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  1. I bought one of his wallets for my Dad for Christmas, and I can confirm, it’s a quality product. He does a really good job!
  2. Alright so, I am really feeling the itch to write, so if anyone’s interested, hit me up! I’ll have internet for the next two weeks! 

    1. princeben07


      Something to work on right now!! I have something FOR you if you're interested. I'll send the info RIGHT over!!!



  3. Okie dokie peoples, I know I’ve been absent, and I’m super sorry about that. 

    but good news, I just moved out of state and I’m finally getting settled, and I start a new job today, so I should be back in the fray soon! 

  4. It’s been so hot and miserable, and with packing for the move and work being so busy, I am so sorry I haven’t posted. I’m planning on posting sometime tomorrow after work. 

    hopefully the air conditioning gets fixed soon so I can give this 90 degree weather the middle finger 

  5. - The Courtyard.- "Dearest sister, did you see? There was strapping young man just there! Ripe for talking!" Farah said, gesturing towards a nervous looking knight who seemed to scurry across the courtyard, looking pale and rather scared. Perhaps he headed towards the bar? He brought his arm back to his side, and looked at his twin sister, who seemed like she was trying to hide the fact that she had seen the man he was speaking of. "Farah, calm down." Mahariel said softly, almost a hiss, and she yanked on her brother's sleeve. "You don't need to be so loud, or so obvious!" She said, and she turned her body slightly to the side, away from him. "Oh Mahariel, you wound me. Listen, I told Mother that you wouldn't be a wallflower tonight, how often is it that you get to go to an event such as this?" He asked her, taking her hands in his, and making her stand, her skirts now falling to her feet, forming a pool of fabric on the ground, it rustling as it hits the grass. Before she could answer, he did for her. "Not very often, now if you're to find a husband one day, you need to be more sociable, not all men are as understanding as I am." He said. "You can't wait until the Queen's baby grows up and get married themself, to have this type of experience again." "Why must must you be so concerned about who I marry? What if I marry at all?" She asked, raising a dark, arched brow at the identical face in front of her. "What if I should become a spinster, and live in the forest, to haunt the estate for all time?" She said, joking slightly. Of course she wanted to marry someday, her brother must've seen her face as they watched Queen Varda walk down the aisle to her betrothed. Her face had been putty, and her heart ached with jealousy. "As your older brother, I have taken an oath since birth to protect and look after you, come on Mahariel, we've talked about this." He said, and he patted his sister's hands. "Now would it be so difficult to just, put yourself out there? Go talk to the young man, maybe you'll like him." Farah was worried about his sister. His sister becoming a spinster, rotting away in the woods with her plant magick, and that weird bird that hangs around her all the time. "I-" Mahariel was about to protest, and she let out a sigh of defeat. Her brother always knew how to make her feel guilty. "Alright, I will attempt to speak to the young man." Her brother's face glistened, and his lips split to form his goofy grin he always sported. "I think I saw him heading towards the bar, I'll escort you, and if he should be some sort of ruffian, I'll protect you." @Twitterpated
  6. - Courtyard- "Well that was a lovely ceremony, don't you think?" Farah leaned towards his sister, his arms crossed across his chest. He felt uncomfortable in his suit, he wasn't used to wearing it for so long. He did look good, though. He looked at his sister, who looked genuinely uncomfortable. He sat next to her on the bench, and sighed. "You know, this is your chance, to meet people, did you know that?" He smirked, and nudged her gently, only to get a gentle slap to the shoulder. "I don't want to meet anyone, Farah. We're just going to sit here, until we've been here an appropriate amount of time, and then we can go home, and tell Mother, that the Queen liked our salad bowl, and the new fruit tree sapling we gave her." Mahariel sighed, and she picked at her skirts. "If you want to go meet some women, go right ahead, I'll be right here, waiting for you to get rejected." She turned to her brother, and she smiled, her eyes glittering with mischief. "Oh, dearest sister, you are so rude." Farah laughed, and he patted his sisters face gently. "Come on, just think about how proud Mother would be if you, you of all people, met someone? And oh! I don't know, if you made a friend?" He gasped, grinning at her. Mahariel rolled her eyes, and she swept her foot over quickly, knocking him in the ankle. "Ow! How unladylike of you, Lady Mahariel!" Farah laughed, and he leaned back against the wall, and he put his arm around his sister, and pulled her in close. "Yeah, I knew it was a long shot. Well, at least we got to see the Queen get married and we ate a lot of food. Don't tell Mother but, I put some meat in the pocket of my vest for Edgar, when we get home." "Oh ew! You put hot meat in your breast pocket for your wolf?" Mahariel said, and she pushed her brother away, a soft smile on her face. "You're disgusting!"
  7. So many new faces, so many hands, so much touching! There was so much going on, and so quickly, she was overwhelmed. She didn't know this woman, and yet she ended up in her lap, with her hands entangled with her own. She could still feel this woman's lips on her arm, and on the top of her hand. What was going on here? She knew she wasn't strong enough to struggle against this woman, and she didn't know how to voice her discomfort, so she just sat there, blinking up at the other woman, hoping that she would help her out. She had no idea how to answer the woman's question. A name? What's a name? What was her name? Did everyone have a name? She wasn't sure. She opened her mouth to speak, but quickly closed it. She thought hard about how to respond, and her nose scrunched slightly as she thought. "N..o." She said finally. "No." The word came out fluidly the second time she said it, like her tongue had remembered suddenly how it was supposed to move to form the word she wanted to say. She looked back and forth between the two of them, and raised an eyebrow. She squirmed uncomfortably in Pink's lap, and she tugged slightly on her hands to untangle them free.
  8. Having a rough couple of days, so posts might be delayed from me. I’m so sorry 

    1. vielle


      No rush; take care of yourself first! We'll be waiting happily for you to get back. 💖

    2. Malintzin


      I hope things get better for you!

