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  1. While she waited for the tea, she ran her finger across a complaint filed while she was, "away". Some equipment was damaged, and needed to be replaced. New gloves needed to be ordered for the farm hands, and one of the harvesters was ill. She'd need to find a replacement. Now that the place was actually up and running, Merida needed to familiarize herself with operations and staff. Now she just had to figure out where the hell she could find a large granite slab thick enough to squeeze juice from the grapes, but not so thick as to break anymore equipment. Alice entered silently, and she set up the tea set on the desk, moving papers away, so that if and when Merida spilled any tea, they wouldn't get ruined. Merida did not look up from her list as the tea was set up, but once Alice moved to pour it, Merida looked up, and she grabbed Alice's hand with her good one. "That won't be necessary Alice, I've got it." The woman blinked, and she pulled her hand back as Merida released her. "I apologize my Lady, enjoy your tea." She said, backing away, almost bumping into the visitor at the door. The woman said an apology under her breath, and left the Spidervalley girl in her office, alone. Merida reached for the tea pot as she heard a knock at the door, her hand falling down onto the desk. "Delmira Goldcourt? I don't believe we've met before." Merida said, her back rigid as heard the woman's unfamiliar voice. However, it was the woman's surname that caused Merida to not send her away immediatly. Goldcourt. Evienne's cousin? She didn't have any siblings that she knew of. "Come in." Merida said, and she motioned to a seat in front of her desk. "Sit. You said you wan-wanted to speak about the vineyard?" She reached forward, once again grabbing the tea pot, her other hand searching for the teacups that Alice left on the desk.
  2. As the horse's pace quickened, Myth pressed her chest harder into Zan's back, her arms wrapping tighter and tighter around his waist. Her eyes closed tightly, her long silver hair bouncing behind her. Quietly she waited for the canter to stop, but it seemed like it went on for ages. Once she opened her eyes, and it seemed like the world was breezing past her, and she swore she felt her stomach lurch up into her throat, but she held it down. She was not going to spit bile onto this very attractive half-orc, who in her opinion, was just what one of those knights looked like in those children's stories. However, the galloping didn't last forever, and they soon came to a stop. Myth's grip loosened on his waist, and she felt herself lean backwards. Her hair was an absolute mess, going every which way. She felt dizzy as he dismounted, and she grabbed his hand, hers looking significantly smaller in his large grey ones. She hoisted herself up, and she slid off the side of the horse, her feet landing on the dirt. The profile of the ruined church loomed over them, and it intimidated Mythandriel. Churches were holy houses, and she had never known herself to be inside one herself. She stared at the entrance of the ruined building, and then looked back to Zan. "Could you come with me? I'm sure the horse will be fine on her own." She looked up at Zan, her heart pounding in her ears. "The bald guy lives down in the basement, there's books down there too." @Better Than Gore
  3. @supernal @Turquoisie I like Turquoise’s idea! After my meeting with her, you can just be like, “oh hey!”
  4. I think it’d be a positive thing for her, he needs to be around people she trusts, and so far she’s only been around her mother and Greta, and her reunion with MissForutune won’t be finished until she returns.
  5. Well, she’d be happy to see him, but all in all, her mental state isn’t well. She’s nervous, and flinchy, and is extremely cautious.
