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  1. "You never disappoint me.." Josh nodded in agreement before standing. In truth, he was dreading this moment. Vehicles scared the living piss out of him, except for his bike, but he had total control over the magicycle thanks to the custom focus core engine. Grounded transport was never his first option, and although one couldn't tell it at a glance, Josh was actually an outstanding pilot. Grandian tech was on an entirely different level then anything he had come across in Terrenus. There were extreme similarities between the two, but it was apparent that his homeworld was still ages ahead. Grandis literally lived off of magitech, so much so that it had destroyed the planet; draining it of its natural aetheric sources. The technologies of Gaia Prime were, well, mostly foreign in concept to the merc. Still, knowledge was power, and the white haired one vowed to prove himself an asset. "Alright boss man. It's your funeral." Josh joked, preparing to follow Thurgood.
  2. The choice was indeed his. While the thought of six months of service didn't exactly sit well in his gut, the merc had served harsher tyrants in more dire times. A test of cunning, identity, and aptitude hardly seemed inappropriate here. Josh would definitely have to show what little merrit he had left in these colors of his. The room grew unpleasantly silent, causing Josh to scoff and spit up his response sourly. "Fine. Let's fucking do this.." He bitched and moaned already. This was his choice, he'd see it through no matter what, but he probably wouldn't enjoy this part of the process that much. Shit, who would? Still, he was no slouch, and he'd go the extra mile to get the job done. Josh sighed, cupping his face in disbelief and gritting his teeth before continuing. "Alright then... Where and when do we start?" Josh asked eagerly, assuming that he should jump into his position headlong, a strong suite of his. He had assumed that Thurgood already had something in mind, knowing all too well that the siblings generally stayed very busy.
  3. For the sake of difference, I'll sit this round out. Let things settle before I try to pop in.
  4. To elaborate on said shapeshifter, Jack Heidelberg is a necromancer/biomancer. He devours biomass and assimilates it. Think of Alex Mercer from Prototype. In character he's very akin to a vampire, actually often taking the form of a giant coffin to conceal whatever shape he's taking and to guard him from harm (and fire cause.. Well, he produces huge methane buildups.) Other uses of biomancy include generating limbs, or outright morphing said limbs/self into nightmarish figures. He has to actually have absorbed structured DNA to become something though. He's also a borderline crazy alchemist as well. Hopefully this helps give you insight into the character a bit more. In terms of redundancy, I have no problem if there are some kind of similarities between the characters. If anything, similarities can leave room for creativity, and Jack would probably get along better with someone like him, because he's a narcissistic bastard.
  5. Sorry about my lack of feedback, I've been ill for like 5 nights now. Just starting to drop my swing fevers so im up and around and back to work. You guys still cool with me taking part?
  6. I sense a monster mash on the horizon. I've got a gene-warped shapeshifter who could use some company.
  7. 'Uuughh... Fuckin paperwork.' How could the thought not have crossed his mind. There was always paperwork. Josh had developed multiple styles of application for his magical prowess, and learned vast amounts of knowledge about magitech, but the paperwork was definitely not his strong suite. Still, he had little choice. He thought for a second and began his first formal introduction. "Joshua Dylan Rymer. Formerly the second in command of the Grandian Hybrid Operations Force. I specialized as an improvisational sabotage and demolitions expert, using electromagnetic force to alter terrain and manipulate machinery. I studied arcane structure development, and runic inscription at the military academy to better utilize Grandian technology." The soldier almost sounded automated; conditioned to respond this way. A few more words almost slipped out, but were withheld because his military detail was irrelevant. He elaborated briefly to clarify the extent of his generally un-applied talent. "In short, I can integrate with, create, and destabilize magitech. In addition, I can conjure and manipulate magnetic fields and electric currents, as well as the other fundamental attributes of natural elements. I've only studied electricity extensively, but the elemental laws of this world appear to mirror those of Grandis so I'm sure that I could improve." Unbeknownst was the fact that the man was a category nine mage in his homeworld, being outclassed in strength by only raw elemental entities themselves, which had been before he had become one himself. The Grandian glyphs he had memorized still affected this world, which led Josh to believe that the two pulled magic into their worlds respectively from the same source. If this held true, then Josh would be considered an elemental apparition, being manifest of this source of energy. A sentient bioform of raw magic. "I mean, I magleved a multi ton catwalk into a giant snakes face.... I think that speaks for itself." Josh shrugged, unsure of what qualities Thurgood was looking for.
