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  1. Lester was distant throughout the week. At night, he had gone alone to live among the homeless. He tried to glean information, offering falsehoods of kindness and exchanges of desires where he could. Money, food, and company. With each day he grew restless, buried by something he had kept to himself. Withholding information from a military investigation was unthinkable. Serevil had held it solely on his conscious for a week now. His eyes had grown darker, lower, and uneasy from a lack of sleep. Not that these people had known him or his mannerisms for long, but, he seemed off; uneasy. Disconnected perhaps, unfitting even for a man desensitized enough to be pricked with a blade and merit no response. He had seen it here, and there, between the pictures and his mind. No, it had seen him, he swore. Paranoia was a second nature, and Lester succumbed to it. It filled the void of his characteristics, kept him on edge every night. Still, this was different, driven by a selfless fear for those around him. Where, what, was it? He couldn't tell what day it was today. There was a ringing in his ears as he sat cross armed, peering at nothing while the others discussed something. His gaze raced to the corner of his eye, then back again a moment later. He sighed in relief and returned to attention as Owen mentioned the Fourth district. "It's been real still at night over there. I haven't seen... Anything unusual. At least, not in the open streets. It adds up to the news headings though. I'm not good with numbers or dates. There's no use in me trying to piece those together, but the situation seems coincidental." He lied, barring his uneasy realities from fruition. It was either coincidental, or against better judgement, irrelevant who was taken. Records showed that this could be rooted far deeper than he could fear, and he cast the possibility aside for now in order to refrain from knocking down any doors. "If we can't get first-hand confirmation from anyone presently, then it might be worth a shot to look further into the past. I don't know, what do you think?" Serevil asked, still watching the corners of his eyes from time to time. He thought about bringing up the pictures, but held himself firmly against it. Gritting his teeth beneath his wirey black hair, he sipped more coffee. He hadn't eaten in days, hadn't shaved or showered. He had barely spoken but a few words before now. "Even the clergy denies that there's a connection." He scoffed bitterly, choking on the taste of paranoia.
  2. I'll have a post up for ya today. Just finishing out my work week and then I need to get some blood work done first.
  3. Ordric thought for a moment on what everyone had said. They hadn't understood the situation exactly, and he couldn't blame them for that. There was a certain doubt that he would be invited back into their garage after everything they had been through. However, he needed to play this straight so that he could get what he wanted; which was revenge. "Yeah alright, I guess violence is always an option so we'll keep that one for plan B then." They hadn't exactly formed plan A in it's entirety, but, Paszkiewicz rolled with it. He treaded towards the door, banged on it. A grate slid open and he was met by a pair of eyes. The machined bouncer spat a few words, the phrase 'Piss off' flying around a few times. Ordric did some fast talking, motioning his hands towards his acquaintances and the bouncer left, came back, and agreed to let them in. Paszkiewicz chuckled and shook his head, motioning them over. "I had to convince him that you weren't a cop. Also might have bribed him." He explained, bringing the others into the lobby. There were elevators on each side of the room that wound downward. Past them were hydraulic lifts, for moving things into the building and down into the workshops below. His competition had faired much better than he, but, they would fix that. Richard led them into an elevator and pressed a button. There was a bit of time for banter as they descended a few floors deeper. This was a good time to get back up to speed on the situation. Taking the opportunity, he ran something by everyone. "I told them that you're here to buy and trade. No big deal, we'll just nose around the bazaar a bit and ask around about some top notch stuff. That'll get us into contact with KR5517." Ordric reassured them. The doors swung open, revealing a large market like plaza which housed loads of junk traders and engineers. Some where grinding away at things, some running wiring, welding, and even some relaxing casually. It was surprising to the say the least, but the layout made sense in that that the building was shaped like a pyramid. "Any idea's on what you're looking for particularly, because we might not need the Onyx Haven to find it here..?" Rick asked, trying to find out what sorts of things interested them among the gritty, dirty, roach infested tech markets that infested Martial Town.
