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  1. That'd be nice, but it's all a P.R. stunt for Liz. She's literally in it to generate a name for Ventrix Industries as a reliable foundation of wholesome medicine which provides top notch goods for the greater good of mankind. That will likely be credited as "alongside the military" officially in this case, plus she's got her hands in some shady dealings which she may or may not hope are overlooked.
  2. At this rate, I just hope that whatever we hitch a ride on isn't a hunk o junk lol. Seems to be a theme these days.
  3. Truthfully, I'd love to see it get semi-wrecked, flee somehow, and return in a later thread/arc involving Daloth. Return of the Daloth Yuuja, maybe even with mutations or something as a result of losing the fight. Plot threading is always fun lol.
  4. I'm pretty sure we aren't even close to being finished. The psionic bomb in question, as far as I know, seems to be a way to sever the tie of the hive mind from the Yuuja temporarily.
  5. The surprise factor would be up, you'd assume. Fortunately this party consists of two of what I would consider as some of the brightest minds in the industry of magitech. Once we collect data IC, we can develop an alternating frequency which can bypass safeguards by slipping in unexpected variables in transmission. I'd assume it's just connected, but this may be incorrect.
  6. I was talking about the Enrele hive mind with my last suggestion, not the Yuuja. My apologies for the confusion.
  7. I agree, the psionic bombs would work temporarily as a weapon IMO. But you'd expect the Enrele to expect it in the near future. I don't believe it was intended as a long term solution, and only chimed in to explain the thoughts I've had over the last week, in conjunction with the idea, to be as cohesive as possible.
  8. To put it plainly, we'd want to concentrate and amplify, or rearrange these anti psionic waves to overcome and knock out the hive mind temporarily, trap it in a state of dormancy with alternating wave pattern, and then use the laws of magic to create spell resonance between psionic party members (because magic is stronger in groups) to pretty much fight it inside it's own mind.
  9. I dunno, the problem still seems to be that wavelengths can easily negate eachother. With this in play, I'd assume that something with psionic power strong enough to connect and control countless minds which are all emitting and recieving waves between constantly (approaching the strength of a Genius Loci in scope), would have no issue producing a large scale counter wave unless the waves were alternating through different frequency constantly. If this wasn't the case then identifying and seperating the actual chemical link between host and hive mind would be as simple as passing the correct vibrations through one's form. Any form of actual 'resonance' would require all resonant wavelengths to be precisely attuned (We're talking in total alignment to form synchronization, and avoid possibly catastrophic result) and would actually amplify both wavelengths, not just one. Plus like... Anti magic resonating with the arcane is ummm... Just no. Fire and ice combining make steam despite constant variable, not more fire or ice, by example. In short, using wavelengths seems like the go-to here, to cut the Enrele off from their hosts, but you'd want waves that pass through or around eachother, not opposite or positive forces which collide or combine. For narrative sake, this might vary depending on specific hive minds, requiring different types of waves for each. I favor this idea myself, but it needs ironing out to actually apply IC without contradicting the ways it would work.
  10. The thought seems a bit unlikely, to be weak against psionic ability, and an anti-psionic wavelength, when a species built to 'adapt' to it's short comings would clearly compensate. I had an idea of the same concept, but rather than a focused wavelength, one would assume that they're weak to a sporadic, fluctuation of binary wavelength. That as is to say, you'd overload the hive mind with a load of constantly changing waves, preventing it from adapting and essentially causing it to introvert it's focus and attention away from the infected. Overload it with information it cannot process fast enough, halting function like a program.
  11. Well... This should be fun. I've been trying to abstain from having to savage through some spinal remains... But yknow... Danzig doesn't leave me a choice.
  12. "Yes Ms. Sevryn... I'm still here." The comms system in the room echoed, stirring coarse static which faded as Elizabeth continued. The panel below began to stir, unraveling a cage which hoisted a ventilated tube towards Ilyana and the inanimate shell of the scientist, with such a natural transition that it was apparent as an automated function and not a trap; nor any ill mannered device. The harness transitioned away from Ilyana a few feet, aligning with the casing and locking itself in place around Elizabeth. The grate beneath them slowly closed, becoming air tight with the chamber which began to fill with G.A.S., fogging up slowly as Liz continued. "I'm sorry for the hesitation.... But this is still a bit embarrassing for me.... Especially with your staring." Liz continued, chuckling sheepishly afterwards. The whole thing was a bit odd really, but as the G.A.S ceased and a liquid solution began to combine with it, the tube began to vibrate; the solution bursting into bubbles and streams of nutrient. Elizabeth was bathing, in a sense, cleansing her body of contamination from the outside world. This step was crucial in both remaining in suspended animation, and being able to operate outside of it in a techno - biotic state. In short, she was invigorating and detoxifying her body, while strengthening her mind which seemed connected to something else entirely. Elizabeth cleared her throat, returning to the point. "The Enrele? Ms. Sevryn, I dare say that what you're asking is ludicrous. I've read classified documents which address that suggestion as next to impossible, and you think that I might fair a better chance?" Patton pondered for a moment. The two of them would get along just fine, more than another might ever understand. Yes, this tickled Elizabeth's fancy finely; and for the first time since she had arrived in this wretched world the director felt that perhaps she had met someone who actually understood her visions of tomorrow. A world that couldn't live without Ventrix Industries, or Ventrix Technologies. A world of impossibility, made possible by the wills of those well beyond their own limits. These were Liz's burning desires, kindled by the fiery audacity of The Redeemer. "Ilyana Sevryn... You're a chancer.. But you have my full attention, and if this is you're request, as does it. However, I must ask that in return you explain where this thirst for information stems from and how you intend to... Manage them." Liz offered her hand in the affair, expecting a truthful response. Elizabeth was ready to offer full assistance. If Ilyana saught to control the Enrele, to eradicate them outright, or use the information to try and liberate the minds of the hosts, the thought held no concern in the scientists mind. She was prepared to move forward beside Sevryn, no matter what the future held, fueled by the tilted odds at hand and the very thought of showing the nation what science could achieve. It was this mind state alone which made Elizabeth a far greater asset than any machine, and an immense threat to any obstacle in her path. The only sign that inside that hollow shell, E.P. may still be human after all.
