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  1. hello there; i am looking for a rp with quick replies. i'm fine with nearly any scenario, though my posts really aren't all that long. so... i hope that won't be a problem
  2. "ok..." he decided to follow her as he looked around with curiosity and yawned tired again //my apologies for the late response... sorry...
  3. hello there; i am looking for a rp with quick replies. i'm fine with nearly any scenario, though my posts really aren't all that long. so... i hope that won't be a problem
  4. Chara


    ✯CHARACTER'S FULL NAME: -unknown-✯ Character's Nickname: None ---------✯PHYSICAL APPEARANCE✯---------- Age: 16 Weight: 79-80 kg Height: 5.9-6.0 feet tall Eye Color: brown Iris Structure: pretty normal Body/Build Type: average Skin Tone: pale Skin Texture: normal Distinguishing Marks: none Predominant Feature: none It is unknown whether or not he/she's healthy Held Personal Item: golden heart locket; wolf ring --------------✯FAVORITES✯------------- Favorite Color: white; black; grey; red; purple Least Favorite Color: dark green Favorite Music: Least Favorite Music: music such as rap Food: chocolate Mode of Transportation: bus/walking ----------------✯HABITS✯--------------- Good Habits: protecting people he/she cares about Bad Habits: tending to go a bit yandere when the ones he cares about are in danger Hobbies: listening to music Reckless/Cautious: neutral/inbetween; it tends to change depending on the situation When alone they usually just lay in the bed all day without any motivation to do anything and they rarely go out at all ---------------✯PERSONA✯--------------- Personality: very introverted; sometimes tends to worry a lot Mental Health Status: suffers from depression, PTSD and psychosis Life History: his father tried to kill him when he was 3 years old, one of his babysitters was a sexual harasser, his grandmother beat him up in childhood for several years, he was severely bullied in school and outside of it for over 4 years and in highschool too a bit, he accidentally killed his cats when he was 10-11, he saw and heard a lot of pretty messed up stuff, he was heartbroken over 10 times and his mother started to verbally abuse him every single day since the age of 13 Orientation: neutral good ---------------✯ABILITIES✯-------------- --------Main Abilities: body enhancement -------Secondary Abilities: the ability to push their limits
  5. *i remain silent, not giving any response as i look around*
  6. . . . she doesn't kill? just asking... *i look down*
  7. well... you can call me whatever you want, though i'd prefer Chara or X. and i'm looking for roleplay... however, i'm not an expert in that. my posts are usually very short compared with the most of you. and i'm not comfortable with rp-ing with many people at the same time, i would prefer just 1/rp. though 2 are fine too...
  8. Chara


    sure i guess; do you have any preference about the place where you would like them to meet?
  9. well i don't have anything in particular that i find interesting; it quite depends on i guess. as for fights... i don't really care to be honest. sure, i don't like pain or getting involved into them but i am not afraid of them either *he said as he continued to follow you with quiet steps*
  10. Chara


    i see... i'd like to ask how do you wish for our characters to meet
  11. nvm... i apologize for causing useless drama... i learned a few hours ago that those pills i took should theoretically be unable to kill humans... i'm sorry if i upset you, it was not my intention... i apologize... 

  12. Oh boy............................I'm not here to preach to you. If you need to hang out or vent, just let me know. it CANNOT be THAT bad you know. You can yell or scream or something anytime!!!




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