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  1. Does Cornith (specifically Andelusia) have a Thieves Guild? 🤔
  2. Arnau Dermont

    The Owl and the beckoning Moon

    At long last, the fated day that Arnau had been waiting for what have seemed like an eternity was almost here. Following the death of King Damien, the cruel Tyrant-King by the hand of the Taen Empire, a beacon of light had appeared and Arnau had basked in its warmth. He had decided to petition their new rulers, Emperor Titus and Empress Roz to life the unjustified banishment of House Dermont. It was with newfound hope that and careful strokes that he had painted the words on the finest paper he could afford, they had prepared as best they could and now they had to await the outcome. However there was another task at hand, perhaps one of much more importance and he suspected of greater difficulty. For King Damien’s banishment had caused the governing parts of House Dermont to scatter to the wind. But it was long overdue for the three lineages to once again unite and remember their solemn vows to stand ever vigilant to shield their nation against any threats that would seek to harm it, either from outside or within. Arnau stood, looking out one of the windows within the now barren and silent halls of the Dermont Estate, located in the heart of the capital city of Andelusia. Although it had fallen into ruin over the many years since their expulsion, it had remained as their last bastion of defense against total poverty. While it had not been easy, they had managed to hold on to the estate from the vultures that had been out for their blood. They would all come to regret their transgressions in the times to come. “Are you ready?” Her voice was soft and elegant, like fine silk against naked skin. Arnau turned and was met by the gentle hand of his beloved sister placed carefully on shoulder, giving him comfort in preparation of their meeting at hand. He responded with a gentle nod and offered her a warm smile to ease her suspected worried thoughts. “My dear sister, don’t look so worried. For this is a joyful day.” His hand graced her cheek in hopes to brush away her troubled expression. He had nothing but love for her, and he knew that the reason of her worries was her love for him. Together they had endured more than they would ever imagine they would be able to bear. So close to their from what had been their distant dream for so long, it was only natural that she was anxious. “My dear brother, if anyone has the aptitude to bring this House from its ruin and back to glory, it is you Arnau.” She smiled back and then they both turned to depart to the great hall where their guests had gathered. They would either unite or perish into the dark abyss that have been seeking them for so long.
  3. Thanks for the like!

  4. Thanks for the like!

  5. Arnau Dermont

    A truly Grim Theatre

    Last shoutout before I bury this. 🙂
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    An evening to remember

    Arnau listened with great care as Esben let on the underlying reasons for her disdain for her brother, for it spoke much of her character. He sensed the pain and conflicted emotions, buried deep in her words. And perhaps he could relate to her struggle better than most. “One cannot love truthfully without embracing the pain that comes along with it. Quite ironic one might think, that the things we desire might turn out to be venom in our veins.” He spoke with a more gloomy tone as the conversation had shifted into more serious matters, for the time being. However when Esben decided to give her farewell, at least for the time being, his expression changed as he gifted her with a gentle nod and a warm smile that would hopefully serve to ensure fond memories of their quite brief, but nonetheless intriguing encounter. “I bid you goodnight then, lady Sychron. I hope that fate will favor us, so that our paths might cross again.” Watching her for a bit as she made her way up the stairs, he became more and more convinced that this was not the last time he would be allowed to gaze upon the woman. His attention then turned to the other woman, that seemingly had decided to remain at her table for the time being. “Well, should you not decide to join us, then I shall simply join you.” He informed while turning his chair, allowing him to sit down at her table. “Tell me more about this song you’re working on, as a fellow musician perhaps I can be of help? Quite the odd place of choice to conduct such creative works, this humble establishment.” He concluded while throwing a glance around them. “I can hardly hear the thoughts in my head with all this noise, let alone refine them with such elegance as you display.” Before he would continue, he decided that it was time for another sip of his mug. “That might be the wine, though.” He leaned forward and covered his lips from their surrounding, as if he were telling her a secret. A wide smile followed his words, it was clear to anyone that he was truly in high spirits this wonderful evening.
  7. I spent more time that I would care to admit in pinterest to find those images. However yes they seem to share the same theme, however I do not know where they are from but I do think that they are made by the same artist.
  8. Arnau Dermont

    helping hands [teahouse]