  13. All hell had broken loose it seemed, causing Liz to bring her hand over her face in distaste. As banter exploded back and forth, she rubbed the bridge of her nose, growing tired of the bickering and the paranoia. Her recluse nature helped block it all out, and she had taken a deep breath to ease her mind. It was then that she felt a growing vibration, and shortly after, a still pause. Patton looked up from the floor in curiosity, concerned about something. "What was that..?" Elizabeth asked, undertone in the ruckus of the hack job party; and the questionable ethics at hand. The inquiry was met with an answer, a force which bore through the ship and back. The sudden shift in momentum laid Elizabeth onto her stomach, where she remained for a moment before climbing back onto her feet quickly; awestruck by the Yuuja. A look of amusement crept across her thin face as she began collecting data, her black cap being thrown off from the gust created by the dragon overhead. Her fingers had already began to work by the time Aya had ackowledged her, sourcing information for display. Elizabeth's reaction was snappy and drab, as usual. "Patience is a virtue, priestess. Where is your reverence for science?" Liz spat in excitement, her right hand plugging along commands to her network; dragging along alternating light glyphs which danced along the tips of her fingers. Elizabeth's attention snapped towards the gunshot when Emile fired, picking up vital information from the reverb. A light beamed from Patton's glasses, expanding and creating a light screen which overlapped information by imprinting into the distance, allowing for the others to see it. It displayed the tension differences that Emile had sharply picked up on beforehand, and gauged the scale of the creature's physiology in accordance with the vibrations of the water and the port size, revealing estimated location and activity through echo-pulses which appeared along a grid on-screen. Nothing changed the fact that they were all sitting ducks, floating atop what would be splinters in the ocean if the Yuuja continued it's assault. They needed to run ashore, maybe even lure the beast out of the depths, or disengage entirely; but Liz doubted those among her would comply. Still, with a vein sigh she insisted anyway. Hopefully the Yuuja wouldn't suck them in immediately. "I'm sure it's delicios Dauner, but I'm afraid we may all be the main course if we don't retreat to the port. We need as many advantages as we can get. I recommend we fall back, and strike from two sides in an attempt to force it out to sea." Liz explained, offering advice from a sound perspective. She added in another tidbit at the end. "Yuuja are infamous for swallowing ships whole...."
  14. Josh tapped his foot, looking towards the top of the spire for a moment as the twins babbled amongst themselves, feeling as if he had forgotten about something important. The old man Jim rattled on, reminiscing about 'Blarf' or something like that; whatever that was. The word magic caught the knuckleheads attention though, causing him to nod in agreement as the coot confirmed the pilots thoughts. Jim started hollering about getting off of the fortress, and the white haired one snapped back to reality. He cleared his throat, preparing to ask Argi a bit more about that strange box but was quickly reminded about that thing he had almost forgotten. Something had touched his shoulder, taking him by surprise. It was... Badger.. Or was it Possum? His ears were still ringing a bit from the crash, and he didn't really care about that much anyway; after having lost his coat. The hair on Josh's neck stood as Raccoon's hand settled, while twitching at the eye and flaring his nostrils in realization. The smell... That awful, putrid stench caused the soldier to lurch forward slightly. Back into his own world he went, ignoring the spirits aloft. Ignoring what Raccoon had said. Ignoring the others, and recoiling in disgust when he could no longer fight it. It was on Raccoons hands, the puke, and it smelled like... Well it smelled like puke, lingering on the shoulder of the pilot's black turtleneck. Revolting truly, sending the man into a frenzy which caused him to ventilate pure anxiety while he thrashed about, stripping the sweater off and throwing it at the ground; leaving his gun holster slung across his bare chest. The mage turned to face the group from the center of the room, putting his foot down hard in preparation to set things straight. "Alright!!! Now look here Chipmunk!! This is NOT!!!..." The floor gave way. "COOOOOOoooool......" Josh was the first down, banging off of the walls before sluggishly coming around in a tasteful environment. The woman of class caught his eye, causing him to sit up when he noticed her. He smiled fiendishly, flexing a bit and dusting his chest off before something else came crashing down on top of him, knocking him out for a moment.
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