  9. Suppose Merida should come back into play then, huh? 

    I’ve neglected her for too long 

  10. The water was suffocating. The waves were strong, it was nearly impossible to keep up her head above the water, no matter how hard she fought. Her head just wouldn't stay above water. The sky rumbled, and it tore open with thunder and sheets of rain pelted the salted water. Thunder clapped high above the clouds, and the water dragged her down, deeper and deeper. Her chest was on fire, her hands grasping at her throat. It burned, how was she to know it would hurt this much? As her lungs screamed, she was battered down towards the bottom. It was cold, she didn't think it could be this cold. However, the cold didn't bother her as much as the burning she felt. Her legs were getting tired, as were her arms. They were heavy, oh so heavy. It was like lead. Suddenly, the burning stopped, and she opened her mouth, one last bubble of air escaped, it was so dark, she couldn't see anything. Her body relaxed, and her eyes slowly closing as she gave her body to the sea. That's the only thing she remembers. She woke up, not sure when she did, but she eventually awoke. When she lifted her head head, she was on the beach, surrounded by white sand. It was warm, and it felt gritty between her fingers. She lifted herself into a sitting position, her hair shifting in front of her eyes, and settling across her breasts. She wasn't scared, instead, she felt strangely calm, and relaxed. Like something deep within her was saying she was safe here, and that she'd be found soon. She sat and waited there, her head whipping around at any sound coming from the jungle ahead of her. She waited, and waited, and then, she finally heard a voice. Voices? She wasn't sure. Two of them emerged from the treeline. They're both beautiful, oh so very beautiful. One of them was small, yet her face was captivating to look at. She had pink flowers in her hair, and her dress was so tight against her body, it was like a second skin. The other, her hair was lighter, and she was taller. She was also unbelievably gorgeous. Who were they? Were they here for her? She watched as they started to walk towards her, but the shorter one stopped. Was she the wrong one? Was she not the one they were expecting? Sadness crept into her chest as her thoughts swirled in her head, and her eyes lowered back towards the sand. Then, she heard the melodic voice of one of the women, and her eyes darted back up. The shorter one was there, smiling down at her, with her hand extended. What was she doing? Did she want her to take it? Her head was so fuzzy, she wasn't sure what to do. Slowly, her hand lifted, and she placed her hand in hers. She spoke to her then, her voice was beautiful, like even when she spoke it was a song, just dripping with honey and lace. She didn't know her either, but that was alright. She was warm, and it felt right. They were supposed to meet. @vielle @Shatter
  11. Art by: Pedro R. "ElectroCereal" on Twitter Name: ??? Age: It's been mere hours since she washed up on the beach Race: Siren; Faeborn Height: 5'4" Weight: 95 lbs Eyes: Milky Blue Hair: Long, thick, a gradient from dark blue to light blue Skin: Blue, edging towards indigo at her extremities, with light freckles dotting across her face and shoulders. A Clean Slate, Wiped Clean Waking up on the sandy beaches, she has no idea who she is, but she knows she belongs there. The smell of the salted sea, the feel of the sand between her toes, and those who surround her, it's comforting. She may not know much, but she knows she's home.
  12. You already know I’m interested, I’ll get working on my character sheet tonight to send to ya later! ❤️
  13. Art by: Michelle Tolo on Reddit Name: Farah Marin Age: 19 Race: Half Elf Son of Lady Paloma Marin of House Cardona Twin Brother to Mahariel Marin Only son and Heir Farah is the only son to Lady Paloma and his deceased father, he is the heir to the title, as he is only minutes older than his younger sister. He's stronger, active, and boisterous. He loves a good party, and is always wanting to mess around. He's very protective of his sister and his mother, and he will do anything for them. If he's not in the woods, he's in the kitchens, raiding the larder. He's never touched a sword, but he's proficient with a bow. Because of his elven blood, he has an affinity for animals, and he is often seen being trailed by a large wolf. Art by: unknown artist, can't find her anywhere Name: Mahariel Marin Age: 19 Race: Half elf Daughter of Lady Paloma Marin Twin Sister to Farah Marin Unlike her brother, Mahariel is a bit more reserved. Though she is skilled in archery, her passions are found in libraries, researching and practicing her magic. She's a druid, finding herself at peace with plants and animals. She has a sweet tooth, and has more interest in animals than people. She's not as strong as her brother is, and she almost depends on him for everything and anything. (More to come)
  14. Is it possible to cut your finger open with a pressure washer? Asking for a friend 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Houndy Poochykins

      Houndy Poochykins

      They spray at 3500psi. 


    3. Praetorian


      For a more technically correct answer, they don't really cut. Pressure washers, with enough pressure and a small enough focal point can puncture concrete. You can in theory, sign your name into a sidewalk with one.

      Keeping that in mind, they can definitely remove skin and muscle from bone.

      I would also suspect that they can introduce atmospheric gases into your body and potentially cause an embolism under the right conditions, but this seems unlikely.

      Anyway I guess the distinction that I'm trying to make is that the damage they do is probably more like a grinding wheel or a needle gun, and not like a knife or sharp object. Whatever wound they cause should be comparatively messy. 

    4. Velindrel


      If you can get super paper cuts that like bleed out like that...yes you can get cut on virtually any surface.  I wanna point out too there are people who are more prone to getting cut on whatever surface imperfections anyway.  But yeah I've had some crazy paper cuts myself.  I had a run in with an evil stapler one time still don't know how it stapled me..


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