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  1. We can keep it rolling, might as well.
  2. Tension eased from Jarrod's neck during the handshake. It reminded Borges of the way a snake slithered. He could feel the serpent turning in his hand, ready to severe the spine. The urge was only natural. However, Jericho was a man with vision, and Fellmen trusted his instinct as much as his own in the matter. After having pulled them from their holes, it was time they tested the venom. It seemed they didn't intend to bite the hands of their handlers. Honesty apparent, at least for the moment. Fellmen didn't move, nor break attention at this point. Following Jericho's lead, he remained present until everything was completely peachy. No last minute tricks, no sleights. It only took one false move, and everyone would be badgered. "I'm feeling hungry of course." Borges chuckled, his laughter hearty and dry tongued. He had withstood a copious dosage of drugs, been spooked by a ghost pouch, shook it off, and his gut was empty. "I need some dumplings, and mint tea." Confessing his peace of mind for the day, he responded wearily. Still, they had done the just thing, and walked out in one piece. All in all, it wasn't a bad day. As his hairline rescinded, and his skin tightened, the badger raised his brow and prompted his friend with the courteous reply. "How about you?"
  3. So yeah. 1 'mana' LOS teleportation seems legit. I'd need to expend like 4 mana to make a fireball, so I'm sure that's a fair exchange rate, even though one is clearly underlined by a 'No teleportation' idea baked into MP and clearly rewarded in this system; encouraged even. The idea also humors me that an elf in full plate, could sprint unpenalized at a full pace, but a mage has to actually exhaust something to do any magic. Like, why wouldn't you go full blown melee in this system? Doing otherwise would be dumb, and that's not even mentioning the tech and magic LIMITATIONS that already exist in area's. Made a mage? That sucks, cause we're low magic setting. But the braindead barbarian can get it done. Most powerful magic setting? Cool, too bad you're out of 'mana,' but the barbarian is still doing power squats while using his axe as a dumbbell between fits of cleaving enemies in half. I mean, come on, if you are putting an exhaustion on magic, put one on physical strain too. Those are just my thoughts, and I wouldn't use this system as is. I like the skill check premise, but I'd literally rather join a roll20 group if I wanted a full RPG experience. I probably sound like an ass, which isn't my intention. I don't think this system would solve any issues. You would just be making a number crunch meta-meta-game. That is, that things wouldn't be too far from how they actually are now. They'd be gated by manipulating numbers, and once manipulated with practice, abused (Like is already seen without numbers.)
  4. Post will be up at my earliest opportunity tomorrow.
  5. Rick had a smug grin on his face, feeling like he had just cut a good deal. "Well alright then, cool." He sneered, zipping up his dirty suit and standing. In response to Vito's comments he shook his head sternly. Cops were cops, and Paszkiewicz didn't want to end up on the wrong side of the law. At least, not for being associated with an underground ring. A bit of breaking and entering, or assault he could deal with though. Still, the knucklehead had to ask him as they prepared to leave. "What makes you think orcs can't be cops?" The mechanic wisecracked, heading out into the streets. Tight roads casted shadow down some corridors, accenting lights which spilled pixels of color that glowed against the ground. It wasn't that far off, trailing among a few lively peoples here, and the obvious stares of meaner residents there. Within the distance the sounds of tools and conversation grew louder, the streets widening into more spacious structures. There hadn't been need of transport to make trek. "And then the damned dwarf shackled my legs. He was a cop. So I'm telling ya, I think an orc can be a cop." Ordric had yammered the whole way, going on about how he thought orcs would make good cops, and about how he had been through some things. Typical junkyard smalltalk. Eventually the four approached what looked like a clubhouse, with a huge garage door beside it, and an entrance heading down a small step. Rick looked back at the other three and waved them over. "If they don't let us in, I'm going to need you to kick in this door Xavier. Sound good?" He double checked, hardly giving it a thought. Paszkiewicz just really wanted to ruin his competitors day.
  6. Jinsoku carried strides forward, closing distance. It wasn't without response, Joshua angling his left hand and shifting his weight evenly; aligning his spine once they drew near. With a step back, he pointed his left hand upward, extended away from the head and inhaled the damp air. Exhaling, he pulled it in while leaning onto his right knee and shooting the corresponding arm out at the same angle. The measure met a smooth jab, loose and swift. It was natural, and hard to intercept. In reddening abrasion it redirected around the outside of his guard. Josh had been caught along the side of the head, and the blow was swiftly retracted. Adapting to the situation was crucial. Rymer knew he couldn't predict jabs all day, especially ones thrown without tension. Keeping the opponent reacting was going to become difficult if he couldn't maintain fluid momentum. Pulling his feet together and balancing his weight, he extended his left arm and inhaled. Leading with the right foot he took a stride forward, planting his back foot and holding his right arm outward and at neck level. Dragging his weight inward with his shoulder, he pushed the elbow and forearm ahead and leaned onto his back heel. With a twist of the wrist, his left arm ejected in synchronicity. The technique was meant to force space while providing coverage of the upper core. @Twitterpated
  7. I love to see the effort Jotsy. Kudos. I only have one concern, and that involves sales en masse. I'd ask that there be some kind of quality limitation for large sales. My premise on this is primarily to prevent NPC monopolies, and to help leverage Organization or Power Character buying power. For example, if I wanted an 'Armies' worth of swords made by a top notch SSS swordsman, then things become problematic. I think the easiest way to prevent en masse power assimilation would be to say something like 'Large sales are capped in quality at <A or B> levels of efficiency' which would allow equal footing on that aspect, and still let the greater quality tradesman shine in independent character transaction. Does that make sense, would you like me to elaborate on my premise?