  6. We could do Mer’s and Ampelos’(sp) reunion?
  7. Supes, for you, I’m always available.
  8. I also do the doodles on occasion! I mostly work on paper, but I'd like to get into digital art soon! ❤️ Here are my doodles:
  9. This horse wasn’t much larger than Dorian, she didn’t know why this creature intimidated her so much. She’s seen horses before, maybe it was because of the stories she’s read that made her think horses were prejudiced against her race. But even that couldn’t be true. What was so special about horses that gave them the ability to speak to begin with? Nothing. Horses couldn’t speak, and if Ioreth knew she thought they could, she’d be rewarded with another one of her famous looks. She’d seen it before, duplicates were never a good collectors item, so it was best to avoid that situation as best as possible. However, as Mythandriel gazed upon it’s dappled coat, she couldn’t help but be nervous. Perhaps it was all the added stress of the Green Fire, and the fact she was told to search out this Priest she’s meet twice maybe, and she didn’t like him all that much. Nothing he did really set her off, it was just she didn’t understand what he stood for, or why he was allowed to make all the rules when she was perfectly capable to making her own rules, but as Ioreth explained to her, the people who lived here chose to let him rule over them, some godly bullshit or whatever. She didn’t care about Cothite Religion, as long as they didn’t care about hers. As the Orc grabbed her hand, she felt herself being weightlessly tossed over the side of the horse, landing just behind him, her legs straddled the creature, and her arms instantly wrapped around his torso, clinging tightly. She couldn’t see his face, but she could feel his legs clench, and she could see the muscle ripple underneath his tight white pants, the hint of his grey skin lingering under the linen. His tongue clicked, sounding much like when he spoke in his native tongue, but he wasn’t speaking to her. He was speaking to the horse. The horse started to move, and Myth jostled forward, her chest pressing into his back. His head turned over his shoulder and he smiled at her. Then he formally introduced himself to her, he must’ve remembered his name. “Zan, it’s nice to officially meet you.” Myth said, trying her best to keep her voice from cracking as she tried to swallow her nervousness. Dorian was going to be so pissed when she returned to the cabin, it would take a lot of sugar cubes to make up for this, but it would be worth it if they could reach the Priest and help her cousin. “To get to the Church, we have to head towards the east side of the Hill, it’s just beyond that.” Myth said, releasing his torso for a moment to point in the direction they needed to travel. Her arm snapped back to his torso immediately after, and she gripped him tightly, her face pressed to his back. @Better Than Gore
  10. I’m all for a discord group! I’m always on there even when I shouldn’t be
  11. "Oh, I thank you for your compliments, but Coth isn't mine, not truly. It belongs to all of us, but mostly it belongs to our God." Eleanor smiled at the two newcomers, visitors to her Temple and God's holy land. It wasn't often that Gaian Priestesses visited Coth, so this was truly a treat. She turned towards the knight, and she gave him a sweet smile. An armed guard? From what she understood about Illyana, was that she was a noblewoman who had turned Gaian Priestess, but in her short seventeen years, Eleanor had never had to deal with nobles. She and her sister were street urchins, begging to survive, doing many unsavory things to make ends meet. She doubted this Uldwar girl or her knight went through the same hardships, but it was not her place to judge, only God could judge them. "It is very nice to meet you, Ser Redford, welcome to Coth." The young elven priestess stepped to the side, sweeping her arm out to welcome them inside. The foyer to the Temple was large, and the windows were all stained glass, depicting images of serpents and flame. "I understand this is your first visit to our village? What brings you out all this way, My Lady?" Eleanor stepped towards the fireplace that always roared in the foyer, the green flames welcoming all who enter. She stood there, hands clasped in front of her, the sounds of children laughing in rooms further into the temple. Some of the acolytes however, were lurking, semi-hidden except for curious eyes poking from around corners, little voices sending whispers across halls. "Mother Eleanooooooor!" A tiny voice shouted, and little feet pattered down the hall. A girl, no older than the age of six sprinted across the foyer's marble floor and nearly slammed herself into the elf's legs, her arms wrapping around Eleanor's skirts, and she clung to them tightly. The girl's name was Yara, and she was an orphan some man found in Blaireville, who had heard of the Temple, and brought the child here. She has been with the Priestesses for about six months now, and Yara took to Eleanor especially. Eleanor smiled down at the child, and scooped her up in her arms, and the little arms wrapped around her neck, and her face was nestled into her shoulder. "I apologize about this My Lady, I hope you don't mind if Yara accompanies us on our tour? She doesn't like to be left alone for long, she's still adjusting to life here at the Temple." As she spoke, a hand gently stroked the child's bright blonde hair, soothing the girl's anxieties as she addressed her guests.
  12. Name: Yanaihara Haruhi Age: 20 Gender:Female Class:Noble Birthplace: Midlands, Genesaris Occupation: Spy Height: 5'4" Weight: 135 lbs Hair Colour: Raven Eye Colour: Cloudy Blue Build: Petite Voice: Soft and tinkling, very bell like. Haruhi was born as the only child to Lord Hideyoshi's younger brother, Yanahara Takashi, and she grew up very much loved, and was given an excellent education. She is trained in tea ceremonies, and is an excellent seamstress. She is described to be a perfect vision of what a noble lady should be, however her true talents lie in espionage and her skills as an assassin. Knowing she is a very attractive young woman, she often uses her looks to her advantage, getting her what she wants. She is skilled with a blade, and is often sent with her families permission to kill targets that may threaten them, without rising suspicions. She has no desire to become head of the family, she finds herself content with just serving.