  4. Things had gone partially silent for a moment. He could here the murmuring among them, the agreement from the supposed Blackbush, a few stumbles on M'yr's end. Perhaps he had stubbed his toe or something. It wasn't until halfway down that he had noticed someone was missing. Peering around again, and over the edge for good measure he had noticed someone below. He had been caught off guard by the sound of an oddly loud metallic ping, and he cupped his hat against his head as his pace tripled. He waved for Blackbush to follow once having reached the bottom. Shalana had made her way to the lower level, albeit at the cost of suffering a sweltering welt. There seemed to be a guard with her, a bit taken by surprise and red in the face. Having to act quickly wasn't something he wasn't used to. Creeping against a shelf of books, and peeking around the aisle he saw the guard knelt down examining the tumblers head. From beneath his muddy poncho he pulled something around the edge, into the aisle and held straightforward toward it's target. He cupped his trigger finger and pulled his thumb back, ejecting something rapidly. There was no boom, no bang, no cacophonic tell or display. The object, a cursed coin, had struck the guard and fell limp at his side. Josh tucked into position as the curious patrolman examined it while standing, and immediately began to sour in his direction. A moment later, he fell victim to another sleight of the tricksters hand. A cup, empty and dirty, took the guards attention towards his rear. It had come from nowhere, like an apparition. Without hesitation the deviant lavished within his domain. It was too late once the guard had heard him coming, pivoting round and pulling at his blade before being disarmed and swept at the ankle. The martial mage twisted the arm he had grabbed, and the guard contorted onto his stomach to ease the pain. Taking the opportunity, Josh slid the sword away with his foot and placed the weight of his boot onto the lads neck. His Grandian spurs dug deep, and he twisted them slightly incase the guard was thick skinned. It was an unspoken warning against taking aggressive action, and he hoped that the idea had hit home. Maybe not, the guard then struggling and trying to spit up a few words. Heavy was the sound of the cocked hammer, pushing the point to an indefinite agreement. "Shhhh... We wouldn't want things to get loud. Tell me where I can find a registry for these books." The interrogation began abruptly, the mage trying to force information out of the guard before attending to Shalana's health.
  5. O.o; I had no idea you guys were waiting on me to post. I was waiting to jump into the next rotation because I've had some things going on at home. I'm way behind on life rn, but I'll have a post up by Monday if you can hang tight.
  6. Still have life hammering me at the moment. Go ahead and skip me this round.
  7. I'm recently active again after having dealt with some things irl, you're on the top of my post list so I'll be getting one up within a day or so.
  8. There was weight on his shoulders, and Karis had reminded him so. Saul's planning was of good measure of tracking, trapping, and slaying the beast. Haywood had a similar idea in mind, and he had been given the chance to voice the matter. His concerns weren't primarily killing the creature. That was never his charge, nor his prerogative as a local. "Look... We need to make sure the village is safe, and the people are okay. Keeping our distance isn't an option. We stick together, and if it gets hairy, then we evacuate. Saul, Nextwin, you're on point then. I'll float around where I'm needed and we'll keep Natalya in the back. Our main concern is to safeguard the people; observe and report." He dodged acknowledging command momentarily by pressing formation. Still, he wouldn't write Karis off. As bull headed as he was, the white haired transdimensional wasn't without caution. Jared wouldn't lead them all to their graves, only his own if he must. "We can't afford to risk lives. If I need to get in the way, I will. I'll call the shots as they come, and I'll make sure we get out of there." Haywood hesitated. How could he be certain when there was no assurance? It was an apparent comfort for Nextwin and their allies and nothing more. A warm lie to help set the nerves at ease until morning. Jared was a bum, a lying mage with a long, fast arm. He spent his days alone, his nights the same, and his profession was to watch people's backs. A leader he was not, but time would tell if such he could become.
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