  8. Location: Dining hall, heading into the Courtyard and then upstairs to read in the library 'Plumbing... I wonder if they have plumbing? Wait, do they have toilets?' He had to ask himself, entertaining his childish nature. Dumbfounded by the thought, the guest rested an arm behind his back and leaned a bit on the legs of his chair. "I appreciate your fervor at the dining table," In surprise, the sorcerer wobbled in imbalance. Flailing backward, he flung his arms in circles, and righted himself afterward by leaning forward hard. "But perhaps you might leave some untouched for the lesser among us, for later?" Pain shot into his toes, causing his cowboy boots to clink haphazardly as he tried to pull his foot out from beneath his seat. Sore anger brimmed as he gritted his teeth in response and stood. The stranger in the corner of his eyes gestured, and then judged his drink. The gathering refrained from laughter. "And by lesser, I mean the more civilized, of course." The word's seemed to goad the unfortunate fellow. Favoring his toe, and then turning to speak boasted no result, as the blonde man had went on his way. Laughter erupted after, compiling the insult and spoiling his appetite. In his eyes, they were all pawns, laughing at him after being insulted by another. There was a scoff, fuel behind seething opinion. Deciding to seclude himself and get some air, the dimwit headed from the hall and into the courtyard. It was still too lively, and there were people conversing with the newlyweds and each other. Giving gifts, the likes of which he hadn't brought, although he had brought a small branch from the World Tree. Brushing through the crowd in a way that a nameless face might, he broke off from sight. Up a set of stairs he started, assuming the balcony could serve as a place for him to smoke after his meal. In the same way that men had an appetite for food, some mages had an appetite for knowledge. This insatiable pit was hollowed from this place, and his attention was caught by what appeared to be a library. Perhaps he could read up on the culture here, and learn more about their history. The thought suited his taste as he decided to try inside.
  9. This, for sure. I've had an idea brewing for a while now to create a unique mages guild that offers real substance. The premise would be that I'd speak with a board lead, okay it with them, and then make a list of official 'Spells' that I could offer as canonized reward for members and the like. This would help value effort by giving a degree of weighting to these spells over the standardized "My character knows magic" premise. It shows that, just because you know magic, you might not know advanced techniques. There are ways to weigh value of standard magic items, and equipment. Although I can't find the measurement of this weighting by post count, I can find examples of it. This is only for Lagrimosa, but I'm sure the premise likely applies to allot of other area's. Not the entire meta-material part, more or less the pricing to post count ratio in the first bit, helps determine item weighting. By canonizing the item, it goes up in priority of item weighting above the standard 'Pulled from a hat' by using the metamaterial.
  10. I think the degree of title should be tailored by the quest, on a dualistic basis in some cases. If a quest description allows options like "Help these traders by defending them from bandits" or "Side with the bandits" then it would give a sense of paragon/villain attachment to the title. Help express the characters actions through honest representation of decision. That helps bring the story into the fold. A paladin type might argue with a rogue like "Hey, I don't want that on my hands!" If a heroic type wants the bad cred removed from their record, they could always help the area out to have it removed (roleplaying out acts of atonement or the like.) But that depth might not be for everyone of course. I think trade titles would be nice. A scientist who has a title of "Scientist" or "Biologist" or whatever. An engineer, or mason, etc. These would be gained more by keeping track of the characters threads and going to the board lead, letting them know you've completed threads with that goal in mind, show them the thread. Officializing the proof of trade. People could build up to regional titles, or proprietary titles. Ex. "Hero of <region>" or "Count <name> of <region>" by prolonged involvement within that area via questing. Personally, I'd enjoy having smaller, more flavorful or witty titles on the quest specific ones. If you're killing kobolds in a place called "Joeville" then the title would be "The Joeville kobold killer." Things like that, to show a sense of word of mouth and renown, like your deeds have spread. It could honestly be worked out for more flavor, unless it's just obviously too much. The Joeville kobold killer shouldn't receive a title like "Master of the blade" or "Dark overlord" of course. The way I'd see this working is by the player having a section for 'Titles' in their character profile, or at least a 'Title' list to keep track for non-sheet characters. The idea is that you list the canonized title with linked text, and provide a brief description like a quest summary. So the title can be fun for the player, and the sense of the deed having spread around remains entailed in the thread/summary. The trade titles would be a bit trickier, as it runs the line of assumption without credibility. To solve this, boards could have 'Official tradesmen lists' where the player, character, and title are listed once it's been officialized. The player thereby links that thread in the trade title text. I feel like the only catch here, is of course, player interest. While someone like myself would just roll with whatever title, because the summary expresses it's meaning behind the renown, and people usually don't make up their own titles in stories (Unless you're like, Idk, Star Lord or something), some people might not take to it and just let the canon express said 'renown.' If people started getting involved with each other, and expressing these titles IC then it could be really cool. Never met? But you've heard of the scruffy bearded orc known as "The necromancers nightmare" because he butchered a cult it Tia, and you've heard the same description about a "Grave digger" who helped lay skeletons to rest in a graveyard in the area. He's known as a "Warrior" for his deeds, and when you piece it together by his side, you realize you're in good hands if things get dark in the 'abandoned crypt' you're entering. Not a completely direct answer, but, my thoughts on it at least.