  8. Josh filed in behind Thurgood, chuckling as he explained what had happened. Typical politics. Someone had gotten sore assed because they weren't used to having roughnecks in their circles. The Merc took his seat, making himself cozy for a second before responding to Thurgood's question. Joining House Singlance at the present would be political suicide. Most people would probably do well to avoid such, but Joshua... Well, he was looking for an excuse to go down swinging. Always had, always would. He had worked beside the Grandian Court time and time again, always treated like a dog because of his status as a soldier, only tolerated because of his sister's research. He had hated it. This was different though, the siblings empathized with the commonwealth. "Join House Singlance? Shit... Sign me up. I could use a new name." Josh joked, being completely serious. A single Noble House which boasted two heroes of Lunaris would be no laughing matter.
  9. The white haired one burst with disbelief, snapping to attention. "Sure thing. You won't regret this." He would probably regret this. Joshua stood quickly, leaving his hefty sack of belongings behind. He paused for a moment, shaking his head and laughing as he prepared to follow Thurgood. "I ONLY heard cursing and insults when I mentioned you guys. I heard that you told some fancy clowns to go fuck themselves. That's why I figured you'd been busy. Competition is good for business, and your competition is busy running it's mouth." It seemed that at some point, the houses of the Empire had forgotten that it consisted of more than just Ursa Madeum. While Titus waged war, it fell on the Taenites to rebuild amongst themselves. People like House Singlance had been essential in keeping this half of the Empire intact, and Josh doubted that many people from the other side of the spectrum understood or respected that.
  10. "The ball huh?" Josh perked his inner brow curiously. He wished he could meet Titus, thank him personally for saving his life. Aside from that, he saw little fun in conversing with the upper class. It must have sucked to have to deal with all of the "beautiful people" of the Empire's court. "I'm here endorsing some big pharma company or something like that. People these days just can't get their hands dirty apparently." He shrugged, figuring that it didn't matter that much. There wasn't much point in him wasting Thurgood's time any further. They were both street smart, and they both knew why he was here. He cleared his throat and cut to the chase. "I'm barely getting by these days, honestly. Nothing new.. But.. You know." The jarhead paused for second, continuing a moment later. "I've heard on the road that House Singlance has been staying busy. I was just wondering if you guys needed any help. I mean.. I still owe you guys." He rubbed the back of his neck shamefully. Josh must have seemed like a dirt bag, just another lousy bum trying to dip his hand into a honey pot. This was certainly the case, there was little doubt about it. Fortunately, Thurgood could probably throw the man further than he could trust him, literally. Either way, free labor was... Well... Free.
  11. "Is it the barbecue? I bet it's the barbecue." The very thought caused Josh's gut to spring to life, growling in agreement. It was definitely the barbecue. The white haired one rubbed his neck, laughing bashfully before answering Thurgood. He had formally introduced himself as Ghost when last they had met. These days he went by another name, still fake of course, but more casual, more comfortable. Josh had no reason to hide his name from Thurgood, as most knew him by Matthew. Still, he wasn't about to cough it up just yet. "I came back to Lunaris on business. With the first Reverie coming up, I thought I'd stick around for a while. This city is the closest thing I've got to a home." Josh explained his vagabond mentality. Lunaris had changed allot, he didn't need to voice that opinion, that was as evident as the changing of the seasons. It hadn't mattered that much to him, he could hold his own on the streets without a doubt, but with the populace increasing and the things he had missed after awhile, it was just nice to see a familiar face; which reminded him of someone... He glanced around a bit, double checking his surroundings. "Where's your sister?" The Merc asked, still watching his back. Aveline was a real fireball, and Josh was definitely a fire starter. He had assumed she wouldn't be to far behind Thurgood, not realizing that they had been so busy this time of year. He hadn't changed a bit, still as clueless and as carefree as ever.
