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  1. Been working 16hr shifts this week so Im sorry if I haven't been responsive. I'll get a post up roughly within the next 12 hours.
  2. "Very well captain. Thank you for your time." Elizabeth responded to Vito, bowing politely, her left hand extended, cane in hand. Her right arm was draped by a heavy leather which rested over her Grandian coat, concealing it as the scientist turned and struggled against the cane on her way toward the source of the prior esoteric intrusion of airspace. Patton made her way as fast she could, pulling her feet a bit in frustration as she approached Argi and the two sisters. While she turned her head towards them, tapping her cane loudly to draw their attention, she seemed to look pass the trio; the linen fold over her lifeless eyes fixated on a single point within the horizon as she chimed in on the conversation. "Faith in the deific is a misplaced focus in this age, a foolish musing really. Man has superseded the gods, outdated them, creating machines and ideals of science. It is this same cycle then, that we must accept or rebuke, as mankind plays god along the fragile veil between realism and their own fear of the unknown." Elizabeth paused for a moment, letting her words sink in a little bit. They were ones to ponder, although maybe not within this moment in time; but another. The eerie woman cleared her throat, returning to the matter at hand. She hadn't come to speak about philosophical standpoints. "We're all to report to the top deck immediately for a meeting with our associate. This affair of the proclaimed goddess will have to be resolved later. Let us make haste." E.P. explained in an unamused tone, trying to hurry the three along. The old exorcist sat cross legged in the corner of the mess, remaining silent during the exchange between Meryam and the others. The entity had paid him no mind, a cursed hand having warned it that he served no one, nor had any interest thereof. There seemed to be a bit of confusion spreading, disarray, and Cardinal could visualize the auric rising of emotions which prompted him to sit forward in preparation to stand. This is what it had come here to do; make contact with potential prey and exploit mental, physical, or spiritual weakness to assume influence. The coot smirked, chewing on a handful of corn nuts as he listened to a few people tell Meryam off, and stood after it had dissipated. He stretched his bones as the geezer made his way over to Aya, her sister, Dauner, and Gozen, speaking as Emile headed towards his quarters to handle his business. "I bet we'll see her again..." He spoke, his gentle old voice full of sarcasm in an attempt to ease the tension with humor. The corn nuts crunched repeatedly in his mouth during a brief respite, surprising due to his lack of teeth, and he savored the flavor for a moment before continuing by the group. His sandals clopped lazily, dragging the long red robe behind him as he headed toward the stairs. He filled his mouth with another snack, turning and chewing some more before beckoning them to the top deck. "It's time to meet with the captain, we're on a tight schedule. C'mon."
  3. In the event that one ever had to choose between being assaulted by a war hammer, or being a cushion for the mountain man Argi, it was after this day in which the white haired warlock would advise the former. Argi's ignorantly thick rear crushed the pilot, flattening cheeks between stone. Everything went white for a moment, sound dimming before everything faded straight to black. The poor fellow rested their for a moment, just kind of staring between the cracks of light and shadow around him before coming around. Everything was muffled, generally without discernment except for the changes of pitch before Argi got up; at which part he heard clear mention of the undead. Argi and another brushed by the mage as he began to rise onto his feet, struggling a bit in disorientation still. He could make out the silhouette of a doorway which they had headed for, pushing his palms into the ground and pulling his right leg beneath him in an attempt to follow; only to be doubly halted. In the resulting scuffle, an unexpected gathering of spiritual energy surfaced, pulsing from a vibrant pink bubble which exuded an auric light. In instinct, Josh held a hand before his face, blocking the warmth of the rays. What had happened next then, seemed just as instinctive. Something man handled the confused mage, literally pulling him into the air from behind. It restrained his free hand, the other stopping the light from the opposite side from assaulting his eyes, and barricaded Josh between the two forces. A moment later, his nerves ruptured with a visceral pain which spread immediately from his neck outward. His collar throbbed, tightening in response, and he clenched his jaw in madness. His body was beginning to give into something which had entered into his system. A contagion of sorts, or, perhaps a result of such laws of magic. It wasn't a one way affair however, the vampire coming to an obvious conclusion that whatever was within that man, was fiendish. The very nature of his black blood cells seethed with a desire to assimilate the structure of both the living and the dead. The mundane, and the supernatural. The oldest of the alchemists, and those studied in the spiritual aspects of the mind, body, or soul had no definite way of categorizing such a thing, divulging them as a source for all crafts in a pure or entropic state; Prana. What exactly the undead woman had done was immediately unapparent, but it seemed to have been successful. There was no resistance, no adaptive response or feedback in an attempt to counteract the vampires measures. Only acceptance of the work at hand. Josh remained within the woman's clutches, blocking the blinding light from his eyes for the moment.