    While his words expressing his appreciation to her beauty did not seem to have their desired effect with the woman, he decided to take it as if the reason was that he merely wasn’t trying hard enough. Her attempt to resist his charms did intrigue him to know more about her, for it was not often his words were dismissed with such ease and elegance. “Such refreshing modesty, truly befitting a lady of your seemingly utmost caliber and delicate touch. I does you great benefit, lady Chamelis.” His gaze settled in and lingered on her, taking careful measure of her charismatic aura. “I am but a humble bard, however I’m at your service should it please you, milady.” He bows in conjunction with her introduction of herself. His attention then shifts, guided by her gesture towards the structure which was the reason behind their exchange of words. “I’ve been adopted many names during my lifetime, but to you, I am Rhys Laurelon.” He paused for her to take note of his presentation. Hopefully she would not see through his disguise, for he did not intent to reveal his linage at this moment. “You perception serves you well, yes, I must admit that the reason behind my approach is the opportunity for employment. I’m well educated, a fast learner and I sing with honeyed words that alleviate both troubled thoughts and broken hearts.” Allowing time for his words to sink in, he pulled slightly on the strap holding his instrument. “Should you wish it, I shall perform to you as to prove my worth.”
  9. I present to you all, House Dermont, In their establishment thread they will petition Emperor Titus and/or Empress Roz to lift the banishment of the House since the Tyrant-King has been dethroned. Not sure that they would even entertain an audience with Arnau or if they would handle this matter through someone in the court. I'm hoping that someone could provide me with some insight on how such a thing would transpire. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Arnau greets you with a warm smile and gently places a hand on your shoulder.

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      Arnau Dermont

      It brings me comfort to hear that you are well, for friendship seems to be a rare commodity in these troubled times. 

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  11. Arnau Dermont

    helping hands [teahouse]

    From the perspective of his fellow residents of the great capital, it would seem that Arnau was out for what looked like a casual stroll through its sunlit and buzzing streets without any real direction or purpose. Kept in place by the grace a leather strap, his instrument gently bounced on his back as it moved back and forth as he walked. Should any take interest him they would surely conclude that it was by mere chance that he would find himself before the tea house just as its proprietor was putting up a sign, offering employment for aspiring baristas. Perhaps they would think that it was fate that had guided him towards her on that day and perhaps they would partially right, however their meeting was far from a mere coincidence. Arnau silently observed and patiently waited until the woman had finished in her task before he would draw her attention. Even though you would not think much of such a mundane task, the way she carefully performed and perfected the outcome spoke to him about the deep affection she seemed to hold for this place. “Good afternoon, milady.” The guitar on his back stopped its dance as he stopped, having finally arrived at his destination while he embraced her with a warm smile. “Luck and good fortunate seemed to have smiled upon me this lovely day, allowing me to stumble upon such a beautiful woman. Listen carefully, can you not hear it?” He spoke softly and gestured towards the birds in the trees around them. “The birds truly sing with allure to your unrivaled beauty.” His smile remained painted across his face as he continued. “It seems that you are looking for talented individuals for your business?” Arnau inquired.
  12. Arnau Dermont

