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    ________________________________________________________________ •• General Information •• ________________________________________________________________ First Name: Kiba Last Name: Unknown Gender: Male Age: Unknown (Appears 27) Sexuality: Unknown Relationship Status: Single Race/Species: Human (Demon possessed) Occupation: None ________________________________________________________________ •• Appearance •• ________________________________________________________________ Eye Colour: Kiba’s right eye is amber with a slitted pupil which resembles more of a cats eye; his left eye is completely black except for a small, ice blue iris and pupil in the centre, this eye does not move as Kiba looks around. Hair Colour: Black Height: 6’0 Build: Kiba is slim built but with a toned, catlike physique. Weight: 154lbs Skin colour: Olive Hair style: Medium length, usually unkempt and messy. Distinguishing features: There is a scar which runs down underneath his right eye and another from the tip of his nose running across to his left ear lobe; a strange, glowing red symbol sits just above his right eye. His left hand is exposed, but the skin is completely covered by a dark aura with glowing, ice blue patterns along his forearm. Apparel: He’s usually dressed in a white tank top with a brown hooded jacket. Old bandages are wrapped around his right arm and waist in different places; his left arm is completely wrapped in bandages up to his wrist. _______________________________________________________________ •• Personality •• ________________________________________________________________ Positive traits: * Playful * Reliable when he’s in a good state of mind * Loves animals Negative traits: * Insane * Unpredictable * Wreckless Extra information on personality: Kiba was not of sound mind before Kurai possessed him, this caused his insanity to take hold much quicker than normal. Kiba’s personality seems to change constantly, one minute he could be a harmless but mischievous prankster and the next a murdering psychopath. ________________________________________________________________ •• History •• ________________________________________________________________ Kiba was selected and possessed by an ancient demon entity called Kurai at the age of 27. The demon Kurai was born from darkness and has spent thousands of years surviving as a parasite. Kurai possessed the bodies of individuals throughout history which bestowed upon them powers of darkness along with stopping them age, these powers came at a price. As time went on Kurai’s dark energy slowly infected the individuals mind, causing a slow descent into madness. Kurai will continue to remain trapped inside Kiba’s body until he dies. ________________________________________________________________ •• Skills and Abilities •• ________________________________________________________________ Dark energy - Kiba’s left arm, which is entirely taken over by Kurai can be used as a vessel to project dark energy attacks. These attacks take various shapes and forms. Conjuration - Kiba can conjure any low level demons or spirits from the underworld. These demons are more of a nuisance and a decoy tactic rather than able to cause much real harm. Darkness manipulation - This gives Kiba the ability to use the darkness and shadows to blend in and become completely invisible to the naked eye. His scent is not hidden. ________________________________________________________________ •• Weapons •• ________________________________________________________________ Blade of Kurai - A long, thin samurai sword which glows a light blue colour. The blade is forged from no material known to man, and has so far proved to be much tougher than steel. ________________________________________________________________ •• Extra information •• ________________________________________________________________ Likes: * Animals * Irritating others * Having fun Dislikes: * Varied Love interest: None Friends/Allies: A small, black kitten which he occasionally summons from the shadows. Enemies: None ________________________________________________________________
  2. Think I have the perfect character for something like this ?
  3. Rhyth


    Thanks for the welcome! I would have to go with a more quest like roleplay, although I do also enjoy the odd roleplay with only a very basic plot. Or just a setting and character sheets to go by, then let the plot develop itself through writing. I found the site on Toprpsites.com, after using chat based RP sites/apps for some time I thought I would have a change.
  4. Rhyth

