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  1. We can go with present timeline. I'll start a thread in a few hours and tag you. My boy needs to swing by the Mildot anyway, upgrade his arsenal.
  2. House Singlance is recruiting huh? Interesting. I might have to have an old friend stop by the Mildot and say hello, probably work something out.
  3. Vilhardt

    Bring me a Dream

    The mercenary hadn't spoken a word aside from introducing himself. Keeping his distance wasn't very difficult. Hell, he hadn't even disclosed his real name. For the sake of this operation, this man was Matthew Hemmit. Matt didn't make eye contact with anyone as they waited for Amantis, only glancing from his sunglasses to survey his surroundings. His brown hair was cut on the sides, and long on the top, exposing his commanding jawline and defined nose; which pointed towards the cloth-top. Matthew's expression remained still as Amantis settled in and the lot began down the road. He listened acutely, giving his employer their proper respect. Amantis layed things out plainly enough, and Matt raised his brow in thought of something personal. The thought was cast aside, and he returned to a casual demeanor. It wasn't long before his body tingled. The presence flooded over him, causing a smirk to creep onto his blank pallet. The pressure change. The sudden humidity, the sounds of the unknown, ever changing. The light of two sun's. He was home, this was Taen. The ride came to a halt, and an introjection pulled him back to business. Amantis. Matt was the last to exit the transport as the objectives were laid out for the group. The Merc adjusted his holster straps, slinging them over the breast of his black tank top. He knew better than to travel this city unarmed. The strange revolver, and lethal machine pistol which now dangled comfortably in plain sight made that very apparent. Hemmit dusted off his camouflage pants and inspected his boots before looking towards Amantis. It had appeared that everyone had already split. Hardly any words were even exchanged. Matt looked at Amantis and nodded in understanding before taking the third bag of product. He finally spoke up a bit. "Guess I've got the third pharmacy." He acknowledged, giving a thumbs up gesture towards Amantis before heading on his way. Lunaris had progressed, at least in comparison to how he had last seen the city. Any progress was progress after witnessing the aftermath of a Worldrift event. Especially when said aftermath was the heart of Taen in ruin. The earth was torn, wrecked by the Hydra that had emerged and destroyed almost everything. The sight of developed civilization here seemed.. Odd. Still, the familiar landmarks helped Matt navigate through the modestly busy streets, as if second nature.
  4. Vilhardt

    Backstory: Keira Schall

    The tension began to ease as the girl began to come around. Roy remained unfazed as she ate, only relaxing after she had spoken. The old man nodded in assurance and agreement for a moment before introducing himself. "Nice to meet you Kay. My name is Roy." The reply was short, proper, gentle toned; and easy to understand. Roy closed his right eye and smiled kindly, mixing a bit of sincerity into his rough demeanor. The concern shone through a moment later, causing Roy to heave a hefty sigh before beginning onto his feet. He couldn't waste time. "I need you to stand up Kay." He coerced, trying to keep her from getting lost within her mind. He stretched his arm out, cautiously. "It's alright. Here... I'll help you." He gestured, closing his right eye and smiling again. He wasn't sure if she could even stand, but Roy had to test her limits. They were at least a two days hike from civilization, and he had packed lightly to travel faster. His food was short, along with his supply of water, and the road ahead lay uphill. Still, he had fought harder battle's before, and his back remained strong in his old age.
  5. Vilhardt

    WANTED: the Cream of the Criminal Crop

    I was thinking a more subtle approach. Strictly business, in a sense. Try to negotiate profit margins to an acceptable degree and work with the criminals in Lunaris to generate overall revenue. Perhaps pull some strings with the permits and such. Make the overall operation smoother, so that everyone benefits more. I'm down for a fake healing though. Lies to the eyes of the masses pay taxes and such. It really depends on whether he's the healer or the sickly one.
  6. Vilhardt

    WANTED: the Cream of the Criminal Crop

    I wouldn't say that he's a protagonist, nor would he want to join the organization (unless listed as an affiliate that works as an outsource.) I'd think of it more as an endorsement. Like, he's dipping his hand in the honey jar; giving his word for a reasonable cut of the profits if everything pans out.
  7. Vilhardt

    The Burning of Everrun

    Let me know when it's up. I'm getting my character profile together, and I'll be ready.
  8. Vilhardt

    Backstory: Keira Schall

    The throbbing in his chest ceased, and Roy retreated his arm. The girl was awestruck. Her memory was repressed, his familiarity with her struggle set in and he grew still. The old man had suffered a similar fate about six years prior. He was going to have to wait until she snapped out of it. It was a realization at this point that he couldn't leave her here. He settled in, getting a bit more comfortable and shaking his head as he stared at the ground. He didn't have any answers, and he could barely recall his own son's face. Still, he mustered up the courage to respond. "I don't know kid. I don't know..." Terraro heaved a burdened sigh. His cloak slid aside as he reached into a small satchel and retrieved a biscuit, which he sat beside his canter on the ground. Reaching back in, he retrieved a loft of sage which he pressed against a cavity in his mouth; closing it in and letting it dangle a moment later. An awkward, uneasy silence crept forth. Roy looked towards the youth and remained silent. She couldn't have even been in her teens yets, and she had obviously been through something serious. He let the shock wear off for a while and remained attentive to the lass until she could steel her resolve.
  9. Hi and welcome back! If you don't mind, could I ask who you used to play from the heroes of Lunaris? That was a fun thread.

