia held her arms out, she shifted nervously on her feet. "Are you sure you're rested enough? We can wait, I don't want you to feel rushed." She said, her voice cracking from the anxiety she felt welling up in her chest. She didn't know why she felt this way, but the thought of Iridia's tanned arms around her made her stomach feel fluttery. Like when a child flew for the first time on their own, at least, that's how she remembered it.
  2. I’m sure House Dali won’t be huge fans of the Uldwars either way.
  3. Witches Brew

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    I’m excited for the maze!
  4. Spanish homework is so hard TT^TT

  5. Witches Brew

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    Thank you very much! ❤️
  6. I think it would be fun, I’m down for this is everyone else is. Seeing the twins try to worm their way in and seeing Hali’s reaction to their ‘rescue’ would be interesting indeed.
  7. Witches Brew

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    @Ataraxy I know it’s a little late, but could we get Merida into the maze also? I’m sorry
  8. Witches Brew

    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    The arrival of Marik Cayne seemed to brighten Evie’s spirits, she could feel the tension in the air floating away, and she was grateful for it. Her cousin was the one who worked the hardest for this ball, and she deserved to have fun. All this Uldwar buisness seemed to dampen her cousin’s cheerful demeanor, and it broke Merida’s heart. She wanted so much for Evieene to have fun, and she would give up her dance with Alistair if it meant she could. She clutched her cane tightly as she awaited Alistair’s response, her heart beating louder than it ever has before. What if he didn’t like her? What if her nervousness threw him off? Her mind filled with more what if’s, all of them going to darker and darker places. Nothing prepared her for his actual answer. “A-ah certainly!” Her heart swelled, and a bright smile took over her face. Excitement broke through, chipping away at the nervousness that ate away at her core. This was to be her first dance with anyone other than her Governess. Greta always told her, “A lady who can’t dance properly has no use in court, for a lady who can’t dance will never find a husband.” Merida always thought that being a Lady seemed silly then, if her only use was getting married and dancing. However in this moment she has never been more excited to dance. She passed her cane off to a servant boy, who seemed confused as he juggled his tray of cakes and cider. He looked around, seeing if he could pass it off to anyone, lean it against anything. He sighed deeply, and stood still, awaiting the lady to return. When Alistair took her small hand in his, it really started to settle in. Her hand was being held, and it was gentle. His hands didn’t feel at all like her Aunt Vesper’s, they were rough and calloused. Or her cousin Evie’s, who’s fingers were long and slender, with tough fingertips from embroidering by hand. His were soft, and large, it seemed he could fit the world in the palm of his hand. He led her out gently to the dance floor, the music from the quartet filling her ears. “You know, I’m not a lord.” He said. “Is that okay?” He places a hand on her hip, and she felt the blush on her face deepen, mostly out of embarrassment. “I’m sorry!” She said, her blind eyes gazing up at his face, just nearly making out the shadow of his figure, thanks to the bright lighting. “I-I know you’re not a lord, I-it just seemed difficult to tell apart, you’re so much more well mannered than some other Lords I’ve met, it seemed you just had to be one.” She stammered, making sure not to step on his toes while they gently swirled around the dance floor. “I apologize if I have offended you, Mister Mosgrove.” She said softly. As their dance continued, she felt more comfortable with Alistair. His hand on her waist, and the other in her own, she felt like it was supposed to be there. It seemed as if they were the only ones out there. She’s never felt this before. “So people often swoop upon you at balls, Lady Merida? It’s just...I-I always thought swooping was bad.” Merida couldn’t help but giggle. “No, Mister Alistair, this is my first ball, and I don’t believe swooping is customarily common. So yes, it is bad.” She giggled again. “Swooping is bad.” @KittyvonCupcake @vielle @LikelyMissFortune
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    House Dali chatter

    Biazo I believe
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    House Dali chatter

    Okay, wicked! I’ll throw up a hub post after the ball sometime.
  11. Witches Brew

    House Dali chatter

    That should be fun! But I think I’ll just stick with the vineyard. By by the way, are we making that a hub or? What’s going on with that?
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    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    No Tyler, I don’t think I would want it any other way lmfao
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    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    “Happy Reviere, courtesy of the Uldwar family” im loving this tbh
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    Miss Dahlia Chamelis was simply charming, she could see why her cousin adored her and her tea house. The buisness must be thriving, if enough coin was made to commission Evieene Goldcourt, designs by her dearest cousin shan’t be cheap. She was finally starting to relax up until the point where Miss Dahlia invited her to come visit the tea house, where her cheeks reddened, and she smiled brightly. “I would very much like to visit you all very soon.” She felt honored that Miss Dahlia and her staff would welcome her into their establishment. They were all quite lovely, and perhaps her Aunt would be the one to accompany her, or perhaps the Young Lord Mosgrove would be her chaperone instead? No, she hardly knew him. He wouldn’t want to accompany her anywhere after tonight, surely. Speaking of Alistair Mosgrove, Merida nearly jumped out of her skin as the he returned, his velvety voice filling her ears. She smiled at him, the blush deepening, settling into her skin. ‘If I am to keep being like this, the blush shall surely become permanent, and my face shall forever be as red as my hair.’ She thought to herself. This was not a thing she could fix with a simple magick trick, that was for sure. She could not answer Alistair’s question. She did not know for certain where the Young Lord ran off too, and before she could answer, her Aunt and Cousin returned. The tension lurking heavily behind Alistair had relaxed, but she could sense that it had now taken hold in her family memebers. Her aunt and cousin put up fronts, masks so that their true feelings could not be seen. But she knew. Something was bothering them. Her Aunt disappeared as quickly as she had arrived, and her quick quip about herself and Alistair made her knees want to buckle. A dance? After all that had happened? She surely was unsure, but if her partner was willing, she’s certainly wouldn’t mind feeling his large soft hands against hers once more. She was about to suggest a dance, when she heard liquid slosh against the ground, dangerously close to Evie, and she heard the voice of another man. Marik Cayne. Upon her introduction, she dipped her head and gave a slight curtsy, and once she straightened up, she smiled. “Greetings Mr. Cayne. “ she said softly, and once again, the mentions of dancing were up in the air. She wasn’t sure if she could do it, but her cousin and Aunt seemed determined, and she mustn’t let anyone down. Instead of backing down like she always did, she cleared her throat. “U-um! Lord Mosgrove..! Would you h-honor me, with a dance?” She squeaked. That had not gone as she wanted, but the words did escape her lips, which was an achievement on their own. @vielle @LikelyMissFortune @KittyvonCupcake @Ataraxy
  15. Witches Brew

    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    Merida shuffled her feet nervously, but her head picked up slightly as Miss Dahlia’s sweet voice rang in her ears. She smiled, happy at the question. All the sudden interest in her work made her feel more relaxed, speaking of something she knew quite a bit about made this seem less scary in the long run. “Crops? Oh very little. I’m still an apprentice, so all my work currently is merely for practice. My mother however is Court Magnus, and she is skilled beyond whatever I could hope to accomplish.” She said. “But I have taken on a project for the family, my cousin Amplos and I are working on restoring one of the old family Vineyards. Hopefully working under him for a time will help further along my studies.” She said with a sweet smile. “What about you, Miss Dahlia? How’s your tea house? I’ve never been, but Evienne simply loves you and your staff.” She said, and the turns to Luis as he speaks, expressing that he was to take his leave. “Oh, it was very nice meeting you Lord Uldwar!” She called after him, wondering what could have possibly happened to make the young lord rush away so quickly. Had she talked too much about her work without asking about his own? She had no talent for social events it seemed. @Grubbistch @vielle