  12. The place seemed slow enough for the comrade to poke around, maybe ask one of the people on shift a couple of questions. He would have, but a distinct sound broke his focus. Booming, screaming, raging, and tearing up the drive. A combustion engine. Josh could still remember the first time he had heard one. The thought made his body ache for a moment. A long, heavy clamber up the stairs drew a glance from the Merc, and a moment later Thurgood came into sight. He looked worn out, which was not surprising. The knucklehead chuckled a bit under his breath. Joshua waited for a moment, watching his bud carry on with his business without speaking. Unlike his bonafide acquaintance, this clown had all day to kick back and relax, which wasn't uncommon. Josh still owed the Singlance siblings a debt, in a sense. He had paid them in full for all of the hardware he had destroyed before ditching out of town to search Terrenus for answers.... Well, ALMOST, all of the money at least. That aside, Aveline and Thurgood had always treated him well enough, taught him how to hold, chamber, and shoot a gun. They helped him get up to speed technologically, a trade he had definitely used allot. The list continued. In truth, Joshua Rymer had laughed at the thought of the pair becoming Noble's, because it seemed odd to him; but it also seemed ingenious. They were Outsider's just like he was, and their almost flawless acuity with learning and applying their trades on the fly was legendary. House Singlance was going to become an industrial powerhouse, without a doubt in his mind. Hindsight thought drew another snicker from the white haired one. It was no wonder why Thurgood had looked so beat. As Thurgood prepared to head into the back, Josh piped up. "Figured I'd catch you around here."
  13. A hearty chuckle escaped the old warrior as Kay struggled to stand. Time, and time again, she tried with little fuss between. This girl was persistent, a strength that Roy already respected. She was struggling with her prosthetics, fighting for balance, and the old man would soon find out why. "Hhnggghhh.." The elder righted his back, tugging the weight of Kay's arm as she grabbed ahold of him. To his surprise, she had gotten onto her feet instead of falling flat. Roy had exerted his strength to pull the girl, tumbling to his rear when she pulled away. Kay asked where she was as he stood, swatting flowers from his red garb. "Terrenus." He explained, his voice stern, a result of his age. He pushed pass her busy mind, which must have been between a thousand questions, and nodded at Kay. He continued testing her capabilities. "Can you... Walk?" Roy asked hesitantly, still prepared to reach for her to hold her up if she reeled in dismay. His cloak had torn at the seams when she had grabbed him, revealing his mangled left arm. He reared away a bit in hopes that it's grizzly appearance wouldn't frighten the youngster.
  14. Vilhardt

    Bring me a Dream

    As Hemmit traveled forth, curiosity set in, causing the Merc to examine the device that Amantis had given him, shortly after deciding to insert it into his ear. His bioform assimilated the technology, literally fusing with it, as it did with most magitech. Thin, hair like tendrils crept through the earpiece as it was dragged into Matt's form and reprogrammed to provide him advanced user interfaces; which adjusted in synchrony to a modified C.R.O.O.K to regulate a steady function. Even though he wasn't a Cyborg, nor an Android, Hemmit had no problem interacting with the technology of this world; finding it extremely similar to that of his own. A few indicators cycled into his HUD, lighting up frequencies behind his shades with locations and channels of information that he could view. Jackpot, he had gained access to the network. The trip was spanning the city, leading the hired hand towards the outskirts as he trekked the roads. It wasn't long before he reached it's edges. Shambled remains of buildings, vigils of his memories, became a much more common sight. The forlorn looks of the less frequent passerbys, combined with those of the brutish locals made it known that Matt was heading into the wrong side of town. In fact, he was already being tailed by a duo of men. The pair kept their distance, watching Matt from afar and holding small talk; eye's prying over their patchy beards in a discreet thirst for riches. It probably wasn't an everyday occurrence for a militant to pass through this neck of the jungle, and his Grandian leather boots were probably worth more than a months salary for these punks. The mystery of what Matthew hid in the case he carried probably drove them jolly, assuming that they enjoyed their work. They persued Matt for a while longer, and having taken notice of them, Hemmit repositioned his guns in an attempt to passively dissuade them, letting them rest firmly against his rear waistline. Matthew jeered a bit in a cocky fashion once he realized that they had begun to think twice, turning tail on short notice. Unfortunately, they were being respectable businessmen, much like himself, instead. Matt had reached his destination, a small store built into the base of a large fallen tree, which was easy enough to identify apart from what little structures where around. Everything else seemed so runned down, rebuilt to remain intact, and hardly so. This establishment seemed newer, causing paranoia to claw at the soldiers neck. He had definitely seen his fair share of cut houses. This was going to be one hell of an easy job as long as he could keep his cool. If he didn't... Well, the thought truly lingered for a moment before passing. The salesman's glasses bioformed as he entered, retracting into his nasal passages and the corners of his eyes, the hard light lenses fading into his white eyes, which burst with sudden hazel hues. Matt let the door behind him close gently and promptly approached the service counter, reluctant to see a middle aged woman begin to engage him. The two exchanged smiles and made eye contact, the first step to business. After being greeted with a simple "Hello" the gentleman placed the goods on the counter and began the classic art of flapping his gums.
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