  4. No... But a mad scientist on the other hand.. Well... Anyway, Liz has a way of identifying the hosts, once she finds Aleth. The means of how, however, are yet revealed. You could say that she's well suited to think like the enemy.
  5. *Que the scientist that believes that men are the evolution of the gods.*
  6. You'd assume if Meryam was a god, that she might be weak, but you'd be foregoing that she might be able to manipulate or act differently within the Loci, which would make her far stronger than the thought let's on. Keep in mind that, assuming Meryam CAN fix this problem, and has not done so already, she would be second at fault to problem, whereas Aleth is directly to blame. Just food for thought.
  7. But it has to be a voluntary exchange, might I add. If that wasn't the case, Elizabeth would gladly offer her hand in sacrificing everyone else as collateral for the information, with the exception of Glasmann and Emile, as she has no desire to draw the Symposium's attention, nor forego an agreement made prior.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, it was meant to be a bit hard to understand, to make you think on the situation. In short, I believe that Meryam suggested that the answer to finding Aleth, and separating it from it's host, is within her doing, but not working against the laws of the world. In this case, equivalent exchange, she requires something worth the lives of the many, and Aleth itself. Something weighed without material value, but weighed heavily in accordance to its possible contribution to the world. Another god, perhaps a renowned hero, or someone or something with an active influence or process to shape the future in a major way.
  9. "Agreed." E.P responded, batting her eye lashes a bit as she retrieved the aforementioned agreement from her files and displayed it across a light screen, a seemingly effortless interaction between the two at this point. Sevryn could sign beside E.P and V.V, officially beginning development of Ventrix Technologies, and securing the publicised distribution of Ventrix Industries' brand and it's products. Elizabeth widened the screen a bit, and positioned it promptly for Ilyana to access. The contract detailed the research, development, and production of various products over at least two years in advance; one of which awaited board approval for current distribution. The terms were beneficial to all parties, including Violeta; though that probably mattered little to Sevryn, especially considering that she was already in the dark about this meeting. Elizabeth raised a brow in anticipation that it was her turn to answer some questions. She wasn't a rude host. E.P would extend Ms. Sevryn the same courteous, mutualistic respect that she had received. Providing information, for information. "Feel free to look it over for as long as you'd like. If there are any concerns, or questions before you sign, then you have the floors attention." Elizabeth chuckled dryly a bit at her drab joke, smiling gently as she attempted to coax Sevryn into a reaction. There was a sinister way in which Elizabeth had become so regarded within her few years within the company. A sinister way in which she acquired a sum of shares, the same in how she acquired knowledge. A sinister way in which she was so concise, almost ahead of her time. However, with all things kept in mind... Perhaps the most sinister aspect at hand was the surreality in how a scientist who held so many answers, and asked so many questions, could have gone unnoticed by Daloth for so long. Her natural mystique was not questioned by Ilyana at all, something she noted, wondering more than ever what the entrepreneurs true motives were. Elizabeth smiled gently as she stared Ilyana down, waiting for her signature, or anything she could elaborate upon for her partner.