    1. Alexithymia


      I bet it's Nine!

    2. Vilhardt


      ^This is affirmative.

  10. Vilhardt

    Backstory: Keira Schall

    A feint sound caused the old man's ears to pucker. Alarmed, he reared his head back for a moment. Paranoia was a daily struggle, but Roy still reacted like a man of action. 'Oooph!.. What was that?' His instict swatted the fright from his mind, and it only took him a moment to begin down the incline towards the voice. His investigation began with a face full of brush as he nestled evenly onto his rear. The grass beneath him crumbled as he recovered quickly, pushing more aside and moving forward. Roy paused in sudden concern. The two were now within full sight of each other. The sound, and he. "Easy there. Easy..." He tried to calm the child as he approached. Upon closer inspection, his heart began pounding. "Are you hurt!?" His pace doubled until he was at his knee a few feet away. The child was alive, alone; out in the middle of nowhere. His thoughts cleaned up, and Roy spoke again. This time he sounded collected, assertive. A gust pushed the valley eastward, and his words traveled along them. "Clear your mind... Save the strength in your heart." The child appeared to be hanging on still. Terraro pulled a flask of water from his side and unfastened it. He stretched it slowly towards the girl in an attempt to coerce her forth. More paranoia set in when his heart began pounding again. His breathing hastened, sporadically, and then returned to normal.
  11. Vilhardt

    WANTED: the Cream of the Criminal Crop

    I'd be interested in joining. I've got a character I've yet to redux. He's actually one of the heroes of Lunaris from my previous account, and it'd be interesting to see how he'd react upon returning to such a different environment in a familiar place.
  12. Vilhardt

    Backstory: Keira Schall

    The sun had settled nicely, allowing the peace of nightfall to spill out across the lumpy groves and concealed divots of the hills that an old man had grown familiar with over the course of only the previous month. Still, the calming silence was like music to the ears of those who had spent their life marching to the drums of conflict. One such man, by the name of Roy Terraro, walked a dusty and lonely road; whistling a coastal tune native to the golden isles. A studied warrior by trade, Roy had faced many hardships, and in the beginning of his eldest years it was here, within the solemn wilds of Terrenus, that he had began to cope with an illness that would haunt him until his death. On this eve, in particular, he had found himself lost in thought. Life, death, and love long since lost wracked his nerves to no end. A straw of hay hung limply from his lips, hovering afront the wirey, dark beard and mustache that covered his cheeks, lips, and neck. His hair was tied back, long, and unkept; yet removed from his sight entirely. The laced red and blue ribbons bobbed about as they tailed his locks together, as carefree as Roy himself as he gazed towards the starshine above. A long sigh escaped his weathered lips, causing the whistling to cease entirely afterward. Only the clops of his boots and the clipping of his armor remained, which were second natured background noise to him. Still, they drew his focus back to reality, and in his focus, he noticed an outline ahead. A bit up the road, hidden towards it's side, was a silhouette of depressed grass. A perfect fit for a thief, caper, or any given scoundrel with a reason to be out here in the middle of nowhere at this time of night. Roy paused, refusing to play a fools role. He tucked his left hand beneath the cloak which draped over most of his left side, and made a rational decision. His deep, fool hearty voice called out once; firmly. "Show yourself." The dirt churned at a steady pace, wearily, as he approached the roads edge. The veil of darkness blanketed the tall grass, casting complete shadow between the valley and himself. Uncertain, he could have sworn that he could see a feint yellow figure a few feet below. His hazel eyes fought his age in a battle of wit, and he was sure now that something was there.
  13. Vilhardt

    Looking for roleplay

    I'd be willing to introduce a character of my own into this plot. Currently, he is thought to be deceased, so if you intended for the backstory to take place before the present timeline, then this could fit well together.
  14. Vilhardt

    The Burning of Everrun

    I'd be interested in joining as a non-member/potential member.
  15. Vilhardt

    Join the New Religion

    I'd be interested in creating a character to be involved, a convert rather, at first. However, I'd require some IC validation to the claims of godliness; as I'm assuming most converts would. A show of power, or some form of validation, rather than a 'take my word for it' perspective. I'd also like to know a bit more about what these people's would stand for realistically, rather than just being lotted in to fight "the man."