  13. You already know I’m interested! Still have to make my character, I’ll shoot you a DM tonight!
  14. Sabine knew the duo would need a horse, and so, without a word, she slipped out of the house while her father spoke to the wild looking elven woman and the orc who had brought in the Lady Ioreth. The girl rushed out to the barn, her boots scuffing the dirt, little clouds of dust being left behind as she hurried. She'd need to choose a horse that was swift, yet strong enough to carry both the Orc and the elfven woman. If the Elf was going by herself, she could take any of these horses, except maybe for Humphrey. He was not swift or strong, and his rotund belly would just slow them down. Instead, she chose her father's horse, a Dappled Grey Mare of four years. Her named was Dancer. She was fast and strong, and young enough to support them both on her back. As Sabine approached, Dancer grew excited, and snorted. Sabine cupped the horses face, and stroked her coat. "You're going to go on a small adventure, and one of your riders is quite large, so you're going to have to do your best." She said, and she left Dancer to receive the saddle, and the reins. Dancer was patient as Sabine prepared her for the journey she was about to embark on, and Sabine was grateful for it, Dancer was known to be impatient, but she seemed to grasp the gravity of this situation. She placed a saddle blanket on Dancer's back before placing the saddle there. She did this quickly, knowing that the orc and distraught elf woman would be out soon. Sure enough, the orc and the elf were walking out of the house, her father pointing towards the barn, letting them know where she was. Myth had not seen Dale Thimmick's daughter slip out of the room, she was smaller and quiet, and she was too focused on making sure the Orc would accompany her on this journey to the Church. She was nearly overjoyed when he agreed, and she felt some of the stress ease away from her shoulders. It wasn't often Ioreth needed her help, and she had to do this for her cousin, one of the only members of her family she had left. Dale Thimmick instructed on where they could find the horse they could borrow, knowing his daughter had stepped out to prepare the animal for the duo. As the Orc went for the door, Myth clung to him, following him closely. She felt foolish, acting this way towards a stranger she had just met, but he was her best option right now. Getting this Priest guy to come help Ioreth was her number one priority, not how pretty the Orc was or how rock solid his arm was. She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind as they entered the barn, and she saw the beast they were supposed to ride. She was pale, with dappled with grey splotches. She was pretty, she supposed. Dorian was much prettier. Dale's daughter, Sabine, approached them, and smiled. "Dancer is timid, unlike that beast out in the field. Don't worry about her trying to buck you, she's quite sweet." She told them, mostly speaking to the Orc. She assumed he would be the one holding the reins. She led them over to her, and she looked at the elf. "You know where the Church is, yes? The father should be in the library in the basement. He almost never leaves there." "Yes, I know where the Church is, thank you." Myth said softly. All these new people, new experiences, a new colour of fire, it was all very stressful. Sabine smiled, and left them alone in the barn, the dark haired child smiling softly at the Orc as she walked away, back towards the house. Myth turned to the Orc, and she took a deep breath. "Okay," she said. "Are you ready?" She asked him, still nervous about being near this horse. @Better Than Gore @KittyvonCupcake
  15. Eleanor took Rabbit's arm, grateful the support. She wouldn't have asked him, but the fact that he offered was very nice of him, and she very much appreciated it. All that Rabbit owned was already with him, and Eleanor decided that once they arrived at the Temple, she would send for the Seamstress that makes her dresses, see if she can't whip him up some clothing. It would be a nice gift for Rabbit, and if his clothes were to get dirty, he wouldn't have to stay in them. A fresh change of clothes always made Eleanor feel better. "Defenses? I'm afraid I'm not well versed in the ways of combat, and I don't know as much about our defenses as I probably should." She confessed. "But, Coth has no formal military force, we don't really see a need for one. Coth is about peaceful living, however we aren't without protection. Viscerex and his men are quite competent when it comes to fighting. Of course most of our citizens can use a sword, but we aren't really a fighting people." The fact that Coth didn't have a real military force sometimes worried her, what if they were invaded? The Barbarian attack could have ended very badly for them if Ioreth, Tirkas, and some other worthy fighters had not been there. What if it happened again? Eleanor could not fight, but she knew her way around a dagger, maybe not as well as Izzie was, but she knew where the shove the pointed end. "As for the Father, I'm not sure completely what power Father Constans wields. God's gifts are a mystery, to him and to me." Now this was a tough question. The question of Religion was always tricky. Most people defended their religion with tongues and fists, not willing to even have a conversation to see other sides. Coth was open to all religions, Mythandriel, mentioned previously followed the old Elven Gods, Ioreth was unsure about what she believed, and Constans himself believed in Gaia at one point. "Well, to answer plainly, Religion is important to most mortals. It gives them a reason to be good, and to follow societies rules. However, not all mortals find religion a reason to be good, they just are. If that makes any sense." She wasn't sure if what she said made any sense, but these conversations were making the journey go faster, and it was taking her mind off on how tired she felt. Coth was on the horizon, and as they broke the tree line, the village of Coth was there, the broken church furtherst away. Her home, the temple was just beyond the fields. It was a beautiful sight for sure. Smiling faintly, she wrapped her arm around Rabbit's, and she swept her free arm in front of them. "Rabbit, this is Coth."
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