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  1. I'm here about a post listed here Is this still open to join?
  2. It's a native plant to Jigoku which only blooms once a month, with leaves capable of being ground into a "stunspore." Figured we'd capitalize it as a synthetic, make it narcotic, adding to the 'illegal' part of the distribution. Flavor it with that Jigoku backlore so it pops with the setting.
  3. "Maybe it makes sense to them." Borges sympathized, crouched in a squat which seemed uncomfortable, on the pagoda beside Garland. Yet he remained still, balanced, taken in by Jikogu's livelihood. The aroma of tea tickled his nose, raising the hairs beneath his matching black derby and tank top, which tucked into his slacks. "Serenity in surrender." He hated the idea, the surreality of it. His padded hands dug into the inclination, sharp nailed, marking new territory. ------------ Fellmen nodded in compliance, straightening his hat as Jericho and Garland took point. The half-man tugged at his mangled chin strap, pulling a few curly straggling hairs out. His ancestors totem allowed him to remain as outwardly normal as possible, that is, a very natural unnatural at least. Unfortunately, he still grew hair faster than a feral hobo. Thicker too. "That bad huh?" Borges chuckled as Jericho made fun of Garland. His youth was handsome on him, but the badger could see through that. They piled into the humid building, Borges just a bit behind the other two, paid for himself. He sat alone, hunched, sort of impatient looking, like he was trying to unwind. He could make sense of a few of the smells. The one he wanted was definitely in the den, boy was it in there. Narcotic Tsukiyomi No Ran. They were cutting something with it, probably stiling it with liquid, and Jericho was hot on their trail. Almost. Borges covered his mouth with his right hand while Jericho looked at him, wiping sweat from his moustache and shaking his head, loosening his shoulders, and scratching his neck with his right hand. Nothing noteworthy to most people in a place like this. 'No. One over.' He hinted, swiveling his right boot at an angle toward the next door, which read 'Opioids' and pumping his leg a few times.
  4. I noticed that. I was going to give Jericho a point in the right direction. List the drug as an opioid. Liquid Tsukiyomi No Ran. Sound good?
  5. My brain trying to process self isolation, while I pump iron in my garage for 3 hours straight with my stereo turned to 11. Don't slow the house beat. I want adrenaline.
  6. So it's just catered to the anti-magic fighter sub-meta? Idk. I like the niche, but anti-magic breaks it. At any rate, congratulations and I look forward to seeing what's in store.
  7. 'Heavy shit. It smells fresh. Ain't Opium.' Borges lurched forward, down wind of something. The man reached into his black button pocket, rubbing the scent of a disposed parcel onto his skin. He had a way with tracking scents through crowded areas. Like a bloodhound hunting, he grunted softly; sounding like a coarse swine. The half-man was onto something. 'It's a blooming plant. Too leafy to be poppy....' He was certain of that, or rather, the nose knows. Fellmen chortled once, twice, wafting fumes while tilting his nose up. It wasn't in the private bathhouse proper, the cat's calling him near as he strolled by. Some smelled of reefer, other's opioid, and more, fear through their sweat; and unkept lovers. Victims of their vices, but not all. 'Came and went. And came back. A poppy den, of course. They're moving around allot.' Another comparison of scent from his hands assured him, and he headed to the meet without delay. "It's moving slowly through a smoke shop." Borges inferred as he approached the meet from the other end of the alley, holding the fur which lined his neck in tufts.
  8. Sniff him out first. My badger half-man has a nosey nose.
  9. I'm alright with either. We can get straight to the meat in the opening even if we "in media res."
  10. I just don't have a response readily available, and I don't want to delay posting in the middle of this epidemic. Give me another day or two and I'll get you something together. If you're ready to push the plot before then, I don't want to hold things up more than I already have.
  11. Jigoku seems like a fitting place. Futilitarian governed, chalked with sex trade, drugs, and oppression. This would also credit Cacti very well. We could crash a trade in the red light district by night, interrupt a trade of local goods (which works well because 90% of it's local flora are drugs.) No sheet yet, but I'll get it together and posted later today.
  12. You evil cur! It only wanted your love! Boooo!!!!! *Torches the poll house*
  13. @Grand Mainframe This is your chance Gram. Shoot your shot. Hit Obelus with your love gun! 💕🔫
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