  10. After reaching their destination, Elizabeth's goons arranged the business affairs, and once in order they ushered the rest of the group to their positions as guards spread throughout the convoy. Poor Argi had barely any notice before being coaxed into a rather plain crate which sat beside the operative Mirage. The badger headed Heavy broke off from the rest, squeezing into the A.B.B and heading off somewhere alone as the traders embarked with the Wyrm's Bane in tow. The caravan of around eight drawn carts approached the small locale, Yenford, passing aside the waterfront in the late morning. Checkpoint's here were structured, split on both sides, once to pass in, another to pass outward from either side of the town. The first in their path was the more thorough, the traders having to present paperwork and undergo investigations. Everything was going according to plan. Mirage took a pouch of sand from his waist and sifted a handful over the top of the crate that hid Argi, the specks teeming through from above in a circular motion. Another handful was tossed, this time directly at the center, likely peppering the fugitive harmlessly. The nomad emptied the bag around the rest of the crates on the cart, preparing for a bumpy ride. It had seemed however, that things had gone a bit more smoothly than he had planned for. The old Cardinal sat at the front of the caravan, favoring his bound arm, in a deep meditation. His job had been to soothe the spiritual energy of the guards and suppress the presence of the energies along the tail end of the caravan. An interjection in the form of the young priestess Aya caused him to open his blind eyes, and form a gentle smile in response. She had this under control it had seemed. The caravan was motioned forward, towards the next checkpoint. There was a brief delay for communication, shortly after which a sum of medical supplies were unloaded by the guards in a relief effort to Dougton; to be transported there by the guard. The remainder were accounted for and they were all quickly passed through to provide aid to the next checkpoint en route. A while in between the group broke off, leaving Mirage and Skin behind on guard duty while the rest headed for the rendezvous. The sounds of the airship grew nearer as Cardinal released Argi, prying open the crate and revealing its glory to his eyes. His concealed arm throbbed a bit in pain, stirring in response to something unexpected drawing nearer. A dilapidated presence approaching, but from where and why unknown. Property value in the Spectral District of Dougton had been dismal before their independence, and by this point, it had been easy enough to acquire property there before things had become demanding of buyers backgrounds. A lump exchange registered under the name of one 'Franco Giatti' assured their housing within the Spectral District should the Wyrms Bane make it into Dougton. The facilities had been divulged to Caeceila Glasmann, and the means for whatever preparation she required were permitted. Elizabeth prepared the paperwork, with false names and motives, and hobbled around on the deck, looking for the others who had boarded. The air became harder to breathe within an instant, the scientist clutching the end of a cane and gritting her teeth in response to an anomalistic influence which had almost caused her to black out. The very 'step' into reality caused ripples along a spectrum, divulging this spectrum to Meryam alone. A fragile, delicate web of spiritual energy which spanned far beyond its origin. Traces branched in all directions, barely remaining intertwined, held together like a grid of indefinitely shaped thread which overlayed the definite shapes of the world. The grid converged together at a single point, it's weakest strand, which was not entirely discernable. It was a very powerful presence in it's own right, hardly noticeable by any without a means to disturb it, a consistent exertion of small amounts of a very large amount of Mana. There was no essence of feeling or emotion attached, nor length of thought abroad. It lingered in motion to Meryam as the ripples passed through it, flowing along every crevice, between and back wherever it might like an infestation before fading from sight, although she would know that it remained within the unseen. Elizabeth huffed in pain as she ravaged through her maroon coat, searching for something within it's inner pockets. Chems, a Ventrix batch of premium Amp, designed to regulate functions between mind, body and the flow of Mana to a unified state. An injected blend of shamanistic roots, warriors herbs, and the salt of Gaia, which were ran twice through an arcane still, judged by an emulator each time; carefully infused into a liquid alchemical bio-nutrient. The injection helped improve one's quality of life overall, providing an increase in neural function, stimulating the body to help dampen pain and increase strength, and opening their spiritual channels to a wider complexity of Mana sources, helping them be adaptive. Amp was a safer concoction than most of the products they offer, leaving it's user in a weakened state after subsiding, which would scale in severity and frequency with prolonged use. Patton crushed the stone capped seal of the pen like device, revealing a needle which housed a clouded substance within a stone inlaid tube. She turned it at its center, activating a reaction that caused the fluid to bubble and brighten and pass into a thinner tube which pressed against a ward, causing steam to screech from a valve at the top. This had meant that the injection was safe, and without hesitation, she stuck herself in a fitted slot along her neck. The drug was administered, and pulled out; twisted once more to cause the needle to retract and then stowed away for safekeeping. The pain began to settle, but her head still throbbed for now. She shakily clenched her cane, accepting that she could do little for the time being, and knowing that Cardinal was doing everything that she needed him to. For the moment, she headed for the captain, to review the plan one more time. She had paid well, not expecting someone without their own sources to be able to get her lot into Dougton, and expecting that only the most seasoned of smugglers could. Especially during a time like this, in the age of the fractured nation. Still, the odd doctor remained optimistic, wrapping calmly on the captain's door with her cane in request that he summon her comrades to make polite introductions and be briefed on how they would be smuggled into Dougton.
  11. Had to do a bit of editing to my post, I'll have it up after I catch some z's and get home from work.
  12. That reminds me, we might need to blindfold Dauner and plug his nose up. Dougton is the food capital of the nation. I can only imagine what sorts of fun that'll be.
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