    House Dermont

    _+_House Dermont_+_ “Even in the darkest nights, we shall remain ever vigilant.” +Crest of the Enlightened Few+ The traditional emblem of House Dermont is the wise Owl and the glowing Moon behind it, representing their self-proclaimed duty to stand vigilant watch even during the darkest of nights, offering their knowledge and insight to all whom they deem worthy. +The Banishment of House Dermont+ Even in their golden age, House Dermont have never really been considered a martial resource to any of the other Noble Houses of Ursa Madeum, however whatever they lacked when it came to the battlefield they made up with proving themselves as brilliant strategists. Many times their highly progressive way of thought and sometimes ortodox methods have turned the tides of war from certain defeat. However their cunning minds proved a double edged sword, for it did not take long for the Tyrant-King to take note of their accomplishments. Fearing that they would someday plot against him, he used his political power to slander and tarnish their name and in turn brand House Dermont as traitors and outcasts from the royal court. Following their banishment from the royal court, the majority of House Dermont accepted their exile and departed for the last that had cast them aside to seek new fortune in other lands. All but a few remained, determined to endure the hard times that they knew awaited them. Impoverished and dishonored, their desperate pleas for aid with other Houses that had previously called themselves friends to House Dermont was met with deaf ears as the house slowly began to fall into ruin until their name was nothing but a distant memory to those remaining within the royal court. "But no matter the circumstances, we shall never forget nor forgive their betrayal." - Arnau Échelot Dermont +The Many Faces of House Dermont+ House Dermont is divided in three different factions, divided largely by their different branches of lineage. Although they all once stood united, after their banishment those few that decided to remain slowly began scatter and spread across the different islands of Ursa Madeum. Although the majority of the members in different groups remain mostly loyal to their fellow house members, some of them developed rivalries between each others, mainly due to differing morals and agendas for the future of the House. Even though it has been years since their banishment, internal struggles have proven to hinder any real progress to reclaim what has been taken from them. Circle of Cornith Consisting mainly of traditionalists that decided to remain in the shades of the great Capital. While most of them struggle to scrape by even on a daily basis, they do their best to remain true to the old ways of House Dermont. Lead by the remaining members of the Échelot linage from the heart of their beloved nation, they are determined to ensure that Ursa Madeum will never suffer again at the cruel hand of a Tyrant. "Revolution awaits in all those who have suffered by the hands of those who would put themselves above others." - Arnau Échelot Dermont Thracian Marauders Left without other options, some in their desperation decided to take refuge within the Pirate’s Cove. Although reluctant at first, in time most of them decided to take up arms to take what they need by force if they have to in order to survive. They make up the bulk to what remains of the quite meager martial might. After their banishment, the Béchardieu linage stood up and took charge when others had fallen into despair and have since then shepherded their now fiercely loyal flock. "If you want, you can ask the dead if honor matters. History is written by the victors, never forget that. We all have blood on our hands." - Tristan Béchardieu Dermont Misral Windrunners Their choice was simple, embrace the untamed wilds to hone their skills of hunting to perfection, or find themselves perish at the hands of their deadly prey. While they have adopted a more nomadic culture they remain bound by blood and in turn honor bound to their ancestors to seek vengeance for past transgressions. Because of that, it is their ambition of one day returning to the streets of the Andelusia. Isolated on the island of Misral from the events that branded them as outcasts, the Lamonac linage had no other choice but to lead those strong enough to survive the dangers of the wildlands of Misral away from the prosecution fabricated by the Tyrant-King. "Our scars does not signify our failures or defeat, but rather they serve as a reminder of our determination to endure, adapt and overcome. Wear them with pride, for you have all earned them with blood." - Eleanor Lamonac Dermont +Linage of House Dermont+ While perhaps not as renown as other Noble houses, the linage of House Dermont goes back far and their roots runs deep. Perhaps it has been due to their ideology that the more power you attain, the closer you become to ruin. Throughout the ages, they have witnessed great leaders emerge to later find themselves ruined at the hand of their own ambitions and achievements. "For it gets lonely on the top, therefore one would be wise remain in the middle where it is easy to blend into the crowds." - Cedric Échelot Dermont 12th Generation (Current)_ To be continued...
  13. In order to further one's agenda, collaboration is often beneficial. However I'm not too keen to be bound under another house, at least not from the start. If that is required then perhaps I shall have to look at other ways to proceed.
  14. Hi, are you still open for minor houses? Decimated in numbers and severely impoverished by the King Damien, the few remaining members of the once respected House Dermont seeks to reclaim lost prestige. However while their historic linage and legacy is one of brilliant scholars and esteemed minds, you should never judge a book from its cover because honor and pride doesn't put food on the table. Where their creed used to be that knowledge is power, now they have understood that it is coin that rules over all. Basically the idea is that while they have a noble linage, suffering so heavily from the rule of the Tyrant-King they were forced to turn to criminal activity in order to just survive. Now that the king lies dead, they have their sights on reclaiming what had been taken from them. While usually doing an excellent job with hiding it, they secretly have quite the disdain for the nobility which they think uses their titles to grow themselves fat on the misery of the poor. Their master plan is to establish a wide criminal network, using beggars as spies and shady cutthroats to do their bidding in the shadows. They will take from the rich and give to the poor. While they will greet all the great noble houses with a warm smile and honeyed words of praise, in secret they seek to break the people free from the perceived subjugation of the other Noble houses. Revolution awaits within those who have suffered by the hands of those who would put themselves above others.
  15. Arnau Dermont

    A truly Grim Theatre

    Announcement: Added 1d10 checks that will determine success or failure to make things more interesting. PM me for more information regarding the outcome of the you checks. Note that you can only attempt a check once per character. You can also apply this to potential combat if you wish, however it is not required. Amount of Motive can have a major affect on the conclusion of the investigation and unlock alternative endings. Note: Thread is still open to any and all parties and individuals interested in this occult mystery! UPDATE: PM me or type here if you want to attempt a check and I will give you all information that you will need from the result.