  11. Rubbing his head as if he had horns, Josh imagined what it would feel like. Staring at the majestic beast with a smirk, he could feel a static bond between them. Known for his prowess as a storm bender, he could empathize with the characteristics accustomed to such types. They were both ornery, demanding of a presence comparable to royalty, he was sure. Rymer adjusted his mauve collar, taken off guard by Jorahel once she had arrived. He was slacking it seemed, but, he had a dirty trick up his sleeve. Taking the information for their next target, he examined it carefully, and crumbled it up. Hopefully it was less legible, or Jorahel couldn't find it. He slid it away with his foot before turning and running off. 'No time to waste... Hopefully I've bought some time.' He sneered to himself, pressing on.
  12. To be honest, I'd like to see official boons as a service. Official blessings which could be given (requested even, for plot sakes.) or perhaps dolled out as acclimations of renown within areas. I realize there are quest rewards like "favor with the guard" or "credit among local traders" but I feel like players underutilize them when they should be great incentive. Titles, official titles, built into quests, canonized to the characters involved. They wouldn't serve a role other than to show what the characters HAVE been involved in. This can help show aptitudes in problem solving skills and the like, help define roles, and even be used as a fashion statement. It can also help the little guy get involved in so many ways. I'd like to see these sorts of ideas sought after, and celebrated. I realize that these ARE offered, but I feel that by pressing these over raw asset we could really put some more solid structure behind story telling.
  13. It got kind of out of order because of rotation adjustments. I think it's either on Samo or Fennis, but I don't think @Jotnotes would mind if you posted.
  14. Location: Dining Hall Not but a few moments of deep thought could he find himself in, before being chastised by more of the 'uppers' as he called them. The man literally slept in the mud and soil of the Blue Hills these days. Among blue flowers, he'd roam like the wind, as free as roaming Zkriz'ka's. They wouldn't understand, and he was farther from 'them' then they'd imagine. He hated nobles, truly. Some stuck up, scrawny, snot nosed brat shot daggers at him as she passed. Good riddance! There were better things for the former hero to turn his attention toward. Things with more meat, and flavor, he assumed.@Kalmuli Like fish, for example, which he ordered more of in full. He ate another lofty serving, loosening his belt, before eating another. Nourishment he needed, and he received in plenty. It wasn't going to be easy to give all of these penny pinchers a good show, or a second within the same night; especially without gorging himself first. Josh was only here for the night, that much he knew. The weight of the loci tugged him in another direction, and that was back home; quickly. Still, he would save the date, and live it up. Whether or not the locals liked it was a different story entirely. Thurgood had warned him about the fools around Ursa Madeum, and Rymer had tried to remain neutral in his mindset. Little ease had this endeavor impressed so far, but, the night was young.
  15. "Huh... What a guy." Fellmen chuckled, chasing after Jericho as he did his thing. Borges kept up, fast on his claws, but weighty. He slid around, trying to gain traction while scraping along. There were few bodies along the way from this point, most having been successfully distracted by Garland outside. Those they passed were 'big bodied' by the furball, after being off put by the blue blur ahead of him. They weren't very good at knocking, but hell, did they knock the door down. The lock hadn't held tightly, and the frame warped from the pressure of a full frontal pounding. "I say we just clean their collars. I aint the happy type." Fear was the factor in this negotiation, and the half-beast knew how to play the hand. 'Good cop, bad cop' was a classic take, only now with a spin. It was a matter of making a deal, or being dealt with for these dealers. They had an ornery badger literally breathing fury down their necks from behind, teeth exposed. On the other end was a chance to serve Justice, lest it serve them. If there was a false move to be made, well, they had foregone it entirely. None of them had held their cool at this point, Jarrod shaking in his seat with sharp nails pressed against his shoulder. Borges reached his spare hand toward the legs of the chair one of the dealers was sitting in, pulled it flat out from under him. The fat cat bounced his head off of the table, chipping a tooth on wood. He cupped his face in terror, shaking his head fearfully as he muffled his pain. "Don't worry mate. We're gonna fix that for you one way..." Fellmen ripped the leg off of the chair, splintering the wood with his foot and pointing the mangled object at the man on the floor. "Or another, but first, my man J-Rod here, and your other associates, are going to decide if we can all be friends." He insisted, patting Jarrod on the shoulder and letting Jericho continue the 'negotiations.'
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