    Ashe Draven

    ________________________________________________________________ •• General Information •• ________________________________________________________________ First Name: Ashe Last Name: Draven Gender: Male Age: 28 Race/Species: Human Occupation: None as of yet, although he hopes to open a herbalist, occult, and supernatural shop. ________________________________________________________________ •• Appearance •• ________________________________________________________________ Ashe is around 6'0 and weighs 140lbs. Although he is tall, his slim figure carries hardly any upper body muscle but maintains a lean posture and excellent core strength, which is much harder to notice under the loose fitted clothing he wears. This can sometimes cause others to underestimate just how flexible and agile he is. Ashe has much of a heart shaped face, his cheeks can often appear slightly gaunt in low lighting, which draws more attention to his strong chin. His skin tone is olive with somewhat of a permanent, natural tan. Ashe's eyes have rarely ever been seen, although he knows he used to have blue eyes before he got his 'gift' he has no idea what colour they are now. A few freckles dust along his nose and cheeks but these are barely noticeable. His lower lip is much thinner than the upper, his lower lip is often slightly chapped through a bad habit of biting it when he's concentrating. Ashe's body is covered in tattoos of various symbols, unknown languages, unusual markings, and solar system calculations. Both his ears are pierced both at the lobe and up along the rim of his left ear. A small scar on his left eyebrow indicates a past piercing there which he doesn't wear anymore. His navel is also pierced. _______________________________________________________________ •• Personality •• ________________________________________________________________ Positive traits: * Kind * Good hearted * Helpful * Compassionate Negative traits: * Shy * Addictive personality * Suffers from depression * Anxious Ashe considers himself a bit of a loner. Even though deep down he is funny, witty, and good hearted; he's never really ever fit in well with any kind of crowd, even during his childhood. He comes off as shy and mild mannered, especially towards the opposite sex. Ashe has trouble sleeping at night, his heightened hearing plays a part in this just as much as his abilities, which just so happen to be stronger at night. He will often indulge in substance abuse, smoking, drinking, and drugs. Drugs in particular he's found do dull the strength of his nightmares and visions. ________________________________________________________________ •• Skills and Abilities •• ________________________________________________________________ Ashe has been blind from a young age, this made him determined to train and hone his other senses. With the help of his mentor, Kabe, who was also blind. Ashe heightened his remaining senses to what may be considered an extraordinary level to most others: • Excellent sense of hearing, smell, taste, and touch. • Extraordinary sense of perception. • Psychic abilities. (With limitations) • Gift of foresight (With limitations) • Vast knowledge of the supernatural, occult, witchcraft, and herbalism. Ashe's mentor Kabe also trained him in various forms of martial arts, believing his gift could draw attention to unfriendly individuals who might hope to use his gift for their own means. He stressed it was important for Ashe to defend himself without the help of his sight, the training itself was so intense it bordered on torture. Kabe only striving for perfection. ________________________________________________________________ •• History •• ________________________________________________________________ WIP ________________________________________________________________ •• Author's note •• Still a WIP but it's a start. Hoping to add more depth to the skills and abilities soon, as well as coming up with a history. ________________________________________________________________
  5. Rhyth


    Thanks for the heads up with the font, think I’ve sorted it now? Looked up Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy and that’s definitely going to be my next read! I have to say I’m more interested in playing a villain or an anti hero. In my opinion villains have more fun.
  6. Rhyth


    Hey everyone, I’m new here, but far from new to roleplaying. I have about 12+ years of experience, give or take. I’ve been jumping in and out of the roleplay scene for the last couple of years, mostly trying to find a place I’m comfortable with. After lurking here for some time, I thought it would be rude not to post an introduction and share a little about myself. I enjoy reading, some of my favourite authors are: James Herbert, Shaun Hutson, Stephen King, Adrian Barnes, Andrzej Sapkowski, and David Dalglish I’m a fan of DC and Marvel, I have loads of DC graphic novels. My favourite is Arkham Asylum: A serious house on serious earth. My all time favourite movie is The Crow (Also own the graphic novel by James O’ Barr) I have a short attention spa...Look! A squirrel! O_O Where was I? Oh, when I’m not at work, reading, or watching movies, I’m usually gaming, or trying to fit in some kind of social life. Also, I really like using bullet points. That’s pretty much it, looking forward to meeting some new people and roleplaying soon. Rhyth X
  7. Welcome to Valucre!

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